A Coach’s Revenge

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A Coach’s Revenge

I was your typical highly skilled but too small basketballer. Destined to a coaching role and wishing I’d been blessed with another foot of height so I called make the most of the game I loved best.

I had been an assistant and had a couple of fitness and rehabilitation roles but wanted to move on to a senior coaching role.

I asked around and looked at the want ads but with no real luck apart from one gig coaching a girl’s college team that was not to appealing to say the least. Not that I have anything against women’s basketball but this school had a bad reputation.

Even so it had been said that the team had some talent and one or two with potential to go pro in the team. So I applied for the gig and won it hands down.

I went in over confident and fairly naive assuming I would automatically impress the team and the community and become a success and maybe even a legend. Yes I had big ambition and in hindsight should have done a whole lot more research.

I met the rest of the coaching and training staff who were in general quite apathetic and even a disinterested. I tried to inspire and encourage the group and decided that they must have been the reason for the non success of a relatively good bunch of players.

Next up I was introduced to the team. Charlee, a 6.2 African American. Mel, and Lisa 5.9 and 6.0 both Latino girls and also competition dancers. Kim, a 5.9 Filipino girl and Lee a 6.1 Chinese martial arts student. Alisha and Grace the 6.2 German twins. Chloe, an Italian fireball, the shortest member of the team at 5.8. Jena standing at 6.3 from Brooklyn and Kate 6.0 originally from Rockwall, Texas. At first impression my enthusiasm was boosted. They were all tall and strong in appearance, very athletic looking at pleasantly easy on the eye to be honest.

They listened to me talk without too much fuss, there was the odd giggle and disapproving glance and then I sent them off to run through a practice game just so I could sum up some general strengths and weaknesses both as a team and as individuals.

I sat down to take notes and was little surprised at some of the behaviour going on. Charlee and Jena had been the players rumoured to have skills that would propel them to superstardom but none of that was happening here. The girls were giggling and slapping each other about and not showing much potential whatsoever. I put it down to nerves and called them in.
“Listen girls, I want to see what you can do. I’ve been told your capable 2nd if not 1st place and I’m not seeing it here. Look forget I’m watching and just play”
“Aww but coach, Kimmy elbowed me in the tit and it really hurt” Grace smirked.
“Poor baby, lemme fix that for you hun” Chloe said.
She leaned in toward Grace who pulled up her top and sports bra together revealing her gorgeous double handful size tit and Chloe kissed it softly and then licked and sucked the nipple.
“That better sweetie?”
I cut her off “hey, enough. Just get back out there and play”

I walked uncomfortably back to the bench shielding my half boner with my clipboard. As the girls returned to the court Alisha looked back at me with a wink and squeeze her sister’s tight ass. The rest of the session didn’t improve a great deal but I saw enough to make me want to persist. At least the team seemed to gel.

Two week s later after training Charlee came into my office in hysterics

“There’s something wrong with Mel coach, she’s screaming her head off in the locker room”

I picked up a first aid kit and raced in there to find Mel on her back completely naked with Kim’s head between her legs. She started to convulse in orgasm still screaming as I looked around the girls who were all beaming and started to laugh.

“Fuck” I cursed. “I thought someone was really hurt”

I skulked back to my office and flopped in my chair feeling sorry for myself then looked down at the lump in my shorts and laughed to myself. The girls were improving on court but still had a long way to go. It’s the sexual taunting and carrying on that was annoying me.

A few weeks later I came into a gym session to find the twins tag teaming Lee.

“KNOCK IT OFF FOR FUCK SAKE” I yelled. “Everyone in her NOW”
“This shit has got to stop. You dykes are here to play basketball not fuck” I said in annoyance.
“Aww we’re not dykes coach, we just got high standards and there’s nuthin worth a second look round here. Except maybe you coach” she said with a shit eating grin on her face.
“It’s not fucking funny. If you girls are trying to make me quit like the last coach, it aint gonna happen”
“Now you got us all wrong coach. We don’t want you to quit” Lee smirked
“We got different plans for you” Lisa muttered.
“Oh fuck this, training is off for tonight. Get outa my sight all of you” I snarled.

I had no idea what she meant by that but I was happy for the night off with a nice bottle of scotch. I began to think I had gotten through to them or at least some of them as training sessions were a lot smoother over the next couple of weeks.

It was after one of these sessions that I sent the girls off to shower and change and headed into my office. It was dark as usual which is why I didn’t see it coming. I felt someone wrap their arms around my ankles making me fall forward. I stupidly looked own to see if I could see my attacker which caused me to crack my head on the floor, knocking myself out.

When I awoke groggily my eyes could not focus for a moment but I could tell I was tied up. I panicked as I realised my clothes had been removed. I struggled but was unable to move my hands that were tied above my head or my legs that were tied together and anchored to something solid. I wrestled until I was out of breath.

“Morning coach, welcome to the party” said a familiar voice.

It was Kim. My eyes cleared as Kim came into focus, standing naked looking down at me pushing her perky little rack in my face. When I refused to suck her tit she kissed me hard on the mouth and grabbed my limp cock in her hand giving it an almighty squeeze. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I thought my knob would also pop right off as excruciating pain ripped through my cock.

“You WILL cooperate coach. You’re best friends life depends on it” she said smugly tapping my knob with her free hand.

Kim put a drink to my lips and held it there until I had emptied the glass. She circled my nipple with the tip of a finger then circled the other. She leaned in and started kissing and licking my chest flicking at my nipples with her tongue. I turned my face away not wanting to see her as she was a beautiful girl and I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of getting a hard on.

There in front of me on the other side was a very tight, gorgeous black clean shaven vagina belonging to Charlee of course. Damn it, my cock betrayed me, I started to go hard.

“Oooooh you a fan of the ebony coach” she said

For a second I started thinking I might enjoy this. My thought came to an abrupt halt as Kim’s leg flew over my face landing her hovering spread legged an inch from my face. She wasted no time in thrusting her pussy down on my face. I had dreamed a million times of having such a sweet smelling, delicious cunt in my face but had never thought it would be under these circumstances.

I fought to breath and just when I thought I would pass out she climbed off. I gasped for air and just as my heart rate started to decline Lisa’s big olive coloured dark nippled breast was thrust in my mouth. I bit the nipple hard hearing a blood curdling scream. Lisa backed off and slapped me so hard across the face I thought my neck would break. As I lay there seeing stars with my cheek burning I again felt a hand grip my cock tight and gasped as I felt something sharp and cold against my cock.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head but I could not move my head. Across the room I saw Chloe kissing and licking Lisa’s injured tit. Just then a voice screamed out.

“This is your last fucking warning coach” it was Kim “cooperate or lose your best fucking friend”

“Ok, ok” I gasped as I winced in pain.

“Get him ready” Lisa hissed

Grace came to my side and started stroking my chest and leaning into me with her huge white milky tits dangling in my face.

“Now sis is gonna suck your cock coach while you eat my pussy ok? And don’t be naughty now”

I felt Alisha start stroking my cock as Grace straddled my face. Under any other circumstances I would have tried to inhale that gorgeous cunt but I struggled. Alisha’s grip tightened as she ordered

“Eat up. Make my sis cum”

Grace lowered herself giving me access to her pussy. I slowly, reluctantly started licking her slit. I heard her gasp in pleasure. My cock was slowly responding to the hand stroking it. My head said no but my cock was taking over as I started eating Grace’s scrumptious pussy. She was now moaning as I felt Alisha’s warm moist mouth now wrap around my knob. Her mouth moved up and down my shaft as it continued to swell. Oh fuck I hated myself for enjoying this. My cock was now hard as a rock. I felt Grace’s pussy shudder against my face as an orgasm built inside her then ripped through her body. She drowned me in tasty cum as I lay helpless.

I heard Alisha’s voice “he’s ready lis”

Chloe and Lisa broke their embrace and Lisa strolled over and climbed on top of me placing my knob between her cunt lips. She dropped suddenly impaling herself with a squeal and started to grind slowly on top of me. It was so good but so bad. Her beautiful big round breasts begged for my hands, my mouth to make contact, to aid in her pleasure. I wanted strangle her to death for violating me but I wanted to fuck her brains out I just didn’t know which I wanted more. I think she could read my thoughts as she leaned over me giving my mouth access to her hard brown nipples. I closed my eyes and began suckling on her magnificent tits like a baby. My heart and mind were deep in conflict, they were at war with my cock.

Lisa’s cunt tightened around my cock as it started to twitch. london escort agency Lisa’s groan was deep and guttural as she shuddered on top of me causing her stunning tits to jiggle. My cock now throbbed and then exploded inside her spewing rope after rope of cum deep inside her tight cunt. She lay on top of me momentarily before dismounting.

“Now that wasn’t too hard was it coach” she mocked

She turned to the others and “said not bad for such a small dick girls”

“He should last longer now that he’s blown his load once ladies” she laughed

“Good now let’s do something about that pathetic 7 inches” taunted Charlee

Kim appeared with a pump and a towel and cleaned off my cock. I almost wanted to die as I felt a tear trickle down my face. I was ashamed of getting caught in this situation, ashamed of enjoying these psychopathic bitches’ bodies, ashamed of showing emotion and crying. Kim placed the pump cylinder over my limp dick which started to react slowly but immediately. She attached the pump and began pumping. The cool air on my cock was a welcome relief if only for a moment as the incredible pressure made my cock swell almost to the point of explosion.

In one quick movement Kim placed a cock ring at the base of my erection and removed the pump leaving my bloated prick standing straight and tall. It looked at least three inches longer than its normal maximum length and was red and swollen with an enormous blue knob.

For the next forty minutes or so the girls took turns riding me to orgasm, biting my chest, legs and stomach as I lay almost in a trance. While they took turns those who were waiting to pleasure themselves at my expense ate each other’s pussies and pleasured each other in the background. At one point Grace polished my huge knob and commented

“Well the drugs are doing their job!”

Chloe was riding me like there was no tomorrow facing away from me with my cock up her ass and Mel’s pussy was in my mouth ready to explode when suddenly Chloe stopped. A great relief swept over my weary body as I felt my legs fall free. Someone had untied my feet with Chloe and Mel still positioned over me. Then I felt my legs spread apart as someone climbed between them and then two of the girls retied them. I thrashed my legs not wanting to be tied again but Kim showed me the knife and then grabbed my balls to warn me to keep still. I stopped struggling and Chloe and Mel went back to grinding away at my face and cock, only moments later exploding in orgasm.

Kate was next to straddle my sopping wet face as Lee copied Chloe’s anal performance ramming her ass with my cock. Suddenly an excruciating pain spread throughout my broken body from my ass as something that felt like a baseball bad was driven into my ass. My eyes nearly popped out of my head which sprang forward in shock nearly disappearing up Kate’s cunt and then I passed out. I must have only been out for a minute or so and was awoken with water splashing in my face. I raised my head to see who was violating my ass to see Jena with a strap on dildo hammering my ass into oblivion.

I lay in the shower in the girls’ locker room barely conscious, hardly able to move. The girls stood around me naked looking rather pleased with themselves. Kim came over and squatted in front of me and by way of warning said

“Coach, you shouldn’t have tried to rape Lisa like that. Next time her brothers won’t go so easy on you”

The girls dressed and left me lying there. Shortly after, whatever they had given me started to wear off and I rose and walked to my office and threw on a tracksuit I had there. I stopped by the security office on the way out and grabbed the tapes for the last 24 hrs. I left walking gingerly and did not look back. I would never return to that place but I WOULD see those girls again.
After resigning from the coaching position I bought some land a few miles out of town with the aim of turning it into a sort of a farming retreat or whatever. I didn’t really know I just wanted some place quiet to heal and get my life back together. I worked the land and kept to myself and didn’t have any great hassles in the process.

Despite trying I could not dismiss the idea and desire for revenge and every time I saw my cock in the shower I kept hearing their taunts over my size. I tried to get it out of my mind but it was in there for good, or at least until I had revenge…..

I began working with this idea. I did some research on penis enlargement and found a variety of options and a lot of them looked dodgy and had no proof of success. I did find a stretching mechanism based that stuck on my mind and decided to give it a go. I received it in the mail three weeks later and started to use it straight away.

Meanwhile I started to come up with a plan for revenge. I could pick them off one by one and rape them, maybe in front of their families and friends. I could send the video footage of their assault on me to the police. I wanted my revenge to be permanent and decided it would need some time and some proper planning to pull it off. Five years in fact but I was convinced it was going to work. I didn’t obsess over it but worked little by little building, preparing and my stretching device was starting to show results. After a year I had grown an inch in length and had thickened a bit to.

After five long years I was finally ready to have my revenge and put the ugly night at the college behind me. I sent anonymous invitations out to the girls very confident that they would come out to the farm for a ‘reunion weekend come week if their families would let them stay’. I had followed their lives a little stalkerishly and was pleased that none of them had actually moved away but had gotten married and stayed in town. They had all become decent well adjusted members of society that had one time a long time ago made a terrible mistake and had done something foolish. Nevertheless it was a mistake that had to be paid for, and it was time to pay up.

I had one accomplice, a very good friend I had gotten close to that I had met in a tattoo parlour in town after a drunken binge one night. She greeted the girls as they arrived on the Friday night one by one. Some of them had stayed close while others had not but were grateful to be reunited. Either they had forgotten about the incident that night or chose not to talk of it but it did not come up once. I watched from another room through a two way mirror like they use on the interview rooms on the cop shows. They were mostly still in very good shape which would make the weekend all the more satisfying for myself. They were supplied with plenty of liquor and nibbles and talked early into the morning.

I waited until they had all fallen asleep and then went about my work. First I entered Kim’s room, taped her mouth and dragged her half asleep and very drunk into the room I had set up with machines and devices where the women would spend most of their weekend. I strapped her into one of the machines and tore her clothes from her body and blind folded her. One by one I led the women into my playground as I called it. In their tired and drunken state they were easy to manage and did not put up much of a struggle at all.

Once all in the room I set the machines going. It was nothing elaborate, just a series of mechanical dildo machines. One machine was set to fuck the ladies in the pussy; another machine was set to fuck them anally. There was another type set to penetrate their ass and pussy alternately and the last kind fucked their pussy and ass at the same time. All machines were set to vary intensity and stroke depth and were fitted with a standard 9 inch dildo. I removed their blind folds so they could see each other and me. There was already tears streaming down some of their faces but this was only the beginning. I began giving instruction as they bounced and bobbed up and down to the thrusts of the machines pounding in and out of their bodies:

“Welcome ladies to the five year reunion of your vile and shameful attack. The rides you are now experiencing are set to pause for the first three minutes of every hour so that you can move to the next machine and get ready to resume your exercises. The machines will automatically release you and then clamp you back in at the beginning and end of this three minute period. I will take each if you throughout your stay here as I require. When I speak to you I expect you to answer ‘yes coach’ If you fail to reset in your next machine you will be punished. If you are rude or defiant or do not comply in any way you will be punished. If anyone has any questions please blink and I will answer them before I remove your mouth restraints”

It was no surprise to me that Chloe was the one to blink. No sooner had I removed her tape than she blurted out

“Fuck you ass hole”

“I was hoping you would say that because now you will indeed fuck me” I grinned

I grabbed her by the hair and pressed the emergency stop button on her machine releasing her and dragged her to my electric chair, well it was more of a bench really. I placed a clamp on each nipple and one on each clean shaven flap and hit the switch sending a nice mild but nevertheless painful current through her tits and cunt making her body twist and squirm in agony as she howled. It was set to pulse for 5 seconds every 30 seconds. I left Chloe hooked up to it as an example to the others and then asked

“Ladies are we all ready to be good little team mates? Blink for yes”

Every one of them started blinking like crazy. I walked around removing their tape one by one and then stood listening to their moans and groans. Some of them were just getting past the initial shock of the situation together with the machine plunging in and out of their body to the point of enjoying the sensation. I knew this would happen, from experience, but let’s see if they were still enjoying it after three hours or five or even ten.

“All right Chloe, let’s go” I sighed

I turned off the electric chair and dragged her into my ‘interview room’. This was more of a sex parlour but is where I would hold my escort london private sessions with the girls. I aimed to interrogate them and find out who had planned the night at the college and basically scare the crap out of them in here, whatever satisfied my quest for revenge. I slammed her down in front of a TV screen and let her watch her team mates being pounded to orgasm against their will. I moved in behind her and started kneading her breasts and said

“Girl, all night long you taunted and abused me. Now I have you for the week if I need that long. Now I am going to ask you some questions that I expect answered immediately and honestly. Do you understand?”

She looked at the floor sobbing bitterly not saying a word.

“DO YOU UNDERSTAND” I yelled as I picked her up of the chair by her tits.

“Ooowww, yes, yes I understand. Please put me down.” She pleaded.

I let her drop back into the chair and then hit play on the remote. She watched some footage of me entering her house disguised as a clown at one of her daughter’s birthday parties. Then as a salesman for a vacuum cleaner company, each time I would look up at the camera I had planted so as to give clear view of who I was.

“How would you like your precious girl to see footage of her darling mother raping and assaulting a man” I said

“Oh my god, you have that on tape?” she blubbered

I hit fast forward until I came to the part where Chloe was on top of me slamming down on my cock.

“Now if you never want another person to see any of this footage you will do, and say exactly as I ask. You wanted my cock five years ago, well now I willingly want you to have it, to beg for it in fact. You will ask me to fuck you in your cunt, your ass and your mouth and only when I tell you I am finished with you will you stop begging for my cock. Understood?”

“Yes coach”

“Oh and I have one last surprise for you dear” I said removing my pants and revealing my new 13 by 5 inch slab of meat.

She gasped and sat staring motionless at the monster task ahead of her.

“What do you say Chloe?”

“Fuck me coach” she whispered.

I moved closer taking her hands and placing them on my cock. She cooperated immediately stroking the shaft and leaned in to take the knob in her mouth. I thrust forward making her gag. I let her find a nice easy pace occasionally ramming into her throat nearly choking her, tears still trickling down her beautiful face. I didn’t expect it to feel so amazing. The combination of the tears rolling down her cheeks as she sucked against her will and the flicking and circling movements of her tongue on my balls and knob had me on the verge of explosion already.

I withdrew and grabbed her again by the tit and led her over to a wall where I had a hook up high on the wall. I placed hand cuffs on her wrists and ankles then hooked her hands up above her head so she was at full stretch. I couldn’t resist sucking and kneading her beautiful tits again. I continued my interrogation

“So whose idea was it? That night I mean”

“I erm, I don’t …”

“Bullshit” I yelled.

I raised my hand high and brought it down hard skimming the end of her tit but particularly her nipple with my fingertips so hard that it actually hurt me. She screeched in agony as her tit jiggled from the impact and burst into tears as her head thrashed from side to side.

“Please, please don’t make me………ok, ok” she changed her tune as I raised my hand again.

“It was Kim she wailed”

“You sure” I asked still raising my hand

“Yes, yes. Oh god yes. Please stop it hurts” she begged.

I laughed “not so tuff now are you” I brought my hand down again across her other tit just to teach her, remind her to behave.

I released her and lay her down across a bed and said

“Fuck you ass hole? Is that the phrase you used?”

“Sorry, yes I’m sorry I said that” She bawled.

“Well it’s not a bad idea” I said “but I think it is your ass that will get the fucking, and my tiny little cock that will administer it” I taunted waving my humungous cock in her face.

“You like it in the ass from memory”

She bit her lip and turned her face away as I climbed in between her legs and raised them in the air giving me comfortable access to her ass hole. I placed the head against her still tight ass hole and drove it straight in without hesitation. She screeched in pain as my bulbous head thrust in and out of her tearing her ass apart. I pounded her relentlessly remembering the feeling of that dildo in my own ass years ago. I built up the intensity watching her tits bound up and down violently as I hammered her ass. She gasped and yelped in pain as ii reached down grabbing a tit in each hand for leverage as I plunged my swollen cock as deep inside her as possible. I felt my balls churn as I prepared to cum and still holding her tits pulled her toward me as I thrust into her with all my might exploding and cannoning round after round of jizz deep inside of her as she howled and convulsed in orgasm herself. I withdrew from her and had her lick my prick clean before calling my friend in to give Chloe a little souvenir to take home. I had her tattoo the word owned above her pussy. I didn’t care how they she would explain this from her husband or even IF she explained it to him at all, that was her problem. When she was branded I took he in to rejoin the others.

I walked around the room admiring my playground squeezing a tit every now and then as I passed one of the women. I came to Charlee who was being brutalised by the DP machine. I placed my hand on her firm black ass and squeezed her precious left tit and said

“Ooh I bet that feels good yeah babe?”

“Yes coach” came the answer

“Finally they’re learning. Chloe who shall I interrogate next?”

She looked across the room at Kim. I walked over to Chloe and whispered in her ear

“I think you and I both know I need Kim for the grand finale, that is, if you’re telling the truth”

“Yes coach, yes” she blinked

“So who is it to be Chloe?”

“Oh my god, Grace Coach “she said with tears pouring down her face.

I immediately hit the stop button on Graces machine turning it off and then grabbed her arm and led her in to the interview room. This time I hooked her up as I had with Chloe immediately. I returned to the playground and brought Alisha back in. Grace was going to watch me screw the daylights out of her sister. I sat Alisha down on a vibrating dildo machine and waved my cock in her face. Both Alisha and Grace gasped at the size of it. I wasted no time in having Alisha administer another blowjob. I then placed her over a gym horse face down giving me clear access to her ass. I stood behind Alisha with my cockhead nestled in the entrance of her ass and asked her sister

“Now who was it that organised your little party back in college Grace?”

Seeing her sister bent over the horse, facing the agony of having her ass ripped apart by my huge prick helped her cooperate.

“It was Kim’s idea coach. Please don’t hurt her, oh god don’t hurt her”

I cut her pleas off as I buried my glistening shaft to the hilt in her sisters as causing them both to scream.

“Oh Alisha, I’m sor…”

“QUIET” I yelled

Grace bit her lip and turned her face away unable to watch me ravage her sister’s body brutally. I fucked her ass until she came with a whimper then threw her down on the bed and pounded her red raw cunt until she came again then cuffed her to the bed. I walked over to Grace releasing her ankles and turned to Alisha and said

“Do you agree with your sister?”

“Yes coach. It was Kim coach” she replied with an almost emotionless voice as if in a trance

I lifted Graces legs off the floor placing all the pressure from the cuffs on her wrists temporarily before I moved in and thrust my still bloated prick in her cunt and started pumping. I was grateful at this point that my penis stretching device had also increased my stamina. I mean despite what these women had put me through they were still very attractive and athletic women at this point in their life which made fucking their brains out all the more enjoyable. As I pumped I sucked and bit her nipples making her yelp. I decided to give her a hand placing my hands underneath her tight ass cheeks and lifting her to take pressure off her wrists.

“You had better start enjoying this, cos you are here until you cum bitch” I scowled.

She responded by closing her eyes as I saw a look of concentration sweep over her face. I worked with her, after all I was a male and the pride within me still wanted these women to enjoy my cock if only for a moment. I felt her lips contract on my shaft and a gush of liquid as she came all over my cock and drenched the floor beneath us. I again called my friend to join us as I fastened her to the bed next to her sister and had them branded while they watched footage of me infiltrating their lives in disguise and the footage from the rape party they had hosted.

After the twins I took a break and had a shower and something to eat. I returned and worked my way through the list slowly. I continued threatening them, tormenting them, toying with them and pounding their weary bodies into oblivion.

When it came to Kim’s turn after every one of the women naming her as the orchestrator of my abuse years earlier I cleared out the centre of the playground and set up a bench just like I had been on that night at the college. I fastened her to it and began her interrogation.

“So little Kimmy, who’s idea was my rape and torture in college hey girl?” I had lit a candle and was waving it her face.

“It was all of us coach, you remember”

She howled in pain as I let hot wax drip onto her left nipple.

“Now I know you all took part in it Kim, but someone had to come up with the idea”

“Coach, it was so long ago if org……aaaaahhhhhh fuck”

“I am not sure but I imagine hot wax on the clit may not be very pleasant kimmy”

“Oh fuck, please coach, please don’t do this. I will do london escorts anything you……..Nooooooooooooo”


She gasped and yelped and started bawling her eyes out. I kissed and sucked her reddened clit to heal the pain I had just inflicted on her. I had special plans for her but I needed her to be able to orgasm to achieve them.

I gave her a break as I walked around the room feasting on the glorious flesh on offer throughout my playground.

“You heard her girls. She says you are all to blame for that night. Is that the case? Mel have you had your ass ripped apart this weekend because you came up with the idea to rape your coach?” I asked as I released her from the machine that had been plunging in and out of her ass ferociously.

She did not answer. She just walked over a big 10 inch ribbed strap on dildo and fastened it around her gorgeous hips. I released Kim’s ankles and let Mel climb in between her legs as I refastened them in the spread position I remembered all too well. Mel pinched her nipples hard making her gasp as she thrust forward sinking a good half of the dildo at least violently into her friends ass. Kim’s head thrashed from side to side as Mel destroyed her ass.

I gave each of the ladies a good ten minutes of revenge one by one as they made Kim pay for involving them in her little plan. Kim lay expressionless, her body limp and lifeless as Kate the biggest and strongest teammate pounded her relentlessly. The look of anger on Kate’s face suggested she wanted to see the head of the dildo pop out of Kim’s mouth.

I returned Kate to the vacant machine and for the first time that weekend released my gigantic cock in front of Kim. She did not react at all as she was in a trance, her body aching from being violated by her friends. I was hard as a rock and ready to go, after all I had just witnessed a good hour and a half of girl in girl action without blowing my load once.

I stepped in between her legs but this time slid my cock slowly into her pussy. I worked slowly and tenderly as if trying to revive this shell of a woman. I leaned over and kissed her stomach and breasts taking care not to hurt her at all.

“Little Kimmy, you sure are a spectacular girl aren’t you”

She blinked the first sign of life for over an hour. I again massaged and kissed her breasts tenderly as I slipped in and out of her keeping a constant pace. She began to respond as she bit her lip and turned her head to look at me.

“I’m so sorry coach, please forgive me?” she pleaded with a tear in her eye.

Fuck, I had not expected this. I wanted a confession not a heart jerking plea for mercy. This beautiful little Asian girl had touched a nerve in me that I had not expected; a nerve that I thought had died off years ago. I closed my eyes and turned my face away as I increased the stroke length and intensity determined to not get owned by this sneaky bitch again (I convinced myself). Oh my god she felt good, her tight shaved pussy choking my enormous shaft as I pumped in and out of her. It was as if she understood my desire for revenge or my ultimate goal of putting the incident behind me.

I opened my eyes to see Kym puffing and panting with her thick lips pursed. When she saw me look at her she smiled at me. What the fuck? I was raping her, I had spent the last 24 hours torturing her, abusing her and toying with her. Why was she fucking smiling at me? She must have sensed my frustration.

“I deserve everything coach. I wish I had not done such a horrible thing to you. Now please make me cum, forgive me and make me cum coach? I beg you”

My cock once more overpowered my head as I closed my eyes and kept stroking in and out of her. I massaged first one tit then the other with one hand while stimulating her clit with the other. I rubbed and flicked her button causing her to close her eyes and moan, this time in complete ecstasy as I felt her already stretched cunt lips clamp even tighter around my throbbing cock. I pounded her furiously now as my balls churned. I came ferociously spewing rope after rope of cum deep inside her cunt as she soaked my pulsating cock with her sweet nectar as she moaned and her body spasmed and her climax subsided leaving her breathless and again motionless but this time with a smile on her face.
I withdrew from her and left her laying in her restraints on the bench as I went through to my interview room. I needed to compose myself and see my plan through. Damn it, fuck, why did I have to have a conscience?

Well I had achieved most of my objectives. I had gotten revenge by raping their minds and bodies. They would never get over or forget the events of the events of the weekend as I would never get over that night at the college. I had gotten a confession from the mastermind. All I had left to do was ensure my tracks would remain covered and get these women out of here.

With the latest turn of events I decided I had made my point and I released the girls into the bathroom next to the playground locking the door behind them. I watched as they embraced and sobbed, comforting each other with the realisation that their ordeal was nearly over. I placed their bags with clothes that they had brought up for the reunion in the change rooms for them.

I had originally planned to mail copies of the rape video along with the tapes I had made of them begging for me to fuck their brains out just for additional shame value but was considering that may not be necessary.

I gathered them back into my playground where I handed them the porn movies starring themselves and I as a gesture of good faith and watched as they destroyed them in the fire I had set up for them. I assured them that I would keep the rape footage in case one of them ever decided to tell our reunion story and warned them that this was a walk in the park compared to what I initially had in mind for them. I ordered them off my property and they left without hesitation all except Kim. What now I thought.

“I asked you to leave girl” I growled.

“I can’t leave until you have forgiven me coach and you have still not completed my punishment”

“What the fuck are you talking about you crazy woman”

“You need to sign off on my release so that I know you have forgiven me like the other girls”

“You have completely lost me” and she had.

I was getting annoyed that she was still here when she made my mouth drop open as she lifted her skirt and rubbed her bald pussy and then pointed to the area that was supposed to be covered in pubic hair and said

“You have to sign my release coach”

I started to say it is ok you are free to go but was cut short as she dropped to her knees in front of me and waited for my ok for once.

“Go ahead” I managed to blurt out still shocked by what was happening.

She pulled down my pants and took as much of me into her mouth as could fit. She looked up at me and although I wanted to I could not look away from her. Our eyes remained locked as she worked my massive shaft with her tiny hands and circled my knob with her tongue. She stood still holding my cock and led me into the interview room. She let go of my cock and removed her clothes. Surely she had enough I thought, knowing what was coming next. Obviously not, she lay on her back and raised her legs up behind her head. I joined her on the bed and for the first time wanted to make this girl cum to give her pleasure instead of payback.

I buried my face in her pussy licking and sucking her. I ate her out and began fingering her cunt as she moaned the words I wanted to hear in my training session years earlier

“Yes coach, ah yes coach”

She grabbed the sheets and placed her legs back on the bed either side of me bucking her hips forward as she started to cum. She squirted the tallest stream of lady juice across the room over my left shoulder. I swooped down on the stream with my mouth open not wanting to waste a drop of this delicious fluid. My head was spinning over what was happening. For years I had wanted this woman to suffer, to endure physical, emotional and spiritual pain and scarring. To pay for what she had put me through. Now I wanted her to feel pleasure, I wanted her to writhe in ecstasy at my touch.

I crawled up between her open thighs and kissed her firmly but passionately on the lips. Our tongues wrestled for what seemed like hours. I felt Kim’s hand wrap around my cock and place the tip at the entrance to her sopping cunt. I paused looking into her beautiful eyes and then began kissing her again as I slowly entered her pussy with sensitivity. I gradually increased the stroke with grace and mercifully began to glide in and out of her as if to bring healing to her body.

I lowered my lips to her nipples and began kissing and sucking them appreciatively as I continued to massage her pussy walls with my pulsating cock. We rocked and swayed in perfect rhythm as I kissed her again. Our bodies were now speaking more words of forgiveness than we would utter in an hour. We were healing each other in the most brilliant of ceremonies. Kim’s breathing became more rapid as her orgasm approached. I started pumping faster and harder and as deep as I could. She groaned as once more her taut pussy contracted around my bloated cock. My balls churned once more. I stared straight into her breathtaking eyes and blasted deep inside her like a fire hose as her hips bucked into me. Our orgasm seemed to go on for hours in tantalising bliss before we collapsed in each other’s arms.

Kim again rubbed her lower stomach with a pleading look in her eyes. I called my friend in to sign off on my forgiveness and release Kim from any past wrong doing. Once my friend was done I kissed Kim’s freshly painted skin then kissed her lips and helped her dress. Strangely not a word was spoken as I saw her to her car and she drove off into the distance.

I had embarked on this revenge mission wanting to put the past behind me. I’m not sure I believed that it would happen. Hell I know I did not see it happening the way it did but I held no ill feeling toward any of the girls, especially Kim, and from what I could tell there was no hard feelings from her.

I wondered if I would ever cross paths with any of them again and for once the thought of it did not anger me.

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