Interrupted Sauna

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As much as Jim enjoyed working out at the gym, part of the reason for going was always for the sauna afterwards. Situated at the end of the shower area in the men’s changing rooms, Jim liked to sit facing the door so he could enjoy watching all the numerous naked bodies soaping themselves up.

With only a dim light inside, and darkened glass in the door, he could happily sit naked himself and stare at the bodies without being noticed, and while some didn’t excite him, there was generally at least one for him to create a fantasy with while he sweated away in the sauna.

Today was a quiet day at the gym, and in the ten minutes that Jim had so far been in the sauna, there had only been one man that had got Jim fantasizing. Unfortunately, that man had finished showering and gone to get dressed, so seeing no one else to watch, Jim lied back on the bench and closed his eyes to continue his previous fantasy.

A noise stirred Jim back to reality, and it took him a brief moment to remember where he was and realize that the noise was the sauna door opening. “Morning” said the man entering the sauna and sitting down on the other side to Jim. “Morning” replied Jim as he sat up and tried to subtly check out the person interrupting his sauna.

The guy looked casino oyna in his early 20’s and as Jim eyes wandered down his body he grew less bothered by the interruption. While not the bulging with muscles type, the man was athletic and didn’t have much fat anywhere on his upper body. Jim didn’t care about the legs, as his eyes stopped on the beautiful large cock resting between them.

Jim guessed that it must have been about 5 inches long, and given that it was still soft, his mind started to run wild with how big and thick it must get when erect. Jim’s cock was 8 inches when hard, and most men and women were impressed with it, but he could only imagine the pleasure a cock that big would give.

Jim suddenly realized three things: that he had been staring at the beautiful cock for a couple of minutes now; that his own had gotten fully erect; and that the one before him was also stirring into life. Jim watched mesmerized as it first started to grow in length and thickness, then harden with a big head. Jim subconsciously licked his lips in the dry heat of the sauna and looked up to see the man looking back at him.

“Hi” the man said, spreading his legs a little wider to give Jim a better view. Jim wanted to reply, but he was tongue tied, so instead he slot oyna looked back down to the long thick shaft as his hand moved down to his own cock, rock hard and now wet with precum. As Jim’s hand wrapped around his own cock, the man curled his fingers around his thick shaft and slowly began to slide his hand up and down, giving the pulsing head a little squeeze every time his hand reached the tip.

As the man’s hand sped up a little, so did Jim’s, the two of them watching each other stroking to the same rhythm, causing more precum to ooze out of Jim’s cock. He wanted to take the beautiful cock in his mouth, feel it pushing against his throat, gag all over it to get it lubed up before sitting down on it, his arsehole clenching and his cock throbbing at the thought of being impaled with it. But Jim knew that this was not the time and place for that, hopefully that pleasure would come another time.

Jim could see that the man was watching with pure lust at Jim stroking himself, which made Jim increase his speed, using the precum flowing out the tip to lube up his hard shaft. The man was also stroking himself fast now, and Jim hoped that he was close to cumming, for he wanted them to cum at the same time. The man’s hand was rapidly sliding up and down his long shaft, canlı casino siteleri the big bulbous head throbbing with every stroke, precum now covering it and dripping down onto his hand.

“Oh fuck!” moaned the man, as suddenly his cock twitched and a thick rope of cum shot out and landed on the floor in front of Jim, quickly followed by a second and third spurt. This pushed Jim over the edge and sent cum shooting out his shaft as they both watched the others cock pulse with each surge of spunk being shot out.

As Jim caught his breath, he surveyed the sexy view before him; cum splattered across the floor, hands and legs covered in it, and two spent but firm cocks still slightly twitching with the pleasure of their receding orgasms.

After a couple of minutes of just sitting there recovering, the man took his hand off his cock, stood up and went to the sauna door. Pausing before opening it, he turned to face Jim, lifted his cum covered hand to his mouth and licked his spunk from it. “See you around” he said, before exiting the sauna and heading for the showers.

Jim’s cock started to stir again at the thought of tasting the man’s cum, but the changing room was starting to get busy again with men finishing their workouts, and he needed a cold shower to calm himself down. So he licked his hand clean and headed out the spunk splattered sauna and into the shower area. By the time he’d finished his shower the man was gone, but Jim hoped he’d see him again soon.

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