Bohemia Pt. 07

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Helen woke up in the early morning hours. She could hear the slow rhythm of something moving back and forth. Lying in bed, she was facing the windows looking out onto the balcony. Simon was out there, alone, naked, smoking a joint.

She turned over, investigating the sound. She smiled at its revelation; Klara was straddling the waiter in a slow, early morning fuck. Helen at once moved closer to kiss them both, feeling streams of semen leak from her sodden twat in the process.

She caressed Klara’s back and tits and watched, mesmerized by the hypnotism of their bodies fucking. Then leaned around the younger woman and cupped the waiters’ balls, messaging them for a time.

Eventually, she got up and left the fucking couple and headed outside to join Simon. He was happy to see her up and stood to greet her with his tumescent cock, on her approach. They shared a full-body hug and kissed very passionately. Trapping his hardening cock between their bodies, Helen feeling its warmth against her belly.

He brought the joint to her lips, and she took a drag gratefully. They looked in at the others. The slow lustful strokes of their sexes, in and out and in and out. They shared the same thought at that moment; was there anything better than watching two people fuck? Maybe being fucked?

“She’s insatiable,” Helen commented, watching as the waiter’s cock hit her in a spot that sent shockwaves of pleasure through her. Her eyes furrowing.

“You have no idea,” Simon responded. He sat back down on the patio chair. Helen didn’t miss a beat and pulled the cushion from the opposite chair and placed it on the ground in front of him. Then, she knelt in front of him and placed both her hands on his cock.

“I feel like I owe you a bit of an apology.” She admitted, starting to slowly stroke him. Simon, confused, sat back, and enjoyed the work being performed on his hard-on.

“For what?” He watched as she sank her mouth down on him. Sealing her lips around his hard cock. Sucking hard and running her tongue in swirls over the head of his prick. He shuddered in pleasure. She pulled off him with a pop of her lips.

“Did I take it too far… asking about your daughter?” She asked, still pumping him with her right hand. Simon looked out over the balcony and across the morning sky. His deep reflection aided by the joint and the surging blood in his head and the head of his cock.

“No, you didn’t take it too far. Truth is it excited me, thinking of her that way.” He confessed. Helen was back on his cock, bobbing her head and swirling her tongue. She loved the feeling of a cock in her mouth. The taste and texture of one.

Her pussy was leaking out all the semen that had been shot into her that night, as well as her own pussy juices, thinking back throughout the events. The cushion would be soaking.

“What will you do now? About her? About your daughter, I mean.” She pulled off his cock long enough to ask and then went right back to work. The truth was it was a thrill for her too, thinking of this strange man lusting after his own flesh and blood. Thinking they would become lovers.

“Honestly, I have no idea. It would be predatory of me to act on it.”

“And if she pursues it?” Helen stroked that little bit faster.

“I’m only human.” Klara’s cries of orgasm came out to them from the room. They looked in to see her shoulders arched, head thrown back, frozen, while the waiter continued to pump into her, from under her.

“Looks like she had a good one,” Simon commented. His hands were on the arms of the chair, not needing to urge or entice Helen by placing them on the back of her head. She sucked his cock magnificently and he didn’t even need to guide her.

“Do you always let her fuck other men?” Helen asked after pulling off of him, getting him halfway down her throat.

“And women. But she lets me fuck others too. There is no end to the number of women she is prepared to let me have. The perfect girlfriend.”

“And the perfect relationship,” Helen added and then opened wide and took him deep again. He was close, she could see it in his eyes.

“Will you join us again?” He asked, his breath starting to heave in anticipation of climax.

“That depends… next time leave Klara at home, bring your daughter instead. Let’s see if you can entice her with this wonderful cock.” She lunged back down on him, sucking as hard as she could.

He groaned out, across the balcony, across the city, and shot his load into Helen’s waiting mouth. She drained him and drank down every drop.


The sun was up as drove up her driveway. She parked and got out, and immediately went around the house to the pool. Stripping away her close as she got the water’s edge, her mind was still buzzing from the decadence of the previous evening.

Totally naked she dived in and let the water bath her, cooling the fires of her sexual yearning. She wanted more, she wanted to get fucked like that every second of the day, she released.

Breaking escort izmir the surface of the water she swam a few laps, then let her body go limp and floated for a while, her mind replaying the events of the last nine or so hours.

Getting spit-roasted between Simon and the younger man, his name she never got, thinking how hot it was to fuck his brains out and never even know who he was.

At one point they had both been inside her, double vaginal, Simon had been laying her and she thought the waiter was off fucking into Klara from behind when she felt this sudden lunge at her twat and suddenly felt totally stretched open, like she would break at any moment.

It was intense but also, exceptionally erotic. Both cocks sliding back and forth into her hot cunt, stretching her wide, rearranging her lower intestines. It hadn’t crossed her mind at the time, but she wondered if it was sexually stimulating for the two men too. Having both their cocks inside her, feeling each other as the fucked into her.

Eventually, they both blew their loads and filled her to the brim with thick semen. She felt used like a fuck-toy and loved it.

Then there was Klara, and the half an hour, sixty-nine show she and her put on for the two men, while they drank champagne and smoked weed. Klara sticking her tongue in as deep as she could get it, into Helen. Tickling her anus with the tip of her tongue.

She came on the younger woman’s mouth several times, as she produced several orgasms in her too, happily drinking down all the fluids she was given.

The sun was shining high now, producing a faint amount of heat. Helen thought about her situation as it stood. She would meet Simon and Klara again, that was for sure, take them as regular lovers. Whether Simon would take her on her recommendation to bring his daughter the next time they would meet, was another story.

Though if he did, she would go along with whatever happened, seduction or otherwise. She thought it promising though, Helen was a believer that the apple didn’t fall for from the tree in relation to most people’s sexual proclivity. Charlie was a prime example of that.

Then there was the matter of her own daughter. And some of the more coded advances that she had made toward her. Surely, she didn’t want to fuck Helen, Her own mother? But what if she did, Helen was almost certain that she would reciprocate, such was the intense sexual energy Charlie immitted.

And Eden, Christ Eden, how she wanted him so badly. Prepared to be his cum-slave and fuck-doll for the rest of her life if he wanted. So prepared to let him do whatever he wanted to her, whether that meant letting him impregnate her fifty-two-year-old body or drinking down a dozen loads of cum on a daily basis, or even letting him bath her in his piss. She didn’t care, she wanted to worship him and let him own her.

Something was going to come to a head, she couldn’t stand it any longer. This man in her house, this stunning man, and not being able to fuck him night and day.

She kicked her legs and wended her arms here and there, spinning her float in the pool, as she continued to reflect. She thought some more about the app too, and how invaluable it was going to be to her in the future, meeting, and fucking strangers. If it was going to be as easy as it had been with Simon and Klara, and if she was going to get her brains fucked out like that on every other date, she would be crazy not to keep using it.

She heard noise toward the house and saw the figures of her daughter and her daughter’s lover in the kitchen. They were both dressed, Charlie for work and Eden for the walled garden. They saw her floating around in the pool and made for the patio door, obviously wanting news of how the date went.

She was feeling good, high, and sexually liberated. She was also still feeling in a sexual mood after the orgy she had. She wanted to tease the young lovers and thought to give them a little show to get them on the right foot for the start of their day.

She hadn’t slept much but wasn’t feeling tired, such was the amount of adrenaline pumping around her body. She climbed the ladder out of the pool and stood on the deck completely naked, not feeling self-conscious of her nudity at all.

The couple approached a cup of coffee in their hands and little knowing smiles on their lips.

“I think someone got their brains, royally fucked out last night,” Charlie said, her strong sexual tone taking her voice. Helen didn’t respond, just smiled and approached her daughter.

She was still wet from the pool and didn’t want to stain Charlie’s office clothes, but she got close enough that she planted a soft, sensual kiss on her daughter’s lips.

Charlie didn’t react straight away, but after a moment, started kissing back. Slow, but intensely sexual they played with each other’s lips, and both closed their eyes while they did it.

Eden stood away from them, enjoying the sight. Finally, Helen broke the kiss and made eye izmir escort bayan contact with him, seeing the lust in his eyes.

She approached him. Putting her arms around his neck and pressing her wet body into his, feeling his penis jump. She wasn’t worried about his work clothes; he was only going as far as the next field and would dry under the heat of the sun.

She said nothing and neither did he or Charlie, and she shared an equally soft, yet sexually charged kiss with him. Charlie watched and felt her excitement run down her inner thighs, for she wasn’t wearing panties. A momentary pang of jealousy laced with yearning and desire.

Suddenly all she wanted to do for the day was stay home and fuck her boyfriend. Helen pulled away from the kiss with Eden and then let him go, standing away from him, giving him plenty of visual opportunities of her naked body.

“It went well then?” He asked, a grin on his face.

“I’ll tell you about it later at dinner.” Helen smiled at the two of them. Out of breath from the sexual charge she got. Charlie pulled Eden to her and kissed him, softly, tenderly. Reclaiming ownership.

“Well, I have to get to work.” She approached her mother, then hesitated, and kissed her softly on the lips. “I’m sure you’ll both have a lovely day.”

She gave Eden her empty coffee mug and went around the side of the house. Helen approached him again, coming well within his personal space.

“I can take that into the house, you get to work.” She took the mug from his hand, stoking up his hand and arm as she did. He was suddenly panting. There was zero doubt anymore, Helen made sure of that. He knew she wanted him, that he could have her at a moment’s notice.

The question on Helen’s mind was did he want her too, and would he act on the objectively clear messaging she was sending him? She started toward the house, tempted to look back behind her, but resisting, letting her imagination fill the gaps of Eden’s eyes trailing her ass and the sway of her hips as she left him.

She placed the cup in the washing machine, catching sight of him out the window, awestruck, composing himself before a long day’s work in her garden.

She smiled to herself, she had him where she wanted him. But then it struck here; ‘Now what?’ She had him where she wanted him, but would she act upon it? Could she? Waiting for him to make the move, make the advance on her, that might never happen. She hadn’t thought this through.

This game was destined to go on forever at this rate. She climbed the stairs to her room and entered and regarded herself in the full-length mirror.

This was not normal, even though it felt so right that it should be normal, walking around her house, around her daughter and son in law, completely naked, making overt sexual signals to him. She laughed to herself, she felt like a total slut, and it felt good. It thrilled her.

Looking in the mirror, scrutinizing her body, she thought she looked great. That anyone would think so. That anyone would want her, to fuck her body. And she also felt prepared to let them, any number of them.

She closed her eyes and imagined an infinite line of men and women, naked. She was lying in a bed, and they waited, in a queue at the foot of her bed. Waiting their turn to fuck her. Stoking their hard cocks and rubbing their wet pussies in anticipation, in readiness, to fuck her life out.

Her eyes closed, her breath heaving, she lightly ran her fingers over her clit, the sexual sting of pleasure flowing over her body, through her nerve receptors.

One man would finish in her then a woman would take his place, eating the oozing cum from inside of her, making out with her cunt until she exploded in climax. Then another man, lining up his cock with her opening gash and bucking hard into her.

Getting fucked hard or soft or slow or fast, lovingly, caringly, or roughly, unemotionally, she didn’t care. Happy to lay back and let these lovers fuck her forever.

Her twat, a mess of dozens of different men’s sticky semen. Shooting their load inside of her, one after the other, the next one not caring of the mess left from the last.

She opened her eyes and looked at her reflection in the mirror as her climax rushed her and her breath shuddered, and her sighing gave voice to an animal bray. She looked at her naked body in her immediate post-climax state.

A thin film of sweat broke through the skin to coat her body in a sexy sheen. Her skin still radiated from the hotel room fuck-fest, her brain swimming in good endorphins.

She smiled. The image of herself in the mirror was that of the birth of Venus. She was a woman. A powerful woman with a body built for pleasure, a body built for fucking. So that’s what she would do.

That’s who she would be. A vessel for others pleasure. A woman who would give back to the world and its masses through carnal desire. Fulfilling the lusts of the many. Becoming a whore of the Earth.

And she knew where she izmir escortlar wanted to start.


He was shirtless as the morning sun was the strongest yet of the year. Thinking it might only be a half-day, with the intense heat. Eden liked to work alone, for he could lose himself in his thoughts. Often, getting so deep in them, he would create for himself a kind of tunnel vision of concentration, meditation of whatever might be on his mind.

That morning it was Helen and what he could no longer deny; ‘my girlfriend’s gorgeous mother wants to fuck me.’ It had come up with Charlie as far back as when they were living in London and debating moving to the countryside.

Charlie had brought it up, with such an air of blasé that he almost thought it a foregone conclusion. The idea of them sharing him. She told him she worried about Helen, that she was alone and most certainly lonely. That the presence of a man back in her home would be a blast of fresh air for her but that also, she might want to taste this particular forbidden fruit.

Though she never suggested that anything would happen together, between Helen and her, at the same time, she seemed totally excepting of the idea of him taking her mother as a lover. After all, they were like-minded people in their attitudes to sex and intimacy.

Eden knew he could basically fuck whoever, given the right protections and the understanding that he came home to Charlie after it was all said and done.

For her apart she had the same Carte Blanche. Family members being on the table was never brought up, but the thought struck him one day, preparing to leave London; ‘would I try and stop her if she really wanted to sleep with one of my brothers or my father? Or even one of my sister’s or my mother?’ Not that he thought his family was that way inclined, it was more to do with the idea that Charlie was a free woman, to do whatever she wanted. Free to fuck whoever she wanted. And so was he.

He applied his logic toward Helen. Wondering if it was taking advantage of the situation. How? By giving a horny middle-aged woman what she wanted?

Then amid his thoughts, something caught his eye. Across the open expanse of the enclosed field, past the brushes of newly forming vegetables and beyond the glare of the morning sun. He saw a figure walking towards him.

He stood from where he had been crouched over a patch of vegetation. His heart rang in hard pangs. Beating the blood through him faster, suddenly. His cock moved, twitched, and grew into life, needing no prompt of hand or mouth.

He was shaking, abruptly. The chemicals in his brain reacting to the sight before him. His breath heaved in nervous, yearning desire and he knew what was going to happen next and didn’t fight it and openly invited it.

Helen was walking across the field, towards him. Her arms out wide away from her sides. Her palms facing him, hands open. Her eyes were of need but also of lust. her lips, wet with her almost constant licking them, held an urgency, sucking breath in and out.

She was still naked, but different now. She was exposed differently. In a more vulnerable way. Her breasts flexed in nervous breathing. To drive home the point, to make clear to him, her openness and total acceptance of what she wanted, to tell him of her susceptibility, her weakness, she then began to piss herself, still moving towards him. It, running in streams down her legs into the absorbing sun-scorched soil. It came out in a strong current, hitting the ground and her feet with a splash.

The evacuation of her body in front of him, further exposing her, emptying herself, leaving nothing hidden, leaving her totally open. The act said; I am here and I am now and I am yours.

She never broke stride, straight into his arms, kissing him passionately. He kissed back, not fighting it, not denying himself the thing he also wanted. Charlie would understand, he reasoned with himself. The overpowering desire and sensation to glut themselves on each other’s bodies, how could she not? How could she deny him that?

Helen opened his belt and the buttons of his jeans and slipped both her hands into his pants, massaging his hard cock. He groaned quite vocally, and she kissed his neck and lips and chest, running her tongue across his nipples.

Neither of them mentioned Charlie, there was no point, both knowing it was wrong in a broader sense of things, but also because they both knew it wouldn’t stop them. It wouldn’t change anything.

She pulled his cock free from his pants and started leading him back to the house by it. He stopped her, and she got the message right away. He pulled his pants down his legs and was soon as naked as she was, as naked as was natural.

She fell to her knees and took his cock in her hands and admired it for a time. All her fantasies, for it to come down to this, the moment was here, the time was now, it was hers to admire and play with and fuck and make cum and enjoy.

She opened wide and took Eden all the way down to the base, the tip of his cock hitting against the back of her throat. She didn’t care, didn’t care if she choked to death on his beautiful cock, or if he tried to fuck her throat further, he was inside her.

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