Kenny’s Night Out

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Big Balls

Introduction: Kenny makes his debut in “A Mother And Her Twin Sons”. The story here can stand alone, but Kenny’s relationship with his mother is pretty hot, so you might want to check it out. As a bonus, this is an interplay between a dominant and a submissive. Are the roles fixed?

Chapter 1

Playing the piano six hours a day made Kenny very horny. He’d been playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for hours until he reached the point where he murmured ‘fuck Beethoven’ to himself and went into his bed room to jack off. This was his daily routine: play Beethoven and then masturbate. His mother knew Kenny’s routine and was careful to respect his time honored tradition.

After shooting his load, Kenny took a shower and went downstairs to engage in small talk with his mother. She was watching the six o’clock news; there was the usual Afghanistan casualty report, how many Marines were killed, with some congressman spewing garbage about ISIS being on the run.

“Mom, I’m going out tonight.”

Leslie was disappointed because he’d been licking her pussy after dinner on a regular basis. It was their non-fattening dessert, so to speak. She could either wait up for him, or use the giant vibrator she bought for herself. The vibrator never let her down, but it didn’t whisper sweet nothings in her ear afterwards.

“Wow! Kenny, that’s great. Where to? The movies?”

“Naw, I’ll think of something …” He knew where he wanted to go. The Exeter Lounge was perfect. It was usually a quiet lounge, dim lighting, and a good place to meet a woman. Plus they had a piano bar.

“Can I have a hug before you go?” she asked.

“Sure …”

Kenny knew what she wanted. It was more than a hug.

His mother was wearing a thin house dress with buttons. She never wore a bra at home. There were four buttons open, enough for Kenny to get a good look at her cleavage. Her tits always excited Kenny, and she knew it.

She got up off her chair and wrapped her arms around him. Her heavy boobs pressed against his chest, causing an immediate lump to assert itself. She could feel the erection, and she acknowledged the tribute by pushing her pelvis against him.

“Kenny, I hate it when you go out. You’re all I have and –“

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’m a good driver …”

“But I’m in the mood tonight … I have the itch. My pussy is driving me crazy …”

He knew the only way to relieve ‘the itch’. “Mom, lie down here,” as he led her to the sofa. Leslie was not wearing stockings, only cotton panties. Her legs were the legs of a dancer even at her age. He loved how her crotch looked; she never shaved it. Her husband always told her to let it grow. Her pussy was thick-lipped and fleshy, and drenched with juice. There was a ripeness about his mother’s pussy that made him feverish with lust. Her thick, drooping cunt lips glistened with a sheen of milky juice. The long shaft of her clit ended in a fat, pink knob that seemed to whisper to him.

Kenny dropped to his knees and spread the lips of her labia. He could see into her cunt, a dark pink-red hole filled with a whitish syrup, and it was there he began to lick her slowly. Teasing her, her hips twisting, she loved the tonguing she was getting. She knew she’d come hard because Kenny was giving her a lovely lube job. It took twenty minutes before her breathing became erratic and then she exploded. Usually she didn’t squirt, but this time she gave Kenny a small facial; Kenny was fingering her anus while he licked her. Heavy lidded, her breathing went back to normal. It was time to go. She weakly waved at Kenny as he left the home.

Chapter 2

Sitting at the Exeter bar gave him time to reflect. He was 23 years old, with no one in his life except his mother. His mother was a wonderful lover, but she was his mother. He needed to hook up with a woman like his mother, hopefully a musician like himself. Sometimes he felt guilty after his mother sucked his cock.

Maybe going to a concert would be a good start. He had this crazy fantasy where he’d stand outside the ladies room, staring at his phone. When a good looking woman came out, she would throw herself into his arms. This is the man she’s been waiting for all her life! Yeah, Prince Charming standing outside the ladies’ room. Most likely she’d call security and have him removed from the premises.

The best thing about your imagination is that it’s in your mind. You can’t get arrested for what you’re thinking. At the moment, Kenny was thinking about a woman with her legs spread open, begging him to eat her. Maybe if he made a wish.

He heard a voice. “How would you like me to buy you a drink?” Her voice was deep and sexy, and very close. Fuck!

Do wishes come true? Even though the Exeter was crowded on Friday night, Kenny couldn’t help but notice her sitting next to him at the bar. Where did she come from? The sight of her long legs was enough to make his cock twitch.

“Well, how about it?” the beautiful woman insisted, amused by the hot looks her legs were getting. She was a redhead with porcelain almanbahis şikayet skin and full red lips. And she looked bored to death.

“Sure,” was all Kenny could say, his throat dry just from the sound of her husky voice. What was the difference between fantasy and reality? She looked very real to him.

She knew what she wanted, and knew just how to go about getting it. There were plenty of guys aching for a chance just to talk to her, but she wasn’t interested in them. Lynn never waited to be picked up. She always did the choosing. And with her figure, Lynn could get any man she wanted.

At that point in time, she wanted Kenny McGrath. He certainly wasn’t the best looking guy in the place, but there was a look about him that excited her. He had longish blond hair, and looked like a musician. A creative type for sure. From the moment she laid eyes on Kenny, Lynn knew she could wrap him around her little finger. She knew he would satisfy her every desire, no matter how twisted or perverted.

“What’ll you have?” the bartender asked.

“Two scotch and sodas,” Lynn replied, not bothering to even ask Kenny.

Assertive women always rang Kenny’s bell. His mother was assertive when she wanted to suck his cock. But assertiveness is usually a masculine trait. No matter, it turned him on. As his growing erection pressed against the tight material of his pants, Kenny took in the fullness of the woman’s body. She was stacked.

Lynn sipped her drink slowly, her lips curled up into a sweet smile of triumph. She could almost hear the rhythmic pulse of Kenny’s blood rushing to the tip of his swollen cock.

Her body drew Kenny’s gaze like a magnet. His eyes caressed her slim ankles, the muscular curve of her strong calf, her obscenely short miniskirt bunched up around her ass; the fullness of her wonderful thighs and most of her ass cheeks were on display. She didn’t believe in modesty.

Kenny’s held his breath as he stared under Lynn’s skirt, and into the darkness between her legs. His fertile imagination conjured up an eager pussy nestled between her thighs.

As the ice tinkled in her drink, Lynn watched the bulge between Kenny’s legs grow larger and larger. Very slowly, she turned her body towards him, and let her legs drift apart. Lynn’s skirt rose higher and higher, until she was sure Kenny could see the damp nylon covering her pubic mound. She allowed him to enjoy the show for only a short time, then quickly crossed her legs.

“You haven’t even touched your drink,” Lynn said, pressing the tip of her shoe into his leg. “What’s the matter, aren’t you thirsty any more?”

Kenny’s eyes moved up to Lynn’s face. Her broad smile humiliated him, and he could feel the flush coloring his face. Kenny grabbed the drink from the bar, and stupidly gulped it down. He felt like a Boy Scout.

The fiery liquid burned his dry throat, and Kenny began to choke. Enjoying his obvious discomfort, Lynn reached over to pat him on the back.

“Take it easy, baby,” Lynn cooed, “We don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

As Lynn leaned forward, her low-cut, loose-fitting top gaped open. Kenny was ogling the most luscious pair of tits he had ever seen. Her incredibly huge breasts needed no support and hung heavily beneath the thin material of her blouse.

Lynn’s tits were her best feature, and she knew it. They were full and solid, tipped with sensitive, dark brown nipples. Lynn noticed Kenny licking his lips as he watched her nipples swell with excitement. As her hand rubbed his back, Lynn’s fleshy mounds gently bumped against each other.

Kenny was mumbling to himself about his first night on the town. He expected to meet a woman who might enjoy music, but it was his luck to stumble across a female who made Jezebel look like Mother Teresa. His mother couldn’t hold a candle to this creature.

“I just realized something,” Lynn said, suddenly sitting up very straight again and pulling her boobs from his view. “I don’t even know your name …”

When Lynn turned to look into Kenny’s face, she saw the confusion and uncertainty in the man’s eyes. She was pleased with herself. In that crowded bar, Lynn had chosen well.

“Don’t you want to tell me your name?” Lynn asked, dropping her hand from the top of the bar to the inside of his right thigh.

The young woman smiled as she felt Kenny’s flesh twitch beneath her gently massaging fingers. She moved her hand closer and closer to his throbbing cock.

Kenny held his breath as Lynn’s fingers touched the tip of his prick. He could feel the wonderful coolness of her hand through the straining material of his pants. Kenny didn’t hear or see the people around him. The smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol was gone. The only thing he was aware of was the touch of Lynn’s hand on his cock, and the warm smile on her full, red lips.

“My … my name’s Kenny,” he finally mumbled. He strained to keep the boiling semen in his balls from exploding into his pants.

“Nice to meet you, Kenny” she said, innocently, her lashes fluttering. almanbahis canlı casino “I’m Lynn …” She could have told him she was Tinker Bell. He would have believed her.

Kenny was beginning to lose control of himself. His tried to push his shaft against Lynn’s fingers. His breathing became more labored. Kenny felt that he was close to coming.

But Lynn knew it also, and she wasn’t about to let him waste all that good spunk. She was planning on making Kenny suffer a tiny bit more before she allowed him the ultimate pleasure of a release. Or coming in his pants.

Kenny was disappointed when she took her fingers off his cock. It showed in his eyes.

“Is anything the matter, sweetie?” Lynn asked innocently, as she reached into her purse for a cigarette. Being able to regain part of his self-control, Kenny picked up the book of matches on the bar, and struck one. Lynn had to steady his trembling hand in order to light her cigarette.

“It’s a bit too crowded in here,” Lynn said, after inhaling a lungful of smoke. “Why don’t we go back to my place?” Kenny didn’t smoke, so that left a negative impression in his mind. Fuck, if he wanted to meet a nun, he could have gone to church.

There was no need for Lynn to wait for an answer. Slipping her cigarettes back into her bag, she slid off the high stool. Kenny left some money on the bar and quickly followed Lynn to the door. She hadn’t waited for him, and was already stepping into the street by the time Kenny reached her.

“I’ll get a cab,” Kenny said, glad the fresh, cool night air was reviving him a bit.

As the taxi pulled up to the curb, Kenny had his first real chance to look at the beautiful woman, full length. She looked like a model.

As she moved to the waiting cab, Lynn made an extra effort to wiggle her hips. Lynn was much taller than he had thought. As she climbed into the cab, the bright red miniskirt tightened over her ass; Kenny had a long look at her lovely bottom. There was no panty line under her skirt.

Kenny was telling himself that this woman was out of his league. His brother, Will, would give his right arm for a night with this hot tamale. Well, maybe not his right arm, but you get the point.

The cab was working its way downtown to the water front. The cab driver was wearing a turban. Kenny and Lynn sat very close together, but they didn’t touch. She crossed her legs, giving him a full thigh. Kenny’s wanted to touch her leg. It was an inch away, but he didn’t dare move.

Somewhat harrowing, the ride was through the narrow streets of downtown Boston; the cab swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian, the cabbie cursing in Hindi. Lynn lived in Harbor Towers, an up-scale condo down at the Boston waterfront. Kenny couldn’t help but notice the hungry look the middle-aged doorman gave Lynn’s tits as she brushed past him.

By the time they stepped off the elevator on her floor, Lynn realized her teasing games in the bar had turned her on as much as Kenny. The cock that Kenny was sporting was huge; she could feel her cunt drizzling in anticipation.

Lynn enjoyed torturing her men, but she also enjoyed being filled by a thick shaft slamming into her belly. She still played the role of the dominant, but she could easily revert to submissive. Being flexible was important.

Kenny was taking in the understated elegance of the tastefully furnished apartment. She opened the patio doors, overlooking the harbor. The salt air was refreshing after sitting in a smoke filled bar. There were orchids in the apartment, on a table by the patio door.

“How often do you water the orchids?” he asked her.

“Not very often,” she said. “The fastest way to kill a plant is to give it too much water.” Maybe he should have asked her if she were a Scorpio.

Lynn wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her open mouth to his. She pushed her long tongue into Kenny’s mouth as her pelvis ground against the hard lump between his legs. Kenny responded immediately, sucking the beautiful woman’s tongue into his mouth. Her saliva was thick, and tasted like juicy fruit. Her nipples pressed against his chest. His hands reached around to caress the curve of her ass-cheeks, while he kept contact, his hard shaft against her groin.

“I hope you know how to use that cock of yours,” Lynn said, pulling away from him for a moment. “I’m really in the mood for a good fuck.”

Hearing Lynn’s husky voice saying those filthy words made Kenny’s balls ache with desire. There was something about a beautiful woman talking like a slut that excited the hell out of him. She reminded him of his mother. When mom had an orgasm she let loose a volley of smut.

His hands grabbed hold of her ass even more tightly, and drew her against the pole between his legs. Suddenly he removed his fingers from her mound, and led her onto the sofa. One leg was on the sofa, the other half on the floor. She was spread open. He dropped his tongue down between her legs, and let it tickle her pubis for a few strokes. His tongue moved to work on her almanbahis casino left thigh, up and down he pushed and pumped, carefully and gently.

“That is nice,” she sighed. ” Honey, I like the way you’re stroking me …”

Kenny kept up his swift, determined strokes against her thigh for a few moments. He alternated between her left thigh and her right thigh. He wanted to prime her for his next move. He maneuvered his tongue as it moved closer to her asshole. His tongue moved smoothly and closer to her pucker, and then around it.

“Do my ass,” she told him. It sounded like a command. “Darling, oh … your tongue action. You really know how to do it for me.”

He wondered why he had to do all this work. She was already wet, she was panting like a puppy, and if she were a vampire there would be puncture holes in his neck. Fuck. Kenny decided to chill. He backed off a bit. Not surprising, she took up the slack.

Lynn wanted to keep the ball rolling. She was the boss, and was going to make sure she was the one calling the shots. Lynn pushed herself out of Kenny’s arms.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Lynn screamed, her face flushed.

Kenny didn’t know what to say. He was trying to compose something appropriate, something sweet like ‘I thought you wanted me to grab your fucking ass …’

Lynn had reverted back to being the dominant, and expected an answer. Drawing her arm back, she slapped his face hard.

“Now answer me,” Lynn insisted. “Where the fuck do you get off grabbing my ass?”

“It seemed the right thing to do …” Kenny answered meekly, recovering from the shocking pain of the woman’s blow. Her mixed signals were beginning to irritate him.

“Well you were wrong,” Lynn said, getting off the sofa and walking into the large living room. Kenny remained where he was standing, looking down at his shoes.

Lynn was more than pleased with herself. She didn’t like the idea of her pussy controlling her body. She had been able to cool off enough to enjoy the evening’s fun and games. She really wasn’t angry at Kenny; she used his grabbing her ass as an excuse for reaffirming control.

Crossing the large living room, Lynn plunked down on a big, comfortable chair. She crossed her legs sexily, letting the hem of her bright red miniskirt ride up high on her thighs. Smiling warmly, she looked up towards Kenny.

“Don’t you like looking at me any more?” Lynn said, as if nothing had happened.

Kenny looked at the woman. Even from across the room, the sight of Lynn’s flesh was enough to turn him on all over again. Being burnt once, Kenny wasn’t about to play the lap dog role. Was she schizoid?

Lynn could see the fat bulge of Kenny’s prick shaft, and it pleased her. As she watched him, she slipped her foot out of her shoe. Balancing it at the very tip of her toes, Lynn slowly rocked her leather shoe back and forth.

Lynn’s playing with her shoe was hypnotic. It was like watching a pendulum. Kenny couldn’t take his eyes off her foot. Her shoes had 6-inch heels. Not much good for walking, they were the ‘fuck me’ heels worn usually by porn stars. With a sudden jerk of her leg, the shoe fell to the floor.

“Pick it up,” Lynn commanded, her voice strong.

Kenny didn’t hesitate. Walking across the large living room, he dropped down to his knees before her. He’d go along with her for a while. He picked up the shoe. Did she want him to put it on her foot? Maybe he’d toss it into the harbor. Fuck, he decided to caress her foot. Women loved foot worship.

“Hmmm … that feels really nice,” Lynn said, as Kenny massaged her foot very sensually.

Kenny was happy that he was able to placate this unpredictable bitch. At least temporarily. Lynn lowered herself down into the chair, edging her cunt mound out towards Kenny. Her body was responding to Kenny all over again.

Kenny was not a simpleton, he was respectful. He was taught to respect women, even if they were a bit kinky. He attributed it to a woman’s menstrual cycle. Depending on the time of the month, a woman could be loving and lick your balls. Other times it was like being in a cage with a tiger.

Lost in his thoughts, he felt the woman’s hands on the back of his head. Wrapping her fingers in his hair, Lynn pulled Kenny towards her waiting pussy. He was close enough to smell her perfumed cunt. She was still wearing her pantyhose, which gave him an opportunity to re-assert himself.

There’s a difference between being respectful and being a Casper Milquetoast. He was no fucking Casper. He reached into her crotch and literally ripped her hose off her pussy. He was staring at her hairy pubis, curly, silky and barely trimmed. He grabbed a handful and yanked hard. She loved the feeling, like her pussy hair was a convenient handle. He opened her labia and buried his tongue into her. He knew exactly where her clit was.

“That’s it, baby,” Lynn murmured, ramming her pussy against his gobbling mouth, “suck me off. Suck the shit out of my pussy!”

Still clutching Kenny’s blond tangled hair, Lynn wrapped her long legs around his neck. Driving the heels of her feet into his back, she yanked his body against her wet pussy. Her slit was open, the vermillion interior clearly visible. Kenny put his mouth against it, and sucked on her meaty pussy flaps.

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