Cruising The Park

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This all started many years ago when I first began having bi-sexual thoughts. For years I have denied the thoughts and they’d vanish for a while, then return. The initial thoughts were fantasizing about what it’d be like to stroke another cock, to see it cum. The thoughts escalated to the point of mutual blow jobs. Fast forward several years later I have finally accepted my curiosities and I am so willing and ready to explore them, but how?

As most, I’m assuming, I began scouring the internet, looking for different web sites to meet a like minded guy. The majority of what I found were guys looking for a quick hook up and I know that is way outside my comfort level. If I’m going to do this, I’m going at my pace, be comfortable and hopefully love the experience.

Sadly I realized the web sites may not be my way to explore my curiosities. Then I came upon a site talking about “cruising” which I have never heard of prior to this. I looked around the site and found you can search areas by state, city and zip code.

I entered my information and was happy to see several returns on my search with in a 30 to 45 minute radius of my home town. There were several adult book stores listed, a few rest areas along local interstates and several parks, one being just a few miles from my home.

Over the next few days I toyed with the idea of going to the park just to see if this is for real. After lunch and a few mid day beers I worked up the nerve to go check out the park. I brought my dog along thinking it would look less suspicious if I were just by myself hanging out. On this visit we walked a couple of the trails, saw a few other guys here and there, nothing stood out that made ne believe this “cruising” is an actual thing. The whole time we were there was uneventful.

On the ride home I was wondering if having the dog was a deterrent or just no one found me interesting enough to strike up a conversation. Anyway, I decided I would give this thing a few more chances since it seemed to be my only option.

Over the next two weeks I had returned to the park, all uneventful until this past Friday. As we finished our walk and were heading back to the parking area, I noticed a man sitting in his car, we made eye contact and said hello. As I was about to pass his car he said “excuse me, can I ask you about your dog?”

I walked over towards his car and he began asking several questions about name, breed, temperament, etc. etc. We made small talk for several minutes and as I was getting ready to head to my car he said “one more question, what do you think of this?” As he asked the question he leaned almanbahis back in his seat pulling up the bottom of his hoodie exposing his hard cock. I was honestly shocked, even though this is basically what I was in the park for in the first place.

I stared dumbfounded for who knows how long as he just stroked his cock in front of me. After what felt like several minutes (I’m sure it was several seconds in reality) I just said “uh umm it looks nice.” I just stood, staring as he kept stroking his cock fir me. He told me I can move closer if I’d like a better view, so I did. I’m guessing he had about a 6 or 7 inch cock, looked about the same size as mine, but a bit thicker.

As I stood watching he asked “do you like my cock?” I nodded yes. Then he asked if I came here often for this, I explained and was honest. When he realized I had zero experience I saw a smile creep across his lips and he said “I’d love to help you out.” He again told me to move closer, I was now leaning on the window sill of his car, his cock just a foot or so from me. I have never been this close to another man in this type of situation. My mind was racing, but one thing I did know is I was liking what I was seeing, I could feel my own cock getting stiff.

I watched as he let his hand slip from his cock, I was now seeing his full cock and I have to admit, it was just beautiful. it looked to be very hard and solid, smooth, a beautiful head. He then encouraged me to stroke him, he had to ask a few times before I saw my hand reaching for his cock.

I nervously reached my hand into his car, hesitantly wrapping my fingers around another man’s cock for the first time, my stomach was knotting with nerves. The feeling of his cock was much different from my own, it was definitely thicker, more solid. My hand closed around his cock and my hand began to instinctively slide up and down his shaft, going slow as I watched, mesmerized by the site if me stroking this beautiful cock.

With in just a few minutes Mark, as I learned later what his name was, began moaning a little telling me what a great job I was doing and saying how he was surprised it was my first time doing this to another man.

His words were encouraging, his moaning was approval making me want to keep going. I was savoring every feeling of his cock, it really felt good stroking him, having his cock in my hand. In my mind I was thinking how I can’t wait to see him cum.

After a few more minutes Mark told me he was getting close, I gripped his cock firmer, stroking him faster, telling him “cum for me, I want to see you cum”

I heard Mark let out a low moan almanbahis yeni giriş he said “I’m cumming.” I jerked his beautiful cock harder and faster, feeling it throb as jet after jet of cum shot from his cock shooting onto his hoodie and my hand. I continued stroking him, working out every last drop of cum and rubbing it back into his cock.

Right after I finished I wiped the remaining cum onto his pant leg, he told me he really enjoyed my hand job and said he’d be back tomorrow at the same time if I was interested in hanging out again. I just told him we will see, got in my car and drove off.

On my drive home I was replaying everything that just happened, my cock was rock hard, the scene replying. As I watched him cum, every part of me wanted to taste him, but I just couldn’t work up the guts. His scent was still on my hand, smelling him as I drove. As soon as I got home I laid in my bed and stroked my still hard cock. I was using the same hand that was just covered in another man’s cum. It didn’t take long before I was shooting my own cum on my belly, eating every last drop which I have been doing, but definitely a different taste as I licked my fingers clean knowing I was tasting Mark.

The remainder of Friday night and most of the day on Saturday I was replaying the events, I was in a constant state of arousal, trying to decide if I was really going back I think I knew I was but just having a few second guesses. I was wondering if it’d be the same….If I’d go a little further this time, would I have the nerve to eat his cum….etc.

As the time approached I got in my car and headed towards the park, as I pulled in I was looking for Marks car, he was parked all the way at the end, I drive up and parked next to him. I got out of my car, opened his passenger door and got in, I didn’t ask, just did it. We said hello and made some small talk for a few minutes, he asked “did you enjoy giving me your first hand job?”

“I did Mark, otherwise I wouldn’t be here again.” He laughed at my comment and nodded his head in agreement.

“Do you want to jerk me off again?” Without saying anything I just reached over and started stroking his already hardening cock through his shorts. Mark slid his seat back as far as it would go, then reclined it a few additional degrees as well, then he lifted his hips and pushed his shorts down exposed his beautiful cock to me once again. This time I was able to see Mark was completely shaved, his balls were and decent size and very smooth looking as well.

Marks cock was completely hard now and I began stroking him again, working my hand up and almanbahis giriş down his shaft, squeezing from the base and working up, squeezing drops of precum from his head, using my fingers to rub the slick liquid around his head, making it shine.

I continued stroking his beautiful cock for several minutes, enjoying the feel, studying his cock closely. By this time I was more comfortable and mire turned on than yesterday, squeezing another drop of precum to the tip I instinctively leaned over licking it off the head of his cock. His precum really had no taste, but his reaction was very positive. Without a word I rolled my tongue around Marks head as I kept stroking.

Mark reclined his seat even more, allowing me more room, a loud moan escaped his lips as my mouth cover his head taking it between my lips. Feeling his cock in my mouth was exquisite! I literally just had the head in and knew I was going to love sucking cock. I slowly lowered my head taking more, feeling his hard shaft gliding over my tongue, feeling the veins more with my lips and tongue than with my hand.

Marks moans were all the encouragement I needed to continue, my mouth worked up and down his shaft, taking more into my mouth. After several minutes I could feel the head hitting my throat, I slowed down gently taking more until the head turned down my throat and Mark was fully submerged in my mouth. Feeling that cock in my throat was the most amazing thing I have ever felt.

It only took a few more minutes to become completely relaxed, taking Mark in my throat repeatedly, at my pace. Marks hips began to thrust forward, his breathing getting deeper, I knew he was close. He did tell me he was close and I buried him deeper in my throat letting him know I was ready. I sucked Marks cock until I felt him tense up, his cock throbbing in my mouth as the first shot went directly down my throat, I pulled back so the subsequent shots would stay in my mouth, coating my tongue, I wanted to taste him. I stayed on Mark’s cock, sucking out every drop of his cum. It was absolutely delicious, different than my own, but delicious! I continued licking and sucking his cock until it softened. It was such a great experience, I knew then I was going to be an amazing cocksucker. I seriously loved everything about it.

I sat back up in my seat, Mark looked over and told me that was an amazing blow job and looked forward to receiving many more. As I sat there I pulled my cock out and began stroking, I asked if he was into giving hand jobs or blow jobs, he reached over and took my cock in his hand, after a few pumps he leaned over and gave me one of the most impressive blow jobs I have ever had. It only took about a minute before I filled his mouth with my cum.

After he finished we exchanged numbers, I’m looking forward to this being a regular thing, who knows how far this will go.

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