Group Pickup

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You, sat in the Magpie bar, nursing a drink, waiting for your boyfriend to show up. This has become a bit of a pattern lately, him being late and making excuses. You were looking forward to tonight, and you were even planning to let him go all the way with you, but now you don’t know. Your friend had persuaded you that you were carrying the idea of not being an easy lay too far considering you had been dating for months, and in truth you were feeling horny. You had put on your sexiest bra and knickers, and even shaved yourself “down there”, but you were getting really uncomfortable sitting alone in the bar waiting and as the minutes tick by you wonder if he is really worth it.

A video call arrives on your phone — its him, finally! But as he speaks, you have a sinking feeling in your stomach.

“Sorry babe, I can’t make it tonight. Something has come up,” he says glibly. You start to argue back with him that he has left you sat there for half an hour when the face of Susie appears on the screen. God, what is she doing there? There are not many people you hate, but Susie would definitely be on the list! In the office, she always tries to get one over on you and is a constant gossip behind your back.

“What, he’s trying to say is that it’s over, Rachel. He has found someone who will give him what he needs — me!” grins Susie.

“He would tell you himself, but he has his mouthful,” added Susie with a gleam in her eye. She turns the camera down to show her pulling Joe into her chest as he glances guiltily at the screen.

“You slut!” you scream into the screen as you end the call and your relationship with Joe. You glance around, but nobody seems to have picked up on your outburst. Thoroughly depressed, you down your drink and prepare to leave.

“Are you OK, beautiful?” asks a strange man approaching the bar.

You tell him that you’ve just been dumped and your boyfriend was a cheat anyway, you’re heading home but he offers to buy you a drink. You are going to say no, but the guy is quite cute and, best of all, has a British accent. Why not stay, you have nothing better to do! So you stay and talk, and one drink turns to another. The guy — you discover his name is Stuart — is a good listener and your mood begins to improve.

It turns out Stuart is in town for a works event for a week, before heading istanbul travesti on to work elsewhere in the US and then back to the UK. He is in the bar with a small group of friends, and before you know it you are back at the table being introduced to James, Alex god you didn’t realise how wet you were. His tongue feels exquisite as he licks over your clit and gently probes between your nether lips. You know that if he keeps on doing this then pretty soon you are going to cum.

You feel another mouth on one of your tits, and then another. God, what are they doing? You never said they could do more than watch! A voice in your head reminds you of the safe word, but as you feel another cock nudge at your lips you simply open up and let him slide in. You suddenly realise that, because of the angle you are at on the pouffe, you have four men surrounding your body and you cum more violently than you ever have in your life.

Stuart moves you so that you are face down on an armchair with your head over the top, and he slides in to fill up your needy pussy. You look back to check it is him, and it pleases you that he is going first. Suddenly, it dawns on you that you have thought ‘first’ and that you are going to let all these men fuck you. You’d never met them before tonight, and probably won’t see them after tonight. ‘I am such a slut’ you think, realising that this thought fills you with a thrill you would never have expected. “If only Joe could see me now!” you laugh to yourself as you think of your loser ex boyfriend and his small dick.

As Stuart begins to pump in and out of your tight box, James comes round and offers you his swollen member. Hungry now for cock, you open up and let him slip easily down your throat. You don’t have any control anymore as Stuart’s thrusts into your pussy drive you deeper onto James’ shaft. You are only vaguely aware of James pulling out and Danny taking his place as you slurp madly on the cock in front of you.

At some point, you realise that the cock in front of you is Stuart’s, and you only vaguely think that this means that the cock in your pussy is somebody else’s but you no longer care. You are just a vessel for these men to give and receive pleasure, and you know it will be a night to remember. You wonder, will they go home to wives back in the UK and think about the istanbul travestileri American slut they fucked as they screw their wives. Maybe they will tell stories about how you gave yourself to them all in one wild night of crazy sex. Your body explodes in an incredible orgasm as the latest cock in your mouth suddenly pours a load of cum down your throat and you gulp it down hungrily.

You are in a daze as you realise you are being moved again. Alex is lying on the floor, and you allow yourself to be lowered on to him so that his cock is buried in your well used pussy. You lean in and kiss him passionately as he begins to slowly move in and out of your moist sex. You are barely aware of cold liquid being poured onto your ass, but you feel your body tense up as somebody inserts one then two fingers into your virgin asshole.

“No!” you cry as you feel somebody’s cock begin to poke at your untouched back passage. Why aren’t they stopping?! Its too small, they are too big, it will hurt too much. Suddenly, you remember that you need to say the safe word.

You open your mouth and begin to say “Pen…” but another cock enters your mouth. You remember they also said a hand sign, but you can’t remember what it is. The pain is unbearable, and it is all you can think about. “No, stop!” you scream in your head, but they no longer realise that you are not consenting and you are not sure they care any more either. You are just holes to fuck for their pleasure. You realise that you are not being fair, they probably would stop if you were not acting as if you were fucking loving this. As this thought passes through your mind, you start to realise that, although the pain is still there, a new, deeper pleasure seems to be building up inside you.

Danny’s cock slips from your mouth, but thoughts of the safeword have now left your brain.

“Fuck me! Harder! Fuck that ass! Stuff my pussy with your prick” you scream. You don’t know if people in the rooms next door can hear, but part of you hopes they can. You thrust your arse back against the cock in your arse then down hard onto the one pounding your sex sheath.

Stuart’s cock appears in front of you, and you realise that the cock in your ass has changed. This means that Stuart’s cock has just come out of your shithole — you smile and sink it down your throat and travesti istanbul bob happily a few times on his stiff member. Out of the corner of your eye, you see your phone lying at your side.

“Take some pictures for my ex!” you encourage Stuart.

“Are you sure?” asks Stuart. You feel a warmth flood over you at his concern, but just nod as you feel another change in the dick in your bum. The other guys ask for copies of the pictures as Alex presents his swollen knob to your mouth. A small voice tells you that you should stop them, but what harm does it do if they have some photos in their phone to remind themselves of you when they go back home? They don’t even know your real name! You aren’t thinking straight, you just want more thrills. “Joe wanted a slut, I’ll give him a slut!” you think, “one he will never have!”

Alex pulls out of your mouth and sprays cum over your face. You lick your lips as you see Danny now zooming in on your face. Stuart must be one of the ones still fucking you you realise.

“Tell the world what a slut you are, Rachel!” he urges you. You don’t even register that he has used your real name.

“I’m a three hole cum slut!” you groan as you feel someone empty themselves into your pussy.

“I love having my cunt filled with hard cock” you say to camera, revelling in letting filth spew from your mouth.

“My ass is made for stiff knobs pumping me full of cum!” you cry as another of the guys empties himself into your stretched anal cavity.

“I can’t get enough of spunk!” you squeal as Danny and Stuart wank off over you to coat your face with their seed. As the men dress, you rub yourself to one final orgasm and collapse, totally sated.

You allow yourself to be lifted up by Stuart and placed into the shower. You don’t have the energy to clean yourself but relax as he runs soap and water gently over your body. He pats you dry and carries you back to the room and lies you on the bed.

“You can stay here all week if you want,” he whispers gently in your ear.

You prop yourself up and stare him in the eye. “Wasn’t tonight enough for you?! Do you think I’m a complete slut who will let you keep me around to fuck all week?!”

“No…. of course not….I just meant that I would like to get to know you better,” Stuart splutters. You grin as he begins to turn red. Even after everything that has happened, you can still make him blush.

“OK, I’ll stay,” you agree. “But, do you have more friends?!” you grin as he bends in to kiss you. You are both too tired to do more for now, but tomorrow is another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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