Futa Naked In School 10 – Loving Her Futa Girlfriend 1: Salome’s Futa Temptation

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Horny Milf

Futa Naked In School – Loving Her Futa Girlfriend

Chapter One: Salome’s Futa Temptation

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Salome Cardozo’s Week, Monday

“It’s this Friday,” said my futa-girlfriend as we walked up the path towards the entrance of the school. “I can’t wait.”

I blushed, my stomach roiling with guilt from the slick feel of my asshole. “Yeah. It’ll be an amazing night. You should see my dress.”

Paloma smiled at me, her black hair gathered in a pair of matching pigtails to mine. We’d been styling our hair the same since grade school. We’d always been close. None of our families were surprised when we started dating at twelve. Now we were just past our nineteenth birthdays. It was time. I was ready.

This Friday, after the college’s Spring Fling dance. It was the biggest dance of the year. I was so excited for it. I wanted to give Paloma my virginity on this special night before something terrible happened.

Before I made a huge mistake. Bigger than the one I already had.

“You’ll be breathtaking, mi sirenita,” Paloma said, calling me her little mermaid. It always made me shiver. Ariel was my favorite Disney heroine, and Paloma was my Princess Erica. I would sing so beautifully for her when we finally made love.

I was still a virgin. I was. No matter what.

Her virgin.

“Things will have only truly changed when the college abolishes the rule forbidding staff and students from having sex,” Lola declared. She stood naked on her soapbox before the school, a sash draped between her round breasts that proclaimed her the President of the Perverts Society. She had her futa-girlfriend, Teal, on her left and her girlfriend, Marcie, on her right. The rest of the Perverts Society was around them.

They had changed the last two weeks since the A/V club filmed their orgy. That had been an arousing day. It was hard not to surrender my virginity to Paloma right then and there, to give myself to my tan-skinned futa-girlfriend and not wait until the magical night after the dance. I reminded myself that my parents were clearing out of the house to give us privacy. My bedroom would be decorated with pink roses. It would be perfect.

“We have to demand that they let us love and fuck whom we want!” continued Lola Lovell, her blonde hair swaying about her face.

The rebranded Purity Society had changed a lot. Elizabeth Carter had a cock ring that her girlfriend played with idly. They were all naked. Kylie Silvers had her nipples pierced while her new girlfriend, Jamie Kelly, had a gold ring piercing her clit. Britney Hollows had a tattoo now, still looking a little red from behind inked onto her pubic mound. It read “Cocks Wanted” and pointed at her cunt.

She was a huge slut now.

Paloma shook her head. “I still can’t believe it, and we were there.”

“I know,” I said. Movement to the right drew my attention. “You go on ahead. I’ll see you in the assembly.” It was Monday Morning. The Program had to choose its newest members.

“Say hi to Claire,” she said. “Maybe one day I could come and pray with you.”

My cheeks burned. “It’s something we just do,” I lied. “You know that.” It was the truth. Mostly. We used to do it. Now she covered for me. She understood. “I’ll see you inside.”

Paloma gave me a kiss on the lips that only made my heart break more even as that hot itch formed in my pussy. I was anticipating what was about to happen. I didn’t use to. I used to just endure it, but every day it felt better and better.

After months, I craved it. What was wrong with me?

I drew up my guilt. I was doing this for love. For Paloma. I just hoped she never found out.

I watched my futa-girlfriend heading inside with the other students before turning around and heading down the school building. There was this little alcove on the way to the side entrance to the auditorium. Most people didn’t pass this way. I remember the opening night of the Romea and Juliet play when I thought we would get caught back there.

Luckily, Xochitl and Isidora were too focused on each other to recognize us in the shadows.

My heart tightened. My slick asshole tingled. My skirt swished around me while my pigtails brushed my shoulders. I wore a scoop neck blouse and a skirt that fell to my mid-thigh. Skirts made this easier.

I reached the alcove and the person I hated most waited for me, her futa-dick already out. Thick and ebony. She stroked it as she grinned. “Salome, Salome, mmm, you always brighten up my week with that furious look on your face.”

“Let’s just get this over with, Shelena,” I hissed, wanting to hide my eagerness for the orgasm that would come.

I hated her and desired her all at the same time. It was so messed up. I loved Paloma, I did. I only did this with Shelena to stop the bullying. The strutting futa-quarterback had zeroed in on Paloma at the start of the school year, insulting her, picking on her. She stole her panties while she was showering after PE. She’d “accidentally” trip her carrying her lunch tray through the cafeteria.

Then one day, she offered me a way to make it stop. If Shelena could fuck me up the ass before classes every day, no more. Paloma would be free from all the bullying. Other members of the football team had joined in.

They were all disgusting.

I agreed to the terms. It was only anal, not real sex. I didn’t think I would enjoy it, just endure it for the futa I loved.

Slowly, week after week, my asshole grew used to it. Accustomed to it. Then, before Winter break, I had my first orgasm. Shelena knew. She whispered in my ear, “One day you’ll be begging me to take your virginity.”

The gift I wanted to save until I married my Paloma. It was why the Spring Fling had to be the perfect night because…

I was afraid I would succumb.

“The assembly will start soon,” I hissed, hiding how much I wanted this. I leaned against the wall, the position that I loved. She would fuck me so hard from behind. She would ram that big dick into my asshole over and over.

“Those are new panties,” said Shelena. She stroked along the lacy edge, caressing my butt-cheek. “Did you wear those for me.”

“Of course not,” I hissed. “I bought some new panties with my birthday money.”

“Right,” she said. “Just a nice pair that cups your ass so perfectly. Mmm, you Latin girls have the best asses.”

She squeezed me, and I shuddered, liking the touch too much. “Fuck me. We don’t have time for you to be a bitch.”

She laughed. “The mouth you got on you now. You were so scared the first time.” She hooked my panties. “Mmm, I wouldn’t want you to be late. I would hate for our fun to stop.”

She knew it would if word ever got out about us. I had heard rumors that she was ass-fucking a freshman, but no one had linked that freshman to me. Why would they? Everyone knew I loved Paloma and we were saving ourselves.

I shuddered as Shelena drew down my panties, She rolled them over my rump, exposing it to her hungry gaze. I shuddered, my pussy wet, soaking my bush. I bit my lip as she went to tug my panties lower.

I grabbed their waistband at my right hip, stopping her. “You know the rules. Just enough to fuck my asshole. No lower.”

“I always keep my word,” Shelena promised. “It’s why you’re going to be cumming on my cock hard today. And by the end of the year, you’ll be begging me to take your virginity.”

“I’m giving it to Paloma after Friday’s dance,” I hissed.

“Oh, really,” she asked, pressing her ebony futa-cock between my butt-cheeks. I shuddered as she moved it lower and found my lubed asshole. “You want me to fuck your cunt. I mean, you’re pre-lubed.”

“Just to get it over faster,” I answered.

I gasped as she rammed to the hilt in me. My asshole was so used to her big, Black futa-dick. I groaned, my back arching as her large breasts rubbed into my back through our tops. She hugged me, her hands sliding up and down my stomach while my bowels squeezed around her shaft.

“You’ll be disappointed by her little cock,” she purred. “You’ll be begging for my dick. I know you will. You got a backbone. It’s what I love about you.”

“You don’t love any girl you fuck,” I moaned as her cock drew back.

“I love you.”

I shuddered, my asshole squeezing around her. I bit my lip at the husky promise in her sultry voice. She slammed into me, her large breasts rubbing into me as she plunged my asshole, my bowels squeezing about her, my moans echoing throughout the little alcove.

Loved me…

I shook my head, my cheeks burning as she thrust harder and faster. She pumped away at my bowels. The stimulation melted down to my virgin pussy. My juices flowed, my depths aching and aching to be penetrated.

By Shelena.

I groaned, fighting against that impulse, clenching my bowels down on her futa-dick. She panted, thrusting harder. Her hands slid up, cupping my breasts through my blouse and bra. That violated another rule, but I was feeling too good to care. She squeezed my small breasts, stimulating the fat nipples I had.

“Yeah, you want it,” she moaned. “You could be my girlfriend. I could love you. Just give me that cherry.”

“No,” I whimpered, my bowels squeezing around her cock. My pussy aching, dying to be fucked. “I love her.”

“Love me!” she panted, her shaved pussy lips smacking into my butt-cheeks. Her fingers pinched my fat nipples through my bra and blouse.

The pleasure shot down to my cunt, joining the burning delight melting from my asshole. My hips swiveled, stirring her around inside of me. My orgasm built faster and faster. That wonderful passion that would explode through me.

I would detonate so hard. I would explode. It would be majestic. I whimpered, the heat swelling, my cunt growing hotter and hotter. Her big futa-dick hammered my bowels. My virgin twat loved it. My orgasm trembled already.

I would cum so hard on her dick.

She nuzzled into my ear, her big boobs pressing into my back. “You want me, Salome. Just admit it. You love it when my futa-dick şişli bayan escort fucks your asshole. You always cum hard.”

I did. So hard.

“Imagine the delights I could give you in another hole.” She twisted both my nipples, my bowels clench down on her futa-dick.

The friction increased. The pleasure swelled.

“Just imagine my cock pumping in and out of that hot cunt. All that bliss. How much can a virgin give you? Paloma has no idea what to do with your body. How to worship it. I do. I love you, Salome. Be mine.”

“Oh, Goddess,” I whimpered, Shelena’s futa-dick hammering hard and fast into my bowels. “No! No! I love Paloma!”

I came on Shelena’s cock sodomizing my asshole.

My bowels rippled around the Black futa’s big dick. The pleasure burst out of my virgin cunt. Juices flooded out while the waves of rapture sloshed through my body. I whimpered and moaned, the pleasure burning through my flesh.

I shuddered and groaned. My asshole spasmed so hard as I struggled to picture my futa-girlfriend. Shelena kept intruding. Her words echoed through my mind as the pleasure drowned my thoughts. Those three words.




“Oh, goddess, yes!” Shelena groaned as she slammed into my writhing bowels. Her cum fired into me. Blast after hot blast of jizz that surged into me. I shuddered, my entire body bucking and ripping. “Love you so fucking much, Salome!”

Her cum filled me. Spilled in me. I panted and moaned, my asshole milking her cock. Draining out every drop from her dick while my pussy ached to be penetrated. To experience the same delight my asshole enjoyed every weekday.

“Oh, that’s good,” panted Shelena. “You’re really the best, Salome. Why I love you.”

“You don’t love me,” I panted, coming down from my own orgasmic high.

“You don’t know my heart,” said Shelena. She ripped her cock out of my asshole. “But go on, run to that small-dick futa you think you love. When she tries to pop your cherry Friday night, you’ll be thinking of me.”

“I won’t!” I hissed, anger not at her, but at myself for even feeling this wave of excitement shoot through me. I yanked up my panties, trapping her futa-cum in me. I’d have to wait until after the assembly to clean up. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“We’ll see,” said Shelena. “I love you, Salome Cardozo.”

I marched out of the alcove, my hair swaying. My friend lurked nearby. Claire Nowell gave me a speculative look and I shook my head. I didn’t want to talk to her. I was glad she covered for me, but… Those stupid words.

I loved Paloma. I did. That was why I was enduring this. For her happiness. That first month, she was so miserable at college. Afraid. Now she’d walk the halls without fear. I had to remember that. Shelena was a snake.

The Pervert Society had packed up. They would be in the gymnasium for the Program assembly, eager to see who would get picked. I marched with anger, my pigtails bouncing about my shoulders. My skirt swirled. Shelena’s cum leaked out of me.

The school year was almost over. I would be free of her over the summer. But she was only a year older than me. I’d have two more years before she graduated. Two more years to protect the futa I loved from being bullied.

I hoped I could make it before I did something stupid. Something I would regret every day.

When I saw Paloma sitting by Ginny and Candice in the freshman section, my heart beat faster. Just seeing her face lifted my spirits. My anger vanished for that one moment. Then the guilt swelled. Paloma loved me. I didn’t know what game Shelena was playing now.

I marched to her and took my seat beside her. I kissed her hard and with hunger. Out of the corners of my eye, I saw Shelena walk in and pause. Then she marched to go sit with the football team. I felt some smug satisfaction.

The assemblies always went the same way. The cheerleaders, who were now topless and wearing skirts so short they only covered half their asses and easily flashed their naked pussies, got the student body warmed up. A fervor went through the student body. Only a few chances left to be in the Program. Many girls were eager for the excuse to be an utter slut for the week. To be gangbanged and jizzed on and maybe star in an A/V Club porno and sold on the college’s website.

Girls were always first.

President McTaggart had a big grin on her face as she rooted around in the bag and pulled out the first name. She arched an eyebrow. “Does it count when the girl’s already going naked, because Macie Lum, you’re up.”

The naked Macie sauntered up in her sash. The vice president of the Pervert’s Society took off the only thing she wore and the crowd cheered her on. She had this big smile on her face. She was openly gay, so more than a few futas were groaning in disappoint.

No gangbangs with her.

“And for our second girl we have… Salome Cordozo for the freshman.”

My stomach lurched.

“Go, Salome!” Ginny cheered. Freshman all around us shouted. My friend Claire shot me a worried look.

I had an ass full of cum. How could I hide that from Paloma? I whimpered as I stood up. I had no choice. I had to get naked. I wasn’t too worried about that. A year of seeing nude students and months of filming pornos for the A/V club had stripped away much of my modesty, but…

Oh, Goddess, please, I prayed. Don’t let Paloma notice before I get to the restroom.

I clenched my asshole tighter than I ever had in my life, wanting to keep as much cum inside of me. I marched down, cheers echoing. The Pervert Society all waved and blew kisses at me. I trembled as I approached the president, the older futa possessing a hungry glint in her eyes.

Then I saw Shelena. She had this big grin on her face. My stomach lurched worse. What would she do?

I stripped down to my panties fast. Then I froze. I could see Paloma watching. She’d never seen me naked before. My cheeks burned as my small breasts jiggled. I hooked my panties, but… but… They were hiding the jizz that already stained my butt-crack. The pearly white would be obvious against my brown-hued flesh.

“Panties, too,” said President McTaggart holding the bag that the rest of my clothes had gone into. “You can do it. Just one more article.”

I whimpered and shoved them down. I felt them pulling away from the sticky mess. I clenched my butt-cheeks tight, willing no more jizz to leak out of my bowels. Why did Shelena have to fire so much into me?

I worked my panties off my thighs and stood up. Mrs. McTaggart arched her eyebrow, noticing the sticky mess in my panties. I blushed and shoved them deep into the bag before for anyone else noticed. My hands went behind my back. I was covering my rump as I stood there, futas staring at me all across the stands with hunger.

I hardly heard the names of the futas who were drawn to go naked with us. Not Paloma. She couldn’t be. I was a freshman. The futas would be a sophomore and a senior. The two came down and stripped naked, their cocks hard. And then the students swarmed us.

Paloma reached me fast. She gave me a sheepish grin before she cupped my breasts, the first person to ever touch them besides myself. I shuddered and relaxed for one wonderful moment. She was touching my tits, kneading them, her thumbs brushing my fat nipples.

Futa-cum leaked out of my asshole and ran down my taint to my bush.

I gasped in fright as the other futas surrounded us. They were grabbing me, squeezing other parts of me. I stared into Paloma’s eyes, seeing understanding. This was how the Program worked. They were allowed to touch me. Stroke me.

“Holy shit, what is that?” gasped one.

Fear shot through me. My secret was about to be exposed. Panicking, I shrieked, “Who just came on my ass?”

“What?” Paloma gasped.

I looked around, my pigtail swaying as the futas behind me were pulling fingers away from my ass coated in Shelena’s cum. I glared at them. “Was it you?”

“Nope,” said Isadora. The older futa popped the jizz into her mouth. “Mmm, that’s good cum.”

“I can’t believe someone would jerk off on you,” said Paloma squeezing my tits. “Well, I mean, you are cute.”

“Mi futa-florecita,” I moaned. She was my beautiful futa-flower. “You’re cute, too.”

I felt more relaxed. She bought the lie. I kissed her, holding her tight as the futas behind me scooped the jizz leaking out of my asshole. They had me trembling as they enjoyed the flavor. Another futa got her hands between my thighs and rubbed at my hot, virgin cunt.

“Damn, sorry for popping off in your asshole,” Shelena said. “Must have excited you because you’re dripping wet.”

I gasped, realizing it was her touching me while I kissed my futa-girlfriend. I broke the kiss and looked over my shoulder. Shelena winked at me and pulled her fingers from my twat. She popped them in her mouth, tasting my cream.

Paloma tensed. “Come on, we should get to class.”

I nodded, clinging to her as we pushed through the throng, leaving the satisfied Shelena sucking her fingers clean of my pussy juices. I was so horny already. My pussy was on fire from all the touching. I wanted to do such naughty things.

When I said I had to use the restroom, Paloma escorted me. I had to use the futas’ bathroom for the week. We passed the urinals and she kissed me before I head inside. I shuddered and started cleaning my asshole.

I just had to make it until Friday. It would be so worth it to make love to Paloma at the end of the dance.



I was shocked the next morning not to find Shelena waiting for me in our alcove. I had made it through my first day without any issues. I’d masturbated a few times, Paloma holding my hand during one of them. The futas all had such disappointed looks that I didn’t ask for their help.

So did Adile. She had a track record of licking out the pussies of girls in the program.

“What the…?” I muttered as I stood in the alcove.

I glanced at my phone. I stood there naked, waiting. My asshole şişli escort was all lubed and ready. After yesterday, I needed a nice ass-fucking to take the edge off my excitement. I would have another day of being groped.

“I’m here,” I texted.

The bitch didn’t answer me. After five minutes, I marched off in a huff and headed to my first class. I was so horny. So aching. I needed to be ass-fucked. I was actually angry that Shelena wasn’t there to give me that anal rush.

Paloma was waiting outside our classroom. My futa-girlfriend smiled as she watched me march to her, a few futas groping my tits and squeezing my ass on the way. I reached her, threw my arms around her neck, and kissed her with such passion.

I needed to cum so badly. Damn that Shelena!

“Is being naked getting to you?” Paloma asked.

I blushed. “Yeah.” I bit my lip. “I’m going to ask for relief. I hope you don’t mind, you know, other futas seeing me do things.”

“No, no,” she said with a shrug. “You’re just doing things to yourself. It’s not like they’re making you cum or anything.”

I bit my lip and nodded. I clung to her arm, holding tight to her. I felt my bush growing soaked with my excitement as I padded barefoot down the hall. I groaned as Adile slid up to me and grabbed my ass.

“Mmm, when are we going to hook up?” she asked. “You know I can eat your pussy without breaking your cherry.”

“Adile!” I gasped. “Paloma’s right here.”

“I don’t mind if she watches.” The Turkish lesbian, her face a lovely shade of brown, leaned in. “That just makes it hotter when the girl’s futa watches. You know, them seeing the girl—you!—cum and cum on my mouth is exciting. I’ll make you explode. You don’t even have to lick my pussy back, though I’ve yet to try a girl in the Program who didn’t return the favor.”

“You’re so bad,” I said. “I’m monogamous.”

Her fingers slid down my rump to cup my pussy from behind. She rubbed at my hot flesh, her digits just parting my lips and caressing my hymen. I shuddered at her touch, my clit throbbing and aching.

“Look at Adile go!” a futa groaned.

“She’s my favorite lesbian,” said Samantha Herbert, Ginny’s ex. She was dating Rosario Todaro now. “Please, please, say you’re going to eat out Salome before classes. I’d love to watch that.”

“Yes,” said Lizaveta Kuznetsov. “We can film it. Salome’s debut porno. Get some shots of your cherry. That’ll really drive the customers wild.”

I glared at my fellow A/V club member. Lizaveta had gotten us into shooting pornos. She had her camera out and snapped a picture of me getting stroked by Adile as I clung to Paloma. I glanced at my futa-girlfriend.

“You’re hard!” I gasped, staring down at her skirt.

She shrugged. “I mean… It would be hot watching Adile lick you out.”

“Before we’ve gone all the way?” I leaned in. “Just have to wait for Friday. After the dance…”

“Damn,” she groaned, her arms moving. She grabbed my ass and pulled me close to her. “I have to get to my math class. I’ll see you for English.”

“Ugh,” moaned Adile. “I have to get to my English class. We’ll pick this up later.” She pulled her fingers from my bushy twat and, to my burning embarrassment, licked her digits. Her tongue fluttered up and down them, cleaning off my cream.

I headed to my History class alone. Futas groped me, teased me, and made me shudder. I trembled, my heart pounding hot blood through my veins. I dripped with pussy juices when I entered Miss Adair’s classroom.

“I need relief!” I announced the moment I walked in and then rushed to my desk to masturbate.

If Shelena had just butt-fucked me before class, then all the horny futas in my class, and a few of the naughty girls, wouldn’t be looking at me. Naked Krysten Lacy, who was in a bizarre BDSM relationship with her older futa-sister and Tanisha, watched with hungry eyes while playing with the slave collar around her throat. Letizia Alibini, recently out of the cast from breaking her leg back in January, licked her lips. Chantelle Law rubbed at her futa-cock through her skirt as she stared at naughty eyes.

I came hard. I gasped and moaned and the entire time, my asshole ached and clenched, needing more stimulation than I had gotten. I whimpered, my small breasts heaving. Valerie Riches licked her lips, discreetly stroking her futa-cock beneath her desk as she watched me.

“Madre de Diosa,” I panted as I came down from my orgasm. It took the edge off, but I needed more.

Was I addicted to Shelena’s big, Black futa-dick?

All through Miss Adair’s lecture on World War II, I couldn’t think of anything but that huge girl-cock reaming my asshole. My sphincter tingled, my bowels aching for my daily reaming. To feel her pumping away hard and fast, driving me wild.

I sat in a puddle of juices as I squirmed through the lesson. I gripped the table, shuddering through the heat that gripped me. I bit my lip, my blood on fire. I wanted that big cock in my asshole. I needed it.

After class, my friend who covered for me slipped up. “You okay, Salome?”

“No,” I muttered to Claire. “I’m not. Shelena wasn’t there.”

“What?” she gasped, her voice low as we walked out of the hallway. “That pervy futa missed out on a chance to ream you.”

“Yesterday, she confessed she loved me,” I said.

“You can’t think that she…” Claire shook her head. “You’re just another notch on her bedpost. You know that. She tries to fuck every girl in school. She wanted me to join your meeting once. She said, and I quote, ‘You could lick Salome’s pussy while I fuck her, then you could suck my cock clean.’” My friend grimaced. “Can you believe that cunt? Like I’d want to suck her cock clean. Like I’d want to have anything to do with her.”

I nodded my head. “I don’t believe that she loves me.” Right? Shelena couldn’t have fallen in love with me. “And even if she does love me, I love Paloma. I just have to endure this a little longer and—”

“Endure what?” Paloma asked.

I squeaked and whirled around to see Paloma striding up, her pigtails swaying about her curious face. She smiled as I shuddered, my naked breasts heaving. At that moment, someone grabbed both my butt-cheeks from behind.

“Damn, Salome, you have a great ass,” groaned Teal. “You want to feel, Lola?”

“Macie would kill me for touching another girl’s ass,” Lola said. “Come on, she’s talking with her friends. If you want an ass to touch, grope mine.”

Teal let go of me and she did just that, groping the naked Lola as she strolled by in her sash. Teal was like a puppy following after her. I shook my head. I didn’t get why Lola, a junior, would date the horniest freshman in our college.

“Endure what?” Paloma asked again, slipping her arm around my shoulder.

“Going naked,” Claire said smoothly. “It’s a real trial. She’s so horny.”

“I need more relief,” I groaned. I bit my lip. I had English with Paloma next. “Maybe, you could help me out.”

My futa-girlfriend arched an eyebrow. Her nipples poked at the white blouse she wore today. “Oh?”

“Not that,” I said, cheeks burning. “But… could you rub me. You know, finger my twat. It would help. If I had someone else do it. I think I would get more relief. I keep getting touched and—”

April Gore from the football team thrust her hand between my thighs as she walked by me, forcing Claire to sidestep out of the way. I gasped as the team’s kicker rubbed her fingers through my bush and stroked me for a moment.

“See!” I gasped.

“I’ll finger you,” Paloma said. “You know that. I’ll do anything for you. Whenever you’re ready, I’m there for you.”

“Goddess, she’s amazing,” Claire said. “Don’t ever lose her, Salome.”

“I won’t,” I said, hearing the warning.

When my futa-girlfriend and I walked into Ms. Rowbottom’s English class and I announced, “I need relief from Paloma!”

“Sure,” Ms. Rowbottom said. She smiled at me. The Black futa sat down. Did she have a huge cock like Shelena? Was that why that junior girl, Randi Bjork, was dating Ms. Rowbottom?

I sat down on my desk and spread my thighs. Paloma stood before me, her cock tenting her skirt. Her eyes smoldered with excitement. I shuddered. I loved her so much. Why couldn’t that be enough? Why couldn’t my body crave her, and not Shelena’s big dick fucking my asshole?

Paloma kissed me.

“Oooohhhh,” cheered through the classroom.

I groaned, my tongue darting with my futa-girlfriend’s. She kissed me with a hunger that was beyond our usual exchanges. I melted into her. This was enough. She would make me cum hard. I grabbed her wrist and placed her hand on my pussy.

She rubbed up and down my virgin slit. Her fingers slid through my curls to stroke my labia. My clit throbbed when she brushed me. I groaned into the kiss, my tongue dancing with her as she sent such naughty pleasure rippling through me.

It felt nice.


My clit throbbed. My virgin depths drank in her touch. I whimpered into the kiss, my tongue dueling with hers as the pleasure rippled through my body. I felt my juices building. My cunt grew hotter. Paloma’s finger felt wonderful.

My asshole tingled.

Thoughts of Shelena’s cock nibbled on the edges of my pleasure. I groaned, struggling to ignore my aching sphincter. I focused on my pussy. On Paloma touching me. I kissed her harder, concentrating on her finger. She stroked my clit. My pussy lips. Her touch was incredible and… and…

My asshole begged to be penetrated. To be filled. I could feel it. I wouldn’t get any satisfaction, not truly, without being sodomized. What had Shelena done to my body with that big, Black dick fucking my bowels?

I broke the kiss.

“What?” panted Paloma. She stared at me. “Am I doing it wrong?”

I shook my head. “My asshole. I need you to finger my asshole.”

“Oh, wow,” said a futa named Ase Westerberg. The Blonde craned her head. “I thought you were a virgin.”

“She is,” Paloma said. “I can feel her hymen.”

“I just like to do it when masturbating,” I moaned, mecidiyeköy escort my cheeks burning. “Please, please, finger my asshole, and I’ll make you feel good.”

I shoved my hand beneath her skirt and rubbed at her futa-dick through her panties. Paloma groaned and nodded. She thrust her other hand down between my legs as I fumbled to pull out her cock. I tugged down on the waistband of her panties while simultaneously slipping up her skirt. She had on bronze panties beneath, a little bow at the tip. Her cock emerged.

Smaller than Shelena’s.

I didn’t care. Size didn’t matter. I grabbed Paloma’s clit-dick and pumped up and down her shaft. I could see the folds of her pussy through her black curls, pink and wet. I rubbed my fingers through her, feeling her virgin folds as she caressed mine.

Then her left hand pressed a finger past my taint and found my asshole. I scooted to the edge of the desk, letting her get at my asshole better. She circled it with her digit while I moaned, finally feeling some anal stimulation.

My orgasm built.

“Do it!” I moaned, trembling, staring her in the eyes. “Shove your digit into my asshole. I need it!”

“Do it, Paloma!” Ase moaned.

“Yeah,” Letizia said. The Italian futa watched with hungry eyes.

“Wow, that’s so hot,” groaned Krysten. The naked slave girl was openly fingering her twat. “I love anal.”

“Yeah, it’s fun,” said Genevieve Watkins, one of the cheerleaders.

Paloma thrust her finger into my asshole. I gasped, my hand tightening on her little futa-cock. Her finger wiggled into me. So narrow. So skinny. It wasn’t Shelena’s big dick, but Paloma was fucking my asshole. She was thrusting her digit in and out of me. She pumped it away deep and hard into me. I shuddered, reveling in it.

The anal stimulation melted to my cunt. I pumped my hand up and down her girl-dick, feeling her throb and ache. She panted, her eyes growing glossy with pleasure. She kissed me again. Her fingers danced up and down my virgin folds and penetrated my asshole.

She reached so deep into me. She teased me. Our tongues dueled. I kissed her with hunger. My tongue danced with hers as I trembled. She found my clit. It burst with pleasure. My bowels clenched around her digit reaming my asshole.

It was good, but I needed more.

I broke the kiss, panting, “A second finger! Please, please, Paloma!”

“Yes!” she gasped and thrust a second into me.

“You’re girlfriend’s an anal slut!” Ase shouted.

I blushed. I was. I savored those two digits pumping away at my anal sheath. The velvety friction melted to my virgin cunt. My orgasm built and built. Her dual fingers weren’t as thick as Shelena’s cock, but she was stretching out my backdoor. Giving me that pleasure that I missed today.

I kissed Paloma with hunger. My hand fisted her cock faster and faster. Her dick throbbed. Her precum soaked the tip. My other hand cupped her pussy. I rubbed through her bush to find her juicy folds.

Her virgin cunt.

We rubbed each other’s twats, mirroring each other. We went up and down at the same rhythm. her thumb massaged my clit while my hand fisted her futa-dick. It was incredible. It felt so good. Her fingers in my asshole almost gave me as much pleasure as Shelena’s cock.

The stimulation hurtled me towards my orgasm. I groaned into the kiss. I was moments from cumming. From having that relief. I kissed Paloma with such hunger. She groaned into my lips, her fingers jamming deep into my asshole and her thumb massaging my clit.

Her futa-cock throbbed in my hand.

Something pulsed up her shaft and then I felt a hot wetness splashing on my stomach. I gasped as Paloma came on me. Her futa-cum coated my belly and ran down towards my bush. I trembled as she groaned into the kiss.

I made her cum. I gave her pleasure.

I exploded.

My asshole spasmed around her probing fingers. I shuddered on the desk, the pleasure rushing through me. Juices flooded out of my cunt as waves of delight washed through my body. I trembled, moaning into the kiss.

“Go, Paloma, go!” Ase shouted.

“Jizz all over her!” whooped Krysten. “I love it when Charisma and Tanisha cum on me! So hot!”

“Oh, yeah, you’re creaming her,” moaned Letizia. “Just marking your girl with your jizz.”

“So romantic,” sighed Genevieve. “You two are the best couple at our college.”

I groaned, guilt rippling through my pleasure. I broke the kiss, gasping out my climatic feelings as my asshole writhed around his fingers. My rapture sent me towards that peaking pleasure. I hit it, trembling there.

“Salome, you’re amazing!” Paloma moaned. “Love you!”

“I love you!” I gasped as I bucked a final time. I gripped her cock, the last of her futa-jizz running watery over the back of my hand as it dribbled from her tip. More of her futa-spunk ran down my stomach to soak into my dark bush.

My asshole missed that wonderful feeling of jizz firing into me. It would be incredible to experience that. I sighed, shaking my head and pushing thoughts of Shelena out of my mind. I had an amazing futa-girlfriend.

I didn’t need the Black girl or her cock. Paloma was big enough.

Her cock shrank out of my hand as she panted and leaned back. She sank down on her seat as everyone clapped and cheered. I shuddered, taking her hand. She held me tight, squeezing me. I sank down into the seat, more of the cum running down to my bush.

“Want a towel to clean up?” Ms. Rowbottom asked.

I nodded, feeling relieved. I finally had a good cum. I could face the rest of the day without any worries. Maybe Shelena was finally bored of me. Maybe she put her last chance into getting my cherry with her BS love story and realized it was never happening.

My next two classes before lunch were also with Paloma. My futa-girlfriend made PE very easy, keeping the futas from swarming me in the showers. She just stood guard. It did help that a few of the futas were in committed relationships, like Johana and her mother. Graphic Design was another easy class to endure, but my horniness was mounting still. Futas were touching me.

On the way to lunch, just as we entered the cafeteria, Lizaveta called over Paloma to talk about something just for futas. I shuddered as I headed into the cafeteria to find us seats. A large crowd of futas was clustered around Macie Lum, caressing and teasing the lesbian while Lola watched with a big smile on her face. Then I groaned as several members of the football team: April, Hazel Reed, Mbali Arendse, and Shelena Lovell.

“There you are,” she said, a big grin on her face. She wore a short skirt, her futa-dick tenting the front. For a top, she just had a silver bikini cradling her large tits. They swayed as she sauntered to me, this hungry look in her eyes. “I missed you this morning.”

My cheeks burned. “I don’t know what you mean.”

She smiled and said, “Bend over the table, legs spread, so we can look at your pussy.”

I had to obey a reasonable request. Those were the Program’s rules. I leaned over the table and spread my legs. My cheeks burned as the futas were staring at me, Shelena right behind me. I shuddered as her fingers rubbed at my pussy. I closed my eyes as she enjoyed stroking up and down my virgin flesh. Her touch was skilled. She knew where to stroke my labia, my clit.

The heat mounted inside of me.

“Mmm, yes, you’re just juicy,” she said.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned.

“Damn, Shelena, you going for it?” asked April.

“Wow,” said Hazel Reed. “That’s bold.”

“Got to be bold to win the game,” said Shelena. “I’ll let her choose.”

“Choose?” I moaned, her finger pulling away. “What are you talking about?”

She pressed her cock into my pussy. I groaned at the feel of her girl-dick rubbing up and down my pussy folds. She slid up and down, teasing me. She nudged my clit. Her cock was so thick, bigger than Paloma’s. My cheeks burned as my asshole clenched.

“Here,” purred Shelena. “Or… here.” She slid her cock up my taint and between my butt-cheeks. She pressed on my asshole. I shuddered as I felt her cock. Her tip was wet. Lubed. She was ready for this. “Right there.”

“Neither,” I moaned as her finger rubbed at my clit again, her cock pressed right against my asshole. I quivered there, my body aching for it. I hadn’t gotten that dick fucking my bowels. I missed it. “Please, please, not here. She’s right over there.”

“I know,” said Shelena. Her finger found my clit. She rubbed it. Caressed it. She teased me. “Right there. Just let me slide in. You know you want me to. You know you crave it. Why fight it? You’re in the Program now. You can do this openly. No one would care.”

“Paloma,” I gasped, Shelena’s finger massaging my clit. I glanced over and saw my futa-girlfriend. She as staring at us. She frowned and drifted over. “Oh, no.”

That wonderful finger kept rubbing at my clit. Kept massaging me. She wasn’t violating the rules. She hadn’t penetrated me. She could touch the outside of my body. My pussy. My asshole. With her fingers or her clit-dick.

That big, thick clit-dick. I wanted it in me so badly.

Shelena just had to press a little harder, and she would pop into my bowels. She would fill me. I would have her massive cock sodomizing me. I wanted it so badly. I trembled, my pussy juices soaking my bush. My clit throbbed beneath her strokes.

“Salome?” asked my futa-girlfriend. “Are you okay?”

“She’s fine,” said Shelena. “Just doing a reasonable request for me. In fact, she’s about to let me fuck her up the ass.”

“What?” gasped Paloma. “Salome?

“Aren’t you, Salome?” Shelena asked, her finger rubbing harder. “For all the things I’ve done for you and Paloma.”

I gasped, stiffening. Her fingers massaged me while her words flashed through my mind. My lust seized on them. The excuse to fuck her right now. To get that satisfaction I craved. I just had to cry out. I could explain it all to Paloma later.

She would understand why I did it. Why I had to fuck Shelena. I did it for her. Because I loved her and… and…

I wanted that big dick in me.

I trembled, on the verge of making a decision. Which one? I didn’t know.

To be continued…

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