Ava and/or Eva Pt. 03

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*** Author’s Note – This story has 8 parts which I am releasing as I finish editing them. For the best experience, please read them in sequence or you may not be able to follow the story properly. Although this is a work of fiction, it is based on real characters and events. All names and locations are fictitious. To check on the status of the next part, please see my profile. Thank you. ****


A Fresh Start

Eva – The Next Morning

Slowly waking from my dream, I felt a heaviness on my chest and a soft tingling around my groin. But, what was really driving my need to get up was the fullness of my bladder needing to be emptied. I vaguely recalled having too many beers, and now I had to piss badly.

I remembered that Ava and I had been making passionate love… No…wait…that wasn’t right. Slowly my fog was beginning to clear. Oh my fucking God!…it wasn’t Ava…It was Eva…my little girl…it was Eva and I that were making love. She…no…I…no… WE had been having wild, out of control, passionate, and unbelievable sex!

I could feel the slight aching in my forehead as I forced my eyes open. When they finally started to focus, I looked down and could see the top of her head on my chest. It became clear that the tingling sensation was her finger tracing slow, unknown patterns in my pubic hair. Shifting my hips, I started to get out of bed, the fullness of my bladder again calling attention to my need.

“Don’t go yet!” came her whispered plea. Her hand snaked around my waist and locked me in a tight embrace. “I’m in heaven… I don’t want to move!”

“Well, as long as you don’t mind it becoming a very wet heaven, then I imagine I could stay. Otherwise, I need to pee real bad, lover.” I placed my hand on her head and gently stroked her hair.

“Lover!…I like the sound of that…a lot!” She lifted her head and turned to look up into my eyes…her honey-browns seeming to glow from within. With a pout on her lips, she consented, “Well…if you promise to come right back…then I suppose…” Her words followed me as I slipped from bed and quickly headed into the bathroom.

When I returned, she was lying on her side, propped up on her elbow. Her eyes never left me as I approached the bed and laid down facing her. I slowly scanned the beauty of her body from head to toe, making sure that nothing had changed since last night. Satisfied that I hadn’t been dreaming and that she was truly real, I reached up and stroked her cheek, studying her face.

“You realize that I am totally in love with you, don’t you?” She nodded her head as I continued, “I don’t just mean as your father, either. What happened last night has shown me an entirely new meaning of love that I have never known before.”

I moved my finger up and traced the shape of her lips which parted slightly to accept my exploration. She reached up, taking control of my hand and pushed my finger into her mouth, sucking on it like she had sucked my cock last night, her tongue circling and wetting it before she pulled it back out and used it to moisten her lips. Next, her hand guided mine down to her belly while she raised her upper leg, bent her knee and planted her foot next to her sexy butt. A quick shift of her hips opened her thighs wide while she continued to direct my hand to her mound.

The now familiar softness of her pussy greeted me there, where her wetness was already gathering on the lips. I slid my middle finger between them and entered her hole, pushing up as deep inside her tunnel as I could reach. Swirling my digit, I stirred her juices around before curling my finger up and and searching for the ridge of skin on the underside of her clit. When I found what I was looking for, I began to rub and stroke it. She was now beyond hot and wet, having moved on to molten as I watched her head roll back, her eyes close and a lustful moan escaped from deep inside her throat.

A large heave of her bosom accented her arousal with her rigid nipples looking as if they were ready to rip from her breasts. Arching her back, she pushed her pelvis upward trying to absorb more of my finger. While turning her upper body, she removed her hand from mine and leaned back on both her elbows. She lowered her right leg, then spread both legs as wide apart as possible to give me total access to her. A violent shudder overtook her, then she murmured in a guttural, savage voice. “Fuuuccckkkk!!…what the hell are you trying to do to me?” It was a question and a statement all mixed up together.

Turning back to me with her upper body, her right hand lifted up, slipping behind my neck and pulling my face into hers. Her tongue jammed between my lips and began to fuck my mouth. I returned the favor and our tongues started to dance. Pulling my finger from inside her, I used it to flick and stroke the tip of her clit. She shivered deeper this time, bucking her hips violently against my touch. Breaking our lip lock, she pulled back enough to stare into casino siteleri my eyes… her gaze was wild and crazed. Her eyes rolled up until only the whites showed before her head jerked back and her mouth flew open, beginning to rapidly pant. I continued to manipulate her like this for another minute while watching her facial expressions intently.

Realizing her orgasm was imminent, I stopped teasing her clit and swiftly moved my hand downward between her ass cheeks. With my middle fingertip, I made a swift circle around her sphincter before I pushed it inside her anus up to my middle knuckle while pressing my thumb down on her clit and forcefully kneading it. Her ass jerked upward, responding to my sudden invasion as she began to pant faster with exertion…the massive orgasm beginning to wrack her body. I was in awe as I witnessed her bucking and twitching.

“Oohhh…ooohhhh…AAHHHHHH!…stop…st…st…stop!” she pleaded. She reached down and attempted in vain to pull my hand away. As I continued to fuck her ass with my finger, my palm was being covered with her juices. I noticed that the sheet was being soaked under her ass and there were beads of fluid on her thighs and in the crack of her bottom. It took me a moment to realize that she had squirted on my hand.

“AaaaawwWWWWWHHHHH!!” A primitive scream erupted from her just as several huge convulsions hit her. Collapsing back on the bed with her eyes shut tightly and her lips quivering, several smaller waves of spasms continued to attack her body. She laid there for several minutes, appearing to be totally spent. Her whole body was coated with the sheen of her labor…her hair looking as if she had just stepped out of a shower and hadn’t dried it yet.

Her recovery was aching slow. My senses were filled with the heady aroma of our lust…it was unbelievably intoxicating. I stayed there beside her, trying to mop up what sweat I could reach on her body with the nearby sheets. Eventually, she began to return to normal, raising her arm and placing the forearm over her eyes as if shielding them from some harsh sunlight.

“Holy shit!…What the hell was that?” she whispered, her voice weak and raspy. I moved closer since I could barely hear her. “I’ve never in my life had one like that before… ffuucckkkkkkk!… fuck, fuck, fuuckk, fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!” her head rocking from side to side as she cursed.

Removing her arm from her face, she opened her eyes and turned to look at me. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye and began to run down her cheek. “You did that to me,” she proclaimed. “You’re responsible for what just happened to me.” She reached out and cupped my face with her hand, looking at me lovingly.

“Now…” I explained, ” I have a confession to make. You are so much like your mother it is unbelievable. ‘That’ was one of the things I found that she loved me to do to her. So, I’ve had a lot of practice learning just what could turn you on, my love.”

“Since I woke up this morning, I have been in a state of bliss. I had been dreaming about what happened last night for ssoooohh long that you wouldn’t believe it.” I started to speak, but she placed her finger on my lips to stop me.

“Last night was more wonderful than I had hoped it would be. It was just so sexy…and hot…and beautiful that it’s hard to put into words. I woke up quite a while before you did this morning. I had a lot of time to replay what we did and how amazing it all was. And…well…you know the rest.” She let out a soft chuckle before continuing, “It just all came together at once, and…well…I guess… I…I…kind of…exploded!”

This time the kiss we shared was one of nothing but love…soft…careful…and tender. She stared into my eyes for several minutes after our lips finally parted.

“I need to rest for a bit, lover,” she said, giving me a soft peck on the lips.

Rolling on her side, she scooted back into me, making sure my cock was nestled between the cheeks of her ass to her satisfaction. I dropped my arm over her, pulling her tightly into me. It was only a moment later that I heard the rhythmic sounds of her sleeping. She was warm and wonderful against my chest, just like I had held her when she was my little girl. Now… she was my lover. I began rocking her slowly as I drifted back off to sleep.


Someone was shaking me. “Dad…dad? Wake up.” I slowly sat up and saw Eva leaning over me. “Hey, sleepy head…I made us some brunch. I’m sure you’re as hungry as I am, so get your cute butt in gear and come downstairs.” My eyes finally focused properly and I looked at the lovely vision of my daughter there in front of me. She shot me a big smile and then turned and headed out.

“Be right down, sweetie,” I replied. I rose from the bed and stepped into the bathroom, moving over to the sink. After splashing some refreshingly cold water in my face, I grabbed a towel and dried it… Feeling somewhat awake, I headed down to the kitchen. As slot oyna I neared the bottom of the stairs, I spotted Eva at the sliding glass doors leading out to the back deck.

She saw me and said, “It’s so nice out, I thought we could eat outside, okay?” She was carrying a tray with some glasses and plates of food on it. She stepped through the door as I came into the family room, looking for my jammers bottoms by the couch. They were still in the same spot where I had shucked them off. I pulled them on and followed her outside. She was still wearing the top of her jammers and when she bent over the table to set down the tray, I was treated to a flash of her cute, bare ass.

“Nice view, lover,” I complimented her. She turned to face me, lifting up the front of her jammers to give a full glimpse of her bare pussy.

“I thought you might enjoy it,” she giggled with a big grin on her face. “I have a feeling you’re gonna see a lot more of me than you used to…literally!”

“I sure hope so!” I replied with a chuckle of my own. As she turned back to the table, I stepped forward and slid my hand up under the shirt, giving her ass cheek a playful squeeze. “God, you’ve got a cute ass!…Huummmm…that sounded kinda strange. If you’d have told me yesterday that I would be standing here complimenting my daughter on her perfect tush…while playing with it at the same time, I would have called you insane!”

She stepped backward and leaned into my chest, wiggling her butt against my crotch. “Well, personally, that ‘s exactly what I was picturing… glad my vision was the one that worked out,” she said as she turned, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a wet kiss. “Let’s eat.” She released me, pulled out a chair and sat down at the patio table. As I slid into my chair, she continued, “Nothing fancy…just some BLT’s.”

I surveyed my back yard as I bit into my sandwich. I was pretty happy with this property acquisition. It was the fourth house in my chain of home trade-ups, and, as far as I was concerned, this would be the last one. The property itself sat on the top end of the cul-de-sac with the large, 4 bedroom, 3 bath house sitting fairly far back on the lot. The land backed up to a dense forest area and was enclosed by a tall, privacy fence. The houses on either side were more forward on their lots, giving the impression that when you sat on the back deck there were no neighbors. The deck included a recessed hot tub, BBQ cooking area and seating section while a fairly large pool sat just off the back side. With a spacious grass area, bordered by berms and foliage trees spaced evenly along the sides and back, it felt like a private park and afforded a lot of privacy.

“Looks like it’s time to uncover the pool,” I noted. “I think summer is on the way… finally.” The weather had recently warmed considerably.

“It’s about time,” she added. “Been a tough winter and spring, but it’s great now.”

I finished my sandwich and reached for my glass of iced tea. “That’s much better. I was a little famished, I think.” I leaned back in my chair and looked at her with disbelief. I was still having a problem believing what had transpired between us… it was just a lot to wrap my head around.

She caught me looking at her as she finished up. “I hope you don’t have any regrets about what has happened, dad.” She seemed very at ease about it all. “Since Jeff and I started having serious problems, ‘this’ had been on my mind,” she said, pointing at me then back at herself. ” Right up until last night, I had serious doubts I could make it happen, but somehow, my need to have you overcame my nerves…plus…the wine helped a bit, too!” she finished with a laugh as she reached out and took my hand in hers, squeezing it firmly.

“I’m still in shock, but I’m really glad you made the move.” I pulled her hand to me and kissed it. “I don’t think I would of had the guts.” I studied her face as she smiled happily.

“Me, too, dad…me too.” She changed the subject abruptly. “I think I know what I want to do, but I will need a little help from you to make it all happen.”

‘Here we go,’ I thought to myself…sounds like she has made up her mind.

“What I want to do is move back here… I mean the business and all that. But, it will entail some things I hope you can help me with,” her little girl voice was peeking out a bit.

“What do you need, honey?”

“Well, June and I have the business set up so that we can pretty much do it from anywhere… what with our website and most of our sales being handled online and such,” she explained.

After securing her business management degree, Eva had gone to work for a greeting card company as a area sales rep… A year later, she had met June and they started their own bridal service business, selling all the paper goods from decorations to announcements. Shortly after their website went live, they had managed to tap into a fairly lucrative corner of the market. From all her updates canlı casino siteleri recently, they seemed to be doing quite well.

“What I am hoping is that you might have one of your properties available that June could live in and that we could set up as our new office,” she inquired.

Although I have my Electrical Engineering degree, I only used it fully for about the first 15 years after school. Within a few years of leaving college, I had hooked up with a couple of guys I had met and we started buying and renovating houses and business properties on the side, either turning them over for a profit, or leasing them out for income. We managed to do extremely well and a few years ago, we had finally split up the properties equitably, going our separate ways. I currently had a dozen or so that I was constantly working on or turning over.

The minute she had voiced her desire, I knew exactly the place that would work for them. I still had a bit of work to do to finish up, but it should work for them.

“Your timing is perfect, sweetie. I think I have just the place for what you need,” I offered. “I still have some more painting and cleanup to do on it, but I think you will like it and it’s only a couple of miles from here.”

Her face lit up like a light bulb as she jumped up from her chair and leaped onto my lap with such force, that she almost bowled me over. Wrapping her arms around me, she planted a massive kiss on me, hugging me so hard I almost lost my breath. She reminded me of a little girl at Christmas time.

“I knew it,” she exclaimed with excitement. “I had a feeling that all of the stuff I have been through this past year was for a reason. It was just meant to be!” Her bare ass wiggling on my lap was having a strong effect on my cock. It was getting very hard, very fast. As she felt it rising against her, she giggled and hugged me tightly to her again.

“We can go take a look at it any time you want,” I told her.

“Tomorrow morning, okay?” she asked, turning her body while attempting to pin my cock in the right position. She finally positioned it so she could slide up and down it’s full length. I might as well of had no shorts on as her fluids quickly soaked the fabric through. It almost felt like she was on a slip-and-slide.

“Having fun, are we?” I asked with sarcasm. She looked back over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out at me.

“Very much so…aren’t you?” she looked at me with a quizzical look, then grinned widely. Jumping up suddenly, she exclaimed, “I’ll be right back.” I watched as she ran back inside and disappeared up the stairs.

Rising from my chair, I walked inside to the kitchen where I refilled my glass with more tea, throwing in a couple of ice cubes. As I walked back around the breakfast bar, she came hustling down the stairs. She had changed her outfit to a pair of skin-tight, dark-lavender, boy-toy briefs and a transparent, pale-lavender, lace crop-top. I leaned against the bar, admiring how gorgeous a woman she had grown up to be. When she got close enough, she turned and bent forward so that I could see the writing stenciled across her butt…it read ‘Stay Out Of My Toy Box’ in bold, white lettering. I nearly snorted tea out of my nose. She turned again so that I could feast my eyes on her perky breasts with their rigid nipples prominently on display beneath her top. When my gaze lowered to look between her thighs, every detail of her pussy was plain to see, molded to perfection beneath the thin material.

She cupped her hands under her tits and flipped them upward, trying to make them bounce, but it was to little avail as their firmness provided very little jiggle in response to her attempts. She pouted at me, but all I could do was shrug and say, “Too firm, my love.” I did manage to get a smile from her in response.

She wagged her ass as she walked out to the patio table, loading the tray with our dishes, then carrying it back inside and setting it by the sink. I had never really paid a whole lot of attention to her ass when she walked before. For the first time I noticed an eerie resemblance to Ava’s sexy ‘strut’. In this case, the saying ‘Like mother, like daughter’ was very true. For the first time in many years I heard a familiar tune playing in my head…’They do respect her, but-t they love to watch her strut’.

She placed a couple of ice-cubes in her glass and re-filled it with tea. Walking back around the kitchen counter, she hopped up onto a bar stool next to me, and took a gulp of her drink while she eyed my crotch again.

“Seems you have a problem, daddy,” she proclaimed, pointing at the tent pole in my wet briefs. “You keep getting boners for some reason.” She was trying to look serious, but kept breaking out into a little smirk.

“I have noooo idea why,” I teased back.

Tilting her head slightly, she looked at me for a moment before asking, “Did you and mom really enjoy anal sex? I never had a chance to really talk to her about it before she died. I just know that what you did to me this morning when you frigged me was simply amazing!” She brought her elbow up to the counter and cupped her chin in her hand as she waited for my reply.

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