Aaand… Well Isn’t This Interesting

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Since this is the first time I’ve actually addressed you readers, let me just say thank you. For reading, commenting, all of it. Thank you.

Now I know this story is part of a bigger, much longer story. I thought, let em know where it begins and where it goes from there.

So, the beginning is ‘Good and Bad’, followed by ‘Good, So Far’, ‘Good, Getting Better’, and ‘Best so far’. Then reality crashes in, in ‘Bet..Wait, What?’ Our Dari soldiers on with life in ‘Moving On’ and ‘Moving On Again’.

But we all know, she’s never loved anyone like she’s loved Kian, as we see in ‘Mov…Wait, They’re Talking?’ and we see that those feelings things are reciprocated when Kian sets about taking his wife back in ‘Aaand They’re At It Again.’ And also ‘Aaand They’re Doing More Than Talking.’

And this is another first. A dedication. To a really coolguy who gave me the words I needed, I just didn’t know I needed them until this one! So Duff, thanks! I couldn’t have finished this one without you!

I still have no idea how I managed to get him to do this photo shoot. Honestly, I have no idea, but I think I’m really gonna enjoy this. I found a photographer who still worked with film and negatives and scheduled the shoot at our Montana ranch.

“What am I supposed to wear for this anyway?” I heard Kian call out from the master bedroom.

We’ve been kind of being fuck buddies for the last nine months and enjoying every second. So far. It reminded me of our beginnings. Hotel rooms have been our “home” pretty much since we began fucking. This is the first time we’ll be together for more than a weekend in almost three years. A whole week in May, even. Spring here is amazing and reminds me of Ireland and my family. Flowers blooming, the scents of them filling the air filled me with a giddiness.

“I’m on my way up, babe.” I called, carefully maneuvering the full laundry basket over the bannister and climbing the stairs. I almost dropped it on my feet when I walked in.

He stood in the doorway to the balcony, naked as the day he was born, gazing out over the green fields. All over tan, lighter on his ass. Wide shoulders tapering down perfectly to his still trim waist and sweet tight ass. Legs like tree trunks held him up. I must’ve made some noise, or he heard the revving of my quim… I mean, heart. Yeah, okay. He turned and my eyes crawled hungrily all over him.

“Let me take that.” He grinned, taking the basket from my numb fingers and setting it on the bed. “Looks like another one of those moments where your brain clicked off.”

“Oh, you heard that?” I asked hungrily drinking in the sight of my husband’s amazing body.

“Yeah, I did. C’mere.” His grin grew into a whole smile, his eyes happy and sparkling. Slowly he slid his hands up my neck, cupping my jaw and moving in close.

Fresh lavender scent rose from his still shower warm skin. I slid my fingertips over his hips and up his chest, palming both his firm pecs. He leaned in, letting his lips barely brush mine, making a groan escape from me. My hands slid over his shoulders and around his neck, pulling him closer.

“Easy now, sweetness.”

“I’ve missed you.” I crooned, rubbing my forehead along his jaw, nuzzling eagerly into his neck.

“Your photographer will be here any minute.”

“Damn myself.”

“Your idea.”

“I remember but damn.” I pressed my forehead to his chest, my hands sliding around his waist.

“What am I wearing?”

“My favorite shorts.”

“That’s it?”

“I’ll get you a couple of shirts when my brain turns back on.”

“Fine.” He dropped a kiss to my forehead before turning to his dresser. He opened a drawer, pulled out my favorite pair of his shorts. Old, faded, button fly blue jeans, cut years ago, just below mid-thigh, frayed along the edge. Still just tight enough through his thighs to cling to those long, thick muscles, to hug his sweet ass. My brain shuts down completely and I drool when he wears them.

With serious effort, I dragged my gaze from his delectable body and into his closet. I flicked through his fairly large collection of dress shirts, grabbing his white tuxedo shirt and his black leather vest. I kept searching for the one I saw in my dream last night. Deep in the back, tucked between his two full suits, I found it. Tropical. Blazing teals and oranges, slashes of yellow on a black background. I’d found it in Cabo San Lucas while wandering the bazaar. He’d laughed but he’d worn it the one night we actually went out for dinner. The rest of that night was absolutely magical.

“Hey, where’d you find it?” he asked as I came out of his closet.

“Buried.” I answered, watching him shrug it on. Those happy sparkles were seriously dancing when he looked at me.

“That night is burned into my memory.”

“Mine too.” I purred, snuggling into him. His arms wrapped around me, warm and tight. The doorbell rang.

“Time’s up.” He growled softly.

“We have plenty at the moment. This isn’t going to kill you.” I grinned, leading him downstairs.

“I ankara escort bayan know but still…”

“C’mon, you’ll like Jasmine.”

“I’d rather have the vet pull my tooth.”

“You’ve done publicity up the ying yang.”

“That’s work. And I still hated every second.”

“This is for me. Us.”

“Which is why I’m doing it at all.” He grumped.

“Thank you, Key. I’ll help you to enjoy this.”

“Really? I don’t see how.” Was his bottom lip pooching out? Just a little pout?

“Just remember this over the next couple of hours, okay?” I felt him nod as I whispered in his ear, before he opened the door. “I’m really hot and wet for you right now. And watching you today is only gonna get me hotter… and hotter.”

“Damn it.” He groaned softly, before he pulled the door open. “Hi. You must be Jasmine. C’mon in.”

“Hi Kian. Dari. I love your flowers out there.”

“She planted them all over the place, makes it look more like a home than just a ranch.” Kian smiled down at me.

“Thanks Jas. It took a few springs and falls to get it how I wanted it.”

“Have you thought of any places yet where you want me to shoot? I know you said the barn and up at the lake.”

“Both of those definitely. A couple spots here inside. Upstairs, to start with. I’ll show you. C’mon.” I grinned, leading Kian back up to the master, with Jasmine following behind him.

“The barn?” I heard him grumble behind me as we entered the bedroom.

“Ssh, love.” I said, gently poking him in his belly. “I had an inspiration just a few minutes ago.” I continued, watching as Jasmine pulled her camera from its bag. “Key, please go lean in the doorway again. Just like you were earlier.”

“Really?” he said with a grin before going to the doorway. Again, he looked out, his elbow resting on the frame, his body stretched and relaxed. I heard Jasmine’s camera clicking and whirring.

“Turn around, handsome.” Jasmine called out and he did. His eyes fixed on me as he leaned on his shoulder, his arms across his chest. I know he saw me swallowing as his smile widened, as his eyes fired with his temporarily restrained lust. Just to remind him I mouthed ‘I’m so fucking hot.’ And watched him beam and laugh. More clicks, more whirs.

“Go stand with him. Let me get a few of the two of you.” She said before she switched out lenses. With a smile, I walked into the arms of my big bad wolf.

His big hands slid around my waist and pulled me against him. I looked up into those amber eyes and I was instantly enthralled. My hands slid up his chest and over his shoulders, toying in the curls at the nape of his neck.

“Hello, my sweetness.” He purred his hands roaming slowly up and down my back and coming to rest on the swell of my ass, pulling my heat tight against his hard cock and making me purr. I barely heard Jasmine’s clicking and whirring over my own racing heartbeat, over the rushing passion in my ears.

“Mmmm, hello love. Kiss me.”

“Like I mean it?” he grinned.

“Is there any other way?” I grinned back as his mouth descended on mine. Soft, barely touching lips. Click, whirr.

“You two are perfect together. Picture wise.” Jasmine said, reminding us we weren’t alone. I smiled up into his eyes, seeing his love for me shining there, feeling overwhelmed that he still feels this way. Click, whirr. “Okay my lovebirds, next stop.”

“Mmmm, next stop, the living room.” I said, feeling his fingers entwine with mine, feeling my heart flopping madly in my chest. “Stretched out on the couch, but from above. I’ll show you. Key, the couch please?”

“I want one of both of us on the couch.”

“Okay. As soon as I show her where, I’ll be down.” I said, kissing him soundly before nudging him down the stairs. I led her through the halls and around another corner to where Kian had opened the ceiling and second floor for a couple of skylights over his couch. I looked over the side to see him standing beside the overstuffed couch looking up at me and had to grin. “Ready?”


“Stretch out like it’s a lazy Sunday and you’re napping off and on through the football games.”

“I don’t nap.” He grumbled as he stretched out on the couch, his feet crossed at the ankles, his arms over his head.

“Hey Key, I had an idea.”

“Shit. What is it?”

“Unbutton your shirt.”

“Seriously?” His amber eyes flashed up at me.

“Please?” He sighed grumpily but opened his shirt, baring most of his chest.

“Ready for me now?” Jasmine teased beside me.

“Yeah. That’s just how I saw him.” I said softly. Click, click. Whirr, whirr.

“Go on down.”

“On my way.” I said loud enough for him to hear and headed down the old servant stairs. A few seconds later, I stood beside him again, seeing his eyes sharp and hungry.

“Get over here you sexy thing.” He drawled softly, holding his arm out. I crawled onto him, snuggling into him, into his warmth. I slid my arm over his chest, my face inches from his, gazing besottedly into his eyes. “Mmmm, closer.” eryaman escort He growled, pulling me on top of him, letting me feel how hard he is. “I want you, more than I ever have.”

“That’s just because there’s someone else here and we can’t just wildly attack each other.” I purred, rubbing my nose on his.

“Hey, look up.” Jasmine called out from above. We did, hearing the clicks and whirs. “I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Where next?” he growled in my ear, pressing his cock hard and hot up into my quim, holding my ass with both hands, making me groan in his ear.

“Barn. From there, the lake.” I groaned, pressing a kiss to his chest, directly over his heart.

“Well, c’mon then my sweetness, soonest begun…”

“Soonest done.” I finished, crawling off of him.

“And as soon as she’s outside that door, you’re pinned against it. To start with.” He growled deeply in my ear as Jasmine came down the stairs. We led her through the house and out back to the barn.

His other loves began making noises as soon as he opened the door. Neighs and chuffs to get his attention. Jasmine caught him with his newest filly, his prized mare and me. Now came the beginnings of my deviousness. I led him into the tack room, Jasmine following. I leaned him against the desk, gave him a bridle that still needed mending.

“Posing me?”

“Absolutely.” I smiled, spreading his tuxedo shirt wide and unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shorts.

“Hey, now.”

“Don’t worry. I think only one more button and that’ll be up at the lake.”

“Any more and it’ll be obvious the effect you have on me.”

“It already is.” Jasmine grinned changing lenses again. “Just stay there for a second.” Click, whirr. Click, whirr. “Okay, pose him how you want him.”

Gazing up into those eyes that knew every secret, almost every fleeting thought in my head, made my heart pound. As I arranged his shorts lower on his hips, my fingertips brushed the swollen head of his cock, making him groan.

“I promise to kiss it and make it better later on.” I purred, stroking him softly.

“I’m holding you to that one.” He grinned as he leaned in to kiss me. Click, whirr.

“Fix my bridle or at least look like you’re fixing it.” I grinned and stepped back.

Jasmine moved around him, clicking and whirring as she went. Not once did he look into the camera as his eyes were fixed on me.

“Dari, move with me.” Jasmine said softly as she passed me. I followed her directions. She knelt in front of me, taking more pictures. We moved again, more pictures. “Okay next, before we lose the light. She said, standing with a couple of pops and snaps. Kian stood, rebuttoning his shorts before he got the mule started up. “He’s an easy subject to photograph.”

“That he is.”

“You missed him.”

“With every heartbeat and more than I’ll admit to himself, for now.”

“Looks like he’s ready.”

“Yeah, he is.” I sighed, brief flashes of the couple of sexcapades we’d had in here. “It’s not far to the lake. You’ve seen a couple of my pics of it.”

“Those were up here?”

“Yep. The lake’s a special place. You’ll see.” I said as we joined Kian in the mule and as soon as we were buckled, he drove up the path heading to the lake. About four minutes later, he pulled into the field beside the waterfall. I heard Jasmine’s surprised gasp.

“Your pictures do not do it justice. Hell, I don’t think mine will do it justice.” She breathed as she climbed out. Instantly, she was wandering, clicking and whirring.

“Another fan of the lake?” Kian asked, sliding his arms around my waist from behind, resting his chin against my temple.

“Yeah, that’s how we started talking. She saw the pic of us I took a few years ago.”

“The one in front of the waterfall?”


“That day was really hot.” He rumbled in my ear.

“Hot? What… oh, yeah. It was.” I grinned, snuggling into his embrace, remembering.

“So, how are you planning to pose me now?”

“I’m thinking of having you lean beside the waterfall.”

“You’re on a leaning kick.”

“I’m on a ‘you’ kick.”

“Hope it lasts the rest of my life.”

“Me too.”

“Alright, kids, are you ready?” Jasmine asked, rising to her feet. Kian pressed a kiss to that spot behind my ear that always sends shivers down my spine, before he sauntered over to lean beside our waterfall.

“Mmmm, stretch my love.” I purred, running my hands over his chest. He did, reaching above him for a root to hang onto, making my purr even deeper. Again, I unbuttoned his shorts, three buttons, baring that mink brown furry trail that arrowed down into the open v of his button fly opening. I trailed my fingertips over his chest, following that trail with my eyes, feeling a familiar hunger growing. Click, whirr.

With my eyes rising to meet his, I backed slowly away, feeling my cunt ache, throb. ‘My goddess, he’s breath taking. My heart.’ I thought watching hazily as Jasmine moved around him. I heard her dimly, heard his etlik escort answering laugh, saw the boyish smile, felt, knew I was right where I belonged. He slid into his black leather vest, making me drool down my thigh.

I leaned easily against the mule’s front bumper, watching but seeing him and I, later on, tonight, tomorrow, squirming together, entwined endlessly. His smirk told me he knew exactly what was going on in my mind, his thumb tucking his open flap deeper into that sexy v, baring that line from his hip dipping into his shorts. His eyes flamed when I licked my desert dry lips.

“The lust is palpable between you two. It’s like being caught oarless in white water. Get in there with him. And Kian, dance with her.” Jasmine said over her shoulder, fanning herself.

Keeping my gaze on his, I walked to him again, watching his grin turn to a leer with every step closer. His hands slid easily around my waist, pulling me easily into his waltz. I grinned into his face, loving every second with him. I felt his hand settle on my ass, holding me tight to his hardness as he danced us through the grass.

“You drive me mad.” He groaned in my ear, nuzzling warmly behind my ear. I slid my arms even tighter around his shoulders, feeling that fizziness blazing in my veins, flushing through my entire body. “Want you so much.”

“Just a little while longer.” I moaned softly against his cheek, reveling in the sensations he was creating in me.

“And the door is just the beginning.”

“Is it?”

“Tis. I’m going to make you hoarse…make you limp…mine.”

“I’ve always been yours. Even when I wasn’t with you.” His eyes gazed steadily down into mine. “Always have been. Always will be.”


“Y’know why I wanted an emerald instead of a diamond?” I asked, stroking my fingertips along his jaw.


“We’ve both had marriages, diamonds for both. Neither one lasted forever. I hoped, foolishly I guess, that an emerald would last for an eternity.”

“I’ll love you through all my lives.” He whispered softly. His palms cupped my jaw, lifting my mouth to his for another kiss. My hands slid around his waist and up his back, pulling myself tight to him. Click, whirr. Click, whirr. Footsteps circling around us, swishing quietly through the grasses. Click, whirr.

My entire body was aflame. All I wanted was him. All I could see was him and I, entwined, squirming, howling. Click, whirr. More swishing footsteps, hearing her kneel. I opened my eyes, meeting his, seeing his need, his hunger, echoing what I felt blazing through me. Click, whirr. Click, whirr.

“Sun’s almost behind the ridge. It’ll get chilly quick.”

“It always does. Jasmine, ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.” She grinned, collecting her film canisters and tucking them into her pockets. We climbed back into the mule and headed back down to the barn. “Such a temperature swing!”

“This side of the ridge still has sun.” Kian murmured beside me.

“Jas, you said we’d see proofs in what? Ten days?” I asked as we pulled into the barn.

“Seven definitely. Ten to be on the safe side.” She answered as we walked out to her car.


“Got it.”

“Thanks for your patience with us today.”

“You guys were great! I had a blast! I think you’re in for a long and wild night!” she grinned as she started her Lexus. I grinned back, watching her turn around and head down the driveway. I turned to the front door, seeing him leaning against the frame, felt my mouth go dry. I barely felt my feet moving toward him, just saw him getting closer, closer.

In a heartbeat, I was before him, gazing hungrily at him. His amber whiskey eyes lingering on my breasts before returning to my eyes. His hand slid up my arm, over my shoulder, cupping my jaw in his palm.

“Come inside, wife, let me love you.” His voice husky in my ear. I let his gentle hand lead me inside. Once the door closed behind me, he moved me back to it. “I told you…”

“Yessss.” I groaned, feeling his hands sliding down my body, feeling his heat sinking into me, feeling his hardness pressing into my belly. I slid my hands around his shoulders, pulling his mouth to mine. He scooped me into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist, snugging his cock tight against my heat.

I felt his fingers digging, pulling, ripping my stretchy pants off, felt them gentle as they slid into my slickness, felt them sinking into my sloppy cunt, felt his thumb brush, rub against my clit. I felt him swallow my moan as the first wave of orgasm rippled through. Tighter I clung to him as he drove me through another epic wave of pleasure.

“Mmmm, yes, feel you cumming. Mmmm, nice and wet, almost ready.” I heard him mumbling between passionate lip locks. I held on, humping hard against his hand as the ripples continued racing through me. “There’s my woman. Mmmm, yes, almost there. Almost.”

“Damn it, Key. Now!” I snarled, digging my claws into his back, his shoulder, bucking madly in his arm. He pushed us up hard against the door, his dicktip brushing my slippery cunt hole, between his fingertips. I looked up into his eyes as I felt him sinking into my cunt, seeing his wildness banked but ready, waiting.

“Better?” he growled, feeling my muscles quivering along his length.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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