Brian’s Power, Part Two

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Brian’s Power- Chapter Two

Thanks for all the support!  I did want to point out that Gillian is only the leader of the Black Ogres, he’s still a human, sorry for the misconception.  Oh and while I’m at it, the Black Ogres is just the name of a group, so no one’s an ogre.  This is the second part of my Brian’s Power Chapters, and in this chapter, Brian returns to his real home.  He meets his mother, and gets a taste of what being royalty is like.  No sex, and possibly no sex until he is done with his training.  Okay!  Enough with the introduction!  The tale of Brian continues…


I looked at Thet.
“Go.  You belong with him.”  He said.
I turned towards Gillian.  His long, shoulder length  raven hair, pale skin, and blue eyes looked trustworthy enough.
“Okay.”  I said, with a bit concern.
“Good.  We leave at once.”  Gillian said as he started towards the caravan.
“Oh.  I forgot this.”  He said as he tossed me a ring.  I caught it, and asked,
“What’s this?”
“Your family ring.  The red in the center indicates your royalty.”
“But your not the king.  Are you?”  I asked.
“Look.  When we get back, you will be treated like royalty, because I am, and so is your mother.  Being the leaders of a bandit organization has its perks.”  Gillian stated.

“Well, when your a king someday, don’t forget about me.  Visit sometimes.”  Said Thet with a grin.
“I love you.”  I said as I hugged him.
“We’re leaving now.  Hurry up.”  Said a bandit.
I walked to the caravan as I escort put the ring on my index finger.

The drive was long, with multiple attacks by random groups of bandits.  It may be confusing sometimes, but there are multiple groups of bandits.  You can always tell who’s on who’s side however, because the different groups have logos.  My father, Gillian’s logo was a circle Isolde of a square.  Every bandit wore his group’s logo, and no one dared to spit on his group’s name by wearing another group’s logo.

We arrived at a valley that seemed peaceful enough.  In the distance was a castle, with guards in the front.   We were let in after a quick bow by the guards.  I sat in the front with my father, with only the driver and horses in front of us.  He told me about some of the things I could do with my powers, once I completed the training.  I could influence peoples decisions, control peoples bodies (one of the hardest), levitate, speak languages I never took lessons in, and a lot more.  Once the caravan was unpacked and parked, Gillian took me through the inside gates.  Again we were bowed too, but this time, a guard yelled “The prince has returned!  Well met!”

“First you must meet your mother.  She was but a peasant before I met her, and she is purely good.”  My father said.  In front of us stood two doors, that were red with gold designs flowing everywhere on it.  Gillian grabbed one of the door handles and pulled.  Inside where three thrones, the one in the middle the biggest.
“The throne on the left is yours.  The throne izmit escort bayan in the middle is mine, and the throne on the right is your mother’s.”  Gillian said.

“So where’s mom?”  I asked.
“I…  Don’t know.  She was here when I left a few months ago.  Let us check the garden.  She loves to spend time there.”  He said.
We walked out of the throne room, and through some corridors.  Once outside, my father yelled,
“You!  Servant!  Where is my wife?”
“Out in the meadows, my lord.”  He replied nervously.
“Good.  Return to your duty.”  Gillian replied as he walked away.

It was difficult to keep up with his long strides, what with him being so tall.  I wondered if I would ever be that tall.  I’m five seven, so maybe.  When I eventually caught up with him,  I decided to ask about my powers.
“So uh…  Dad?”  I asked.
“You want to know about your powers, don’t you?”  He asked.  Freaking mind reader.
“Yeah.  So when-“
“You start training in the morning.  Be prepared, long years of physical and mental training will await you.”  He said.
“But don’t worry, it will all pay off, once you see what you are able to do.”

We exited the tall gates, as soldiers bowed.  After that, we walked along a large lake, with trees and flowers around us.  I never thought the leader of a bandit group would live in a place so…  Beautiful.  Father walked up to a tree and grabbed an apple.
“Here.”  He said as he through it to me.
“It has been a while since you’ve eaten, and if izmit sınırsız escort your to unlock all your abilities, you need your nutrients.”
That was the first father-like thing to say to me I have ever heard him say.
“Thanks…  Dad.”  I responded.  After I called him “dad” he gave me a look, one that said “I have waited so long to hear that”.  It made me think that he wasn’t all evil.

Across the valley I saw a woman picking flowers.  She continued to put flower after flower into her basket until father yelled “Janet!”
The woman looked at us, and dropped her basket.  She started to run to us, but father decided to try something else.  He started to levitate, and hovered about an inch over the water.  He reached “Janet” picked her up,and held her in a loving embrace.  Again reminding me he wasn’t all evil.  It was at this point I realized she must be my mother.  I ran to her, and we all hugged for sometime.  She had tears in her eyes.
“I missed you so much!  There was a point where I thought I’d never see you again, but it looks like your father made sure that wouldn’t happen!”  She cried.  I finally felt whole.  I knew who my actual parents where now.  I finally knew who I was.  Whether I turned out good, or evil, I’d always have my family in my life.


So that’s part two.  I will try and have a new Brian’s Power story out every other day, posted in short parts.  That way, you won’t be kept waiting.  I have so many ideas for this series, so after Brian’s training, there won’t be a single boring moment.  Pinky promise 🙂
Check back on Saturday or Sunday (8/4/2012 or 8/5/2012) for the next chapter of Brian’s legacy.



Peace O

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