Mayor’s Wife Pt. 02

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(All persons engaged in sexual activity are over 18 years of age and any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental).

Author’s Note: If you haven’t already, read my story “Mayor’s Wife – Part 1” before continuing.


It wasn’t enough that I spent the last 24 hours as the young, stud lover of Mrs. Jill Cole; the Mayor’s wife. It wasn’t enough that she had even surpassed my college sexual experiences in one day. It wasn’t enough that she had lavished an amazing dining experience on me and we were about to enter a second 24 hours of wild love making. The Mayor’s wife had now served dessert in the form of a fucking hot, younger, blonde sweetheart who had already shown an interest in the three of us being intertwined in sex.

As we all undressed at the edge of the hot tub, I remembered the night before. Jill and I were so caught up in pleasuring each other that we nearly left damning evidence of my presence for her maid to find by leaving my clothing in a pile where she had undressed me. “Jill, let’s make sure and take my clothes in tonight,” I laughed.

“The maid has the day off tomorrow, sweetie,” she laughed.

All my attention was focused on watching Shelly. I had already seen plenty of Jill’s body, including having my dick cum in or on most of it, and now what I really wanted to see was this little pixie babe’s body. As outlined by her silk camisole, her little tits didn’t disappoint. They were perky little A-cups; consisting almost entirely of puffy nipple. Her pussy had a surprising amount of bush, not hairy, but a healthy bush; and she was a “true blonde.” Her ass was tiny, but bubbly.

As we sank down in the hot water, Jill was the center of attention at first. Shelly and I flanked her and sat down and started alternating kisses and touches. After a few minutes, Jill stood up and said, “Wait a minute, this dessert is for you, BJ. Get in the middle.”

“You don’t have to twist my arm to be in the middle of this threesome,” I said as I got up and moved.

Taking my place between a mid-50’s, busty, hot MILF and a 19-year old sexy blonde was arguably the best place I’d ever spent time in my life. The touching and kissing continued with Jill encouraging Shelly to rub my cock and see how big she could get it. “He loves his balls rubbed, too,” she said correctly.

As I was enjoying the attention, I was curious about something, so I finally asked, “So, how did the two of you meet and eventually hook up. I mean, it seems like this isn’t your first time together.”

Jill laughed and asked Shelly, “Do you want me to tell it, or you?”

“You start and I’ll fill in the details,” Shelly said.

“Okay. Here we go. About a year ago, the Mayor agreed that I was so busy with all my non-profit work, community groups, and managing work for him, that I could hire a personal assistant. I wanted a hot young stud, like you BJ, but there was no way he would allow that. Funny, I went ahead and got one anyhow, didn’t I?”

“You sure did,” I said as I kissed her and fondled one of her tits while Shelly was right there kissing me to remind me she was still present.

Jill continued, “So, I was interviewing young women that I thought could help me out. I wasn’t finding anyone I liked and then, one day while I was ordering a latte at Starbucks, there was Shelly.”

Shelly picked up the story, “Yep, just shoveling coffee drinks for people all day. When you asked me to call you about an opportunity, I almost didn’t care what it was.”

Jill picked it back up, “Anyway, we set up an interview here at my house. Shelly was really sweet, articulate, street-smart, and had a cute little, sassy body. I felt an energy with her right away; I think it was how she looked at me.”

Jill kept going, “She started like a week later and was immediately helpful. About 2 months later, I needed to go out of town for a business trip to a conference and Shelly came along to take notes at sessions I couldn’t attend. The first night, when Shelly undressed, something stirred in my pussy.”

Shelly piped up, “And, after I saw Jill undress that first night, I didn’t care how boring the sessions were, I was just looking forward to see her naked again.”

“Wait, were you both already bi-sexual,” I asked curiously?

“Funny you ask that, BJ,” Shelly said, “The first night in the hotel when we changed in front of each other, it was no big deal. The second night, we did it again and then when we climbed into our own beds and turned out the lights, the conversation turned to relationships we’d had. We had both only been with men, but had always been curious about what it would be like to be with another woman.”

Jill took over, “And then, one thing led to another, I crawled into bed with Shelly, both totally naked, and we made love. Shelly and I scissored to our first orgasm, and then in the process of tasting each other’s orgasm soaked pussies in the 69 position, we came again. The rest of that week, and here and there since, we’ve enjoyed pleasuring each other.”

“So, am I the first guy you’ve been with as a threesome,” I asked?

Jill answered, “Absolutely. ümraniye escort bayan When I saw you at your graduation party that night and you agreed to come over to help out, I was sure I had the right guy.”

“Wait, you planned this all then,” I asked?

“No, no,” Jill replied, “I planned this all today after you and I had so much fun last night, BJ.”

“Speaking of that,” Shelly interrupted, “When do I get him alone?”

Jill answered before I could, “You know what we talked about. You know the rules.”

“Whoa, wait a minute. What did you two talk about? What are the rules?”

“Oh, it’s all good. In due time you’ll know.” With that, and to distract me from talking, Jill climbed on my lap in the hot tub and buried her huge tits in my face.

“So, I do have one question though,” I said, “Will this be the last time we get to do all this?”

“I can guarantee we will do this again. As a matter of fact, Shelly, do you want to tell him?”

“Tell me what,” I asked?

“You know that pool house over there; the one Jill had you clean out yesterday,” Shelly said? “I’m moving in there tomorrow. To be close to my lover,” she added reaching over and kissing Jill.

“Oh, that sounds awesome,” I said.

After some silent, intense, foreplay, Jill headed inside to make some more drinks. As she walked away, Shelly climbed onto my lap and let me suck on her fun little puffy tits. They were so young looking and she was so small and light that it almost felt wrong. She reached down, started playing with my dick at the entrance to her pussy, and then whispered, “I’m tight. Please go slow.”

She was definitely tight, but with a little playing she sat down slowly and fully on my hard cock. Once I was inside her cunt, she started slowly sliding up and down; fucking me while I sucked on her little tits. Our rhythm increased a little bit and she was obviously about to orgasm from my cock rubbing her clit as it slid in and out of her vagina. Her eyes rolled back in her head a little, she arched back, and moaned loudly with orgasm.

Just as our motion returned, so did Jill and she exclaimed, “Shelly! No! You know the rule. No fucking until you’re on birth control.” Jill was somewhere between laughing and truly upset.

Shelly hopped off my dick, leaving me just minutes from blowing my load in her, and sheepishly looked at Jill, “I know, I know, I just had to see what it felt like. He didn’t cum in me.”

Bummed I came so close to having an orgasm, but happy I didn’t shoot a hot load into her young, fertile pussy, I offered, “At least I know the rules now. Can I finish in you then, Jill?”

“Follow me you two,” Jill said. Shelly and I joined her and walked into the house. “So, Miss Shelly, you already had an orgasm and it seems you really want BJ to cum in you. Here’s what we’ll do.” We waited a minute while Jill retrieve some lubricant and returned.

Jill laid down on the large, over-sized couch in their living room and said, “Suck my pussy baby girl, while BJ fucks your ass.”

Jill laid down, Shelly got between her legs, starting sucking her clit, and shot her cute little ass up in the air. I lubed up my cock and teased it around her butt as Jill assured her how good it would feel. She winced a little as it went in, but Shelly was amazing. Within minutes she was pushing back on me, taking the full length of my erection in and out of her ass. We had an amazing threesome going.

I could tell I was not going to be able to hold it much longer, having come very close to cumming in Shelly’s pussy earlier, and I said, “I’m about to cum.”

“Go baby, go,” Jill screamed, “I’m cumming, too.” And with that, I blew a hot load of sticky cum into a virgin ass.

Shelly screamed with pleasure at the feeling and squealed, “Oh my god, it feels so good.” We collapsed in a big pile together, laughed, and rolled around on the couch making out.

We finally headed upstairs and climbed onto the Mayor’s home turf and had an orgy until I came again, squirting on both their chests. Then we all finally fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, it was a strange feeling. I was all alone in the bed. I looked around and the little clock said it was almost 9:30 in the morning. Wow, I sure slept hard. This sex romping was good for my sleep. I found my clothes from the night before, neatly folded on a chair and a note on the clothes:

“Hey BJ Love, you were sleeping so hard. I had to run Shelly home and then had some meetings I couldn’t avoid.”

I got dressed, found some coffee still in the pot in the kitchen, and poured myself a cup. I looked around the house and had this funny sense of being at home here. Two days of participating in sex games with the Mayor’s MILF sure helped that feeling. I finally hailed a ride-share, slipped out the gate and into the car, and headed home.

After getting home and taking a shower, my phone rang and it was my mom, “Hi mom, how are you and dad?”

“Good, good. We’re having a relaxing time. How are things there?”

“Good. You know, same old thing, just chilling’.”

“Have you been hanging out with any friends?”

“No, kartal escort not really.”

“Well, have some fun. Life is about to get more serious. Go meet a nice girl.”

“Leave him alone for god’s sake,” I could hear my dad say in the background.

“Well, mom, as a matter of fact I did meet a girl.”

“Really? Where? Who is she honey?”

Realizing I had just said one of the dumbest things I ever said to my mother, I tried to avoid a long series of “um’s” and said, “Her name is Shelly.”

“Where did you meet her?”

There is a quote that says something like, ‘when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging’, and I completely ignored that, “Um, through Mrs. Cole.”

“What? Really? Is she nice?”

“Yes, she works for Mrs. Cole. We just met. Its not like we have gone out and maybe we never will.”

“Wait, does she have short blonde hair?”

“Why couldn’t the entire cellular phone network explode right now,” I thought to myself. “Um, yes, yes, she does,” I said to my mom.

“I met her at one of those art fundraisers Mrs. Cole was having. She seemed nice, but isn’t she awfully young, BJ?”

“No mom. She just looks young. Anyway, I have something in the microwave I need to grab. Have fun. Say hey to dad. Love you,” and with that I hung up.

I laid around the house the rest of the day, watching TV, recovering from monumental amounts of sex and drinking and feeling like I was right back in a fraternity. As dinner time approached, I found myself wondering what Jill was up to. Without really thinking about it, I sent her a text message.

Me: Hey, what’s up?

About 5 minutes went by and a strange reply came back.

Jill: Oh, sorry, I forgot to text you Shelly’s number. It slipped my mind. 555-541-0091. I am sure she could use your help moving her stuff here tomorrow. Thank you again for your hard work here the other day. Your mom should be proud of you.

Me: Okay.

I sat around for a while wondering why her reply sounded so weird, and then I got my answer in her next text about 30 minutes later.

Jill: Hey BJ. The Mayor came home and we were talking when you texted me. He wondered what you wanted and I said I had promised to connect you and Shelly about helping her move to our place.

Me: Sorry I texted.

Jill: All good. I am glad you didn’t say anything more. I’m in the restroom now texting you. My pussy misses you.

Me: I miss you too.

Jill: Get a hold of Shelly. And, don’t text unless I text you.

Me: Will do.

With the Mayor back in town, no doubt the rampant fucking of his wife, at his house and in his bed, wouldn’t probably slow down. In any event, I still had Shelly. I just had to remember she wasn’t on birth control yet. Nothing a trip to the store for condoms couldn’t solve. I went to the store to pick up some food for my dinner and grabbed a box of rubbers, too. After I made myself some dinner, I decided to text Shelly:

Me: Hey, its BJ. What’s up?

Shelly: I know who it is. Not much. U?

Me: Nothing. I heard you want help moving.

Shelly: That would be awesome. Can you help tomorrow?

Me: Sure. Free tonight?

Shelly: Oh. Sorry. I’m really not. What time tomorrow?

Me: 10 am?

Shelly: Can we make it noon?

Me: I’ll see you then. Text me your address.

Damn. After almost 48 hours of amazing sex, I’d be alone tonight. Maybe it was better. I dropped back into my dad’s recliner and my phone buzzed with a text:

Unknown Number: Hi.

Oh shit, not this again. Abandoning my polite line from when Jill put me through this, I replied:

Me: Who’s this?

Unknown Number: Linda. We met at the bar the other night.

Me: Oh, right. Sorry.

Linda: No problem. I forgot you didn’t have my number.

Me: What’s up?

Linda: Nothing. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out.

Me: When?

Linda: Is tonight too soon?

Me: Sure. Where?

Linda: How about that same little bar?

Me: Perfect. An hour?

Linda: Perfect.

“What the fuck,” I thought to myself. “It isn’t like Shelly or Jill were my girlfriends. Just wild fuck buddies.”

I met Linda at about 8:30 pm. She was definitely made up for the night; looking way hotter than before. Her long, straight, black Asian hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She had on a mini skirt and a cute, button-up blouse that highlighted her little tits. We ordered drinks and chatted. Our conversation was easy as we laughed along. She was 30, which was easy to believe considering how young Asian women look, and was just finishing an MBA while working full time in the finance industry.

After a second cocktail, I paid the bill and we walked out to the parking lot. I lived so close that I had driven over, but she needed to catch a ride-share home. As she was waiting for the ride, making small talk, she said, “I sure wish this place had served dessert. Having a couple drinks always gives me a sweet tooth.”

“What sweet do you like the best,” I asked?

“Oh come on. Chocolate. Doesn’t every girl?”

Throwing caution to the wind kartal escort bayan I said, “Well, I know we just met, but I live really close to here. Cancel your driver and come over for some chocolate.”

Without even hesitating, she clicked her phone a few times and said, “Done. Let’s go.”

We agreed on a bottle of bubbly and some dark chocolate and went out to the patio so I could show her the view. Naturally, she loved the breathtaking view of the city lights below. As we stood there in the dark, definitely feeling the drinks, I moved behind her and started gently rubbing her shoulders. She stretched her neck around in circles and seemed to be enjoying my touch. I moved my hands up sensually onto her neck and said, “Are you warm enough? Do you want to go inside?”

She turned around to face me and was standing very close, “We can go inside, but I don’t have sex on the first date.”

“Of course not,” I said. As I followed her in the house, I thought to myself, “Dammit. She certainly didn’t get that rule from Shelly and Jill.”

Once inside the house, I excused myself to the restroom and said, “Make yourself comfortable.”

She was laying on the couch, shoes off, and feet stretched out. I sat down next to her torso, nudged her over a little, and laid down on the couch with her. We started to kiss and make out a little and I figured I’d see how she defined ‘not having sex.’

I reached up, started unbuttoning her blouse and she grabbed my hand and said, “I should not let you do this, but I think the drinks are going to let you. But, Mister, the shirt is all that comes off.”

Without saying a word, I buttoned her blouse all the way. She had on a front clasp bra and that quickly came undone. She had tiny, but mature tits with dark little nipples. The center of her nipples were hard like a pencil eraser and she moaned as I pinched them and kissed them.

She ran a hand up under my shirt and onto my bare chest and said, “My shirt is off, shouldn’t yours come off?” I hopped off the couch, pulled off my shirt off and immediately unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to the floor. “Whoa, I said your shirt. That is enough clothes coming off,” she laughed.

“Those jeans were too tight,” I said innocently.

“I wonder why,” she laughed seeing the bulge in my boxer briefs.

I laid back down and we kept making out, our bare chests together. My hard cock, bulging out of my underwear, made its way up under her skirt and was rubbing on her pussy through her panties. She pulled me in by my hips to encourage the dry humping motion we had going. I reached behind her skirt, found a zipper and started to pull it down. She lifted her hips and, when the zipper separated completely, her skirt came off.

The humping of her underwear continued and got faster and faster until she finally screamed, “Oh shit. Oh shit. I’m cumming.” She shook with orgasm and for a minute. I thought she’d peed her underwear. Her orgasm gushed pussy juices, soaking her panties, my underwear, and getting all over the couch. Fortunately, it was leather.

As her orgasm subsided a little, she reached down, grabbed at the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down enough for my erect dick to pop out. She pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and guided me in. “I guess this is ‘not having sex’,” I laughed to myself.

Her eyes were rolling back in her head as I fucked her hard and fast on the couch. I had quite a bit of stamina built up, so I fucked her, ramming my hard cock into the back of her cervix, for a good 10 minutes. She was screaming for more, but I knew I was about to cum, “I’m going to cum.”

“Not in me. No. No. You can’t,” she screamed. “I am not protected.” I started to pull out, but she hooked her ankles around me and said, “No. Not yet. Just a little more.”

“I can’t hold it, Linda!”

“Oh god, oh god, just fuck me,” she screamed as she kept me locked into her pussy. At some point, every man crosses the point of no return and I had reached that point. My cock started pumping and I blew load after load of cum deep into her womb. My orgasm kept me, for the moment, from really caring about the fact that I had just shot my little swimmers into an unprotected pool.

I collapsed on top of her and we kissed for a minute until reality hit. She pushed me off and so I stood up and tucked my dripping dick back into my underwear. Her panties were back in place, soaking wet from her earlier orgasm and now filled with my white, sticky cum. Linda caught her breath and said, “Oh fuck. This is not good. I am only a few days from my period and very fertile.”

“Should we jump in the shower and try to clean it out,” I asked?

“It is worth a try, but I probably need to get a Plan B pill.”

We went to my parent’s bathroom, the shower is much bigger, got naked and hopped in the shower. Getting in a hot, steamy shower with gorgeous Asian woman, right after erotic fucking, is not the best way to avoid more sex. I started cleaning out her cum stuffed pussy with my finger and that got her wildly excited again. As I fingered her, she stroked my cock to another erection. I turned her around and started hinting at her ass with the head of my cock. She reached back and gladly guided it into her butt. It was tight and warm and she was happy to slide on and off my cock with a nice, slow motion. I was feeling her little tits and getting close to cumming again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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