A Trailer Tryst

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Carelessly discarded clothes lay by the nightstand. Jayson, propped up by his elbows, reclined in the centre of the bed. Awe struck, he gazed at the wanton beauty at the end of the bed. She let the top of her surgical scrubs fall to the floor. She stood there, her sultry eyes locked onto his. He watched her slowly pull the drawstring of her pants and they fell to the floor. Clad only in her bra and panties, she crawled cat-like onto the bed. “Oh sweet God in heaven,” he thought to himself. “Am I ready for…?” Anxiety grew in the back of his mind when he realized that he had been waiting for this very moment for the past three years.

The Airstream trailer rocked and squeaked as it passed over the speed bumps on the way to the back corner of the RV Park. The site was not popular with the other winter residents. It was shaded and located at the furthest point from the reception centre. However, for Jayson it had become the spot of choice and for just one reason, Annie.

It wasn’t that he and Annie were close friends. Over the past three years their interaction had consisted merely of per functionary smiles and greetings exchanged when she passed by his trailer. Annie regularly jogged for relaxation and exercise. She passed by Jayson’s trailer on the way to the path that led to the local park. At first, he only viewed her from his trailer kitchen window. Then last year he had ventured to say hello as she passed. In the beginning, she did not acknowledge his greetings, but as he persisted she smiled, smiled and waved, and finally smiled, waved and offered a faint “Hi”. Jayson vowed that this year would be different. This year he would meet her.

Jayson enjoyed his winters in Palm Springs. Since the divorce, he had developed a nomadic existence with his trailer as his home. Jayson spent his summers in Okanagan, a small town in Central Washington and his winters in Palm Springs. He liked the dry desert-like climate of both locations. There was little rain and dampness and that suited his sometimes-achy joints. He had made his living as a copywriter for a small Seattle advertising firm. A national company had bought out the firm, primarily for the lucrative computer company accounts he serviced. Jayson took the opportunity to retire and turned his writing talent to producing that one great novel.

Jayson’s wife, on the other hand was not ready for retirement. She was an executive in a large financial institution. She had worked hard to get where she was and now was enjoying the rewards that a substantial 6-figure income could bring. They had grown apart and the separation was amicable. She remained in Seattle and Jayson embraced the nomadic life.

The triangular shape of the corner site made it difficult to park the trailer, but since it was nearly twice as large as the neighboring sites it provided privacy and space to park Jayson’s pick-up and his motorcycle. The site bordered onto the laneway, which accessed the neighboring park. Planted along the boundary fence were trees and shrubs to ensure seclusion. These provided isolation from Jayson’s neighbors, passers by, and homes for a myriad of birds. Jayson loved birds and bird watching. Each morning, over coffee, he watched his birds.

Two days after settling in, his favorite bird returned. It was almost 8 o’clock when he saw her jogging down the back roadway heading towards the park pathway. He waved enthusiastically. She returned a small wave. Jayson rose from his lawn chair, walked towards the fence, and called through the bushes as she passed by on the path, “Good morning…good to see you again.”

“Morning…same here,” was all she said as the sound of her footsteps against the gravel faded into the distance. This scene repeated each morning at about the same time for a couple of weeks and then it stopped.

Jayson was devastated. He had few friends in the trailer park. Really, they were not friends, just mere acquaintances. Everyone saw him as the recluse in the corner. The writer who regularly sent manuscript packages off to San Francisco and New York and then had them returned, unopened. He was the weirdo who rode the motorcycle and went shopping on an old single speed bicycle with a carrier on the back.

Without the regular sightings of Annie, Jayson’s interest in morning bird watching waned. There was nothing to watch. Then one day, late in January, Jayson was returning from one of his almost daily trips to the market. He leaned his bicycle against the side of the reception complex and entered to get his mail. As he approached the mailboxes, there she was. Her back was to him. His heart began to pound. Quickly he checked his box, nothing. As he turned away, he almost collided with her. Startled she dropped her mail.

“Oh, shit!” She muttered.

“I apologize…Oh I’m so sorry.” Their heads had just bumped and Jayson’s glasses fell to the floor. Simultaneously they had both reached for the fallen mail and the collision had occurred. She reached for his glasses at her feet and he scooped up her mail.

“Here are your glasses. I’m very sorry. It was my fault I wasn’t tuzla escort paying attention…”

“No, it was my fault,” interrupted Jayson. They both burst out in nervous laughter and they nearly dropped everything again. “It seems we are both having a bit of a bad day…” He stopped mid sentence when their fingers touched as they awkwardly exchanged glasses and mail. In that brief second an electric charge ran though Jayson’s body and a wide smile spread across her face.

“I’ve run past your place and you’ve been kind enough to say good morning, but I’ve never stopped. My name is Annie Robinson,” she said shyly.

Jayson grinned and replied, “”Mine is Jayson McLure. I’m really glad to meet you.” He extended his hand. A warm, firm grip met his. Annie held onto his hand for a few seconds. She did not want to relinquish its grasp. There was something about his touch and his voice that put her immediately at ease. She studied him, with a practiced eye, as they walked towards the back of the trailer park.

His voice was soft and resonant. He had a compassionate face. A slight limp marred his gait but he appeared to be fit and strong. He adopted a slightly hunched stance, probably from scoliosis she thought, as he guided the bicycle with a confident steady hand. “… Do you still run in the mornings?” The question hung in the air. Annie realized she had been lost in her analysis of him and had not been paying attention. There was an uncomfortable stillness. Then he blurted out in a rapid, nervous stream, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. It’s just that I used to see you run by my trailer in the mornings and now…” Jayson’s words died off. A painful stillness ensued.

Annie looked up at him. Jayson’s was blushing and staring straight ahead, as they walked. She felt she owed him an explanation. “…Err, my shifts have changed,” she said in a halting voice. “I now work from 4 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning. I’m a charge nurse at the Eisenhower Medical Centre.”

“Oh, shift work can be hard…”

“Yeah, especially with my Dad. Looking after him is almost a full time job. He’s so possessive…” Annie stopped herself mid sentence. She did not mean to make those comments. It was just that Jayson put her at ease. Self-conscious that she had revealed too much, Annie hurriedly continued. “…Nowadays, I work out in the rehab centre from the time I get off until I can go home. I don’t dare wake up Dad,” she said in a nervous voice that trailed off.

Jayson immediately piped up. “I like to go for walks early in the morning. I like to watch the birds. The park is quiet then.” He heard himself talking. The words sounded childish. He stopped. Nevertheless, Annie didn’t seem to notice. In fact, she replied in an encouraging tone.

“Maybe I’ll see you some morning then.” She glanced at her watch. “Oh, I’m sorry, I have to go and start to prepare dinner for my father.” Annie gently brushed his arm as she turned to walk away. “Nice to talk to you.”

Jayson watched her disappear into the mobile home at the end of the road. Then he turned and pushed his bicycle to his trailer, leaned it against the trailer’s side, and quickly carried the day’s groceries inside. However, before he did anything else he set his alarm clock for 4 AM.

The next two mornings brought invigorating walks in the park with beautiful sunrises, many bird sightings, but no sign of Annie. The third day Jayson woke before the alarm to the sound of rain beating against the aluminum of the trailer. He slowly showered and dressed. Even with his sweater and Cortex jacket, the morning felt cold and damp. He pulled his baseball cap tightly onto his head, grabbed his umbrella, and started towards the park. His binoculars, safely in their case, bumped against his chest as he walked. “You’re a bloody fool,” he thought to himself as entered the park and gazed through the misty rain looking for a solitary runner. As he walked along the path, the short bleat of a car horn interrupted the sounds of the rain beating against his umbrella and his footsteps on the gravel. Jayson turned in the direction of the sound. There in the adjacent parking lot was a small, grey compact car. From the driver’s side window an arm waved.

Jayson walked quickly towards the car. He crouched down beside the open window and grasped the doorframe for balance and support as he awkwardly held the umbrella above the window. A warm hand brushed across his. “What are you doing out on a day like this? Bird watching I suppose.” she asked in a scolding tone and pointing towards the binoculars.

The words caught Jayson totally off guard. He bit his lip then replied, “Looking for you.”

“That’s nice, that’s really nice…but now that you have found me, what do you want to do. I don’t run in the rain.”

“Do you want a cup of coffee? I could even make you breakfast.”

Annie looked carefully at this man in his early sixties crouched by her car door. He was staring intently at her left hand that covered his as it rested on edge of the open car window. His own words seemed tuzla rus escort to have caught him by surprise. Now in the stillness between his question and her answer, she watched the tension build in his face and neck. He was as nervous as she was. She squeezed his fingers and blurted out, “…Sure. Can I leave my car here?” Annie did not wait for his reply but quickly rolled up the window and opened the door. Soon she was clutching his arm and sharing the umbrella as they walked quickly back to his trailer.

The trailer was warm, the coffee hot, and the breakfast was excellent. Annie enjoyed Jayson’s quiet efficiency. He was polite, attentive, and a good listener. She felt comfortable in his presence. He was everything her former boyfriends and especially her father were not. Over the next hour, Annie told Jayson about how she had moved to Palm Springs after her mother had died to look after her father. He was partially paralyzed by a stroke and a recovering alcoholic. At the best of times, she described him as possessively cantankerous. At the worst of times, he was down right mean. When she finished talking about her father, Annie took another sip of her coffee and glanced at her watch. It was almost 7 AM.

“Oh Jayson, I’m sorry, but I must be going. Dad will be getting up and I have to make him breakfast. I must not break the routine, you know.” Annie rose slowly from the table. Jayson preceded her to the door. He opened it, peaked out, and stepped down.

“No one’s around. It’s safe.” He said in a teasing voice.

“Don’t mock me, please. I’ve had a wonderful morning. It’s just that Father…”

She did not finish her sentence. As she stepped down from the trailer, she appeared to slip. Jayson moved quickly to catch her. Even through her nylon shell and her nurse’s uniform he could feel the warm outline of her breasts as his hands gripped her chest to break her apparent fall. Jayson felt her body press against his and her arm clung to his shoulder for a moment longer than necessary. Jayson did not mind and savored the smell of her perfumed hair.

Flustered and perplexed, Annie broke away. “Sorry…thank you.” She turned and walked into the rain.

“Tomorrow?” he called out. Annie just turned, looked at him, smiled, and hurried down the path to the park and her car.

The next morning Jayson was waiting for her in the park parking lot. The winter rain had not let up. The morning was cold and blustery. She quickly climbed into the waiting pick-up. They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at a nearby Denny’s. Their date ended back in the parking lot with a kiss on the cheek and an agreement to meet the following morning.

It was Annie’s last day of the shift and she looked forward to seeing Jayson. It had been a tough night. Two patients had died. It had been an emotionally exhausting. One of the patients had been the same age as her father. She was early and waited impatiently in the park parking lot. Relief filled her mind when the truck appeared.

“Good morning, beautiful,” greeted her as she climbed into the truck.

“I feel anything but beautiful,” she said as she settled into the seat and began to describe her shift. “I’m so tired,” Annie mumbled and leaned across the console to snuggle against Jayson and rest her right hand lightly on his thigh. In the 10 minutes that it took to drive from the park to the trailer, Jayson became thoroughly aroused. He could not hide the bulge in his pants. Nevertheless Annie did not seem to notice or care. She appeared to be daydreaming as she continued to softly stroke his thigh.

The truck came to a stop in the parking spot by the trailer. Annie slowly raised her hand to Jayson’s chin, turned his face to hers, and kissed him full on the lips. Then she traced her tongue across his lips and in a soft voice said, “Can we go inside?”

Jayson held open the trailer door and bid Annie inside. The smell of fresh brewed coffee welcomed them. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” Jayson inquired as he placed their jackets over the backs of the dining area chairs to dry.

“No, I need to be held, and hugged, and…” Annie did not finish her sentence she just molded herself into Jayson’s chest and let his arms envelope her. Jayson’s hands slowly massaged her back.

“That feels so good,” she purred. Encouraged Jayson’s fingers rubbed the back of her neck and his thumbs caressed the sides of her breasts as he moved his hands up and down her back. Annie sighed and pushed herself even harder against him. Emboldened, Jayson’s hands cupped and squeezed Annie’s ass. Through the thin cotton medial scrubs, he could feel the outline of her panties that covered her firm buttocks. She ground her stomach against his hardness. Jayson almost came at that moment. He gently pushed her head back, bent down, and kissed her. She began to undo the buttons of his shirt.

Jayson found himself naked on his bed staring up at Annie. She was wearing only a white cotton bra, and matching panties. The thin material did little to hide her assets. Voyeuristically displayed were the tuzla sarışın escort outline of her hard nipples and the shadow of her pubic hair. He marveled at her tight athletic body. She knelt on the bed beside him. Paralyzed by her beauty, he lay there frozen in a state of obvious arousal. Annie looked at him. Her eyes blazed with lust as she pushed him back flat on the bed. “Let me give you a massage. You obviously need some special attention and I need to…” Her words died away as she quickly removed her bra. Jayson’s eyes were transfixed on her breasts. Annie noticed and was pleased. He reached out to touch them but she swept his hands back, turned, and looked at his quivering cock. There was a large drop of precum building on the tip. With a wanton smile on her face, Annie reached out with an extended finger she scooped up the precum as it began to trickle down Jayson’s cock. She then ran the finger across her tongue. The sensual sight almost made Jayson cum. Then Annie began to gently rub his stomach with her fingertips and tease his rampant cock. She kissed its head. The warmth of her mouth enveloped his shaft and Jayson was in heaven.

The steady rhythm of her hand up and down his cock increased. Her tongue vibrated on his tip while her teeth grazed against the lip of his glans. When her fingers cupped his balls, he tensed. She stopped. “Oh no, no. Not yet, my sweet man.”

With a few deft motions, Annie removed her panties, straddled his chest, and presented her pussy to his lips. Her musk filled his nostrils. Jayson clasped and separated the firm globes of her ass. His thumbs gently brushed across her glistening pussylips and circled her anal rosebud. Annie gasped and pushed back against his face. Jayson’s tongue explored deep inside her. Annie’s mouth once again surrounded Jayson’s cock. The erotic tension grew within each of them. They climaxed together.

Jayson woke. He found Annie curled up in his arms. A quick glance at the clock filled him with panic. It was almost 8:30. “Annie, Annie, sweetie, wake up. Its almost 8:30.”

A tired Annie burrowed deeper into his chest. “Its OK. I told Dad I was going shopping this morning. Besides, he has physiotherapy. The hospital sends a driver to pick him up. I look forward to these days especially when they coincide with my days off… and this,” she growled, “…My good man, is a day off!” She moved her hand down Jayson’s stomach towards his limp dick. He in turn gently raised her head towards his. Their lips met. A tentative, exploring kiss soon turned into one of deep passion. Their tongues intertwined. Jayson’s fingers found her breasts and began to rub and pinch her hardening nipples. She moaned.

Annie’s hands surrounded Jayson’s dick. She stroked it slowly with one hand while the thumb of the other thumb played with the precum that now flowed freely from the tip. Jayson thrust against the pressure of her hands. She liked how this man responded to her touch, his shy gentleness, and most of all how he wanted to please her. The warmth radiated from between her legs and she felt her wetness. She felt Jayson’s urgency growing too. Annie broke the kiss.

“You wouldn’t have any protection lying around here, would you?”

“Condoms?” Jayson replied with a quizzical look.

“Yes, that’s what I mean. I want you inside me,” Annie said as she continued to stroke his cock.

“Yaa…there should be some in this drawer,” sputtered Jayson as he stretched to reach for the drawer in the nightstand. “I bought them a couple of years ago when I…” his voice dropped off. Jayson didn’t want to say, “…When I first saw you.”

He dropped the box on the bed between them. “It has not been opened!” exclaimed Annie.

“Oh yes, I am quite the stud,” said Jayson sarcastically. “Look…” he stammered. ” I haven’t had sex…well since before my divorce…and…” his embarrassed voice tailed off.

Annie laughed. “I know the feeling. I haven’t been with a man since I started looking after Dad over eight years ago. But with you, I want to change all that.” She began to fumble with the box. He tried to help. By the time they had liberated a condom Jayson was flaccid.

“Oh Annie, I’m so sorry. It’s just…”

She did not let him finish. “Oh baby, don’t die on me now. Code Blue! We need the Crash Cart!” With those laughing words, she straddled Jayson and pushed her pussy into his face. “You suck and I’ll blow…” Her instructions were not lost in the world of warmth that swallowed his cock and smothered his face. Jayson’s tongue found Annie’s clit. He lapped and sucked eagerly. Jayson felt the passion and urgency growing again in his groin as Annie’s feverish actions brought life once again to his cock.

Moments later she was off him, desperately trying to unroll the condom over her lover’s now raging dick while Jayson rubbed the sides of his shaft with one hand and tightly squeezed the base with the other. “Oh shit, the lip of this thing is caught…There I got it now…Oh I need… I want you inside me…There!…Right there!…Ooohhh…Oh…Oohh…” Annie began to ride Jayson. Her eyes closed, an erotic grimace spread over her face, and her breast swung wildly as she rocked back and forth. Jayson thrust against her. Annie moaned, then she panted, and then she screamed as Jayson arched his back and shuddered, his voice joining hers in the sounds of passion.

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