Getting Married tomorrow. Chapter 2

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Getting Married tomorrow. Chapter 2

Joy slugged down her drink and asked if would get her another. “Sure.” I replied, “But start going easy on the booze. I have been making these quite strong and mellow is OK but getting sloshed is going to ruin your night.”

I showed her to the room and told her to get up on the table and relax, but to keep the robe on till I got back, as she didn’t want to get cold. I went to the kitchen and while mixing up the Vodka, Trixie came in and told me she had phoned Ivan, he was still up at the radio station and that he would come in. I was a bit upset, Ivan he loved fucking girls up the arse, I very much doubted she was going to go for that.

I wandered back down to the room wondering what to do. These rooms all had narrow windows above the door, which let light in from the hallway. The halls were brightly lit and so Trixie had placed shear curtains over the windows, a different colour in each room, which with the room lamps gave a nice subdued lighting effect. I saw that she was lying of her back with her eyes closed. I put the drink down and opened the robe revealing her amazing body and told her to roll over.

“Oh! I thought the promise of a massage, was just to get me in here alone.” She said.

“Well there was a bit of that in it, but I am going to give you the best massage you have ever had.”

“That’s big talk; I have professional massages after the Polo games.”

“Just lie there and relax. You stuffed things up by making me come in the Spa; I take a bit of time to get up to attention again.”

I poured some oil on my hands and started kneading the mussels at the back of the neck and moved down her back, searching out any tight knots. When I got into the lower back and moved onto her butt mussels, she said that maybe I did know what I was doing, and where did I learn it. So I told her about a girl I used to know that was a proper medical masseuse and that she had taught me her techniques so I could massage her. As I was talking I moved back up and worked on the knots I had found. We were quiet for about ten minutes, and then she came out with – “I don’t think I will be able to take all of you. Brian is quite small and it hurts when I have sex with him. I think I must be very small or something.”

“I have never had problems with any girl regarding size. I think maybe you have just not been ready. Does he get you lubricated, or is it Wham Bam Thank you Mam?

“I know this will sound strange to you, but we haven’t done it much. He always wanted to wait until we got married, so he is a bit anti and yes he rushes it. He says it will be 100% better when we are married.”

“I don’t think being married has anything to do with good sex. In fact everything I read and hear it can be worse. I hope this is not the case for you. But put your mind at rest about the size of a penis. There is an old saying – The size of the Willie doesn’t matter…It is the way you waggle it about. But I always think that was made up by guys with small willies and if you have a bigger one, you don’t need to waggle it as good. Anyway, I am not that large, a bit bigger than most of my mates, but I have seen a couple that were a good 2 or 3 inches longer than mine.”

“Help, how could any girls take that?”

“Yes, I wonder at that too, but the two guys I am thinking of always seem to be in demand.”

I had moved to her butt and was massaging down each side and letting my fingers drop inside her legs, then running my hands back to the top, letting my thumbs part her arse checks then down the side again and thumbs deeper between her legs, just brushing the sides of her pussy.

Joy was squirming around, every time I got near her pussy. So I moved down and started on her legs.

“Oh that was getting good; I don’t think the legs need doing.”

“I want this to be good and for that I need you to beg for it.”

“I think I may need some more drink to do that.”

“Well you had better concentrate, because I’m not letting you have any more yet.”

I got more oil on my hands and went right down to her toes, then back up the insides of her legs and gave her snatch a squeeze at the top with my thumbs. She arched back into me trying to get me to do more there, şişli bayan escort but I moved back and under her knees, lifting her legs apart. Then back up to her snatch again. She murmured something and wriggled her arse onto my hands.

“What did you say/”

She said a little louder this time, “put your finger in me.”

“Not loud enough, I’m a bit deaf.”

“Please put your fingers in.” she said very timidly.

By now I was back down at her knees, so I moved my hands up the inside of her thighs again put quite a bit of pressure on so she opened up wider, and then massaged all around the outside of her snatch before inserting a finger. I slipped my other hand under her and slid my fingersalong her slit making sure I got a finger each side of her clit. I moved these fingers up and down her slit squeezing it between my fingers, while slowly pushing the middle finger of my other hand slowly in and out.

Joy was arching her back to stick her bum in the air, riding up on her knees and then pushing down onto the table so she trapped the fingers around her clit. She stared to get very wet, thick viscous love juice creaming around the top of my finger. Then I inserted two fingers and she had no trouble at all taking them in.

“I want you to fuck me.” Again, said quietly, but not quite so timid this time.

“Right, well I might just be ready to help you there.” I turned her over and started kissing her whilst slipping two fingers down her slit and deep into her again. “I want you on top of me, so you control how much you take, let’s get on the bed.” And I helped her of the table and over to the bed. I lay back and she lay down beside me and started kissing again while humping and wriggling her sex onto my thigh. As she got more urgent I rolled her on top of me and holding myself in my hand, rubbed the knob up and down her slit giving plenty of attention to her clit. Suddenly she reached back and grabbing my now very erect shaft,directed it at the opening of her hole and eased back onto me. Then sitting up she started lifting herself up and slip back down getting a little more of me into her each time. Fantastic, I got to watch and as she had her eyes closed, I could take everything in. She really was attractive, dark long hair, beautiful tits, tiny waist and perfectly curved hips, sliding herself onto my dick. How fucking lucky can a guy get?

After a while I asked “Am I hurting you? Do you still think you are too small?”

“It’s fantastic.” She said, but then in an embarrassed voice.“I’m very smelly and wet down there.”

“Hey! You don’t ever worry about that. The smell of a woman and her love juices are about the biggest turn on for a guy, they certainly do it for me.”

She lay back on top of me, kissed again, and started taking longer slow strokes and rubbing her clit onto my pubic mound. I noticed the door opening and Marcia poked her head in. She mouthed to me should she join us. I mouthed back “No.” and she gave me a sad dog look as she shut the door again.

“Who was that?” Said Joy.

“Sorry, it was Marcia,I think she wanted to join us. I said No.”

“Was she looking at me?’ Joy said, clenching her cheeks down onto me.

It dawned on me that she was excited about someone watching her. So I decided to play along – way out of my comfort zone, as I would never talk dirty to any female.

“Yes, she was mesmerised watching my cock sliding into your cunt. And she had pulled the leg of her shorts aside and was working her clit I think.”

“She could have come in with us.”

“We have all night, maybe later.”

I could see that the thought of this had Joy quite hot and she was concentrating hard. I could see she was trying to get herself off. “Relax; you don’t have to come yet.”

She lifted up and looked at me. “I can never come when having sex.”

“That’s because you are trying too hard. Just concentrate on the feeling and do whatever feels good, don’t worry about what I may think. Then if it happens it will happen.”

She lay back onto me and kissed my neck. Then I saw the door opening again, and Ivan slipped into the room, shut the door and dropped the towel he was wearing. He didn’t even look at me, so I couldn’t mouth at him to şişli escort fuck off. He just stared at Joy’s crotch, and moved over behind us. After a minute or so Joy suddenly tensed up and then pushed back onto me, but I knew it was not me she was moving onto, but Ivan touching her arse. Next thing I felt oil running down onto my balls, she flinched a bit harder this time then pushed herself back onto him again. Joy whispered in my ear, I think Marcia has come back.

“It’s not Marcia, It’s my mate Ivan – Trixie called him, she told me when I was getting the drink and I didn’t know what to do, shall I tell him to leave”

Joy never answered me, she just kept moving her bum around, taking in the feelings that Ivan was inflicting back there.

Next thing, Ivan leans over and whispers in her ear. “You like my finger up your arse don’t you?”

She nodded and said “It hurt a little.”

Ivan slipped his hand around and massaged her breast, while he kept sliding his finger into her arse. And he told her to relax because as soon as she was ready he was going to fuck her in the arse.

I thought this is it, she’s going to bail out now, and Ivan has fucked it up for me. But there was little reaction, Joy just clenched down on me even harder and started to pant and give little moans of pleasure. Ivan worked at her arse and tits for a while and then must have felt she had loosened up enough as he moved back, grabbed his cock and moved it between her cheeks.

From under her I could not see her actual anus, but if I strained I could see the globes of her arse. So I watched as Ivan applied pressure and saw his oiled up penis slowlyslidebetween her cheeks. I expected she would writhe around a bit in pain, but the reaction was quite different. She pulled my head down and searched out my mouth and tried to suck my tongue down her throat, whilst pushing and bucking her bum into Ivan. This meant I was getting some serious action around my shaft, and I could feel Ivan’s dick sliding along the top of mine. I think we both realised at the same time that we could feel each other, and we started to synchronise our movements, him coming out and me pushing in. Funnily enough, this did not work that well, and after I had fallen out a couple of times, (much to Joy’s dismay, she grabbed at my cock to stick it back in both times) we started hammering into her at the same time.

Then all hell broke loose, Joy started whimpering into my mouth and bucking her hips up into Ivan and then down, grinding her clit onto me, then up again and down. She let go of my mouth, her breathing was rapid and shudders racked her whole body, as she panted and moaned. It was a pretty impressive orgasm. Of course, as hers started, the urgency hit my balls and I exploded inside her, and then just hung on for dear life. Ivan was about two seconds behind me, and made a hell of a noise, they had to hear it in the lounge. I looked to the door and saw it was open, with Trixie and Marcia standing in the doorway looking very hot. Trixie nodded at me, mouthed “good one” and closed the door.

Ivan rolled of and lay beside us, I expected Joy to follow, but she resisted may gentle push and said for me to stay still, that she was still coming. She stayed very still for a bit, just pressing her sex hard against me. I could feel small tremors from her stomach to her thighs as she slowly squeezed her legs together. I was still semi hard, so I lifted her legs up and dropped them in between mine so she could grip them firmly together. And after a few minutes of this I felt her have a second orgasm. Nothing like the first, but obviously good for her as she let out a new series of moans. I saw that Ivan had grabbed her butt checks in one hand and had been pushing her down onto me during her orgasm.

Joy made to roll off between us, but the bed was narrow. So Ivan rolled out of bed and said for us to lie there for a bit, he was going to have a shower and get a drink. He leant over and kissed her on the cheek, and told her she was one sexy, horny little bitch.

Ivan is quite the opposite of me in some ways, which is probably why we get on so well and still do till this day. I was brought up by my mother and taught never to swear in front of a woman, always to treat mecidiyeköy escort them with respect. Whereas Ivan loves shocking and talking dirty, I am always amazed how many women actually seem to like him treating them that way. Another thing that used to embarrass me, was that he has a habit of searching out a pretty girl in a bar, then reaching down behind and feeling them up. I’ve seen him slapped plenty of times and I’ve seen irate girls take to someone else close to us, thinking it was them. But there have been plenty that havejust leaned back into him and let him have a good feel. One night I swear, he started feeling up a very attractive woman that was talking to a man, it may have been her husband, for all we knew. It was really crowded in the bar, and she just kept talking to the guy while Ivan pulled her skirt up and proudly showed me what he was doing. He tried to get me to stick my hand down there as well, I was mortified and headed for the bar, waiting for the explosion, as I was sure the guy would notice. Eventually he came to the bar, saying he had gotten her off and no one noticed a thing.

Anyway, Joy and I lay together for a few minutes, before she said she needed to go to the toilet. So we robed up and headed for the showers. When Joy came back and climbed into the shower with me, she laughed and said she thought she wanted to go but couldn’t. That it was obviously what Ivan had done to her and it was still making her horny. I asked her if she hurt, it being her first time and all. She said “not really”, maybe a little but nothing like she expected and that she never thought she would have enjoyed having her arse fucked that much. I spent some time washing her, did her fanny, tits and specially her arse. We got out dried each other and went out to the lounge.

Ivan was on a couch, drink in hand, talking with a couple of the massage girls, so I left Joy with them and went to the kitchen to get us a drink. Trixie saw me and came in to speak with me.

“Shit! That was horny watching you guys, if Tom was not coming in soon, I would race you off to one of the rooms.”

“Probably just as well he is coming in then, as Joy has just told me she’s still horny. And I have no idea how I am going to get it up again. I have come twice already.”

“Oh!” said Trixie. “I had better tell Marcia, she is so horny I think the next guy she takes for a massage is going to get a hell of a lot more than he expects.”

I told Trixie about Marcia looking in earlier, and that I had panicked and mouthed for her to go. But that Joy had seemed OK about it when I told her. Trixie said she would tell Marcia then, as she really was pretty keen on Joy.

With a couple of drinks in hand, I went back and sat next two Joy. She wanted to dance so we spent the next few songs dancing with half a dozen other couples. They were playing songs from Elton John’s, Yellow Brick Road, etc. and I remember we got very close and romantic to “The Air That I Breathe” by the hollies; which to this day when I hear it, still makes me think of Joy. I noticed while we were dancing, that Ivan was over at the front desk talking with Trixie and Marcia, and I knew dam well that they were planning out how to mess with the rest of my night. I know, I said this night was for Joy!!! But although it seemed less likely, I was still scared they could stuff it up.

We sat down on the couch for a breather and drinks, and Marcia headed straight over to us. She sat on the couch the other side of me and leaned over me and started talking with Joy. Asking her if they should strip me off and she suggested a few things they could do with me. Joy laughed and went along with the banter. Next thing I know Marcia starts to kiss Joy, with one hand behind Joys neck and with her other hand, she starts fondling my dick. Then Ivan moves forward off the lounge chair, kneels in front of Joy, opens her robe wide and proceeds to slip two fingers into her and uses his other hand on her arse. Joy lets out a little moan and spreads her legs apart, opening herself up to his advances. I felt a little left out, so I wriggled my left hand between Marcia and cupped one of Joy’s tits, and with my right hand I slid it under Marcia’s T-Shirt and massaged one of hers.

Marcia came to when she felt me trying to get a hold of her; she leaned back and saw what Ivan had done. “Shit! She said, “We can’t do this here. Come on; let’s get back to the room.”

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