Bill and Jeans Adventures Ch. 05

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Bill and Jean’s Adventures Ch. 05

Jean learns more about Maries past.

Jean and Marie’s trip to Omaha Part 1.

I woke the next morning with the sunlight streaming into the bedroom, the great sex from the night before still vivid in my mind. I fucked Jean’s ass for the first time, plus great progress had been made in freeing Jean’s repressed sexuality and releasing her inner slut, as Marie would say.

Jean agreed to let me watch another girl fuck her with a strap-on, and wants to do a three-way with Johnny, the college student who delivers our pizza, who she had teased mercilessly yesterday.

I rolled over, expecting to find Jean still asleep and hopefully available for one final session before she left because I woke up with a raging boner. I had been dreaming all night about our romp in the living room; but she was already up. She must be in the shower I thought. So I headed to the bathroom hoping to find her in the shower for a morning quickie before Marie arrived.

With my cock leading the way, I didn’t bother to put on any clothes and hoped to catch her by surprise, just stepping out of the shower. But to my disappointment, the bathroom was empty. The mirror was still fogged up, indicating she had already taken a shower. Wow, I was surprised how she was up and getting around so early after how much wine she had last night.

Disappointed that the shower romp was not in the cards, I headed back to the bedroom and put on a loose-fitting pair of shorts and shirt I wear when I am lifting weights, my cock forming a very large tent in the front of my shorts. I was curious to see Jean’s reaction, to see which Jean was here this morning; slutty Jean or reserved Jean.

I headed downstairs to see if I could find her, still hopeful of relieving my hard cock situation. She was talking on the phone and I assumed it was to Marie; but as I walked up behind her and could hear the conversation, I knew it was not Marie, but Ann from the dress shop where Jean had bought a dress to wear for the wedding.

Very flustered Jean said, “But Ann, I was going to pick up my dress on the way out of town. Argh!” which is as close as she came to swearing. A more reserved Jean response I thought, as I stepped right behind her now let my cock press against the small of her back. She reached back and swatted me away. It actually felt good against my hard cock.

“So you have another dress for me to wear?” Jean asked. “Okay, Okay. I will be right over to pick it up.” Jean, turned to kiss me and could not help but notice my hard cock pointing at her like a guided missile and looking for relief. “Oh my god, Bill, your cock is about to burst through your shorts.”

“Well, he is happy to see you, but also sad as you are going to be abandoning us and leaving us all alone.” I gave her my best puppy dog eyes and reached down grabbing her ass and pulling her in tight for a kiss.

Jean said, “Umm, that feels nice baby, but I have to run. Ann said the seamstress that was going to let out my dress for my big boobs, as she calls them, had a family emergency and had to leave before she was done. So I have to run to her shop and pick up another one she thinks will fit me.”

She gave my cock a little squeeze, and said, “Why don’t you two hop in a cold shower. Can’t have you looking like that when Marie arrives, or she will try and rape you.” She giggled at her joke grabbed up her keys, and darted out the door leaving me stunned and frustrated and looking for relief.

I was kinda mad at this point. The sex was indeed great last night, but my cock was hard as a rock right now, and Jean had just scurried out the door. I poured a cup of coffee, grabbed a bowl of cereal, and headed into the living room. I sat down on the couch and noticed Jean had cleaned up everything from last night. This was non-slutty Jean for sure. She would not leave any trace of the romping time we had for Marie to see.

Sitting on the couch having some breakfast and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to restart the movie we had watched yesterday. I set the cereal bowl down and clicked play…


The scene opened with Amber, Jackie, and four of their girlfriends, plus house mom, Marie, heading off to a hotel room they had rented for the bachelorette party.

All the girls were wearing their sluttiest clothes, looking hot and ready to party. Jackie was obviously under the influence and telling anyone who would listen that she, “was not going to fuck any of the strippers and that you bitches had just better behave,” which led them all to laugh even more.

I grabbed the remote and fast-forwarded a bit, thinking that Marie would not be here for at least a half hour or more. Marie always ran late. Having advanced the movie, I hit play…

Three Chippendale-like male strippers had appeared to the great excitement of the escort izmir ladies, and started dancing and stripping for the ladies who were sitting in chairs in a half-circle. The ladies were grabbing at their barely covered cocks and stuffing dollar bills anywhere they could.

The male stripper who appeared to be in charge said, “Okay ladies, now it is time for one of you to strip and join us for fun; but who should we pick to go first?” appearing to ponder his options.

Amber jumped up and screamed, “Jackie, Jackie, pick Jackie!”

Jackie said in a stern voice, “Amber! I told you already, I was not fucking the strippers the night before my wedding.”

“Well, we do have a request for the bride,” the lead stripper said, as he pulled down his thong and his huge cock sprang free. He stepped over to Jackie making sure the tip of his cock was just a fraction of an inch away from her lips, “Jackie would you pick a number between one and seven.”

There were seven women sitting on seven chairs. It took all of Jackie’s willpower not to gulp down the hard cock that was right there for the taking; a drop of pre-cum already starting to form.

“You know,” the stripper said, “sucking is not the same as fucking!”

He now started to run the tip of his cock around Jackie’s lips like he was applying lipstick. This caused Jackie’s willpower to falter and her mouth to open wide and the stripper, not one to wait, slid his cock in until she gagged.

OMG, that is hot, wishing Jean was here right now so we could act out this scene like we did last night, I slipped my hand in my shorts and started stroking my cock as I watched…

Jackie sucking the stripper’s cock down her throat. It looked like he was just about to shoot his first load, but he pulled back out in time, “I need to pace myself with women as hot as you are,” he said.

This caused the others to blush, as several of the women had also slipped a hand in their panties and were fingering themselves while watching Jackie blow the stripper.

Jackie was all flustered and appeared to be questioning her ‘No Fucking the Strippers’ rule, when the guy asked her again to pick a number between one and seven to start us off.

In a very flustered voice, Jackie stammered out, “Fa fa four!”

The guy said, “I think I heard four ladies. If you all reach under your chairs you will find a card with a number on it. Now, which lady has the number four?”

“I do!” the Marie look-alike said, jumping up in the air. The expression of the strippers was one of ‘fuck yeah, this milf is going to be one hot fuck.’


Fuck yeah, I thought hoping Marie would be first, as I was focused on the screen to the point I had not heard the door open and close, but I did hear my Marie say, “Oh my god, she looks just like me!”

Holy fuck! I scrambled to pull my hand out of my pants my cock thrusting a tent in the air as I sprang from the couch.

“So this is your plan for how to occupy your time while I steal Jean away to Omaha!” Marie said laughing.

I was blushing and stammering, “Didn’t hear the doorbell, Marie?”

“Oh, I am sorry Bill. Jean called me and said she had to run and pick up a different dress, and if I arrived before she returned I should just come on in and wait for her. She said you would probably be in the shower,” Marie said with a giggle, and stepped closer to me for a kiss.

“George watched porn all the time when we were married. I never minded because he was always so aroused by it, he could never finish a movie before he would come and pounce on me and fuck me silly.”

I returned Marie’s kiss and grabbed her ass pulling her close and started to thrust my hard cock against her, “I want to fuck you silly right now!”

As I started to pull her pants down, she struggled back against me, saying, “Bill, Bill baby, we don’t have time, Jean will be back any minute and she can’t know you have been fucking me, not yet, anyway.”

Marie was right, of course. I would fuck her for an hour, but with likely less than ten minutes before Jean returned there was just no time.

“Rain check,” I offered up, my voice still full of lust.

“Rain check,” Marie said, as she pulled her pants back into place.

“Well, If I can’t offer you a good fucking, how about a good cup of coffee?”

“Oh, you are a charmer Bill,” Marie said, as we headed off to the kitchen, and sat down at the table waiting for Jean.

“So, Bill,” Marie said, in a very coy way, as she held her cup with both hands, “I can’t help but think that there is a backstory to me finding you jerking off to a porno this morning.” She giggled knowing it would cause me to blush again.

“Well Marie, now that you mention it there is,” as I kept an eye out for Jean’s return. I proceeded to tell Marie the whole story of what happened last night, from how she teased Johnny at the door; to her agreeing to let me watch a girl fuck her with a izmir escort bayan strap-on; to how she brought down her toy Bill so we could pretend to do a DP; to her wanting to fuck me and Johnny at the same time; and to my fucking her ass for the first time ever; and how we had acted out the scenes in the movie she had caught me watching when she arrived.

Marie was breathing heavy, and I could tell she had reached one hand down and was rubbing her pussy as I told her the story.

“Oh my god, Bill, that is incredible! Did you fuck her ass as hard as you fucked mine?” Marie asked.

“Oh no, Marie, it was her first ass fuck, but god I hope to eventually. But…” I said with a pause, “I am not sure any of it would have happened if not for the strong wine she was drinking.”

“Well Bill, practically every woman gets hornier after drinking a little, it just lowers our inhibitions.”

“I know Marie, but it is like she is a different person when she has had a drink versus not having had a drink. Like this morning, I woke up with a hard-on and went looking for Jean, to…well, you know,”

“To fuck her, Bill. It is okay, you can say it.” Marie said.

“Well yes, I wanted to fuck her before she left, or at least get a quick blowjob, but she just said she had no time, and I should take a cold shower as she had to run, and off she went.”

“Oh my!” Marie said, “I would never have left George like that. So that is why you were jerking off to that movie. She just left you here with a case of ‘blue balls’?” Marie asked, now looking very concerned. “Bill how is your heart?” she asked, and rose from the table to come put her hand on my chest, my heart rate was up a bit from the telling of the story.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that I was just fine, and that Stan had spun the story of sex and health just to help our cause.

Marie dropped to her knees and said, “Bill you can’t fuck me, there just isn’t time, but let me see what I can do,” as she tugged my shorts down, and my cock sprang free she started sucking as hard and as fast as I have ever had someone suck my cock before.

My legs started to wobble, I held on to her shoulders steadying myself as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, and then would jerk me hard with her hand, “Cum for me baby, cum for me.” and oh god, I was so close when I heard a car door slam in the driveway, and knew Jean was home! Marie heard it, too, and sprang to her feet!

“God damn it!” I said, with a tone of anger and frustration, as Marie, wiped a hand across her mouth clearing the spit away.

“Oh Bill, I have made things worse trying to make them better, please forgive me.”

“It isn’t your fault, Marie,” I said, as I had to stretch my shorts back over my rock-hard cock jutting out even more now.

“Bill, I am going to insist Jean fuck you before we leave for Omaha. I feel just terrible about this!”

“No, no, Marie,” I said, “it’s okay. I will likely give that cold shower a try.” I heard Jean just about to enter the kitchen, so I grabbed a dish towel like I had been drying dishes, and held it in front of me in an attempt to hide my erection.

“Hi Marie,” Jean said in a happy voice with her new dress in hand, she seemed more relaxed now. Jean glanced at me, her eye catching sight of my large erection, despite my attempts to hide it. “Umm, babe,” Jean said, “I thought you were going to catch a shower,” as Marie blushed a little at Jean’s observation of my hard cock.

“Well, I was just heading to the shower when Marie arrived and I offered her some coffee.”

Marie tried to help by saying, “I did arrive a bit early I’m afraid.”

“Oh no, you’re fine Marie,” Jean said, “if not for the dress shop making a mistake, we would be right on schedule.” Jean for a moment, was suspicious of what had taken place while she was gone; but she knew I was horny to fuck her before she left, so she did not think Marie was trying to be slutty with me. Just that I had woke up horny, and she had no time for hard cocks right now.

Marie was trying to think of a way for me to have one last shot with Jean before she left and said, “I have to go check that I have everything packed and in my car, I hope I didn’t forget anything,” as Marie turned and scurried back outside.

I took the hint and pulled Jean close and whispered, “Can we go upstairs and have a quick fuck before you have to go, my cock is killing me.”

Jean, pulled back and said, “Oh baby, there just isn’t time. Now go jump in that cold shower.”

By then, my frustration had reached a boiling point, from Jean being gone to the shop, to Marie’s attempt at a blowjob being interrupted. It felt like the world was conspiring against me.

“I don’t WANT A FUCKING SHOWER!” I shouted. “I want to FUCK!” saying it loud enough that Marie heard it outside.

Jean got angry, which she rarely did, “I am sorry babe, you woke up so horny from fucking my ass last izmir escortlar night, but Marie is going to be back in about two minutes and we are leaving so you can just wait to FUCK me when I get back!”

She stormed upstairs to get the last of her bags, and Marie walked back in acting as if she had not heard anything, but I was sure she had.

Marie came over to me seeing how upset I was and said, “Oh baby, I am so sorry about this.”

Seeing Marie standing there in her low-cut top and shorts that showed off her incredible ass, I spun her around and bent her over the table, and was just about to pull her pants down and ram my cock into her, when I regained control.

I stepped back and Marie who was still laying across the table said, “Go ahead and fuck me, Bill. Jean has to find out sometime!”

God, I was so tempted but I knew it could undo all the progress we had made.

“No, Marie. Thanks, but no, I will try that cold shower.”

Marie said, “Bill you can’t wait three days to take care of this problem!” Her face then lit up, I know, I have a plan. She grabbed up her phone glancing nervously towards the stairs for Jean’s return.

I had no idea who Marie was calling, then she said, “Jackie pick up I know you’re there, I am not calling about the wedding, I am calling about Bill. He needs your help. It’s serious!”

This is what I heard from Marie’s half of her phone conversation with Jackie…


“Great you’re home. Jackie, Jackie, just be quiet and listen. Jean is getting ready to leave, and Bill has a raging hard-on that she won’t take care of. Yes, yes, I tried to take care of him, but she got back to the house before I could finish him off.

“Yes, yes, I know it is Jean’s responsibility, but she is in Jean mode right now, and it’s all about the schedule. Jackie, Jackie, just listen to me. Bill just tried to fuck me on the kitchen table while Jean was upstairs!

“Yes, yes. NO! he didn’t fuck me, didn’t you hear the part about Jean is upstairs and she will be back in the room any moment now.

“Yes, he woke up with a morning hard-on. See, he fucked Jean’s ass last night for the first time and he is still all horned up, and I am worried about him.

“Well, cancel it.”

Marie again nervously glanced to see if Jean was back, she looked at me and said, “Jackie can be over here this afternoon.”

Then I could hear Jackie talking again then Marie said…

“Okay, okay. Bill she can stay over tonight and fuck you all night if that will help.”

“What’s that? Well, yes dear, he probably gets the picture.”

Marie, turned to me, “Jackie, says you can fuck her in the morning as well.”

“Oh god yes! You two are lifesavers,” I said. Marie just beamed now very pleased with herself…

“Yes, Jackie, he is very excited! Well, yes I am sure he will want to do everything with you, and to you. God, I am so jealous of you right now.”

I could hear Jackie laughing as Marie giggled.

“The blue one? No, wear that slutty red one you have, the crotchless one so he can fuck you in the middle of the night without having to pull your panties down. Yes, if you’re staying overnight, bring some clothes for the next day. Yes, I am sure he would like any sex toys you wanted to bring.

“Jackie, Jackie, I have got to go. Jean is coming, bye-bye, and thanks so much. Yes, I love you, too.”


Marie hung up just as we heard Jean coming down the stairs, Whew! was the look on both of our faces, “Oh thank you, Marie, you are a lifesaver,” I whispered to her.

Marie, acting completely innocent said, “Well Jean, are you all set?”

“Yes, I think I finally have everything,” Jean said. She seemed embarrassed that she was leaving me for three days with a raging hard-on.

So to lower the tension, I kissed her and told her to have a great time and that I was off to take that shower.

She seemed relieved, as she sensed I had cooled down now as she and Marie headed out to Marie’s car; she was feeling better about things.

Marie got behind the wheel of her shiny red SUV, a big and brash car very much like Marie. God bless her I thought as they drove off I am lucky to have her and Jackie in my life.


Marie said, “Jean reach back and get a wine cooler. I made them special for the trip. I will be driving this round so you can partake, I know you have been busy preparing for our trip so you can kick back and relax.”

“A wine cooler sounds good. I drank a little too much wine last night, so a wine cooler might take the edge off,” Jean said, as she took a sip.

“Oh, that hits the spot,” Jean said.

Marie adds a splash of grape soda and vodka to her coolers so they pack a punch. Marie, just smiled because Jean, of course, had no idea that she was aware of just how great of a time she had last night, and Marie was also impressed that Jean’s first ass fuck was with Bill who has a very large cock.

Marie, glanced over to see that Jean had already drunk half the wine cooler. “You might want to sip the rest of that, at least until we stop for lunch. I know a truck stop on the way that has great food.”

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