I Knew I Always Wanted to But… Ch. 05

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The call was typically brief. “Come over.” Jolted I rushed for the door in a fluster before even considering whether or not it was the right thing to do. I was more than half way to Jimmy’s place before the revulsion for what I was turning into swept away the urgent need to be of service to Jimmy, again. I stopped dead, fretting and stood on the corner down the street from his house torn between the polar emotions pulling at my will until inevitably my base needs had me shuffling towards Jimmy’s house.

I hadn’t seen Jimmy since the beach. By the time Mei gave me my clothes back and allowed me to leave he was long gone. Mei had insisted that I wear the woman’s bathing suit home under my clothes and I had been too cowed to resist her. Em had walked me to the tree line and gave me a warm hug with a quick peck on my cum crusted cheek before declaring, “What a wonderful day Lusie-sie. Everyone was so impressed with you.” When I gave her a skeptical look in response Em laughed beamed disarmingly crying, “Oh Luise-sie, don’t be like that. You’re going to be super popular, just wait and see.” And with that she turned to rejoin Mei on the beach.

Getting home I stripped for a much needed shower only to be horrified by the sight of my body in the mirror. Around my pierced slightly puffy nipples were white triangles from the bathing suit top glowing in sharp contrast to the pinky brownish color of my chest. The bottoms had left my caged genitals and ass a matching stark white. The worst though was the writings in sun block across my back.

Mei and her friends had taken a lot of pleasure in taking turns to write things that I couldn’t see onto my back. Straining to look I could see most of it reflected in the mirror. Mei had scrawled ‘SISSY’ across my lower back. Above it was ‘Arnie’s’, ‘Dale’s’, ‘John’s’. The first three men I had provided oral service to in the shadows of the trees with Em. Some one else had written ‘Bitch’, ‘CUMSLUT’, “Gurly-Boi’, ‘Faggot’ and more. Five strokes on my left shoulder and three on my right. Eight men. Eight cocks. Eleven blowjobs.

The first three men, the ones who had signed me, had each used my mouth as a cum receptacle twice. Arnie was the first to repeat and invited two men he met on the way to the trees to join us. Kneeling in the shadows I had taken each man’s cock in my mouth, sucking on it and stroking him until one of the others pulled me off and forced their cocks in my face. I meekly complied as they talked amongst themselves above me.

My oral services seemed a nonchalant thing to these men. Though they held my head and fucked my mouth they didn’t seem to care anymore than if they were masturbating. Only when their orgasms were imminent did take any real notice of the young man on his knees servicing them and then only until they had spewed their loads into my mouth or over my face. Arnie had helped me up and kept a protective heavy arm around my shoulders as he walked me back to Mei but none of the men even acknowledged that I had just sucked them off.

T’sk, t’sking, Mei had rubbed the cum drying on my face into my skin like it was a lotion of some kind before writing ‘SISSY’ on my back. Passing the stick of sun block to Arnie she pushed me over at the waist and he had signed his name with a flourish before giving my butt out a stinging smack. Yelping I had fallen to the sand as the two of them shared a laugh. I wasn’t there for long as another man was helping me up and leading me away.

In one’s and two’s I serviced the different men not knowing who they really were or even catching some of their names. Em thought it was fun to tease me after each of my visits to the treeline while Mei encouraged the men to use me if they wished. My face felt like it was coated with a glaze and my jaw ached by the time Mei had sent me away. Standing in my bathroom I despaired that I would never be able to wash the shame away.

So now I sheepishly crept down the street, into Jimmy’s backyard and tried the backdoor. I couldn’t suppress the heavy sigh as it opened for me. With my nerves on edge I surreptitiously slipped in, closing the door carefully behind me. Turning I squeaked in surprise stopping dead in my tracks. Jimmy was there. In the kitchen. Leaning casually against the counter, smoking, drinking coffee, wearing an old t-shirt, naked from the waist down.

Through the haze of cigarette smoke Jimmy watched me deadpan as my body quaked with surging mixed emotions. His demeanor didn’t change as he smoked, almanbahis sipped his coffee and stared. Frozen I couldn’t tear my gaze away from his fat flaccid cock resting on his hairy balls. It seemed surreal as if in a dream that my hands pulled at my clothes stripping them away until I stood naked before Jimmy’s emotionless stare. Held captive by his gaze I felt my knees give out and I slipped to the floor in his hallway automatically assuming the ‘expose’ position before him.

Jimmy smoked. He stared. If he could see the triangle patterns over my nipples he didn’t seem to care. I shivered and waited my eyes still fixated on Jimmy’s cock. The snap of Jimmy’s fingers jolted me from my trance. With a smirk he let out a cloud of smoke before flicking the butt into the sink then murmured quietly, “Crawl to me boy.”

Damning myself for my eager compliance I all but raced on all fours across Jimmy’s hard kitchen floor to dutifully assume the ‘Expose’ position before him. Panting with excitement and suppressing self-loathing I kept my eyes glued to Jimmy’s cock now only inches from my nose. Shaking his head bemused and smirking with mock disgust Jimmy told me deadpan, “Take me in your mouth boy.”

Carefully I lent forward to nuzzle Jimmy’s cock with my nose taking in a deep breath of his scent. Slowly, delicately I wet my lips before kissing his manhood and pulling at it wantonly. Jimmy’s cock responded and started to engorge. As his cock started to rise I engulfed the tip with my hot wet mouth. Jimmy hummed his appreciation as I bobbed my head back and forth sucking his semi-erect cock into my throat.

When his pubes brushed over my lips Jimmy put his hands over mine holding my head still. With my nose buried in his pubes Jimmy held me close. I started to moan as his erection swelled filling mouth and pressing into my throat. Jimmy held me there as I swallowed trying to accommodate his engorging manhood. Gagging I snorted into Jimmy’s pubes vainly attempting to pull away.

Pulling away against Jimmy’s firm grip was futile and I gagged snorting again with more distress. I heard Jimmy grunt as he increased his grip to keep me on his cock. Just as I began to gag again he released me just enough to pull my mouth off him. Gasping for breath with threads of my spittle stringing from my lips to his cock I had no options when Jimmy pressed it back between my lips. Moaning and gurgling with renewed distress I tried to swallow him again. Oblivious to my pathetic efforts Jimmy just quietly held face on his cock until I managed to choke him into my throat.

Each time I started gagging he would allow me to pull away just long enough to catch a quick breath before impaling me on his cock again. Jimmy’s use of force wasn’t brutal it was just relentless. Soon I was gasping for breath through masses of wet spittle that slobbered down my chin, oozed from my nose and coated Jimmy’s pubes, cock and balls. He didn’t care, he just forced his cock back into my mouth.

By the time he came I didn’t know it had happened. Jimmy’s cum mixed with my spittle and after he had climaxed Jimmy just pushed me away, discarding me. Picking up a tea towel Jimmy had roughly wiped his cum and my spittle away from his cock and balls ignoring me as I blustered and gagged on the floor in front of him. Casting the soiled cloth on the floor he had simply grumbled, “Right. Fuck off then.” And then calmly strolled from the kitchen.

Dismissed I discretely used the soiled tea towel to wipe away Jimmy’s spew and my spittle from my chin and face before despondently dressing and creeping out the backdoor. Standing on Jimmy’s back porch I looked around bewildered wondering what was happening to me. Shaking myself I slunk off and headed home.

Mei was on the street in front of my building waiting for me. I didn’t realize it was her until I was stepping around her. When I stepped back surprised at her presence her hand flashed out to grasp my wrist, her nails immediately digging in painfully. “Where you been Wan Nan?”, she hissed in my face menacingly. Sniffing the air between us she cackled cruelly, “Off sucky real man’s cock eh?”

I gaped at her mortified hoping there was no one around to hear the harridan’s vile comments. “You sucky Mr Jimmy Wan Nan,” she all screeched to the street before lowering her voice to coyly ask, “or were you playing sucky boy for one of your new man friends?”

Dumbfounded I could only gaze vacantly at the horrid woman. Unfazed by my discomfort almanbahis giriş the nasty bitch dug her nails in deeper demanding, “Show Mei your apartment Wan Nan.”

Wanting to pull away and run, I instead allowed Mei to walk me into my building and up to my apartment. I wasn’t surprised that Mei seemed to know exactly where I lived nor that she ripped the keys from my hand opening the door herself before dragging me into my own apartment after her.

Mei didn’t seem at all interested in my place and with out releasing my wrist snapped, “Show Mei your titties Wan Nan.”

Struggling because she wouldn’t let go of my wrist I managed to get my top enough off for Mei to get a look at my pierced nipples with their bathing suit triangle highlights. Mei covered her mouth with her free hand snickering meanly behind it. “Ah Wan Nan sweet looking little titties.” I felt myself flush red, compressing my lips not daring to respond.

Still sniggering Mei pulled on my wrist until I had to turn my back to her. “Ah wah,” she cried out laughing heartily at the sight of the words sun tanned etched into my body. Rubbing her hand over my back Mei finally released my wrist sneering, “Strip Wan Nan, I don’t have all day.”

I had no idea what she could be talking about but hurriedly stripped just the same. When I was standing naked in front of her Mei inspected my body. While she walked around me trailing her fingernails over my flesh possessively Mei enquiried mischievously, “You like sucking real man’s cock Wan Nan?”

When my body stiffened and I didn’t respond Mei chuckled raking her claws over my skin with more force. As I endured her raking nails Mei fixed me with a taunting stare stating, “When you suck the cum from a real man’s balls,” I glared straight ahead trying to control my anger while Mei’s words came hissing from her, “And a real man’s cum fills your mouth Wan Nan.” Mei paused for effect before whispering snidely, “Wan Nan loves the taste of a real man’s cum.”

I felt my nostrils flare with building hatred of the woman as she continued to tease, “Wan Nan can’t get enough of a real man’s cock. A real man’s cum.” She was practically purring her vileness in my ear when she hissed, “Expose.”

Swallowing hard I did. I sank to my knees, sat on my haunches, spread my thighs while lacing hands behind my head and fumed. Mei bent slightly at the waist to fix me with a mirthless smile murmuring, “Good boi.”

Mei suddenly became all business. From my kitchen she got herself a wood spoon. Using it she tapped my thigh ignoring my flinch of anticipated pain telling me, “Knees off the floor and balance on your toes Sissy.”

I did as she directed still finding it difficult to contain my anger and hold my tongue. “That position is ‘Endure’,” Mei stated flatly before leaving me to wander around my apartment inspecting things. My anger dissipated as the ‘Endure’ position became more difficult to maintain and I had to focus. I became acutely aware of my caged cock exposed, dangling between my thighs.

From behind Mei’s voice told me, “Knees together Bitch and sit on your feet.” Sighing with relief I was complying when Mei tapped my lower back with the wooden spoon snapping, “Back straight, chest out whore.” While I obeyed the wooden spoon tapped my elbow with Mei’s smirked command, “Hands on thighs, palms up boi.” When I was settled Mei lent into me from behind hissing, “Now you know ‘Kneel’.”

For the next hour Mei coxed me into the various slave positions with the wooden spoon. Wait. Rear. Wall. Punishment. Humble and more. After having been through them once Mei snapped, “‘Inspect’.” Hesitating a moment to recall the position she was requiring I wasn’t ready for the sharp smack of the spoon against my bare thigh.

Yelping more with shock than pain I cast Mei an angry look. Non-pulsed Mei smacked me again sneering, “‘Inspect’ Wan Nan!” The spoon left a stinging mark on my thigh as I fought to control my emotions and assume the ‘Inspect’ position. With my hands behind my head I stood before the infuriating ugly little hag. Another harder stinging smack from the spoon greeted my efforts.

As I again yelped and shied away Mei chastised me, “Feet wrong stupid bitch.” While I looked at her lost and confused Mei shook her head despairingly muttering, “‘Punishment’.” Smack, “‘Punishment’ now worthless fucking sucky boi.”

The spoon strikes stung and inspired me to get quickly into the ‘Punishment’ position on the floor. On my knees almanbahis yeni giriş leaning forward onto my crossed elbows I arched my back to stick my buttocks up then raised my feet up off the floor. The position was extremely hard on my knees but before I could complain Mei barked, “Count Bitch.” Then struck my exposed buttocks with the spoon.

Taken by surprise I yipped, “One.” Trying not to squirm as my right butt cheek glowed red and my knees ached.

Smack. “One what stupid slut?”

That one really stung and through gritted teeth I seethed, “One, thank you Miss.” Smack. “Two, thank you Miss.” Smack. “Three, thank you Miss,” I growled through the anger and pain. The next smack caught me completely by surprise on the sole of my bare foot. Instead of four I screamed, “What the fuck!” And dropped onto the floor massaging my injured foot.

Looking angrily up at Mei I was about to launch into an vehement hate filled tirade when the bitch kicked me in the cock cage. The kick took all the steam out of my anger and left me curled up in the fetal position trying not to throw up. While I moaned and cupped my throbbing cock and balls Mei wandered casually around my apartment.

Eventually she finally wandered back to stand over me. Kicking my leg lightly with her foot Mei cajoled me to, “‘Floor’ Wan Nan.” With my balls still aching horribly I struggled to roll over onto my belly to lay prone face down in the required position. When Mei squatted down beside me I was expecting to get another lashing with the wooden spoon only to be confused when I heard Mei spit and then felt her warm spittle dribbling into my ass crack. Then she spat again and again until my ass crack was wet with her spit.

Mei waved a short narrow candle next to my face telling me, “When candle finished ‘Punishment’ Wan Nan.”

While I contemplated the meaning of what she was talking about I felt Mei rubbing the candle in the spit pooled in my ass crack. As she rubbed it she spread my ass cheeks and before I could fathom what she was up to she was pressing the wet candle end into my anus. When I made to pull away Mei’s nails dug in threateningly so instead I bit my lower lip trying not to cry out.

It was easier for her to get the candle in than I had thought possible. I was still not entirely sure what she was up to until I heard the lighter click, then saw the flickering glow of the candle. Ruffling my hair almost playfully Mei chortled, “You stay Wan Nan. When candle finished, ‘Punishment’ okay.”

I was thinking she couldn’t possibly be serious as she rose and wandered away. The candle didn’t point straight upright out of my ass and soon enough hot wax was dripping from it and onto my thighs. As it melted the candle dripped faster coating the area between my legs and my guiche piercing with hot wax. While I struggled to hold the position I could hear Mei going through my apartment.

Singing some toneless tune to herself she rummaged through every drawer and cupboard. I had more pressing concerns than what the crazy bitch was up to. As the candle melted more the wax didn’t drip as much as dribble down the candle pooling in my ass crack and down towards my aching balls. Though it didn’t actually hurt I was very aware of it. Mei would stop by and inspect the melting progress, adjust my position with a kick or two before going back to hunting through my things.

Finally I heard the candle sputter and go out. The pool of hot wax around the wick dribbled down my ass crack as I waited for Mei to return. She seemed pleased with the result of her candle happily singing out, “‘Punishment’ okay sissy.”

‘Punishment okay’, was me returning to the ‘Punishment’ position with Mei methodically striking my bare ass or the bottoms of my bare feet with her wooden spoon. With my cock and balls still throbbing I didn’t put up any fight and was soon simpering my counted responses to each strike. When she was either tired or thought it was enough Mei simply muttered, “‘Humble’.”

While I gingerly adjusted myself into proper position Mei reached up under her skirt and removed her panties. Still sniffling from the stinging pain emanating from my buttocks and feet I prostrated myself face down before Mei. My sniffling turned into silent tears as I felt the first spurt of the woman’s urine splash onto the back of my head. The bitch was pissing on me. Knowing I should get up and do something or at least move I just remained there, prostrate beneath her, defeated.

When the spray of urine ceased Mei horked and spat on me before calmly sauntering away. Without a word she slipped back into her panties and let herself out of my apartment while I remained face down in a cooling puddle of her acrid urine.

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