Church Boy Ch. 03

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Brian recently turned 20. Although he had his own room, and came and went as he pleased, he needed a place of his own. He was more than ready to move out of his mother’s house (she strongly disagreed).

Lydia made an offer that he move in with her. He considered it, but declined – she understood; Brian grew up in a household with two A-Type personalities (his mother and aunt), he didn’t need to move in with another. Besides, they had chosen to keep their relationship “private”, and moving in together would have ended that.

Lydia mentioned it to a member of their church who owned and rented properties. Willimena Lawrence offered him the renovated basement apartment of her home in the Takoma neighborhood.

“Miss Willi”, as he’d always called her, had once been Brian’s Sunday school teacher. For various reasons, she was also his mother’s biggest rival – the women DID NOT like each other. His mother was especially not pleased when she learned of her son’s plans, but her idle “threats” were ignored.

Willi Lawrence was a subtly attractive black woman in her early 50s. On first glance, she reminded people of a librarian – her hair was usually drawn up in a bun and she always wore pointy, cat’s-eye glasses. She was intelligent, quiet and confident. She owned and managed several rental properties and worked as the church accountant. Willi never married nor had children, although she never had a problem getting a man (or woman) into her bed if she wanted.

Brian liked Willi, despite his mother’s feelings, and she liked him (her private nickname for him was “Sweetie”). She was just one of several female church members that he’d lusted after over the years. Willi stood 5’5″, usually wore a size 8, was an avid yoga practitioner, and was especially proud of her size DD breasts. Her choice of tops were either form fitting or displayed an ample, yet tasteful amount of cleavage.

Like Brian, Willi had an expansive sexual appetite and was easily aroused. Her nipples protruded each time she laughed or became excited. He had often wondered what they looked like free from a blouse or bra.

Brian moved in a few weeks after Willi made the offer. They saw one another several times each week.

It wasn’t long before Lydia became a weekly visitor – which didn’t go unnoticed. Willi heard rumors in church about how “close” the two had become, but the first night that Lydia stayed over confirmed it all. Willi’s home was in a quiet neighborhood – Lydia was a loud lover. Her moans and screams traveled all the way up to the 2nd floor (imagine what the neighbors heard).

One weekend, she noticed Lydia’s car in the driveway. That evening as she washed the dishes, she heard the younger woman cry out several times. Willi quietly opened the door that led to the basement and listened to Lydia’s moans and screams.

“Oh my…” she whispered as her nipples became rock-hard and her pussy moistened. She listened for several minutes more. Seconds later she opened her robe, pulled up her nightgown, dropped her panties to the floor and rubbed out two intense orgasms.

From that moment Willi looked forward to Lydia’s visits (“Too hell with the neighbors…”).

After a few visits, Brian suspected and then confirmed that his landlady was eavesdropping on his sex sessions: he noticed that the door at the top of the stairs was opened whenever Lydia was there. He didn’t mind. He even attempted to “help” by having or starting sex on the couch which was closest to the door, or doing a little “extra” to make Lydia cry out even more. The idea that he was getting two women off at the same time was a major turn on. Lydia also assumed that Willi could hear her – she wasn’t ashamed. All parties were happy with the arrangement.

A few months later, Lydia had to travel for work. She was scheduled to be gone for 3 weeks.

“I won’t be around to help you ‘entertain’ your landlady.” she joked with him the weekend before the trip. “If you find somebody else to fill in, she betta’ be loud!”

“Maybe I’ll just have Miss Willi come on down here and I’ll find out how loud she is…!” Brian replied – the thought had crossed his mind several times.

“If you do, you besta’ fuck the hell outta them big-ass titties!” Lydia quipped as she went down on him.

Brian suspected that Willi was listening to them at the top of the stairs that night — she was. He fucked Lydia to two orgasms. Willi also had two — one while she listened to them in the kitchen, and another when she went illegal bahis to her bedroom and humped a pillow.


Later that week, Brian went “up” to drop off his rent payment.

“Hello…?” he called out opening the kitchen/basement door.

“In here, Sweetie…!” Willi replied from the next room. A faint jazz tune echoed in the background.

He found her in the living room performing an extended yoga pose over a mat. She wore purple, knee-length, yoga tights with a matching sports-bra. Her glasses were missing and her hair was tied in a grey-streaked, waist-length, braided ponytail that ran down her back. Her feet were bare and small beads of sweat gathered on her forehead and cleavage.

Smiling and waving his check, he placed it in the small basket on the mantel, which was their designated place. She returned his smile and nodded as she continued into her next pose.

Brian immediately became aware of three things: Willi was even prettier without her glasses; he never realized that her hair was so long, since he’d never seen it “un-bunned”; and, her breasts looked EVEN BIGGER in a sports-bra.

His hard-on began to slowly grow as he stared.

“So how is everything, Sweetie?” Willi asked. She was aware that he was watching her, but her face remained placid while she continued with her workout.

“Not bad,” He replied. “Work is…work…school’s going well, too.”

“Your mother is doing well, I hope. Send her my love.”

Brian only smirked knowing she didn’t mean it.

“And Ms. Lydia…?” she asked. “When will she be back?”

“In two weeks…” Brian laughed nervously. He and Willi had never discussed his relationship with Lydia.

“What…?” Willi continued sarcastically without breaking her expression or her routine. “I thoroughly enjoy your ‘little girlfriend’s’ visits.”

“Ummm, yeah…” He smiled. “Sorry if, sometimes…we get a little…loud…”

“Not at all, Sweetie, not at all.” She assured him. “Ms. Murphy’s visits are so…arousing…and stimulating…I look forward to each one.”

Brian noticed that her nipples were now protruding as she entered her next pose (Ustrasana), in which she knelt and bent backwards with her breasts facing upwards.

“When the two of you get together,” Willi continued. “It’s an absolute…pleasure for me.”

Brian’s grin broadened. His cock was at full attention and straining for release and/or relief.

Willi assumed the final pose of her routine (Malasana), where she squatted with her legs spread. Her pussy was perfectly outlined against the tight material.

“I’m glad that I can do something to give you pleasure, Miss Willi.” Brian responded in his slyest voice. “Please, let me know if there’s anything else I can do to pleasure you…”

His reply broke Willi’s concentration and she looked up at him, noticing the full erection in his sweats. For a long pause they smiled at each other.

“I might definitely take you up on that…” she finally smiled, ending her workout and standing.

Brian nodded and returned to his apartment, deliberately leaving the kitchen/basement door ajar. Willi noticed and smiled as she entered the kitchen for a bottle of water.

Back in his room, Brian sent a text to Lydia: Think I might get some from Ms. Willi tonight. You mind?

Lydia soon replied: Better hit that for me 2!! I want FULL DETAILS if u do! (She added a clenched fist and three heart emoji’s).

Willi went to her room, stripped and took a shower. She masturbated thinking about Brian as she washed. She couldn’t believe the thoughts she was having. She was actually nervous with what she had in mind…


Later that evening, Willi went to the kitchen/basement door. Her hair was braided into two long ponytails and flowing down to her waist. She wore a silk, lavender nightshirt and her feet were bare. Her nipples were rock-hard.

“Hey, Sweetie…!” she called down. “If you’re not doing anything, would you like to come up and have a glass of wine with me…?”

Willi had already finished a glass to help calm her nerves.

“That sounds great…!” Brian answered back. “Be up in a few minutes.”

Hoping and anticipating that “something” would happen, Brian had already groomed, showered and donned his favorite sleeping shorts. He was looking for a tank top or tee shirt when she called down.

Willi was seated on a stool in the kitchen, legs crossed and finishing another glass of illegal bahis siteleri red wine when he entered. An open bottle and a second filled glass sat on the counter in front of her. He took the glass, offered and clinked with hers, and downed half the contents in one gulp.

“Sweetie…” she started after emptying her glass. “I wanted to let you know how much I love having you here…”

He smiled and nodded in agreement. He made no attempts to hide his obvious hard-on or glaring at her nipples.

“I just don’t want there to be any misunderstandings… or misconceptions about intentions, or feelings…or expectations…or…” Willi continued, nervously searching for her words.

“Or desires…?” Brian added.

“Or ‘desires’…” She agreed. “Because I think that you enjoy my company as much as I enjoy yours…and I’ve watched you grow from such a handsome boy into such a strong, and desirable young man…and you might look at an old woman like me and think…”

“Willi…” Brian interrupted her rambling. “You’re not old. I think you’re hot, and I’ve felt that way for a long time.”

He placed his glass on the counter, leaned forward and kissed her. They continued the kiss for several minutes.

“Are you sure…?” Willi asked excitedly, climbing down from her stool, taking his hand and leading him from the kitchen. His cock jumped to “full salute” as he followed her to the stairs that led to her bedroom.

She climbed the first stair so that she was almost at eye-level and kissed him again.

“But…what about Lydia…?” she asked, still pulling him up the stairs.

“She’s good.” Brian smiled and shrugged. “She actually thought we’d done it already…and she wants me to tell her all about it if we do…”

Willi paused and grinned at him.

“Well, we certainly don’t want to disappoint her…!” she insisted rushing forward, giving Brian a brief glimpse of her naked ass when the nightshirt rode up.

The upstairs hallway was dark. The only light came from the bedside lamp in her room. Willi pulled the nightshirt over her head and dropped it just inside the bedroom door. Brian did the same with his shorts and shirt.

Willi’s fit, medium brown skin seemed to glisten in the limited light. Brian figured it was from body oil or sweat. Her breasts were more amazing than he’d imagined, sagging only slightly over her perfectly flat belly. The aureola and nipples were erect, dark and enticing.

Willi sat on the bed and pulled him forward, taking his rigid cock into her hands and then into her mouth. She didn’t suck his member into her throat like Lydia often did, but rather licked and teased the head while stroking the shaft. She pleasured him for several minutes while Brian moaned and ran his hand through her long, silky hair.

He wanted her breasts and pulled her up onto the bed.

“Do that yoga pose from before,” he insisted. “The one where your breasts were pointing up.”

“Oh, this one…?” Willi smiled as she immediately assumed the pose — she liked what he had in mind.

“Yeah, that one…” Brian admired her full breasts that only sagged slightly to the sides. He took one in each hand and squeezed and teased the nipples, and then alternately sucked them.

“It’s called… ‘Ustrasana’…” Willi told him breathlessly; her nipples were very sensitive and his tongue was giving her chills. She suddenly had the idea to modify the pose slightly and slowly parted her thighs. “Don’t forget…my cunt…” She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the pose.

Brian’s fingers found her shaved outer lips and slipped between them. She was wet and warm. Willi gasped when he touched her stiff clit. After several minutes of teasing her, he withdrew his fingers, tasted, and decided he wanted more.

Brian kissed, sucked and nibbled along her neck, ribs, belly and thighs, before finally reaching his intended destination — Willi’s pussy. He took a long pause and stared at it, which actually broke her concentration.

“Please…don’t make me wait anymore, Sweetie…” She softly begged, trying to maintain both the pose and her composure.

Brian smiled. Laying on his back, he slipped his face between her thighs until his nose was in her ass. Angling his head, he pressed his lower jaw between her quivering lips and ravished her with his tongue. Willi found it impossible to focus or hold the pose any longer. She gave in and lowered herself onto his mouth. Falling forward canlı bahis siteleri she found herself face-to-cock again.

They pleasured one another intensely. Willi fiercely humped his face while she worshiped his cock. Brian spread his legs to let her reach his balls. He found that she seemed to especially like it when he spread her cheeks and lick her tight anus.

“I want…I want you inside me…!” Willi quivered, changing her position and tossing her leg over his hips. She took a firm grip of his cock and slowly eased it inside her until she felt his balls touch her ass. She leaned forward and they kissed as she slowly began to grind and ride him.

“You feel incredible…” Willi gasped sitting upright.

Brian took her breasts into his hands as she increased her pace. She was tighter than he expected — she seemed to have complete control over the muscles in her cunt.

He pulled her to him and rolled over so that he was on top. Willi spread her legs wide, wrapping one around his waist.

“Oh, Sweetie…yes…yes…yes…” Willi moaned.

Brian tried his best to give her what she wanted. He stroked her long and hard.

“Wait…wait…” she suddenly panted, adjusting her position. “From the back…do it to me from the back…I love that…”

Slightly surprised by her request, Brian pulled back and allowed her to rollover onto her stomach. Willi spread her legs and raised her hips, firmly burying her face in the pillow — which muffled her moans.

He re-inserted himself, held her hips firmly and continued fucking her. The metal bed-frame banged rhythmically against the wall with each thrust, as Willi’s moans and pleading grew louder despite the pillow. Brian reached forward and grasped her wrists, and then her forearms and pulled her to him. Her face lifted from the pillow and he now heard her loud and clear.

“Fuck me…YES…fuck me, harder…! Fuck my fucking pussy…!”

Brian was actually shocked — he’d never heard Willi swear before. It excited him even more. He lay flat against her, pressing her into the mattress. He slipped a hand between her legs and played with her clit as he continued to pound her.

“Is this what you want, Willi…?” he growled, pressing his lips against her ear. “You want me to fuck this tight pussy…?!”

“Yes…!” she snapped.

“Say it!” Brian commanded. “Say what you want me to do to you…!”

“I want you to fuck my pussy…I want my pussy fucked…” Willi moaned. “I want that big dick to make me cum…! Oh God…yes…fuck me…!”

Brian continued to stroke her and then stopped. She moaned and increased the grind of her hips against him. He restarted his strokes for a few minutes and stopped again.

“Sweetie…please…” she begged, pushing back against him.

This time when he pushed into her it was slower, and he moved his hips in a circular motion. Willi soon matched his pace and moved her hips to mimic his. He succeeded in getting the results he was after.

“Oh, Sweetie…yes…” Willi moaned softly. “Oh God, I like that…just like that…”

“Like that, Willi…” Brian toyed with her.

He continued to slow-grind her, speaking close and low into her ear. It wasn’t long before her breathing increased and she began clawing at the sheets.

“Sweetie…oh Sweetie…oh Sweetie…oh Sweetie…!” Willi gasped and squealed. Brian felt the muscles wrapped around his cock tighten and pulse. Her screams got louder and her orgasm seemed to go on and on. He rolled off of her when it subsided to allow her to compose herself.

Willi’s next door neighbor, Mrs. Chen, DEFINITELY heard her — she went to find her seldom used vibrator when Willi was done.

“You alright?” Brian asked, pulling her into his arms.

Willi nodded, still unable to speak.

After a brief rest, she reached between his legs and began stroking him.

“Now you…” She whispered.

Brian smiled as she slowly planted light kisses on his neck, chest and stomach, finally reaching his cock. Willi sucked and licked the head, shaft and balls, spread his legs and put her tongue in his ass. She employed a similar method to the one he’d used to get her off — slow and steady.

He came hard and sudden — she took the head into her mouth when he did and swallowed as much as she could. They cleaned up and fell asleep in her bed.

They fucked again the next day, this time in her living room.

Afterwards, back in his apartment, Brian called Lydia and gave her as much detail as he could remember. She asked him if he thought Willi would be interested in a threesome.

“I’ve been wondering the same thing ever since the first night she stayed over.” Willi answered when asked. “When and where…?”

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