Jen’s Family Four Years On Ch. 05

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This story follows on from Jen’s Family Four Years On Ch 01 to Ch 04, which themselves follow on Jen Finds Jeopardy! and Herself, 1 through 4.

Jen and Christine are happily married, Jen’s sister Jackie has come out as lesbian too, and is involved with a girl from university, and now shares a dorm room with her. Jen’s mum. Meg, widowed over a year ago, spent a weekend with Christine’s Mum, Sandra, and was introduced to lesbian sex. She has since started a relationship with the Vet who bought her husband’s riding and stable business, and now she and Yvonne are partners who have offered jobs to Jackie and Betty. After discussion with Yvonne and Meg, Jackie and Betty have decided to accept in principal the offer of shares in the company and fiscal management jobs when they finish university. The summer is coming to a close, and Jackie and Betty have met up with a lesbian couple slightly older than themselves, soon to be married. Dinner with Meg and Yvonne and the two girls, Helen and Eve, led to all six having an enjoyable evening of sex, and pairs sleep-overs afterwards. Soon after, at Helen and Eve’s B and B, they organized a Hedonistic Naked Week-End, starting on a Friday afternoon. This story picks up from Saturday morning.


Helen, sleeping in Christine’s room, was the first to wake up. She went next door to her room, put on a robe, and went to check the catering crew had breakfast started. Everything was fine, so she went back up to Christine’s room, arriving in time to join Christine and Eve in some kissing and hugging. This didn’t last long, as, being the main organizers of the week-end, they wanted to be downstairs and greet the guests as they came for breakfast. Helen and Eve went to their room to shower, Christine had just finished showering in her room when Jen came in.

“So,,,,?” asked Christine, drawing out the question. Jen and her sister Jackie had spent the last night seducing their mother Meg.

“It went as Jackie and I hoped. Each of us recognizes our main, our biggest attraction is to our permanent partners – as in me to you – but we do recognize a real attraction to each other, and in future will not shy away from playing together if and when the time is right. So, yes, it went as we hoped.”

Christine went over to Jen and hugged her. “The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting you. Much as I enjoy no-string sex with people who attract me, there is the world of difference between that kind of sex and sex with someone you love, heart and soul.”

They smiled, and kissed. A long but gentle kiss with a matching long and gentle hug.

Meg was still in bed, alone, as her daughters had returned to their own rooms, when Yvonne came in. Seeing Meg still in bed, she slipped under the sheets.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?” she asked.

Meg smiled. “Yes, my love, I did. I learned how much my daughters love me, and like me, and I learned also – but don’t tell them – how wonderful a lover you are and how much you turn me on.” And with that, Meg straddled Yvonne and started to bite and suck Yvonne’s breasts. It would be a while before they went into the shower.

Jackie walked into the room she was sharing with Betty, and asked “What was that Frank Sinatra tune you were mentioning?”

Betty smiled. “You mean ‘And then I go and do something stupid?”

“No, no, no! The one about it’s nice to go travelling….”

“But so much nicer to come home?”

“That’s the one. Well, Betty, I’m home.”

“Good,” said Betty, “I was just going to have a shower, so you can scrub my back for me.”

“I’ll scrub other places too, just warning you.”

“I was counting on that.” said Betty.

After they showered together, and were drying each other off, Jackie asked Betty how her night with Yvonne had gone.”

“She’s pretty hot. I learned a few things from her. We even tried a bit of bondage that I found quite a turn on, so watch out. After all, you’re still my number 1 girl.”

“I’d better be.”


The two Mrs. Jones, whose first names were Doreen and Ethel, were the first guests down for breakfast. As they walked into the dining area, Eve said “Breakfast will be out in a few minutes, they are just waiting for people to come in so it doesn’t spoil.”

“That’s fine, we need coffee first,” said Doreen. As Ethel took a chair at a table for 6, Doreen poured two coffees and took them over. Once they had sipped some of the strong hot fresh coffee, their faces smiled at each other. Just then, the two Roses came in.

“May we join you?” Rosie asked Ethel, and the pair sat down.

“May I ask a personal question?” asked Rosie. “Don’t answer if it’s too inquisitive, but how long have you two been together.”

“A little under a lifetime,” said Doreen, looking serious, “but often it seems longer than that….”

As Rosie sat back london escorts looking a bit shocked, Doreen and Ethel cracked out laughing.

Ethel said “We’ve been a pair since high school, and we always give that answer, so don’t look so shocked. We’re really happy together, we’re legally married and have been for a couple of years. Neither of us ever had a boyfriend, and quite frankly, neither of us ever wanted one. We’re happy together, happy to play with a small group of friends, and are here to get used to being naked for a period of time in front of strangers to see if we want to do a clothing optional holiday next year.”

“I see,” said Rosie. “Rose and I are the opposite. We’ve been sisters in law for 35 years, both were widowed three years ago, and we became lovers last night. Now we have to try and make up for at least three years of lost time, if not a whole lifetime.”

“Never look back, always forwards,” said Doreen. “There’s nothing to regret when you look forward.”

“True, nicely put,” said Rose.

Just then, the M something like that?” Eve asked with a cheeky grin.

Christine laughed. “Not quite the same as the original, but looking at Martha and Muriel, I think it is very apropos this morning.”

The M&Ms made themselves coffee, and went over to the two Roses, filling that table. Everyone around the table said “Good Morning,” and then Martha asked Rose how the rest of their night went.

“Well, we had a great night. We tried out all sorts of things in that magazine. The end result is that physically we are worn out and had a great night’s sleep, all cuddled up. Especially, thanks to what you taught us.”

“Well,” said Muriel, “it’s definitely getting towards autumn, but I do believe the weather will be nice for a little combined playing and sunbathing today, if any of you would like to join us later.”

It seemed all the other four thought that was a great idea, although Rose wanted to do a little shopping at the toy table first. Looking at the other four, she said “Perhaps you four, being more experienced, might advise us on what to purchase?” and the others nodded.

Just then, Professor White and her three young ladies came in and sat together at the other 6 seater table. The girls were all wearing collars, which Christine noticed immediately. Jen came in right behind them, and came over to Christine. They watched as Professor White, clearly the Mistress, ordered two of the girls to bring their table coffee.

Eve looked, turned to the others at her table, and whispered, “We didn’t read that situation properly at all, did we?”

Helen agreed. “We didn’t, but the three younger women seem to be quite comfortable with the situation, and that is what matters. The way they are chatting shows, to me, they are happy with their situation and not abused by it.”

Jane and Mary, the two nurses, came into the room. They nodded and smiled at Christine, then went over to the Professor’s table and asked to join. When she said “yes” one of her young ladies immediately went and got the two newcomers coffee, asking how they liked it. Soon, all six were chatting easily with each other.

As the catering crew started bringing in the breakfast buffet, Jackie, Betty, Meg and Yvonne finally made an appearance. They joined Christine and Jen at the larger table, with Helen and Eve.

The two nurses, Mary and Jane, who had just spent their first ever night together, were drawn into conversation by Professor Janet White, who was very adept at getting young lesbians to fall under her charm and influence. Before long, Mary had ‘confessed’ her and Jane’s inexperience. “We know what we feel about each other, but neither of us has any sexual experience at all – with girls or boys. It was intense at college becoming nurses, and we just never had time. And it’s a fallacy that the nurses are being chased by doctors all the time, because most are too tired to be interested.”

“Well,” said Janet, “My girls and I could provide some assistance. For example, you could take Claire and Cindy to your room after breakfast and let them introduce you to some aspects of lesbian lovemaking.”

The two girls named giggled a little and smiled at Mary and Jane. “We’d love to help,” they said.

Jane asked “Why the collars?”

“Part of it is to show their willingness to be obedient to me. Part is to show their membership of a group of equals, and their willingness to be subservient to, and to trust, the other members of the group.”

“Do you use whips and things?”

Janet laughed. “No, I am not really a dominatrix, just dominant, so the physical things like bondage are applied only at the gentler end of the spectrum, to highlight the physical feelings that can be aroused in the body. This evening, the girls and I can show you just a little of that aspect if you like. But let’s eat.”

The buffet was fully set by now, containing scrambled eggs, london escort bacon, local fresh sausage, grilled tomatoes, sautéed potatoes, toasted English muffins, with tea or coffee. There was plenty to go round and it was good and hot. Of course, Professor White’s breakfast was served to her by Sheila.

As they lined up to get their food, Jane and Mary, in a whispered conversation, decided to take advantage of Janet’s offer so as to go home somewhat more experienced than they might otherwise be.

As people ate, Helen announced that the toy table would be open for the rest of the morning, and until about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Rosie looked at Muriel and grinned. “My Sally said she would pay for anything we wanted while we were here. I am looking forward to seeing her face when we show her the toys she has paid for!” Even Rose laughed too.

“I’m sure,” said Martha, “that she will be delighted that she has to pay for them. It was very generous and loving of her to suggest you come here, and I am sure she will be delighted with you adopting her plan.”

“There are some new bungalows not far from where we are now. Not large, but 2 beds, two baths, garage, small garden, lovely kitchen. So we could sell our two semis, which are fully paid for, buy a bungalow, and still have some money left for holidays, or more weekends like this one!”

The other four at the table thought that was wonderful, and just the ticket for a happier, more satisfied, old age.

Over at the larger table, with Meg and the others, conversation was light and bantering. Now that the genie was out of the bottle in terms of Meg and her daughters, all 6 were chatting like the closely-tied family they were. Now it was simply six inter-related women, drawn together by their similarities in terms of sexual preferences, friendship, integrated life, business and domestic arrangements. Meg was no longer being addressed as some kind of matriarch but more like an older sister. The three adopted family members now felt a full and equal membership as all six were going to operate by the same rules. And there was no awkwardness in incorporating Helen and Eve into their conversation.

But for Betty, her excitement was that she had seen, on the toy table, a belt similar to the one that Yvonne had used on her, and she was going to get it to use on Jackie, and she could hardly wait.

As soon as she had finished eating, Betty jumped up and went to the toy table. She pointed straight at the belt, and Helen, with a grin, popped it into a brown paper bag, and made a note of the sale. Betty stood at the door and waited. As soon as she saw that Jackie had finished eating she beckoned her to follow her upstairs.

Once in their room, Betty told Jackie to lay down on the bed, and then proceeded to affix the belt around Jackie’s waist, and lock her wrists to her hips. Jackie smiled at Betty, watching the concentration on Betty’s face as she confined Jackie. Whenever she was concentrating, Betty’s tongue would always stick out of the corner of her mouth.

“So, are you going to have your wicked way with me?” asked a smiling Jackie. “I do hope you are.”

“Well, maybe I’ll leave you there alone for a couple of hours and come back later.” replied Betty.

“Oh no, you are so excited, you couldn’t handle that,” replied Jackie.

“True” said Betty and leaned forward to kiss Jackie. Jackie, whose immediate reaction when kissed on the lips was to embrace her kisser, suddenly found herself totally prevented from doing that. Even though she knew she was tied up, her arms had attempted straight away to go around Betty, and it was so frustrating to her when she couldn’t.

Even as Jackie wriggled, futilely, Betty started to lick and kiss down Jackie’s neck, along her shoulders, down her chest. Jackie could feel her body responding internally to the stimulation even as she was unable to respond externally to it. Betty latched on to one of Jackie’s nipples and began to play with it with her tongue even as she held the nipple in her teeth, biting it gently.

Then Betty let go of the nipple and started to tease both of Jackie’s nipples by dragging her hair across them, letting it brush so lightly on the now hardened extended nipples on Jackie’s chest. Betty was on all fours, straddling Jackie, and proceeded to travel further down Jackie’s tied up body. Jackie’s fingers were flexing and struggling against the straps, not in an attempt to escape but because it was an uncontrollable, irresistible reaction to the level of stimulation.

Finally, with Jackie’s thighs wide open, Betty’s tongue found Jackie’s clit. Betty opened up Jackie’s lips and her tongue dived in to lick, suck, devour her lover’s most sensitive spot. Jackie’s thighs clamped themselves either side of Betty’s head, trapping Betty in place. Jackie was determined to hold Betty in place until Betty made her come, and Betty was resolved that that would london escort agency take as long as possible. Jackie’s moans, groans and swearing were the only sounds in the room.

Each time Jackie was almost at the brink of a climax, Betty’s tongue would disappear. Then as Jackie’s heaving and rolling subsided, and the colorful language increased, Betty’s tongue would crank her up again. This tortuous blend of pain and pleasure went on for over twenty minutes before Betty produced the final lick that sent Jackie over the top. Her hips and bum were completely clear of the bed for several seconds, still with Betty’s head clamped between her thighs, but as Jackie calmed down, she had no option but to release Betty, who promptly climbed up Jackie and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

Betty could hear and feel Jackie’s heart beating as she released Jackie’s wrists. Eventually, they were laying with Betty’s head on Jackie’s shoulder, Jackie’s arm around Betty. One of their favorite snuggling positions.

“Oh my god,” said Jackie, “Just you wait until I get to use this belt on you. I am going to drive you wild.”

“Sounds good to me,” replied Betty. “By the way, did you know that Yvonne likes to be the subservient one to Meg? She told me last night when she used a belt like this in me?”

“Up to last night that would have surprised me, but last night, after Jen and I had made Meg come multiple times, she and Jen double-teamed me, and Meg was by far the one ‘in charge’, tickling me and teasing my body and making me come multiple times.”


Meanwhile, after having finished their breakfast, Claire and Cindy asked Mary and Jane if they would like to accompany them upstairs. Shyly the two nurses nodded, conscious of the fact that they were about to be seduced by more experienced girls than themselves who were several years younger. They went to the nurses’ room.

Claire told the nurses to lay down on the bed, on their back, but opposite way on, so that Mary’s head was by Jane’s feet and vice versa. Claire sat next to Jane, Cindy next to Mary. Each of the younger girls began to lightly drag their finger tips over their partners upper body, going up and down, passing between the breasts without touching them.

Both nurses found this relaxing and lay quietly, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation. Without realizing the girls were working in unison, both nurses felt the finger tips change course and go instead from nipple to nipple, gently touching but exerting no pressure. Then, very slowly, in both cases, the stroking hand started a journey downwards, passing through, eventually, the pubic hair of the two prone bodies and exploring the lips of both. Murmurs of pleasure could be heard from Mary and Jane, and as they moved around a bit, they found themselves holding hands.

And then, Claire and Cindy climbed on top of the two slightly older women, and began to lick and suck on their vaginas, as fingers pushed gently inside in search of their g-spots. Mary and Jane were getting very aroused, and, opening their eyes and seeing the younger girls vaginas right in front of their faces, they reached up and pulled them down to their own mouths. Soon there was a double 69 going on, and four moaning women expressing their personal pleasures.

All four came within a short time of each other. As everything returned to normal, Cindy and Claire excused themselves and left. Mary and Jane arranged themselves with their heads on the pillows of their bed, and embraced and kissed.

Both agreed that being teased gently into an orgasm was great. Their love making the night before had been a bit desperate and in some ways clumsy and rushed, and by comparison, this latest experience was much to be preferred. The type of contortions they had seen in lesbian porn was nowhere near as pleasant as the gentle seduction to an orgasm that they had just experienced. They resolved that in future, taking time and exploring sensitivity would be at the center of their love making.

They lay on the bed, arms around each other, just relaxing, but it wasn’t long before gentle kisses and caresses started between them and over a period, a long period, these gathered in intensity until both nurses were well aware, yet again, of the pleasures of gentle loving lesbian sex.


The two Roses waited for Betty to conclude her purchase, and then suggested to their four new friends that they take a look at what was on the table. “We know we want one of those strap-on things, but what else should we look at?”

Doreen Jones said that a vibrator always came in useful, as it could be used just by one person as well as by one person on a partner. Muriel pointed out the double-ended dildo (and in fact bought one for her and Martha to use, which surprised Christine, watching from across the room.)

In the end, Rosie bought a strap-on in a natural color (“Don’t want no Martians,” she said) a basic Rabbit Vibrator in pink, and a clear flexible double-ended dildo of medium length (“I guess we have to recognize that we have bellies that take up space,” said Rose.)

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