Hannah Montana: Lets Get Crazy Chapter 3

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Hannah Montana: Let’s Get Crazy Chapter III
Rico watched in amazement as Hannah Montana walked out of the secret closet that only minutes ago, Miley Stewart had walked into. He looked down at the video camera to make sure that it was recording. It was.
Miley is Hannah Montana! His mind screamed. Holy shit. This is perfect! I can force her into having sex with me, or else I’ll reveal her secret. Rico grinned as he crept away from her window, planning just how to break the news to an unsuspecting Miley/Hannah.

Later that night, Hannah Montana finished another concert, walking off the stage to the loud applause of her fans. She went straight to her dressing room, grabbed her purse, and walked to the back door. This time, she waited inside, until her limo pulled up outside. Hannah opened the door, and ran out into the waiting limo.
The door opened from the inside, and she slid in, closing the door behind her. Across from her sat her father, Robbie Ray.
“Great show, darling.” He complemented.
“Thanks dad,” she responded. Then she pulled off her blond wig, and shook her brown hair free. They were silent the rest of the ride home, not quite sure how to act while they were alone. When the limo pulled up in front of their ranch outside of Malibu, Miley said goodnight to her father and walked through the house to her room.
Lily wasn’t home because she had gone out for dinner with Oliver, so she had the room to herself. Picking the remote up off her bed, Miley clicked the open button, and the furniture and mirror slid aside to reveal the hidden closet. After tossing the remote back on the bed she walked into her closet, and hung her wig on a mannequin’s head. She kicked off her shoes and placed them on a rack. Then Miley unbuttoned her white designer jeans, and wiggled her hips to cause them to fall off. Underneath, she wore black, thin panties. Miley hung her jeans up in a closet just for pants, and pulled off her loose yellow top. That left her standing in matching bra and panties. She hung the shirt up and exited the closet.
And stopped in her tracks, when she saw Jackson’s “friend” Rico, sitting on her bed. He was reclined against the pillows and tossing something up and down. Miley screamed and grabbed a folded up blanket on the dresser. She pulled it up to her chest, and it unfolded and dropped to the floor, covering her whole body.
“Hiya toots!” Said Rico, grinning lewdly.
Miley stared at him in shock, not believing that he had broken into her room. Well is not really “broken” in if you left the door unlocked, is it?
“Looking for this?” He asked, holding up the remote to the Hannah closet.
It struck her, then. He knows I’m Hannah Montana! A sense of dread settled on her heart.
“H…h…how did you know?” she stammered.
“Doesn’t matter how I know. What matters is this; what would you DO for it not to get out?”
Miley fell silent, having an idea where this was going. Rico swung his feet off the side of the bed, and stood up.
“I see it as you have two options. The first is to tell me to leave. The second is to accept, and become my personal…slave.”
Miley opened her mouth to speak. But Rico lifted a finger, and stopped her before she could talk.
“If you choose the first option, well, I’m sure you’ve seen enough movies. I tell everyone who you are, show them the proof I have, and then you won’t have a private life. The second option might be slightly humiliating, but at least nothing else would change. Think about it. I’ll be back in the morning. And don’t think about going to your father, or Lily, or anyone else with this, or your secret will be out.”
Rico tossed the remote to her, and left her room. She stood there for several minutes not moving, in shock. It took a cool breeze coming through the door to shake her out of it, close the door, and slide into bed. Sleep didn’t come to her, however, and she sat up all night, trying to decide what to do, and how to get around it.

The next morning, Miley woke up groggy. She’d finally fallen asleep around five, and it was now eight. Lily had barged in, waking her up. She left again almost immediately, out again with Oliver. She remembered it then, the choice she’d had to make last night. It was now Saturday morning and Rico said that he would be back. Miley knew that she could never let her secret get out, as her life would practically end the moment it did. She would be hounded by paparazzi every second for the rest of her life, which she wouldn’t be able to bear.
She knew what Rico would make her do, as his slave. And she was nervous. Miley didn’t know whether the little devil child would be into dirtier things than she was, and what he would make her do outside regular, vaginal sex. She was scared.
But somewhere deep down inside, Miley knew that she was excited. For some reason which escaped her, she was wondering and looking forward to what Rico would have her do.
I wonder what his dick will be like, compared to my dad’s and Oliver’s.
I can’t believe that it was only yesterday that I first had sex.
And now I’m looking forward to what Rico is going to make me do!
Is my mind really that fucked?
Miley’s chain of thought was halted when there was a tap on her window. She looked to her left, and sure enough, there was Rico. Right on time, of course. She swung her long legs of the bed, grabbing her bathrobe from the floor as she did. Miley had slept in the her black panties from last night, so she slipped the robe on and tied the rope around the front. It was small for her, so it reached down to barely mid-thigh. She knew that eventually she would have to loose it, but for the moment she felt more secure with it on.
Miley walked over to her window, with Rico standing impatiently outside. She unlocked the window with the lever at the top, and then opened it. Miley backed away as Rico climbed through.
“Hiya toots!” He greeted.
“Rico.” She responded, sitting back down on the edge of her bed. Her robe rode up to her crotch, and she unconsciously reached down to pull it down.
“Make your decision?” He asked.
Miley nodded, slowly. She was dreading this moment.
Rico looked at her expectantly, clearly waiting her to voice her choice.
Miley opened her mouth, and then closed it again. This was harder than she expected. She forced herself to reopen her mouth, and let the hateful word slip out.
The younger boy grinned. “I thought you might have said that. You wouldn’t let a big of a secret as that get out.”
“No,” responded Miley. “I couldn’t.”
Rico grinned again, and reached down to his crotch. He began unbuttoning his jeans, smiling at her lewdly as he did. The button came undone and he zipped the fly down, and then let the pants fall to the ground. Rico stepped out of them, and then pulled off his shirt. With the tight fabric of Rico’s boxers, Miley could easily see the outline of Rico’s cock, already semi-hard. So far, it looked to be a good size. Nothing like her dad’s or Oliver’s, but impressive for a boy several years younger than her.
After Rico had pulled of his shirt he stood there, hands on his hips.
“Well. Loose the clothes, slave, and get over here.”
Miley stood up slowly, untying her bathrobe as she did. The robe fall to the ground, exposing her tan, shapely legs, flat stomach, and round, perky breasts. Miley walked closer to Rico, and knelt in front of him. She reached up, and with her fingers grabbed the elastic of his boxers. Miley pulled them down to his ankles and Rico stepped out of them, and she flung them away, leaving Rico’s cock free to flop around.
Like she’d already noticed, his dick was already semi-hard. At the moment, it looked about five-and-a-half inches long. Miley took his cock in her hand, and slowly moved it back and forth. She felt it stiffen in her palm, and began stroking it faster. Within ten seconds Miley felt it harden to its full length, and removed her hand for a closer look. Rico’s fully engorged cock was about seven inches; large for a boy his age, Miley thought.
She looked up at Rico, who was looking down at her, biting his lower lip.
“Over on the bed, slave.” He said, seeing her looking up at him.
Miley backed up so that her panty-clad ass was sitting on the edge of the bed. Rico pushed her back, hard. She fell back, her shoulders and head hitting the mattress. The fifteen-year old boy took hold of her panties and ripped them off her with all the haste he could summon, throwing them over his back across the room. He looked down at the shaven glory before him, and Miley could practically feel his cock pulsating against the warm skin of her thigh, where it rested.
Rico moved up between her legs, pushing them apart and pulling her knees up to his hips as he did so. Miley wrapped her legs around his waist, and locked her şişli bayan escort feet together behind his back. Rico took his cock in his hand, and guided it to touch the soft lips of Miley’s pussy. At that moment, Miley decided that since this was going to happen anyway, why not enjoy it?

Rico was in heaven. He had the two girls of his dreams, Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana, lying on the bed in front of him, her naked pussy inches away from the tip of his cock. He almost felt bad about blackmailing Miley. Almost.
Rico pushed slightly with his hips, his inflamed cockhead pushing into her wet pussy. As her slippery cunt lips slipped around his engorged cock, he heard Miley gasp and moan.
“Uhhhh!” she gasped, pulling Rico closer to her with her legs, which were wrapped around his waist.
Rico went deeper, feeling the lips of her pussy give way to more and more of his cock and the tight, pulsating feeling of the walls of her cunt. Then Rico was balls deep in Miley, all seven inches of his cock stuffed deep into her young cunt, with Miley groaning from the pleasure of it.
“If I didn’t know any better, Miley, I’d think that you were starting to enjoy this!” He gasped, the words barely escaping his throat.
“Shut up Rico, and fuck me!”
He didn’t need to be told twice. The fifteen year old boy withdrew most of his cock from Miley’s pussy, and then plunged it back in. Miley screamed aloud in pleasure as Rico’s fuckrod withdrew and then thrust back into her. Rico was moving his hips slowly as he got used to the motion, thrusting steadily in and out of her tight cunt hole. Miley squirmed underneath him, letting out little screams of ecstasy every time he bottomed out inside of her. He knew that he wasn’t going to last long, as he felt the pressure building up inside of his balls.
“Uhhnnnnnggggg…” he groaned, as his cock speared her fuck-hole again and again.
“YES!” Miley screamed, her eyes shut tight because of the pleasure. “FUCK ME!”
Rico felt her body shudder as she climaxed, her juices squeezing out between her pussy lips and his cock. He felt them flowing out, and he knew that he wouldn’t be long in cumming.
“I’m going to cum!” He shouted, as he felt the pressure build up to where it had to release.
Miley’s eyes shot open, in panic.
“You can’t come in me!” She yelled, her voice cracking as she did from the ecstasy.
Rico realized what was happening, and immediately pulled out of her gaping cunt. Miley immediately slid forward, her ass falling of the bed and to the floor, so that the back of her head was resting where her ass had been half-a-second before. Rico shoved his hips forward, through Miley’s wide-open lips and into her mouth.
Rico exploded, a spasm shuddering through his body as he began to cum. Ropes and ropes of his jizz shot out of his piss-hole. His hot liquid soon filled her mouth to the brim, and he felt Miley frantically trying to swallow it all before she choked. There was too much though, and Rico looked down and saw streams of his white, liquid seed leaking out of her lips past the base of his cock.
“Ahhhhh” He gasped, as his orgasm ended, his cock giving out a few more pitiful spurts of cum.
He pulled his deflating cock out of Miley’s mouth, and she put her head back and swallowed all of the cum in her mouth and then licked around her lips, getting the jizz that had leaked out of her mouth. Rico nodded to her chest, where several drops of cum had landed. Miley looked down, then very sexily took both of her tits in her hands, and slowly brought them up to her mouth, where she licked them clean one at a time. Rico felt his cock begin to harden again…and then give out, exhausted.
Another day, he thought. Looking down at his flaccid dick, he noticed that the tip was coated in his and her cum. He shoved his cock back towards Miley’s mouth.
“Lick it clean, slave.”
She did as he commanded, as a good slave should. Taking him into her mouth again, she licked and sucked until his cock was shinning clean again. When she was done Rico pulled away, walking towards his clothes. As he bent down to grab his boxers, Miley slide back up so that she was lying on her bed, her body facing Rico and her hand propping her head up. He saw her cum still leaking out of her pussy, as she slowly worked her finger in and out of her own cunt. He stood watching her for a few seconds, standing naked in the middle of her room with his boxers hanging loosely from his hand.
He shook himself out of his trance, and hastily dressed himself. He had his shop on the beach to run, and it always seemed to go downhill when he wasn’t there. When he was fully clothed again, he turned back to the window.
“See ya, toots! I’ll be back for more, don’t you worry. Maybe that fine ass of yours!”
With that the teenage boy climbed back out the window and left the Stewart’s ranch.

Miley lay on her back on her bed, naked. She was still working her fingers in and out of her hairless pussy, not trying to come to an orgasm, just enjoying the feeling. After a few minutes of reflection on what had just happened she realized that she should probably get cleaned up, so she got out of her bed and walked into the bathroom that she and Lily shared. Miley turned the shower on, and when it was hot enough stepped inside, enjoying the feeling of the close-to-scalding water as it ran down her soft skin.

At the same time as Miley was getting in the shower, Lily Truscott was returning home. She and Oliver had gone out for an early breakfast, before he had to go off and practice with his band. He dropped her off in the driveway, and she gave him a quick kiss before hopping out. She waved as he pulled away, and then turned to go in the front door. She turned the knob, and then frowned when it didn’t open. Lily looked through her purse and her pockets for her keys, but remembered that she had left them besides her bed.
“Shit.” She muttered to herself.
Normally, Lily would just go around back and climb the fence to go to the barn that she and Miley shared. But since the door was locked it meant that Robby Ray wasn’t yet up, and he hadn’t yet turned off the house alarms that were also connected to motion sensors by the fence. And Lily didn’t feel like setting off the alarms, which would alert the police and would cause a big hassle. She sighed, looking for a way in.
Lily noticed an open window on the second story to the right of the door, directly above a wall of creeping vines. She wasn’t upstairs enough to know which room the window belonged too, but she didn’t care. All Lily wanted to do was get inside the house. The vines looked strong enough to hold her weight, which wasn’t much, so she put her purse down by the front steps, thinking that she’d climb up, go downstairs and open the door from the inside and grab her purse.
Lily grabbed hold of the highest vine should reach with both of her hands, and then brought her right foot up to rest against another horizontally growing vine. She began climbing, slowly. It wasn’t that hard, sort of like climbing a ladder. Lily quickly made it to the open window, and her eyes crested the sill. As it turned out, the window belonged to a bathroom.
And her eyes widened at the sight she saw. Miley’s dad, Robby Ray, was standing in the shower, slowly jacking off his own cock. Lily was surprised at the size of Robby’s cock, although she wasn’t sure why. It defiantly wasn’t as big as Oliver’s cock, but it looked even thicker. His balls hung low between his thighs, swinging back and forth slowly as Robby’s hips automatically rocked forward. His hand pumped up and down the length of his thick cock, lathered up with soap.
Lily’s hand automatically went down to her crotch, which was aching to be rubbed. But then she realized that she was suspended two stories off the ground, and automatically gave out a little scream as she began to fall back. She caught herself in time, but the noise she made gave her away. Robby’s head snapped around, alerted by the sound. Lily tried to duck her head under the windowsill, but he saw her before she could hide herself.

One second, Robby Ray was beating off in the shower. The next, he heard a high-pitched sound out the open window and looked over, to see his daughter’s friend Lily peaking in. His eyes went wide and he brought both of his hands to his crotch to hide his erection. However, even using both hands wasn’t able to hide his massive lovemeat. Robby reached to the side and grabbed his towel off of a rack and wrapped it around his waist. Then, surprising Robby even more Lily climbed all the way through the window.
“Mr. Stewart! Th-th-the door was l-l-locked, and I knew the a-a-alarm was on, so I saw an open window, a-a-nd climbed up to get in the house! I swear, I didn’t k-k-know that this was your b-b-bathroom, a-a-and I’m s-s-sorry!” Lily stuttered şişli escort badly, and Robby understood why.
“Lily. I’m sorry that you had to see this.” Responded Robby, no less embarrassed.
“I’m sorry I looked in on you!” She exclaimed.
“It’s alright,” said Miley’s dad.
When Lily didn’t speak or move, Robby looked at her quizzically. He followed her gaze down to his crotch, where the purple, inflamed tip of his cock was peeping out of the towel. He hastily covered himself back up. Lily saw that Robby knew where she was looking, and blushed.
“Sorry,” she said.
“That’s…okay. Normal, I guess.” He said, not sure how to respond.
Lily had been Miley’s friend for many years now, and Robby had watched her grow from an awkward middle schooler to the blond beauty that stood here in front of him. Robby couldn’t deny it; he was attracted to her, as much or maybe more than he was to his daughter, Miley. With her medium sized, round yet perky breasts, athletic body, and voluptuous ass, Lily was a very, very attractive teenager. He’d be lying if he said that he wouldn’t fuck her if he got the chance.
Lily blushed again, looked down, and then looked back up.
“I-I-I’m going to go downstairs now.”
With that, Lily practically ran past Robby Ray, swung the door open, and ran out into the hallway. The door swung closed, leaving Robby alone with his thoughts. He slowly got back into the shower, and into the hot spray of the water. He brought his hand back to his cock, filling his minds with lewd thoughts of Lily as he brought himself to an orgasm.

Lily opened the door to her and Miley’s room, and burst inside. She threw the purse she had retrieved next to her bed, and then threw herself onto the bed itself. At that moment, Miley walked out of the bathroom, drying her hair off with a towel. She was naked. Lily let her eyes linger a second on her perfect tits, and wide, swinging hips.
“Hey Lily,” said Miley, completely unashamed of her nudity.
“Hi Miley,” responded Lily, looking away from her.
“How was your morning with Oliver?” Asked Miley.
“Okay…” She replied, not really paying attention.
Miley stopped in the middle of the room and frowned. “What’s wrong?”
“Don’t lie to me, Lily. I’m your best friend, I know when something is wrong.”
“Well…its kindof embarrassing.”
“What is it?” She asked. “Did you and Oliver have sex again?”
“What? No! And it’s not like last night was the first time, we’ve been fucking for almost a year!”
“Oh. Sorry. What is it then?”
“Well…I kindof…saw your dad, naked. In the shower.”
Miley didn’t seem worried, or angry, or anything at all. She just asked, calmly, “Just now? What was he doing?”
“He was…taking a shower. I didn’t mean to look in on him, I just needed to get in the house and I saw the open window, so I climbed up, and kinda saw him…masturbating.”
“Oh,” Said Miley, not seeming embarrassed. “He has a pretty good cock, huh?”
Lily was stunned. After all, this was Miley’s dad they were talking about. Miley was still talking.
“Not as big as Oliver’s, but big enough.”
“His cock. How big it is. I’m assuming you saw it.”
“Well…yeah! But…this is your dad. And you’re talking about his dick, like there’s nothing wrong with it.”
“What could be wrong with talking about his dick?”
“He’s your father!”
Miley shrugged. “I guess.”
“Does…does this have anything to do with last night? When you said you weren’t totally inexperienced?”
“Yeah, it does as a matter of fact.”
“Well, what happened! Tell me!”
“Okay, okay. Well, yesterday afternoon before you got home from school, I saw my dad beating off, in his room. I heard what he was saying, and he was imagining that I was sucking his cock! After, I went into the living room to watch TV with him, and…kinda seduced him.”
“Yeah. So we had sex, and then I came downstairs and caught you guys.”
“Wow.” Said Lily, thunderstruck. Miley was having sex with her own father! It turned her on. It was actually getting her slightly wet, just thinking about it. Her hand went down to her
“I have something to confess to you, too.” Lily said.
“What’s that?”
“You didn’t just walk in on us by accident.”
‘What do you mean?”
“Well…we wanted you too. We’ve been having sex for so long it’s lost its…spice. We needed something to pick it back up. We decided on a threesome.”
Miley wasn’t mad, as Lily thought she might have been. “Really?”
“Well, I’m glad you guys decided to include me!”
Lily smiled at her. “Of course!”
Miley looked down at Lily lying on the bed, and finally noticed that her hand was down her pants.
“A little hot there, Lily?”
Lily looked down at her crotch, where she was rubbing her pussy slowly under her shorts and panties.
“Just a little. To tell you the truth, finding out about you and your dad turned me on.”
“Oh really. Well there’s another thing that happened, while you were gone last night.”
“PLEASE don’t tell me you’re having sex with your brother.”
“What?! NO! Gross! Anyways, it turned out that Rico was spying on me last night.”
“That evil little…”
“Yeah, him.” Said Miley, cutting her off. “He found out that I was Hannah Montana, and threatened to show the world proof unless I did what he said.”
“Yeah. So now, I’m his personal slave. He already came over once.”
“That’s horrible!”
“I guess,” said Miley, shrugging.
“Well…how was it.”
“Nothing to special. He had a decent sized dick, but he barely lasted three minutes.”
“I guess that’s what you have your dad for!”
“I guess so.”
Lily was rubbing herself faster now, and Miley smiled. She threw the towel she was drying off with to the side, and knelt on the edge of Lily’s bed. Miley crawled forward until she was straddling Lily’s legs.
“What are you doing?” Lily asked her.
“Just helping you out,” responded Miley.
The brunette beauty reached up and grabbed hold of Lily’s shorts, and pulled them off of her. Her panties followed soon after, exposed Lily’s pussy. It looked shaven, as she’d noticed before. However, at closer look, Miley saw that she did have hair; just blond. Lily sat up, reaching down to pull of her shirt, and then her bra. Both of them were now naked on the bed.
Miley pushed Lily back so that she was resting against her pillows, and bent closer to Lily’s crotch. She breathed in deeply, taking in the smell of Lily’s already-juicy, blond-fuzzed cunt. Miley brought her fingers closer to Lily’s soaking cunt, pulling apart the slippery lips of her lovehole. Miley let her fingers drag along the edge of her pussy, eliciting a small gasp as a shock ran through Lily’s body. Her finger touched Lily’s taut clit, and Lily’s back arched as another shock of pleasure ran through her body.
“Here!” gasped Lily, barely getting the word out. “Spin around!”
Miley didn’t need a second invitation. She crawled around Lily, crouching over her face and planting her pussy right over her mouth.
“Ready?” Asked Miley.
Not deigning to answer, Lily dove right in. Her mouth went around Miley’s recently de-virginized cunt, her tongue slipping between the soft folds of her cunt lips. Feeling Lily’s mouth massaging her pussy, Miley brought her own head down, and gently licked the length of Lily’s. Her hips began to hump Lily’s face, driver her tongue deeper and deeper. Miley stabbed her tongue down Lily’s pussy, as her own pussy began to splatter her juices over Lily’s face.
Lily hung on to Miley’s moving hips, lashing out furiously with her tongue, causing Miley to moan repeatedly. Lily was moaning too, as Miley lightly bit her clit and shoved her tongue through the lips of her cunt.

Rico was creeping up the walk to Miley’s room, trying to stay unnoticed in case his friend/enemy Jackson was home, or their dad. When he got to Miley’s window, he peaked in and the sight took his breathe away. On the bed inside, Miley was currently French kissing another girls pussy, while the girl did the same to her, un the 69 position. After a second, he realized that it was Lily.
Holy fuck.
Then, a hand grabbed his shoulder.
“Hey! Rico! What the hell are you doing outside my sister’s room!”
It was Jackson.
“Uhh uhhh…”
“Are you spying on her?” Asked Jackson.
Rico tried to articulate the words, but the sight inside still had him stunned.
“What’s happening in there?”
When Rico didn’t answer Jackson pushed him aside and went in for a look.
Holy shit!
Inside he saw his sister, his own sister, in the 69 position with her tightbody friend, Lily. Neither of them had noticed him or Rico, thankfully. Then, Jackson heard another voice.
“Jackson? What are you and Rico doing out here?”
It was his dad, Robby Ray.
“Uhhh uhhh.” Jackson found himself in the same position as Rico had been.
“What mecidiyeköy escort are you looking at?”
Robby Ray walked down the walk and easily peered over his short son’s shoulder.
Goddam. I don’t believe it.
“Damn that hot.” he muttered, under his breath.
Jackson looked up at him in surprise. “Dad?”
“That’s Miley in there.”
“Just making sure you knew.”
The three guys stood outside the window, looking in on Miley and Lily and feeling the blood flow to each of their cocks.
“Yo guys what’s going on?” Came a fourth voice.
Robby Ray turned around and saw Oliver standing in the doorway to the house, with his guitar slung over one shoulder. Not bothering with words, Robby gestured for Oliver to come over. Frowning, the teenage boy placed his guitar inside the house and jogged up the path. He glanced in the window that the other three guys were so intent on, and gaped.
“Damn.” he said aloud.
“Right?” said Jackson.
Oliver looked at Robby and Jackson. “You guys know that that’s Miley, right?”
“Yeah?” they both said.
“Just checking.”
The four guys stood outside the window for the next few seconds, taking in the sight. Then Oliver spoke up again.
“Well I for one am not going to waste this opportunity.”
He turned away from the window, and slowly opened up the door. The two girls remained oblivious. He slowly crept in, pulling down his pants and boxers as he went. Miley glanced up and saw him, but he held a finger to his lips. She nodded, and went back to work. Oliver finished undressing and climbed up onto the bed, holding his ten and a half inch cock with his right hand. Miley brought her head back up out of the way, as Oliver guided his cocktip closer to Lily’s snatch.
“Why are you stopping?” Asked Lily.
Then she gasped as the unexpected feeling of Oliver’s giant member entered her pussy, sliding past the soaking wet lips of her cunt.
“Ahhhhh…” she moaned.
Lily went back to pleasuring Miley’s warm and wet pussy as Oliver began pulling in and out of her. Oliver noticed Miley’s dad walk into the room at this time, and stopped his thrusting in surprise when he saw him stripping down too. Robby looked at him, and motioned for him to keep going. Miley hadn’t yet noticed her father in the room. He went back to thrusting in and out of Lily’s tight snatch, while he watched as Robby climbed up on the bed by Lily’s head and Miley’s ass, lining up his surprisingly-large cock with Miley’s cunt.
With one quick thrust he entered her tight pussy from behind, causing Miley to scream out in surprise.
“AHHH!” she screamed.
Miley and Lily groaned and moaned as Oliver and Robby thrusted in and out of their teenage cunts, grunting as they did. Miley looked up, and saw Rico and Jackson standing in the doorway. She wasn’t thinking clearly anymore, not even thinking that Jackson was her brother.
“Jackson! Rico! Get in here!”
The two boys looked at one another, and then fought each other to get through the door first. They stripped down as quick as they could, before standing in front of the bed, holding their cocks in their hands. Miley pulled Oliver’s cock out of Lily’s cunt, and motioned for him to back up. Robby noticed, and backed up as well. Miley climbed off of Lily, and Lily sat up next to her.
“Get over here, Rico.” Said Miley.
The young boy climbed up onto the bed, and laid flat on his back. Lily had Jackson do the same thing, so that the tops of their heads were touching. Miley climbed atop of Rico, straddling his hips. She reached behind her and grabbed his cock which was lying on his stomach, guiding the engorged cocktip to her puffed out and sensitive pussy, while Lily did the same to Jackson. Miley sat back slowly, letting her pussy lips glide smoothly down the length of Rico’s cock. When she had impaled herself all the way down on Rico’s seven inches, she motioned for her dad to come back over.
Robby did so, eagerly. He climbed up behind her stationary ass, not quite sure what to do next. He’d had sex plenty of times before, but never with another guy in the picture. Miley cleared it up for him in the next second.
“Fuck me in the ass, dad!”
Robby grinned, delighted at the prospect to have his daughter’s ass cherry. He took his large cock in his hand and lined it up with Miley’s tight little ass bud.
“Put it in me dad!”
Robby pressed forward, and the tip of his dick entered her asshole. She screamed out, surprised by the feeling although expecting it. Robby thrusted in farther, and more of his fuckrod disappeared into Miley’s anal orifice. Robby glanced up for a second from Miley’s perfect ass and saw Oliver about to entered Lily from behind, as well.
“Damn you’re tight Miley,” said Robby as he tried to force his inflamed cock farther up her ass.
“Uhhhnnnggnnn” was her only response, unable to articulate words.
Robby eventually got most his meat into Miley’s ass, and was unable to slide the last two in. Miley began rocking her hips forward and back, sliding off and back on Rico’s cock while Robby humped her ass. The same was happening to Lily, and her hair began whipping back and forth as she began to move faster.
“Ahhhhh!” screamed Lily and Miley together.
Rico and Jackson were moving their hips now to, and the girls could hardly bear it as two cocks slid in and out of their tight bodies.
“Uh. Uh. Uh.” Grunted Miley, as Robby’s nine inch member thrust in and out of her. Waves upon waves of pleasure racked her body, as the two dicks slid in and out of her. She thrashed around as the pleasure became almost too much to bear, screaming at the tops of her lungs as Robby and Rico’s fuckshafts penetrated her repeatedly, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.
“FUCK ME!” Screamed Miley.
“YES!” Screamed Lily, immediately afterwards.
The two girls climaxed at the same time, pussy juices flowing out of their cunts and around the cocks stuffed in their fuckholes.
“AHHHHHHH…!” They both screamed, as their bodies squirmed and spasmed, still gyrating on Rico and Jackson with Robby and Oliver pounding away with their large fucksticks. Miley looked up at Lily’s bouncing tits, and leaned forward to kiss her. There mouths met and their tongues danced together, entwining in Lily’s mouth and then Miley’s as they sought for supremacy over one another’s mouths. The four men saw the two girls kissing and all groaned as their pent-up loads began coming to a climax.
“I’m about to blow!” groaned Robby.
“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Yelled Oliver.
Rico and Jackson yelled the same thing. Miley and Lily immediately sprung off of the boys on bottom, causing Oliver and Robby to fall out at the same time. They knelt down on the floor in front of the bed next to each other, waiting to receive the mens’ loads. The four guys got the idea quick and sprung out of the bed quickly, forming a semi-circle around the two teenage beauties. Miley reached up and began pumping her hands up and down Robby’s and Jackson’s cocks while Lily jacked off her boyfriend’s and Rico’s.
“Uhhhhhh,” they groaned, as the two girls’ hands brought them to their blowing point.
Thick ropes of cum shot from the ends of their cocks, arcing out to hit Miley and Lily. Stream after stream of jizz hit the two awaiting girls, landing in hair, in open mouths, faces, and perfect breasts. In the end, the two best friends were practically covered in their milky-white seed, as they slowly stopped jacking the men off. Robby, Oliver, Rico and Jackson all sat back on the bed, sighing. Their cocks began to deflate, slowly becoming flaccid as the energy drained out of them.
Lily and Miley turned to one another, their mouths still full of un-swallowed cum. They melted into a kiss, trading cum back and forth sloppily, the white jizz leaking out of their mouths and down to their chests. They eventually swallowed the load of cum, and then took turns licking the rest of each other’s face and tits, sucking on nipples. Lily put her head back and Miley knelt up straighter, letting the cum in her mouth drip out and land in Lily’s. The blond girl smiled and brought her head back up, gently guiding Miley’s head back in the position hers had been. She let all the sperm from her mouth drop lazily back into Miley’s who swallowed it all.
The two teenagers turned back to the four men, who were staring at them in lust. Miley looked down at the Robby’s and then Oliver’s cocks, and saw them start to inflate again. The same thing was happening to Rico and Jackson.
“Wow, guys.” Said Miley. “It looks as if you want some more.”
“You know it, honey.” Replied her dad.
“Well then get over here, and let me suck your cock.”
The brunette girl smiled as the four men stood up again, knowing that it was going to be a long but great night. And many nights after that.
The End.

Alright guys, that concludes the Hannah Montana series. I have a basic outline for the Suite Life on Deck one, but if you have any suggestions I would love them. PM me or email me,
Rate and comment!

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