Mardi Gras Madness

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We met at a party given by one of my co-workers. I wasn’t drinking that night and since I am a shy person I wasn’t much into the party. I had started to say my “goodbyes” when the pretty young woman came up to me and tried to get me to taste her drink. She said, “Taste this and tell me what is in it.”

I told her, ” I am not drinking tonight. I can’t tell one liquor from another.”

She said, “I like my liquor and I like lickers also. Are you a licker? Do you think I would like you?”

I knew she was a little drunk so I grinned at her and said, “Any man would like to lick you . I bet you taste good.”

She looked at me and smiled and said, ” Follow me and get your licker ready. I need some loving and I think you may be the one. Then you can tell me if I taste good.”

I sure didn’t want to turn this down, but with the way STD’s are today I had to pass this up. I took her by the arm and led her back to the couch in the living room. We sat down and I told her, ” This is not a good idea. You are too drunk and we don’t know each other. Let me take you home and when we are both sober then we can talk about it.”

I took her home and got her in the house. She thanked me for being so kind and gave me her name and phone number. She said, “Call me sometime. I would like to see you when I am not this drunk. I am sorry to be so much trouble.”

I called her the next night. When I told her who I was she got embarrassed and told me she was sorry to have been so much trouble. I assured her it was no trouble. We talked for a little while and agreed to meet for coffee the next day at a shop we both knew.

Let me tell you a little about us. Donna was twenty-one and worked as a secretary at a realty company. She is 5’6″ inches tall, weighs 120 pounds, and has blond hair cut just above her shoulders with a 34C bust. I am 6’2″ inches tall, weigh 210 pounds, with black wavy hair that I keep cut medium length. I am a firefighter with the city and work 24on-48off. I work part-time with a fellow firefighter as a carpenter. My name is Ben.

We met the next day and hit it off. We started to date and got married a year later. We did some heavy petting and oral sex before we married but waited before we went all the way. The sex got better and better as we went along. We started to experiment with anal after about six months. She had been with two men before me and I had only been with one woman before we married.

We started saving for a house and she ask the realtors to keep an eye out for what we were looking for. We bought a small two- bedroom house in an old but nice neighborhood and got settled in. We started to buy some furniture along as we could afford it and she started to school at night to become a realtor.

She got her license and started making good money. She really worked hard and sometimes spent long hours showing properties. Her dress had changed little except she started wearing more professional clothes.

About six months ago she changed her lingerie to thongs and lacy bras or the little silky boy shorts panties. She didn’t say anything to me about them and when I asked why she changed she told me they made her feel better about herself. I started to notice that her normal time to come home was eight or nine o’clock. One night a week she would come in at midnight or later and the nights would never be the same. I asked her about this and the answer was, “I go back to the office and do paperwork on those nights.”

I asked, “Could you do that on nights I work so we can have more time together?”

She said, “I do it on nights that I need to do it. We get to see and be with each other quite bahis firmaları often.”

Nights that I would be at the station on duty, she would call and tell me she was going out with the girls and would probably be in late. One of her co-workers was named Ann. I was on duty one night when she called to inform me she was going out with Ann and another new realtor. I didn’t think anything until Ann called the station about eleven o’clock and asked for me. She told me she had tried to reach Donna at home and on her cell phone and couldn’t get her. She said, “I am in Atlanta this week for a convention and I need to talk to her tonight. Could you get her to call me tonight, if you can get in touch with her?”

I told her, “I will see what I can do.”

The next morning when I came home I asked her, “How was your night out?”

She replied, “Great. Ann got a little tipsy. She told me to tell you hello.”

I began to think something is not right but I didn’t say anything. I noticed the night she came in late she would go straight to the bathroom and take a shower before she came and kissed. Other nights she always came to me and hugged my neck and kissed me. We would talk about our day and how everything was going.

I wanted to follow her some nights but I knew I would not be able to because she could be anywhere. I started looking for other signs that she was cheating on me but they never showed up.

We had talked for the last two years about taking some time off and going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. This year we decided now was the time. We made the plans and checked out the Internet. We couldn’t get a motel room but we did get a room with a bath in a house in Harahan. We knew it would be a bus ride every day but we didn’t have anything but time on our hands.

We arrived in town and got settled in and started going to the parades in the afternoons and then we would go to Bourbon street at night. She would have a few drinks and we would walk up and down the street and just have a good time. Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras is where the women can show their breasts to people on the balconies and they will throw them beads.

The second night Donna stopped in front of one of these places and stood there looking up at the people. I noticed that one man in particular was trying to get her to pull her blouse up. I thought he would be disappointed because she would have on a bra even though it was lacy and shear. I was surprised when she lifted her blouse and she was bare breasted. He threw her the beads but she didn’t turn away. I told her she needed to move on or the cops would be talking to her. We walked down the street and came back that way about an hour later. The same man was taunting her to show her breast again. This time she didn’t hesitate. Up her blouse went and down came the beads. She waved at the man and we moved on. That night when we made love she was wetter and hotter than I could remember.

The next day after the last parade Donna and I got separated and I knew it would be impossible to find her in the crowd. I knew she would go to Bourbon Street and I figured I would have a better chance of seeing her there. When I spotted her she was close to the building where she got the beads. I hung back to see if she would show herself again. I didn’t see the man on the balcony and she didn’t show anything.

She walked on up the street but turned around and started back. I had to duck into a bar until she passed. When she got back to the building the man was there and spotted her right away. She lifted her shirt and he threw the beads and she motioned him to come down. In a few minutes he showed up and kaçak iddaa he placed a big string of beads around her neck. She reached up and pulled his head down and kissed him for a minute or more. I watched as they went to the door of the building and he unlocked the door and they entered. I walked to the door and tried it but it was locked.

I hung around where I could watch the door. About fifteen minutes passed and I saw another man come out the door. I watched as he went up the street and in a few minutes he came back. I approached him and told him who I was and that my wife had went into the building about twenty minutes ago with this guy. I described the man and he shook his head and said, “Yeah that SOB does that all the time. I would like to kick his ass but he is the big man’s son.”

I asked, “Can you get me in the building? I don’t want to cause any problems or trouble. I want to catch my wife if she is doing anything. If you let me in I promise I will let her know I am there and then I will leave.”

He let me follow him into the building and asked some of the others if they knew where Rick was. They told him Rick was in one of the bedrooms screwing some woman off the street. He looked at me and said, “Do you want to see that?”

I told him, “Yes, I have my camera. I want to take a picture and I want her to know that I saw what was going on. I will leave as soon as I get the picture.”

He said, “I am going to give you an address. I want you to send a copy of the pictures. You don’t have to put a return address.”

I took the piece of paper and put it in my pocket. I checked my camera and followed him down a hall. I noticed the doors was the old kind with the skeleton key locks. I asked him if he had a key. He gave it to me and I told him I would leave it in the door.

We got to the door and we could hear Donna moaning and saying, “Fuck me you stud. Fuck me. Yes. Yes. Fuck me hard.”

I opened the door and the man had Donna up on her hands and knees. He was behind her pumping his dick into her pussy hard and fast. I turned the light on and snapped off two pictures just as they both looked around. As I was pulling the door closed I could her Donna saying, “OH fuck. Get off me you bastard. That was my husband. Let me go you son of a bitch.”

I locked the door and turned the key half way so that it could not be pushed out from the other side. I followed the guy down the hall and out the door into the street. I walked to Canal Street and took a cab to the rooming house. My cell phone started ringing while on the ride to the house. I saw it was Donna and I cut my phone off. I had my bags packed and I was on I-10 headed toward Mobile to another Mardi Gras in about fifteen minutes.

I stopped in Pascagoula, MS. and got a room. I was talking to the desk clerk about the parades in Mobile and asked if she could get me a room there. She told me I would be better off staying where I was and driving each day.

I spent four of the most fun filled days in Mobile. I went to the parades each day and night from Sunday when I saw Joe Cain’s Widows completely covered in mourning black visit Joe’s grave. They arrived in a bus and all wept at his grave and each declared she was his favorite. I discovered this was a more family orientated setting. There was none of the breast showing for beads or if there was I didn’t see it. I learned that Mobile was the birthplace of Mardi Gras. I got to see some royalty in their finest as they went to the balls. I really felt at home but I had to leave on Ash Wednesday. I had to get back to work and decide what I was going to do about my marriage.

I got home late Wednesday kaçak bahis night. Donna was not there and from the looks of the place had not been there. We had unplugged the phone before we left and I left it. I drove by the fire station on Thursday to let them know I was back and would be to work on Friday. The assistant chief called me into his office and wanted to know what was going on. He told me Ann had called him. The police in New Orleans had picked up Donna and when she couldn’t get in touch with me had called her.

I had downloaded the pictures that morning before I left home. I went to the truck and got one of them. They were almost the same shot. They didn’t move much in the short time I shot both pictures. I show one to the chief and said, “This is what Mardi Gras Madness’ will do to you.”

He said he was sorry and asked what was I going to do. I told him, “Chief, I don’t know yet but I think it is time we part ways. She is making big money now and I guess it has gone to her head.”

I hooked the phone back up that afternoon. Ann called later and wanted to come by and talk. She came over about seven. I invited her in and offered a drink. She declined but did take a coke. She asked, “Have you talked to Donna? She is supposed to get out of jail tomorrow. She wants you to come and get her.”

I said, “I have to work tomorrow. And I am not driving to New Orleans to pick her up. She can ride the bus or hitchhike.”

Ann said, “She wouldn’t tell me what happened. She told me you got mad and left her down there.”

I got the pictures and showed them to Ann and said, “This is why I left her down there. I know she has been running around on me here and I have the proof I need now.”

Ann sat there for a minute and then said, “It is none of my business but yes she has been cheating on you with some of the male realtors. I tried to tell her but she wouldn’t listen. I will deny I said that if it comes up. I am going to send her bus fare and she can pay me back later. I am sorry this happened.”

Donna was home when I got there Saturday morning. She was sitting on the couch and she had been crying. I walked through the living room and took my bag back to the spare bedroom and threw it on the bed. I started puling my uniform off when I heard her come in the room. She said, “Why are you in here?”

I said, “I figured this was best until we decide who is moving out.”

She started to cry again and said, “Can’t we work this out. I don’t want to leave you and I don’t want you to leave. I know I messed up. I got wrapped up in the carnival atmosphere and did a foolish thing. Will you forgive me? I will do whatever you want me to do. You tell me and I will do it.”

Donna, If that was the only time we could work it out but you have been with others for the last six months or longer. I can’t live with that. I won’t live with you doing that. You make up your mind. Do I go or do you go?”

Her face turned real pale and she bent over clutching her stomach. She dropped to her knees and said, “Oh GOD I can’t believe I have done this. Ben, I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Let me make it up to you. Can we both stay here while we work it out? Please just stay in the house and let me stay. You make the rules and I will abide by them. Please Ben. Don’t leave me. I didn’t realize how much I need you until you left me in New Orleans and I couldn’t get in touch with you.”

We still live in the house in separate rooms. We both went to the doctor and were declared clean. We have not had sex but we do talk more and she is home every night. She shows her properties in the daytime or turns them over to someone else. I don’t work every day off at the carpenter job. We go on picnics and to movies a lot more often. She hasn’t had a drink since she came back. Will we ever be a couple again? I don’t know. Maybe a future story will tell.

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