Julius and Me Ch. 05

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Julius and Me (Part 5)

Kathryn M. Burke

I hardly knew how to react to the story Tricia told me. Of course she was a lovely and desirable girl, and Dontae may well have been “starved” for affection; but I had no idea their encounter would be quite like this.

As Tricia stared off into space, reflecting on the eventful night she’d spent with her new lover, she asked a question to the room in general: “I wonder who that girl could be.”

“You mean…” I said.

“The girl who’d done him–or, I should say, who’d let him go into her pussy and her ass all of one time. Why did she let him go after that? She must have been crazy. He’s such a wonderful guy. I just hope he isn’t pining for her.”

“I doubt that.” But of course I knew he was. “Anyway, I’m sure you’ll make him forget all about her.”

“I hope so. But I’m not so sure of my abilities as a seductress. That girl must have been amazing.”

“Best not to think about that, Tricia. Just focus on him.” I paused a moment. “You do want him for more than just sex, don’t you?”

“Of course, Sandra! He’s amazing, and I want to get to know him in every possible way.”

“I’m sure he feels the same.”

That was the end of the conversation, and she eventually drifted off. But I had a feeling that I hadn’t heard the end of the matter.

And I was right.

About a week later, Tricia floated into my office in an unusually tentative way, totally unlike her usual confident self. She set herself down carefully in the chair next to my desk and gazed up at me. Her expression was a mix of wonder, bafflement, and just the faintest bit of resentment.

“What can I do for you, dear?” I said, shivering inwardly.

Tricia didn’t speak for several moments. When she did, she looked down at her hands rather than at my face.

“It’s Dontae,” she said.

“What about him?” I said, suddenly alarmed. “You guys are okay, aren’t you?”

“Oh, we’re fine.” She heaved a huge sigh. “But… he told me about how he met you.”

I was wandering around the little office, trying to look busy and preoccupied. But when she said those fateful words, I dumped myself into my own desk chair and closed my eyes.

“Tricia–” I began.

“You really did it with all those guys? How many were there?”

“Didn’t Dontae tell you?”

“He didn’t give an exact number.”

It was my turn to sigh. “I think it was about twenty-five.”

Tricia covered her mouth with her hand. “You did twenty-five guys? All at once?”

“Tricia, come on. It was more like they did me. And you can’t do twenty-five guys all at once, can you?”

“One at a time?”

“That would have taken a very long time. Mostly it was two at a time. Sometimes three.”

A look of incomprehension came over her face. “How–?” Then enlightenment dawned. “In all three of your orifices?”


“But Dontae…”

“I did him by himself. I think the guys knew he was a virgin, and so they wanted me to give him special treatment.”

“So he did you both ways–front and back?”

“He did me the front way by himself. Later he did me the back way–but I don’t remember that, because that was with at least one other guy. Anyway, by then I was getting a bit tired.”

“Twenty-five times…”

“Tricia, if you really want to know the full story, it was fifty-eight times.” Counting the two times I’d done it with Julius. “Many of the guys came back for seconds–some for thirds.”

“Holy smokes,” she breathed. “And you–survived?”

“Oh, I was pretty sore, and I couldn’t walk very well for a few days–but I was fine after that.”

“You’d never done anything like that before, had you?”

“Good Lord, no.”

She lapsed into silence, shaking her head. Then a sudden air of resolution came over her.

“I want to do it,” she announced.

I gaped at her. “No, Tricia, not a chance.”

“Why not? Why you and not me? Just because you’re older?”

“That’s part of it. You’re an undergraduate, and you have at least one more year to go. If word gets out, you’ll get a reputation you’ll never live down. Anyway, Julius won’t let you–or, I should say, won’t let the team do you. You know Julius, don’t you?”

“I know of him. Dontae speaks of him as if he’s some kind of guru.”

“Well, he’s the team captain, escort izmir and they all look up to him.”

“So who’s he to decide what his teammates do?”

“He just does, Tricia.”

“He’s living with you, isn’t he?”


“You sleep with him?”

“Yes. But it’s a whole lot more than sex.”

“Maybe I could have just a few guys? Five or six?”

“Tricia, I don’t think so. You have Dontae to think about. Maybe he’ll let you–I’m sure he doesn’t want to disappoint you–but he wouldn’t be pleased. He probably wants you for himself.”

“Yeah, he’s a bit possessive,” she said with a grin. “I kind of like that.”

“So you don’t want to hurt him.”

Tricia fell silent again. Then she peered at me with a twinkle in her eye.

“What about us?” she said.

“What do you mean, ‘us’?”

“You know… you, me, Dontae, Julius.”

I shuddered again. “You’re referring to a–foursome?”

“Sure, why not?”

“I don’t think either Dontae or Julius will go for that.”

“Dontae might. You know he’s dying to get back into your pants.”

“Tricia, that’s not very respectful of me or him.”

“Oh, Sandra, he really wants you. And I wouldn’t mind.”

“Julius might. He has a pretty strong code of morals where things like this are concerned.” Aside from the ass-licking.

“I’m sure you could persuade him. Anyway”–her voice became wistful–“it might be fun if we…” She was looking right at me.

My eyes bulged at her suggestion. “You mean–the two of us?”

“Well, that would be just a part of it. Oh, Sandra, I’ve always been attracted to you! I’ve always wanted to–“

“Wanted to what?”


And she kicked the office door shut, flopped down onto the floor, parted my legs, and before I was aware of what was happening, she had reached under my skirt and whipped my panties off of me with a single quick gesture. Pulling the skirt up so that my sex was exposed, she buried her face in it and began licking vigorously. The whole thing was so sudden and unexpected that I didn’t know how to react–but I couldn’t help being stimulated by this lovely young woman whose head was buried in my pussy, and who was using her lips and tongue so effectively that a little river of fluid was pouring out of me, which she dutifully swallowed as she continued to nuzzle at my labia and clitoris. Within only a few minutes I was shaking in the chair, my heels tapping the floor uncontrollably as an immense orgasm coursed over me. She kept on licking, sometimes sticking several fingers deep in me, as she squeezed the maximum pleasure out of my climax. I thought I saw one of her hands go down between her own legs, but I wasn’t sure she actually came.

When she’d finished, she sat back on her chair, her lips and cheeks glistening with my juices, her eyes blazing with delight.

My chest rising and falling with excitement, I said, “That was super-naughty of you, Tricia.”

“But you liked it, didn’t you?” she said with a smirk, calmly reaching over to snatch a Kleenex from my desk and wipe her face.

“I gather you’ve done that before?”

“Sure–but only a few times. A girl has to be pretty special for me to go down on her. You certainly qualify.”

“Thank you.”

“I suppose you’ve not done anything with a woman before?”


“Would you want to reciprocate?”

“Um, Tricia, I’m not sure I’m ready to do it right this minute.”

“That’s cool. I’ll finish myself off in a bit. But I do want to have a session with you and the guys. So please ask Julius, okay?”

Well, how could I refuse? This girl had just licked me to climax, so I owed her something.


When I brought up the subject with Julius that night, I was a bit surprised at his reaction.

“He loves you,” he said simply, referring to Dontae.

“He doesn’t love me, Julius,” I said impatiently, snuggling naked next to him. He’d already poked me once, and I suspected he wanted to do it again soon. “He’s just a little infatuated–because I was his first ‘girl.’ Anyway, I think he’s already enraptured by Tricia. And why wouldn’t he? She’s a hot little item.”

He scowled deeply at me. “That’s no way to talk about a girl.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I like her a lot, and think highly of her. She’s got a good head on her shoulders–but the rest of her isn’t bad either.”

“I’ve izmir escort bayan seen them around. They make a good couple.”

“They do.”

“I hope her people don’t get freaked out because he’s Black.”

“Oh, Julius, come on! Nobody cares about that. Well, okay, some people might, but I’m sure her ‘people’ won’t. But it’s a bit early to talk about such things–it’s not as if they’re going to get married tomorrow. Right now, they just want to have some fun with us.”

His scowl came back. “I don’t believe in sex without love.”

“That’s very noble of you, Julius, but people can have sex for all sorts of reasons–and plain old fun is no worse than any other. Anyway, there’s plenty of affection among us to go around.”

“I don’t know her.”

“Well, she knows you–or at least she knows of you. Dontae’s told her a lot about you.”

“She just wants to get into my pants.”

“Julius! I don’t think she’s that sort of girl. Let’s just try it once, okay?”

I finally got him to agree, and the encounter was set for Friday night, so that none of us would have to get up early to go to work or class or whatever. In fact, we invited them over to dinner. Julius turned out to be a fine cook–beyond just bacon and eggs, which almost any man can make–and the two of us worked well in the kitchen. I think Dontae and Tricia were tickled at the sight of us: just an old married couple fixing a meal for another married couple. For once I didn’t feel as if I was the old lady of the crowd, even though I had a dozen years on the next oldest person in the house.

We all watched a stupid movie afterwards–and then we all tacitly agreed it was time for bed.

The guys stripped in no time–it’s a lot easier for men to take their clothes off than women, isn’t it? Seeing the two of them standing next to each other was a thrill–this pair of gorgeous, dark-skinned athletes (who had a lot more to offer than just physical prowess), both with impressive male organs and with muscles that just cried out for a woman’s touch.

Their cocks rose almost in unison as Tricia and I undressed. I was a few inches taller than her, but as I saw her peeling off one piece of clothing after another my heart almost stopped at the sight of this heavenly creature–with her full, high breasts, flat stomach, swelling hips, strong thighs, and a nice thick patch of straight dark hair (mine was curly) over her delta. And the idea that I was about to sample this female body–my first experience of that–sent goose pimples up and down my spine.

At first we just did the basics. Tricia and I fell to our knees and, in an almost whimsical and self-conscious lapse into submissiveness, sucked our guys’ cocks until they were even harder than before. Then we lay down on the bed, our legs spread, and the men camped themselves between our legs and licked us until we were thoroughly wet. Then they both moved up and mounted us.

As Tricia and I lay there, side by side, looking over at each other every so often as the guys began pounding us, I realized that there was something to be said for sex in the presence of other people. A little added spice, if you catch my meaning. I once reached over and squeezed her breast, and even that mild gesture thrilled me–my first actual contact with another female’s “private parts.”

Things got more exciting when Dontae, in the midst of thrusting into Tricia, looked over to Julius and said, “Wanna switch?”

Julius soberly nodded.

As the men pulled out of us, I silently expressed just a hint of annoyance (It would have been nice to ask us, wouldn’t it, guys?)–but I could tell that Tricia was dying to be entered by “my” man. It wasn’t merely that Julius’s member was several inches larger than Dontae’s; and it wasn’t that Julius was clearly the Big Man on Campus. It was that, even over dinner and the movie, she had become fascinated with this imposing young man–not to the extent of losing her interest in Dontae, but she definitely wanted to sample him.

And so the men switched, and Dontae filled me up while Julius forged into Tricia.

I could tell that Dontae had longed for this moment ever since he’d probed both my pussy and my ass during that session with his teammates. That little cocksucking episode in my office had just whetted his appetite, and the moment he was in me he began pummeling izmir escortlar me hard, almost crushing me with his whole body as he slathered kisses all over my face and neck and squeezing my breasts and bottom with clutching hands.

He was the one to come first, letting out a loud groan as he shot his seed into me. The excitement of it all made me come next, followed by Julius and Tricia. The two men lay draped over us for minutes after they’d finished, and we didn’t mind. There’s a strange sort of comfort in having a man covering you after he’s done his work.

With the men needing a little rest before they were ready for another round, Tricia felt that this was the time to initiate me into the wonders of lesbian sex.

Both of the guys had rolled off of us, in opposite directions, leaving Tricia and me in the middle between them on the big bed. She now dumped herself onto me, taking my face in both hands and pasting wet kisses on my lips and inserting her tongue into my mouth. Then she whirled around into sixty-nine position, apparently keen on lapping up Dontae’s come before it leaked entirely out of me. As we lay on our sides and she shoved her pussy into my face, I was forced to do the same with her Julius-stained sex; and I didn’t at all mind getting a taste of his familiar discharge with the very different tang of Tricia’s juices.

The sight of us getting it on seemed to revive the guys. I could sense that they had taken up the jar of cold cream on my nightstand, and they lubricated us liberally as they prepared to invade our bottoms. Julius went into mine and Dontae into hers. I have to say that the sight of that big cock forging into this girl’s ass, inches away from my face, was something to see. At times I even extended my tongue to lick that member as it went in and out of her; but mostly I concentrated on Tricia’s sopping wet sex, which was now pouring out her juices like a river from the double stimulation.

This time it was Julius who gave his teammate the command to switch; and the sudden emptying of my anus, and the equally sudden filling of it with a different cock, reminded me vividly of the two dozen organs I’d accommodated on that crazy Saturday night weeks ago. As the men resumed their pounding, it became clear that a kind of cataclysm was approaching. There were grunts and moans from all sides–two of them high-pitched and two in the baritone register–until, as if by some kind of synchronicity, both men pulled out of our anuses and spattered their come all over our faces, some of it trickling into our open mouths and other drops covering our eyes, foreheads, cheeks, and chins. The sudden gush of that hot stuff on our faces made Tricia and me come too, our thunderous climaxes causing us to shudder uncontrollably as we squealed like horny coeds (which, in fact, Tricia was).

As we untangled, I looked over to our men and said sourly, “Thanks a lot, guys, for the shower.” I snatched up some Kleenex to wipe off my face, but Tricia had other ideas: she lapped up all the discharge with her tongue and urged me to do the same. I grudgingly complied, but then trudged off to the bathroom for a drink of water from the sink. I mean, how much come can a woman consume?

There was a lot more of this, and the men came at least four times before the session was over. I think Tricia and I each came a few more times than that. But toward the end something happened that surprised even the prematurely hardened young female at my side.

Julius was licking her pussy–but then he abruptly flipped her over onto her stomach and began his patented maneuver of inserting his tongue into her anus.

It was clear she hadn’t had this done to her before. She gaped in amazement at me and said, “Omigod, Sandra! What’s he doing?”

“You’ll find out in a minute,” I said.

And when he actually got that tongue into that tight little orifice, Tricia let out an incoherent scream of mingled delight and horror–and came at once. Dontae, intently watching his mentor and having flipped me over onto my stomach as well, followed suit and stuck his tongue into my hole. I was used to the procedure, but the different feel of Dontae’s tongue had an electrifying effect on me, and I ended up having my sixth or seventh climax.

As the men went off to clean their mouths, Tricia gaped at me and said, “Holy smokes, that was incredible!”

“I take it that was the first time you’ve experienced that particular procedure,” I said with some smugness.

“Yup–but it won’t be the last!” And she kicked up her heels and sent out peals of infectious laughter.

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