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My mom Denise is hot!! She became a model at 18 to support me who she had when she was 16. I’m pretty sure I was a prom night baby and my father has never been in the picture. I am now 17 and my moms 33 but looks even younger. She has stunning 34DDD all natural boobs and a 34 inch perfect, round ass that compliments her 19 inch waist so well (I saw her measurements online). Lucky for me she has hundreds of photos online that I spend countless hours jerking off to. Unfortunately she has never done any nudes and at home she is a little more conservative. She usually walks around in nighties and rarely wears thongs around the house like I wish.
About a year ago something amazing happened that changed my life forever
It was just a normal summer day.
“Hey, Tommy do you want to go get something to eat?”
“Sure, I’m starving; just give me a few minutes”
I was busy rubbing one out fantasizing about shooting a huge load on her busty chest.
“Honey I’m leaving now are you coming?”

I guess im going to have to finish this later
“Ok, im coming”
As I left my room I noticed the door was cracked a little and thought I need to be more careful I don’t want my mom seeing me jerk off.

My mom and I went to a small Italian restaurant by our house we always go to. On the way there I noticed my mom was wearing a very low cut dress that showed her monster tits so nice. I was still sporting a half chode from not finishing my business earlier but the view of my moms chest soon made my cock grow in to an 8 inch rock. It was in plainly obvious I had a hard on in my gym shorts so I quickly fumbled in my pockets and got my cock up into my drawl string. I don’t think my mom noticed my cock but she did notice the fumbling.

“Whats wwrong baby?
“oh um nothing … just an… just an itch” Damn did I have in itch I was so horny
“Anything I can to do help you hon?”
Oh god so many things I thought to myself.
“no im good mom”

We pulled into the restaurant and were seated outside.
“It sure is hot out today” my mom said
“Yeah it’s blazing out today”
“I’ve been so busy lately we’ve hardly had time to use our pool this year, well have to get out and use it soon.
“For sure” I said

My mom went to take a drink of her water when the glass slipped from her hand and spilt water all over her and mainly her boobs.
“Oops” she said as she casually took her napkin and dabbed her boobs. My jaw about hit the floor. Her glistening tits were so hot. The cold water made her nipple so hard.

“I’m going to go to the restroom and get cleaned up she said.
I could believe what just happen. The water made my moms lace dress just barely see through and her nipple got so hard they were poking through her shirt.
About 5 minutes london escort later my phone went off and I about came as my phone was vibrating against my throbbing cock. It was my mom
“Hey baby, my clothes are drenched can you go home and get me a pair to change into”
“Sure mom”

I drove home and went up to my moms room. An idea hit me. She had to wear whatever I brought her. I ran to my sisters room who had been away at college for 3 years. I found the smallest most revealing tank top she had and she was only a C cup so my moms tits were sure to be about ready to blow out of the shirt. I went back to my moms room and got a pair of sheer nylon leggings that my mom didn’t wear any more because they had a small rip in the crotch/ass. I put my finger In the rip and tore it a little bigger. I then headed to the treasure chest, my moms panty drawer. I opened it and on top was a tiny pink thong bikini. I thought maybe I should just take her this haha but that would be too obvious. I took it out and put it on the floor. This truly was a treasure chest underneath the bikini was my mom dildo. I took it out. it was about 8 inches, about the same size as me. I smelled it and my moms sexy aroma overcame me. I needed to jerk off. I headed to the bathroom and began jerking off. I put the dildo in my mouth. My mom tasted so good, so sweet with a hint of must. Before I came I went to my moms hamper and grabbed one of her dirty thongs and wrapped it around my cock. I was wacking it harder and hard while I tasted my moms dildo. My phone range and startled me and I began to cum all over the thong. I just kept cumming and the crotch of the thong was catching every drop. I set the thong on the toilet seat and ran to my phone in the other room and answered it.

“Baby whats taking you so long”
“sorry I got side tracked im on my way”
“ok honey bye”

I hurried and put her dildo and bikini back. I didn’t know what to do with the thong it was covered in come and my mom would notice when she did the laundry. I put it in my pocket to deal with it later. I grabbed the tank top and leggings and ran out the door. I got back to the restaurant and went to the womens restroom. I knocked
“It’s me”
The door cracked open. My mom must have already undressed because she hid her body behind the door. What she didn’t realize is the bathroom mirror gave me a perfect shot of her side boob.
“Thanks baby” She said as she took the clothes.
She started talking to me with the door shut.
“aww baby you grabbed one of you sisters shirts, it must have gotten mixed in with my stuff last time your sister came home. I hope I can fit I this, I don’t know if this is any better than my see through dress haha”
“sorry mom I didn’t realize” I london escort agency said smirking.
“Oh baby! And you brought me sheer leggings these aren’t pants”
“sorry mom I thought they were yoga pants I don’t know this stuff I’m a boy haha”
“oh..Its..its fine honey”
The door opened. My mom whispered to me
My mom said “honey I hate to keep complaining to you but you brought me ripped see through leggings and, well this is embarrassing but I didn’t wear panties this morning and if I put those leggings on everyone will be able to see me… down there”
I was speechless and was instantly hard again
“Oh wait you brought me panties I can probably make this work so that im covered enough to make it to the car”
I was still in aww at the fact she didn’t wear panties and didn’t realize what she said. She reached down and I looked down at my pocket.
FUCK. The thong I came in was partially hanging out and she grabbed it and shut the door.

“no wait” I muttered but it was too late.

The door opened and I waited for the beginning of the end.

“you ready to go tommy” she said.
I was surprised, maybe she didn’t notice. But she had to there was so much cum on it. I just went with whatever was going on.

“Yep” I said
We began walking to the door I looked down at her crouch the thong hardly covered the rips and the cum was starting to soak through, she had to know. I then looked at her ass, it was amazing every step she took it bounced and I could see straight through the leggings to the thong. As I watched her ass bounce I saw some of the cum leak out of the rip in her leggings. It was so hot but I was worried about what was going to happen.

We got home and once again surprised me again, she didn’t go up to change she said
“hey honey lets go out by the pool”

We went out to the by the pool, the thought of my cum rubbing up agains my moms pussy was making me so hard.

We sat down on our lawn furniture.
“you know what honey, im going to go up and change into a bathing suit so we can swim”
“ok mom im just going to swim in my gym shorts.

As she walked around the pool she went to put her toe in the water to check the temperature. All the sudden she fell in. She started laughing and came back up the ladder giving me a perfect view of her boobs through the now transparent see through white tank top. Her nipples were at least the size of a half dollar.
“haha clumsy me” she said then went to change.

Man today just keeps getting better I thought. I was hoping my mom was going to change into that pink thong bikini I saw early. She was inside for a pretty long time. When she came out I had my fingers crossed but she didn’t have it on. Instead just a normal string bikini, escort london damn.

We swam for about 2 hrs and it was pretty uneventful compared to the rest of the day. I went up to my room to get ready for bed. When I walked in I saw something on my pillow. It was the thong I had jacked off in early. There was a note next to it.

Hey baby I didn’t want to make you feel awkward
At the restaurant Its fine if you use my thongs for
you business please Just ask and try not to drench
them like this one ;)haha. I freshened this one up
for you well I was getting my bikini. ENJOY!

I picked up the thong and it was drenched and smelled so strong. My mom did know I can in it and is helping me out? This is awesome! I jerked off in the thong and went to bed.

The next day I reflected on what had happened the previous day and thought about how comfortable my mom was with me jerking off. I decided to test out how comfortable she was. I put on only boxers and was sporting my morning wood. I went down stairs. My mom was doing the dishes in her pink thong bikini. She was facing away from me.

“hey baby do you want to swim” she turned to me “woo you might have to take care of that first do you want me to soil another thong for you”
“nah that’s alright ill just use you dildo”
“haha I wouldn’t do that baby”
“why not mom”
“umm.. well baby”
“well what”
“Well because… that was up my ass yesterday well I was soaking the thong I gave you last night”
“wow mom that’s so hot, you like anal”
“well baby you made me very hot giving me those cum covered panties to walk around in, and yes I absolutely love anal”
“Here baby just take these and join me in the pool when your done” my mom took off her thong bikini bottom and tossed them to me leaving her pussy naked, she had a short neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair about her pussy.

“wow mom thanks, that’s so hot”
“you welcome baby”
“can I see you boobs”
“haha you didn’t get enough when I spilt that water on me and then you gave me that tiny shirt, and I even gave you that view when I fell in the pool”
“you did that on purpose”
“haha yeah I saw you jacking off in you room and ive seen your computer history, all you do is jack off to me and I was flattered so I thought id help you haha”
“I love you mom”
“I love you too tommy and here you go”
The bikini top dropped and hit the floor and her tits fell and bounced, it was amazing. Her nipples were at least the size as the end of my pinkies.
“oh my mom thank you”
“your welcome baby, how about showing me that big pecker of yours, you know I bought my dildo the same size as you so it was as real as possible when I fantasize about you.
“that’s so hot” I said as I dropped my pants and started stroking my cock with my moms thong.
“that’s so hot baby haha, let me help you out” my mom came over and started stroking me until I came all over her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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