Harem Ch. 4

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For the whole night after my encounter with Amber, I couldn’t stop thinking about her body, and her slutty attitude. I couldn’t believe just how much it turned me on. I couldn’t get to sleep because Amber just kept running through my mind. I woke the next morning with a very stiff cock.

I was distracted at work all the following day. My employer complained, but since I usually work very well, I didn’t get fired. When I returned home in the evening – still thinking about the previous afternoon – there was a package sitting at my front door. It was from Amber. It didn’t look like it had been posted so she must have dropped it off during the day.

Very anxiously I carried it inside and ripped it open. Inside were four tapes and a wad of cash with a note saying – “Five hundred wasn’t enough”. I clambered to insert one of the videos into my VCR. It was one of her compilations, with various shower scenes, dildo playing and fingering. All highly arousing.

I slotted in the next one, it was her “day in the life” thing, which had her showering and shaving her pussy in the morning, frigging herself while sitting at a desk, and coming home to her vibrator in the afternoon. Immensely turned on I whacked in the third one. It was her second compilation tape, with unfortunately similar material. Not that it didn’t keep me hard.

Finally I came to the unexplained fourth tape. I was quite shocked to find that it was a recording of our fuck session from the previous day. I marvelled at my come flying from my dick to land on her face, and the way she played with it. I was mesmerised by the sight of my dick ploughing into both of her holes.

Most of all I was surprised to find that the whole thing lasted just over forty-five minutes! I had no idea that I could go for so long. But it was strange in that it seemed so long yet so short when it actually happened. I guess it was one of those time-perception things.

Still recovering from the shock of watching myself have sex on camera, I didn’t at first notice that there was a large envelope in the box. Upon opening it I discovered that it was still photographs. The photographs from the previous day; big glossy pictures of Amber’s come covered face and her sweaty body being pounded by yours truly.

The whole episode was mind boggling. Plain old Amber just had so much of an impact on me in just one afternoon! But eating the pussies of two absolutely gorgeous girls didn’t even get me aroused? Even though I understood the reason, it was still quite confusing to me.

Anyway, later that night I got a call from Amber.

“You’re going to make me a lot of money,” she said before I could say “hello”.

“What?” I asked bewildered.

“I said, “you’re going to make me a lot of money”. I just talked to my publisher and he’s going to make a shitload of copies of our little movie. More copies of all my other tapes put together! He thinks that it is going to sell like hot cakes! Isn’t that the best news you ever heard?!” she screamed at me over the phone.

“No, not really!” I cried out. “I’m not totally wild about the idea of thousands of people seeing me fuck!” I was slightly hysterical. After all, I didn’t really think about what would happen to the tape.

“But you’re going to be my partner,” Amber said, placating me.

“What? Partner? What!?”

“Well you did make the tape, you know. It wouldn’t be the same without you. We’re going to be rich! You understand? Rich!” she sounded like she was on the verge of having a fit.

“What? Rich? How?” I rambled trying to get a word in.

“You’re going to get shares in the film, it’s partly yours. We are going to make a lot of money off it. My publisher thinks that it’s going to sell really big, and then they’ll want more of you, and that magic cock of yours. They’ll want me to be fucked in a whole range of positions and locations. It’s going to be great! I just wanted to let you know. I’ll call you back in a few days okay? Bye.”

And with that the conversation was over, she hung up. Seeing as I was unable to get a word in edgewise I just thought I’d wait for her to call in a few days, then maybe she’d be a bit calmer. But in the meantime, the thought of Amber gave me another raging erection.


Friday afternoon rolled around, and I was looking forward to a bit of normality, and an evening of video watching. But Fate had it in for me. I got a call around three p.m.

“Hello, remember me? It’s Courtney, from school remember?” Sure I remembered. How could I not when the recent weeks of my life had been nothing but trips down memory lane before trips down a very different lane?

“Hi Courtney,” I said. Courtney always had been there, just like Amber. But Courtney had usually been a bit friendlier to me. “What can I do for you?” Why I bothered to ask I don’t know, I could tell what was coming.

“I saw Katrina the other day,” she said, somewhat excited.

“Yes?” I prompted her.

“Are you doing anything tonight?”

“I escort service imagine that I will soon have plans,” I said so coolly that I began to think that I was really getting into the whole thing.

“Do you think, that you and I can have dinner tonight? Something a little romantic?” That I didn’t expect. She sounded like she wanted the real thing: dinner, dancing, all that stuff.

“Are you sure it’s not too late for that?” I was definitely getting into it.

“I already have reservations, but, my boyfriend and I had a pretty serious argument. But fuck him! I want to have fun tonight. And from what Katrina told me, you are very good at making an evening fun.” Oh yeah, this would be an interesting night. I didn’t think that she wanted sex. It sounded like she wanted to work it out with her boyfriend, but she was just angry with him at the moment.

“Okay then. Where do you live? I’ll pick you up.” She seemed ecstatic when she gave me the details, her address, the time of the reservation. She made it all the trivial things sound exciting. It certainly seemed like it was going to be an interesting evening. Seeing as I only had a few hours, I started getting ready immediately.

Courtney said that it was a very fancy restaurant, so dress nicely. I don’t why I didn’t wonder at the time about how Courtney was able to afford such a classy dinner. But maybe she was rich and I didn’t know it. I showered quite thoroughly and dressed in an actual suit. Tie, jacket, the works. Although it was really the only good suit that I had.

After making sure I was immaculate and checking that I had all my recently acquired cash, it was time to get my date. It was a good thing that I allowed myself a little leeway because Courtney’s house was difficult to find. But it was well worth the effort.

When Courtney descended her front steps, I was at a total loss. She had always looked rather pretty, but now she was striking. Her hair had been coiffed marvellously; make-up was minimal but tasteful. And her dress was sheer black, with spaghetti straps. It was thin, but not quite transparent, so the tops her stockings couldn’t be seen, but the faint outline of her g-string could be.

Of course she wasn’t wearing a bra, but the dress had slightly thicker portions obscuring her nipples, so that it wasn’t lewd in any way. With my eyes on her breasts, I noticed that they appeared to be a little larger than I remembered.

“Hey, are you okay?” she said breaking me from my reverie. She had the cutest smile.

“Yeah, fine. You look incredible!” While I may have only been slightly overstating, she did indeed look great, and I thought she should know.

“Thanks. You look quite fancy yourself,” she smiled again, and giggled. Courtney always used to giggle. “You’re ready?” she asked. I nodded emphatically and signalled to my car. I even did the gentlemanly thing of opening her door for her.

On the drive to the restaurant, we caught up on each other’s lives over the past two years. It seemed that neither of us had terribly much to say. We were both leading pretty ordinary lives. Courtney did let slip the fact that her current boyfriend was the guy she’d been seeing in school. I was surprised that their relationship had lasted that long.

“I don’t really want to talk about it,” she half sulked. While I didn’t want to be pushy, I did feel it necessary to make an observation.

“It seems like you need to talk about it,” I said.

“Maybe,” she replied. “Talking is something that we’ve never been very good at. That’s probably why we’re still together.”

“Do you mean that you’re problems don’t get aired, and therefore never resolved?” I was starting to sound like a marriage counsellor.

“Something like that,” she said. “I don’t think that we were ever right for each other, but neither of us ever says so. So we just end up acting on routine,” she seemed to be getting close to tears, so I decided to try and steer her in a different direction. But I wasn’t very successful, so we drove in silence until we reached the restaurant.

It was quite a fancy restaurant, and it was also a rather popular night. But despite that we were seated quickly.

“I’m told they do an excellent seafood platter here,” Courtney said. I just nodded and decided to let her order since she had obviously been intending to go there for a special evening and I thought why spoil it for her? I can’t really remember what it was she ordered for us. I only remember that it was delicious and it went down very well.

Courtney also had a fair amount to drink during the entree and the main course. I also had a decent amount myself, but I was sure that I could handle it. It did serve one useful purpose though, and that was to make her more talkative.

“He’s just so much of an asshole. But he’s also a really big wimp. It’s so annoying, he gets angry about how pathetic his life is – he says that to my face you know – then he just says sorry and runs off to get drunk with his friends. london escorts When he comes back and I ask him what he’s been doing he just says “nothing” and passes out.”

“So,” I said slowly, “he’s really selfish, and he’s also never there? Is that right?”

“Pretty much,” she slurred, obviously getting drunk herself. “Sometimes I expect that, out of anger, he’ll say that he’s been fucking some whore somewhere. But he’s just too much of a pussy to fuck anything. God, sometimes I hate him,” she finished under her breath.

Our waiter came to remove our plates and lay out the cutlery for dessert. Then a small band of musicians that I hadn’t noticed started playing some slow dance music. I had an idea.

“Would you like to dance?” I asked her.

“Oh, I’m not a very good dancer.”

“Neither am I. Come on, we’ll both learn together.”

“Give me a minute, okay? I just have to freshen up a bit.” With that she unsteadily stood up and headed for the bathroom. It was nearly ten minutes before she returned. “Okay, shall we?” she said. Thankfully the music was still slow so there was no risk of us tripping over each other.

In the interests of actually dancing properly, I of course had my hand on Courtney’s waist. For some strange reason something felt out of place. It took me two songs to figure out that I couldn’t feel the elastic band of her underwear. I must have been running my hand up and down her hips because she pulled me in closer and whispered to me.

“They’re in my handbag.” Then she settled herself very close to me, and our movements became simple rocking motions around the dance floor. Then gradually she began pushing her pelvis into mine as we moved. And despite having had a bit to drink I was very easily aroused.

“Courtney,” I said somewhat tentatively, “are you sure that’s a good idea?” She sighed and let up a little, but she still clung very close to me. Our dancing position turned into a very drawn out hug. It seemed like hours later when the band announced that they were done, and it was time for dessert.

The way Courtney looked into my eyes as the crowd parted around us, I was sure she was going to kiss me. She came very close, but my recalcitrance put her off, I think. Back at our table, dessert was waiting. It was something very rich and I’m sure that a lot of alcohol was used to make it.

“Seems we weren’t bad dancers after all,” Courtney said when we were finished. I didn’t say anything. We were silent while our desserts were cleared and we were served coffee and port. It was quite a fancy place we were eating at. We were silent until I realised that I was too drunk to drive.

“I think we should take a cab,” I said very innocuously. I made the call and Courtney and I waited outside for the cab.

“What’s wrong?” she said, sounding very upset at the silence.

“I’m just not sure that it’s a good idea while you’re still struggling with your current relationship.” I’m surprised that I sounded that coherent after that many drinks.

“Oh shit, you shouldn’t act like such a pansy, you remind me of him,” she spat.

“I’m not being a pansy, I’m being a gentleman!”

“Is that your way of saying you don’t wanna fuck me. I know better. All I’ve heard about you recently is how much of a sex machine you are!”

“Courtney, keep it down!”

“God, I can’t believe I tried to…” she let the thought drop as our cab pulled up. Her house was closer so I directed the driver there. Courtney and I rode in silence. When we got to her house I decided that I should escort her to her door, but she just sat down on her front step and put her head in her hands.

I went back and paid the driver. Committed to making the evening work out I decided to stay with Courtney. When the cab drove off, Courtney looked up and seemed surprised and relieved that I was still there. She stood, again unsteadily, and wrapped her arms around me.

“Thank you,” she said.

“I’m sorry.” Then I kissed her, nice and gentle, and she relaxed so much that I had to hold her up. She took my hand and led me up to her door. While she was searching her bag for the key she pulled out her g-string that she’d stashed there. She offered them to me.

“You want these?” she giggled. I took them, also laughing and stuffed them into my jacket.

“Thanks, I’m honoured,” I said. She found her key and we were inside. She led me through the house to the kitchen, without turning on any lights. When she opened the fridge she looked surprisingly striking, and I could see her nipples through her dress.

“You want a drink?” she turned to me. I just smiled and she took that as a yes and handed me a beer. While she was digging around in the fridge for her own drink I noticed that she was bending in such a way as to show her ass to me. I also noticed that she was taking her time grabbing herself a drink.

Obviously a little drunk and now more willing to act a little out of character, I walked up to her and began caressing her soft london escort cheeks though her dress.

“Is that how gentlemen behave?” Courtney laughed at me. The shock of her statement caused me to recoil. She stood straight, “there’s no need to stop,” she said. She closed the fridge door and I couldn’t see anything. Then she was suddenly next to me, her lips planted on mine.

It happened so quickly that I almost dropped the beer bottle. The kiss lasted only a few seconds but it had an urgency that our first kiss lacked. When our lips parted Courtney continued down my neck, fumbling with the buttons on my shirt. Eventually she exposed my chest and began planting heavy kisses all over me.

I felt awkward trying to cradle her head with one hand while clutching a beer in the other. While kissing my stomach Courtney worked at undoing my belt and trousers. When she had my pants down she nestled her head against my crotch. I hadn’t realised that I already had an erection.

Courtney rubbed my prick through my underwear before she pulled them down, fully exposing me. Had I not been drunk, I would have stopped a long time before the evening turned dirty. But when she looked up at me as her mouth wrapped around the head of my dick, I just felt that I had to do everything that I had always wanted to do with a girl.

The alcohol helped to delay me from orgasm as Courtney gave me what felt like an expert blowjob. She did all the little tricks, playing her tongue over the head, jerking my shaft, and fondling my balls all at the same time. But I still felt awkward holding the beer in one hand and cradling her head in the other.

After a few minutes of blowjob bliss, I asked Courtney to stand up. When she did I made to lift her onto the nearby bench top. She shuddered when the cold bottle touched her thigh. I sat her on the bench and went to my knees.

I started by kissing her legs, only then remembering that she was wearing stockings. Then I lightly pushed her knees apart, taking a moment to gaze at her dark crevice before moving my lips to her thighs. I pushed her dress up to allow what little light there was to reveal her pussy to me.

I don’t know how far she originally intended this night to go, but unlike the other girls, she had done no preparation of her pubic hair. It was however matted by a fair amount of moisture, making it a little less bushy than it would normally appear.

I continued my kisses on her thighs, moving closer, then lightly blowing into her thatch of hair. She shuddered again. But her sitting position was not allowing me access to her clit. So I stood up, coming face to face with Courtney, finding her eyes glazed over, from either alcohol or lust.

I bent in and placed kisses on her neck, then moving down her chest until I arrived at the top of her dress. All the while I was trying to slide my hand under her legs to try and stimulate her. She squirmed about, eventually leaning into me, lifting her ass off the bench.

When my hands went under her, so did the beer bottle. I set it on the bench to allow my hands to grasp her ass cheeks. My fingers found her wet centre. Spreading her lips wide, I eased her down onto the bench, and the beer bottle.

Courtney shivered and shuddered and gasped as the neck slid into her hole. The way her butt quivered in my hands only made me ease her further onto the bottle. She continued to shiver as the cold bottle slid into her. Right down to the bench she went, taking in the whole bottle. With a shaking hand she reached down to grasp my cock while I gently lifted her on and off the bench, sliding her onto the bottle.

“It’s cold,” she whispered to me as she held me tight. I just kissed her in response. While I was making Courtney fuck the bottle, my fingers found her asshole. Without a second thought I started pushing my finger into it. She gasped and squirmed a bit, but I relentlessly pressed into her ass.

After she grew accustomed to my finger and the bottle, I think she came. She only shuddered lightly, but it felt like orgasm to me.

“You like that? It feels good?” I found myself saying. Why, I don’t know. She nodded and whimpered. She was still gently playing with my cock, so she must have been okay. I picked her up; making sure the bottle didn’t fall out of her very slippery pussy, and manoeuvred her onto the kitchen table.

I laid her back on the table, and finding that my eyes were very well adjusted to the light, bent to examine her cunt. I saw that she had sucked in the whole bottle, her lips were wrapped around the base. I twiddled her clit just a little and she shook with a more obvious orgasm.

Then I prised her lips apart and after several attempts I was able to remove the very slippery beer bottle. I was surprised to find it still cold, since Courtney seemed to be very hot. I sucked on the neck, tasting her juice, then I cracked open the bottle and took a swig.

It was then that I was hit with a slightly perverse idea. Trying not to spill any beer, I pushed the neck back into her very tight hole. I was again surprised, by how Courtney’s lips formed a tight seal around it. When the neck was all the way in I inverted the bottle, and poured the entire contents into her with very little spillage.

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