Human Sexuality 101

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Trevor handed out the syllabus to the class. It was always an interesting group who signed up for his human sexuality course. He was intrigued by the different types of people and their reasons for taking his class. Trevor was in his early 60s, a very attractive older man. Each quarter he found himself in an uncomfortable situation where a student expressed an interest or professed feelings towards him inappropriately through his email. He often was shocked but earnestly enjoyed reading these especially from the more attractive younger female students. He was an avid runner and often found himself disgusted with how far education had dropped in standards. His course would challenge and develop minds and prepare students for continued education at a Master’s level. He was proud of his reputation as being an overbearing unapologetic hard ass. He assigned appropriate amounts of homework and demanded high quality papers and attentive students or they would fail his course.

“Welcome, please take a moment to read over the syllabus and decide whether you want to remain in my class, you will find the pace challenging and the demands rigorous. My class will prepare you for continuing your education at higher levels including doctoral programs. I teach at an Ivy League standard on your state college dime. I graduated with honors from Harvard University and you will note that the required reading for the course is a book I publish specifically for this class each year. It is required reading and I expect casino oyna to see it in front of you the next time this class meets. My door is always open to students who need guidance or help with the course material.” His beginning classes were held in the Frasier Hall Auditorium. He averaged roughly 100-120 students per class. He enjoyed the first day of class when the students were pouring over his syllabus with differing levels of expressions and often stress. The body language was enjoyable and he loved to walk around the room sizing up his students. He had introduced a seminar a few years back when he’d decided it was time to retire. The seminar could easily get him fired with no severance but the experiences he enjoyed were well worth losing his retirement benefits.

Most of the students were straight out of high school with a few older students. He noticed a pair of identical twins and felt a pull in his pants as he thought about them attending his seminar. They were both petite tall girls with dark hair and chocolate eyes. He imagined what those thin bodies would like if they were undressed caressing each other. He liked the shape of their breasts underneath their clothes. He wondered if they would be perky and full and liked the thought of maybe seeing one of them nibbling on the other ones breast. He walked around and noticed another attractive student wearing cargo pants and what looked like an Italian designer sweater that fit his athletic body tightly. Several of the girls had glanced slot oyna his way and freely stared when they felt no one would notice them. Trevor had a front row view at the looks of longing people engaged in when walking into a room full of young potential at the height of their attractive youth. He was always excited about the first assignment where he would sort out the uptight virginal students from the creative explorative horny ones. He’d developed a system of questions in the guise of an introductory questionnaire which asked the right types of questions to draw out the personality types of each student. He compiled a list from these papers for the invitations he would send out inviting several from each class to his Erotica Seminar. The seminar was ungraded but he gave out a generous amount of points as extra credit for participation. He also let students who previously attended the seminar participate.

He had a lawyer draw up some legalese to protect his privacy and the privacy of the students who attended his seminar with confidentially penalties that would dissuade anyone from mentioning what happened in the room after they left the seminar. He was excited about it. He let the students attending the seminar decide the direction it would go but it always included reluctance, incest, group sex, his personal favorite which he liked to end the series with “fucking a virgin” he loved setting up a bed and letting a curious virgin watch all the sex stories unfold until she was so curious she agreed canlı casino siteleri to be violated by him in front of everyone in a filled auditorium. It was so hot sliding into a gorgeous 18 year old while everyone watched with hard cocks and wet pussies. He liked to make eye contact with the other students as he felt her hymen give way.

He walked past a young girl with fear written on her face as she gazed at his syllabus and wondered if she had ever had sex with anyone. She looked so innocent. She was dressed so conservatively. He felt another pull knowing that the amount of people the student had sex with was one of the questions on his survey. Names required on top. Another question was to discuss their favorite fantasy in detail (a note that these were confidential between student and teacher) to put them at ease with sharing. He would use these fantasies as suggestions in his seminar when everyone voted on the kind of fucking they were interested in participating in and watching. He only did the seminar once a quarter. “Class I will be passing around a questionnaire, it has some very difficult and invasive questions about your own sexuality, please keep in mind when filling these out that they are not shared and are confidential. Please fill them out fully. I will be structuring some of our course focus on your answers and appreciate your attention to detail. These are due back at our next class session”. He spent the rest of the class time lecturing about the syllabus and he glanced around drinking in all the possibilities.

*note to readers – your feedback will directly affect the direction this seminar goes. I want to see your favorite fantasies and our class will act them out in front of you.

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