Mary and her Lovers Ch. 06

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Mary and Her Lovers – Part VI
Cars and Cards

It was Friday night and my wife and I sat together cuddled on the couch watching a rom-com. I was interested in the more popular of the genre; I am not embarrassed to say. They were cool, albeit ‘real life’ never happens that way.

As we lay there, watching the movie Mary began to fondle my arm, lightly. “You know, I’ve been thinking…” She started. “I do not think I’m going to sleep with Jason again, he’s a hot mess with his situation with his wife, and I really don’t need the drama.”

She looked up; I bent down and kissed her as I said, “Whatever you want, babe”. She smiled back at me, and then refocused on the film.

As the movie progressed, her phone began to vibrate on the coffee table. She reached over and grabbed it, sitting back while she slid the keyboard. From my angle, I had a clear view of the screen, and saw it was a text from John, saying he was at the bar and if she was interested in stopping down.

She looked up at me, knowing I was reading over her shoulder. “What do you think, it’s still rather early and it’s Friday night?” She asked.

It was rather early, only about half past nine and the movie was ending soon. “I don’t see a problem with that.” I said kissing her forehead. She smiled as she typed out a reply.

She then began to get up from the couch but paused. “You don’t care if I do not finish the movie, do you?” She asked me.

I shook my head no, and then she continued up the stairs, I am guessing to get ready to go out. It had been a few weeks since she had seen John, that night they had sex in our woods, but she talked about him often and said they had been texting a lot and even talking on the phone when she was at work. She really seemed to be enjoying his company, or at least the idea of many more outing together. The age difference seemed not to bother her as much as it did at first, and I liked the kid, he was fun to talk to, or just hang out with, at our house by the fire.

I finished the movie by myself and about a half our later she returned downstairs, ready to go. She paraded in front of me, wearing all black cotton dress that ended above the knees, strappy black open-toed shoes. I could tell she was not wearing a bra, as her nipples poked through the top, slightly. I then began to wonder if she put on panties, or left those off as well. Since they only had sex the one time, I wondered if there were in fact no panties beneath her dress, if that meant she wanted or was willing to take another go at it.

“So, how do I look?” She asked me, spinning around.

Her blonde hair was in an up do, with her bangs slightly over her eyes. She wore long, dangling earrings that had emeralds on the ends, her birthstone. I looked her up and down, “Very sexy” I replied.

She smiled and turned toward the closet. “I’d like to say I’ll be back around two thirty, when the bar closes…” She grabbed her coat out of the closet then returned her view to me. “But, you know…” She cracked a smile. “If I get lucky, it may take some more time.”

My eyebrows rose. Well, I guess that made my question about the panties null and void. “So, you’re hoping to get lucky, are you?” I asked with an eager smile.

She walked over and opened the front door as she zipped her black fuzzy coat that went below her ass. “Well hell yea. I want to see if the sex with him is just as good inside as outside.” She smiled opening the storm door.

I chuckled at her response. “Alright, love ya babe…” she said as she began to close the door behind her. “See ya later.” With that, she walked out and I began to get that familiar feeling in my chest as the door shut. She had already had sex with three different men in the last few months, and other than Chris, it was what I thought it would be like when I started my coxing of her.

The jealousy was becoming less severe, and it began to feel quite normal actually. Although, now every time she left the house, I thought she would be hooking up with someone, and I would be left to hear about it after the fact. She seemed to be becoming more comfortable with her newfound freedom in our marriage, and taking the reins more often, no longer needing any direction. I was actually beginning to enjoy the whole situation.

We had rented two movies for the night, and it appeared I would be watching the second one alone. I put it into the Blu-Ray player as I hoped it would be interesting enough to suck me in, distracting me from the possibility my wife be getting fucked tonight. I started the movie and went to get a beer from the kitchen.

About twenty minutes into the film, my phone began to vibrate in my pocket. I reached in and took it out, as I saw Mary’s picture on the lighted screen. I slid the avatar, and read the text. “OK, so we’re not hanging out at the bar. We’re leaving.”

“Where to?” I texted back.

A few seconds later, I got a reply, “Not sure. If I don’t get too busy I’ll update you.”

Reading that made my head whirl with images siirt escort of where they would wind up going and what the sexy would be like tonight. Maybe they were going to check into a hotel, or go back to his house. I quickly tried to focus my attention to the movie, and away from the possibilities, she would be given tonight.

The movie ended a little after midnight and I had not heard anything more from the wife. I decided I would sleep in our bed tonight, as the couch was not comfortable for my back. I headed upstairs and went to the bedroom.

I was awoken with a kiss on my forehead as I groggily opened my eyes. Mary was standing over me. I sat up in the bed and watched as she removed her dress onto the floor. My suspicions had been right, as she took down the dress exposing her naked body. She came closer and pushed me to slide over in the bed. “So, how was everything” I began my questioning already.

She giggled as she began to rub her bare feet on mine. “Oh… pretty good.” Lying on her side, she reached over and began to rub her fingers in my chest hair. I sat silently waiting for her to elaborate on her outing.

She continued to swirl her fingers around and rub her feet on mine, but did not say anything else. I could feel my erection growing in my pants with anticipation. “Well…” I said.

“Well, what?” She said blankly as her rubbing now expanded to my stomach.

“Are you going to give me details?” I said slowly rubbing my hand over my boxer shorts.

“Who says there is anything much to tell.” She said with a puzzled look on her face.

“Because I know you, and you just went out all night with a twenty-five year old, whom you’ve sucked off and had sex with already.” I said jokingly, hoping there was a story to follow.

She snickered at me. “Oh…” she said beginning to rub her foot up and down my leg. “Are you asking if I had sex with John tonight?”

I shook my head in confirmation, my dick growing even more. My stomach now began to feel hallow as I impatiently waited what she would say next.

“Well…” She began. “We were only at the bar for a few minutes, before he suggested a drive.” She said to me softly cracking a faint smile as her hand now lowered and moved my hand aside. “We actually did not drive that far, stopping in that empty field not far from the bar.” She was now rubbing my cock over my boxer shorts with one hand, her other propping her head.

“Did you park in the field?” I questioned, completely erect now as her hand fondled from my balls to the head of my cock.

“Yes.” Her voice lowered. “We started kissing and necking.” She continued, now moving my penis out of my boxers. “He slid my dress up and began to rub my clit, gently,” she said starting to jerk my cock, slowly.”

My heart began to beat a little harder, my palms began to sweat and that feeling in my chest only intensified. Just knowing that another man was sitting in a parked car with my wife, kissing her, and now rubbing her clit under her dress excited the hell out of me.\

“As I began to moisten, he could easily slide a finger into me…” She said still slowly fondling my dick. “He started slow, but didn’t take long until he was shoving it deeper as we kissed heavier. Then he went for two after I slid my hand into his jeans so I could feel his hard cock.”

“I moved so I could he could pull his pants down, hiked my dress and climbed on top of him, and started grinding my bare, wet pussy on his dick.” She increased the speed of jerking on my cock. “I did that a few times until he just slipped right inside me. I then began riding that dick, slowly at first, but increasing my speed. It wasn’t long until I came, and he pulled my tits out of my dress so he could suck them.”

I know took over on the stoking as she spoke. “He kept fucking me, and I wound up coming again.” She smiled and licked her bottom lip.

“Yea” I questioned remaining to jerk myself.

“Yes, it was really hot. I had not fucked in a car since high school, and it really thrilled me. He tried to bend me over the counsel but, his car was too small, being a sports car… so we just stepped out and he bent me over the hood and began to pound me from behind.”

“Oh… I love how much of a slut you.” I said.

“I know… I’m starting to enjoy it too,” she said grinning at me. I loved that look she gave, knowing I was OK with her slutty-ness seemed to just make it that much easier to act out on her desires. “Then he lifted me to the hood and I opened my legs to invite his cock inside me that way, but he had other plans” She continued now playing with my chest hair again.

“He went down and began to lick my pussy… and I actually came again. I do not know if it was the thrill of the openness, the sex in the car or the feeling of my youth but I was so turned on, it was very easy for me to come readily. After he heard me climax, he came up and slid himself inside me, then fucking me on the hood of his car, he grabbed my hips and reached in to feel my ass.” sincan escort She said as her feet still rubbed up and down my leg.

“He came in me, and I want to know if you mind if I ride your face now” She pouted her lips.

I moved to the side so she could climb up, and she straddled my face. As I licked her pussy, I could taste the salty dampness that flooded it. Be started rocking on my nose as I shoved my tongue deep inside her hole. She let out a few moans and I could tell she was cumming again. I shot my sperm as she climaxed on my face, sucking in all of her juices. She climbed off me, and nuzzled close to me. “That was nice” she said kissing my cheek.

We drifted to sleep, our naked bodies intertwined.

Saturday afternoon my wife mentioned John had texted her and asked if he could see her today as well. She thought it would be fun if he came over and played Canasta with us. She loved that game, and no matter how much I practiced online, I could not even come close to beating her at it. I agreed and she set it up.

John was becoming a rather close ‘special’ friend, as she put it. I did not mind at all, like I said, I liked him, he was a pretty cool kid and managed to entertain our nights with added sexual adventures he’d taken my wife on. After the outing in the abandoned field, I fervently anticipated their next undertaking.

When John arrived, we gathered around the table and the cards were laid out. Him and I played the first game, as he had never played before and it wouldn’t of been fair to let Mary tear into him, his first time. When we finished our game, Mary suggested we get some beer. As we had none in the house, she said she would have John drive her to the store to pick some up. I happily agreed.

They were gone about a half an hour and returned all smiles. I could tell something had happened, as Speedway was not that far from our house. I pondered where they would have stopped to fuck, as I was sure he entered my wife’s pussy this evening. I put the thoughts out of my head and tried to focus on the night’s card game. John came in first, and sat across the table from me. Mary opened to fridge and put the beer inside as he pulled out a packet of cigarettes and lit one. She walked over, took the lit cigarette from his mouth and began to smoke it as she proceeded to sit on his lap.

I noticed what she was doing, but pretended not to. She had one arm around his neck and the other holding the smoke out. I dealt the cards. We played that game, Mary kissing on his neck every occasionally nibbling on his ear. She smiled at me every sporadically as if to make sure I was OK with her actions. They did not bother me, and actually found it somewhat hot how she acted in front of me. The worst part about my wife stepping out to fuck other men is I have no idea what she is doing or what it looked like. I rather prefer watching, as I am a bit of a voyeur.

The flirting between them and constant ‘inappropriate’ touching was exciting me, and I had a hard on since the first time she bent over and French kissed him, purposely showing me her tongue go into his mouth. I excused myself to use the restroom, and heard the sliding glass door in the kitchen to the back deck close. As I flushed and headed back out I noticed they had not returned from outside. Do I just go out there, or wait for them to return I questioned myself. I walked over and looked out the door; they were standing by the steps, her arms around him and his hands feeling her ass as they kissed. My wife was wearing jeans, that accentuated her beautiful ass and a black tank top, that when braless really made her breasts pop. I watched for a bit, moving slightly to the side so not to be discovered. As she lifted her head up to allow him access to her neck, she peered over at me in the doorway. She then, slowly slid around to the side so I could have a better view of her hand down his pants. I watched a little longer, until I got the feeling they were winding down and coming back inside, then quickly went back to my place at the table.

When they returned, John sat back down and I dealt again, while Mary said she was going to change and headed upstairs. John seemed nervous, I am not sure if it is because he was just making out with my wife while her hands fondled his dick, knowing I was not far away, or for some other reason. My money was on the previous.

When my wife returned back downstairs, she was wearing a pair of loose fitting grey shorts and a different tank top, now blue. This one was tighter and now her shirt exposed her nipples plainly. She went over and sat on John’s lap again and we played a few more hands. I noticed Mary begin to nod me toward the stairs. “Well, it looks like you’re getting the hang of this, John” I blurted out. “I think I’m going to hit it, and let Mary take over” I said faking a yawn. “Watch out though, she’s sneaky.” I said standing up and heading toward to stairway.

“I’ll walk you over, dear.” She said standing. John began to shuffle sinop escort the cards for the next game. When we got over to the stairs, she reached in and kissed me. “I’m horny as hell and want to fuck. You can watch if you want to, but don’t get caught, the couch a good place?” She asked.

“Wait… why were you two gone so long, the store is not that far.” I asked with a massive grin. “Stop for any hanky panky?”

She smiled back at me. “Well, he stayed in the car, while I ran in to grab the beer. While I was in there, I decided to grab the bathroom key, and then headed back to the car.” She continued. “I told John to come with me, went and unlocked the bathroom. Turned around, bent over the sink, undoing my pants, then he started fucking me from behind. We were just a few minutes, and he didn’t come, but I did!” She exclaimed.

I smiled broadly at her. “That’s so hot, you are turning so sluty” I said.

She kissed me quickly, “I know, right.” She said with a smile. “Now, make sure you’re out of sight, he’s a little nervous about you watching.”

I shook my head and headed up the stairs. I waited on the landing, giving her time to coax him from the card game to the couch. It had taken her about ten minutes, then I began to hear muffled voices and the television turn on. I quietly and slowly crept down the first few stairs, and peeked my head though the banister. She had positioned them so his back was to me, I assumed on purpose, as she was lying on his legs.

As I looked closer, I could see that his jeans were undone, she must have been playing with him while I was still on the landing waiting. Her arms were now under her head that was lying on his lap. His arms were stretched behind his head. They were talking about random, mundane things such as what was on T.V. and about watching a movie. She shifted her gaze to me on the stairs, looking to see if I had a decent view, I guessed.

She reached in and began to kiss him, and it looked like her hands were messing with his pants, but I could not see very well. Just then, her head went down, and began to bob up and down. Although I did not have a perfect view of the activity, I could tell she was now giving him a blowjob. I reached down and started to undo my pants as my erection grew.

I pulled myself out, and began my stroking as she continued to obviously, suck John’s dick on our couch. I could see his hands move to her head and from the pumping motion; I could tell he was pushing her head up and down on his cock.

He then pulled her head up to his, deeply kissed her, then moved her on the cushion, positioning himself on the floor, and pulling her shorts to the side. My cranking of my dick quickened as his face dived into my wife’s pussy. She put her hands behind his head and as her head went back, peering over to me on the stairs. She shot me a smile, and then licked her lips as she turned to focus on her stud.

She pulled her shirt over her breasts to play with her nipples as her moans began. She lifted her legs and wrapped then around John’s head. His hands moved from the cushion as they positioned on either side of her, to her hips as she rocked in rhythm with his licks.

My jerking became faster as he sat up and pulled his pants down a little, exposing his penis better. She looked at him, while pulling her shorts to the side more. He moved closer to her, sliding himself insider her he held her legs in either hand. She gave out a moan as he entered her, his first few thrusts were slow, and he quickly increased his speed.

Her toes were painted this bright blue color tonight, one of my favorite of her polishes and her feet looked so sexy waiving in motion in the air. Her breathes became faster and deeper, her moans became louder and louder. “Oh fuck yea, John… that’s the spot.” She said to him, her voice more elevated.

My jerking of my own dick increased with every pump that came from John. This was so fucking hot; my wife was shagging a twenty-five year old on our couch! I loved how willingly she accepted her slutty feelings and how she acknowledged every desire.

He then put her legs on his shoulders, pulling her closer to him. His forcing quickly increased as she neared orgasm. “Oh my, god! Faster, faster…” She was now almost screaming and I was trying my hardest not to spit my load. “Fuck, I’m going to come!” She said, in a very loud scream.

His thrusting slowed as her rocking did, but he continued to push into her pussy. He now lowered her legs back to his sides, leaning in to kiss her. Their kisses were very deep and full. As the kiss quickly ended my wife flipped over, to her knees, her feet hanging off the edge of the couch as John moved in again inserting his dick in my wife’s pussy. As he began to push into her, he took full handfuls of her voluptuous ass, kneading and squeezing both cheeks simultaneously.

His face focused on her ass, spreading its fullness and I could tell he was gazing at her asshole. She gave me a look as her face showed extreme pleasure. I, still sitting on the steps tried to position myself better as I masturbated. I saw her mouth begin to move into an ‘O’ shape, as he implanted his finger into her ass. He continued screwing her from behind, now spearing his finger deeper with every push of his cock.

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