Mother in Law Finds the Courage

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Hi All,

This is my first time writing about my encounters with my Mother in Law.

I love reading submissions on Literotica and finally found the courage to write about my own.

Please feel free to give me feedback but be gentle 🙂 If people enjoy, I’m planning on writing about more encounters in the future.

My name in Andrew and I’ve been married to my wife for 25 years, I met my wife Lisa when we were both 17. As a teenager I was always horny and had my fair share of girlfriends before meeting Lisa, which probably lead to me having the hots for my Mother in Law Gemma.

Gemma at the time of meeting my wife was 40 years old. She has been a teacher her whole career. Gemma is 5ft 9ins with an athletic body, her breasts were no more than a handful but her tanned body definitely made up for that. She always loves to holiday with her husband Keith, taking 3-4 holidays a year. This results in some awesome tan lines in all the right spots which for some reason I find so hot. Gemma also wears glasses. I don’t know about everyone else but there were several teachers in my school days, that I would have loved to have been seduced by. When they give you that naughty boy look over their glasses. So here I find myself going out with a girl who’s mom is a teacher, with a smoking hot body and wears glasses to boot.

Upon first meeting Gemma (being invited round for Sunday roast), I was on my best behaviour, polite, dressed appropriately, sat up straight etc. etc. Her husband Keith is a well-educated man and was brought up with a stiff upper lip

( Don’t get me wrong it was not hard core snobbery but he never made small talk and I always find it awkward when talking to him ). So I tried my best to make a good first impression to please all involved. Gemma was wearing a white short summer dress with pink roses all over, it did a great job in showing of her well-toned legs and an even better job in showing her breasts with a low cut neck which revealed all when she bent over.

The first time I saw Gemma’s breasts was when she brought me a drink over, she bent over and placed my drink onto the nest of tables next to my chair, as I turned to say thank you I was presented with the perfect naked view of her perky, succulent tits, her nipples were rock hard and she had dark coloured areolas which looked amazing around her pink nipples. I had never seen this before on a woman and I was mesmerised. I did a double take when I saw them and gave a slight stutter when saying thank you, which thank god nobody picked up on except for Gemma. She looked straight at me, catching the direction of my gaze as I looked up towards her, I thought SHIT this is a great way to meet my girlfriends parents with me perving on her mother. But she knew exactly what she was doing as she replied with “your more than welcome”, with a wicked look in her eyes and a cheeky little smile. Then she was back to cooking the Sunday Roast.

This was the way it went for years after, every now and again she would surprise me with something out of the blue. A cuddle to say hello were she would put her full chest into me, or a kiss on special occasions that lasted a little too long. At a family wedding I was outside catching some fresh air, Gemma came out to join me and just put her arms under my jacket and cuddled me to get warm.

The one time that stood out as my best experience was on holiday with her parents. I needed something from our bedroom, Keith and Lisa were still sunbathing but Gemma had gone to shower in preparation for our evening out. When I got to the family room I headed towards our bedroom and found that Gemma had left the bathroom door half open which had a direct view of the shower. There she was stood totally naked washing her pussy, I was like a rabbit in headlights, she looked like a model doing a seductive photoshoot. It felt likes ages but could only have been about 10 seconds, Gemma looked directly at me and continued to caress her pussy and without a word she turned around and just continued to shower.

Me being me I was always to worried about taking that extra step with my mother in law when these opportunities presented themselves. I loved Lisa, sex was not an issue, Lisa always managed to keep me happy in the bedroom and could certainly be a dirty little slut when she wanted to be. So I figured why rock the boat, Her mother spent a lot of time in my fantasies when I would masturbate and especially when my wife wanted to roleplay, Lisa would be shouting at me, “son fuck your mother”. All I could imagine was pounding her mother and having her squirt all over my cock.

It was enough for me to have my fantasy, I wasn’t hurting anyone, but little did I know what my mother in law had planned.

About 7 years from when me and Lisa started dating (4 years married), I was asked by Gemma to help with a delivery of new furniture from IKEA. Keith was an accountant for a big engineering company and was always away on business. It’s not the first time I’ve helped out my mother in law whilst Keith was away eryaman arkadan veren escort so I thought nothing of it. My wife was at work all night, she was a nurse at the local hospital and it was her week for late shift. So it was not an issue to pop round one afternoon after work.

I decided to go round on Thursday @ 5pm, I work in construction so went straight there in my work clothes, the plan was to move all the heavy stuff, work up a sweat and then get a shower once I was back home. I walked into my mother in laws when she shouted from the kitchen, would I like a drink before we get started. Before I could answer Gemma handed me a nice ice cold beer which was very welcome after a hard day’s work. Gemma had not long arrived home from teaching and she was also still in her work clothes, a very professional grey skirt which just covered her knees along with a silk white blouse and a matching grey jacket, her hair was tied up with a pencil through it and she still had her glasses on. To be honest she looked amazing and I won’t lie in saying I would have loved to fulfil my hot teacher fantasy.

We sat down, she took her jacket off and made herself comfortable, we chatted and when we finished our drinks we started to get to work. The furniture that had been ordered was to turn Lisa’s old bedroom which had been used as a guest bedroom since she left, into an office. A desk, a cabinet and a few other things all of which needed to be assembled as per the IKEA way.

But first of we needed to empty the bedroom, the bed had already been removed so all that was left was the bed side table, a small desk with chair and some boxes. Gemma asked If they could be put up in the loft out of the way. Now the ladder which leads up to the loft is one of those wooden kits which slide down when you open the loft hatch. I’ve been up there before and it’s not the strongest, Gemma knew this so as I joke I said “I think you had better climb the ladder as it would be safer than me going up and I’ll hold it in place”. Gemma laughed and said, “I don’t know about that you might have a heart attack if you see what’s up my skirt”, we both laughed and I continued to empty the bedroom. All of the old stuff was placed near the loft ready to go up and I built all of the office furniture and put it all in place.

Once finished I headed over to the loft, opened the hatch and pulled down the ladder. Gemma was in her bedroom so I shouted for her help, she came out of the bedroom and asked what I needed. I replied its time for my heart attack and pointed to the loft ladder. She laughed hard and said “FINE it’s your funeral” and with that started to climb the ladder.

Once you are half way up the ladder you have to search for the light switch in the dark. It was always a pain to find, Gemma was searching for the switch and stretched a little too far, as she managed to turn the light on, one of her feet slipped and she fell down one step, my instinct was to grab her leg to stop her from falling but in the process my hand went straight up her skirt and I ended up with my hands, one on her thigh and one directly in between the lips of her pussy. It turns out she had no knickers on (unsure if that was her normal attire of if she had taken them off on purpose), my hand was on fire from the heat of her forbidden fruit and she was soaking wet. I thought to myself, what had she been doing in her bedroom, had she been masturbating whilst I was working. Gemma quickly composed herself and I apologised for my poor hand placement. Without skipping a beat she was back up the ladder giving me a perfect view of her glistening pussy. I handed up the furniture, she stored it away neatly and was ready to come back down.

As she was about to step back onto the ladder to come down, she said “TRY not to be so rough this time” and laughed. Now I’m thinking to myself, this can’t be a coincidence, no knickers, disappearing in her bedroom, the naughty comments. If there was ever a time to have your mother in law its now. I had a few seconds to decide as she descended the ladder, I’m stood there with a raging hard on from my previous encounter and thought FUCK IT.

When Gemma was half way down the ladder I put my hands just above her ankle, as she took step after step my hands got higher and higher, she didn’t stop until my hand was again between her soaking pussy. She was 2 steps from the floor with my hand parting her lips, she let out a subtle moan. I began to slowly rub back and forth making sure to brush against her clit, Gemma moaned louder when I touched her rose bud. Gently rubbing at the same pace, I could tell she was getting close, without a word I pushed 2 fingers into her pussy. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. Gemma screamed “YES!!!,” I started to finger fuck my mother in law in a position I could never have imagined. After only 10 seconds of pumping in and out she screamed IM GOING TO CUM!!!!!!!!!. Her legs began to shake, she grabbed onto the ladder harder and I’m like, SHIT this is not going to end sincan escort well. She had trouble speaking as I continued to violate her, all that came out was “Don’t Stop DONT STOP!!!!!!!” Then all of a sudden my fingers were wedged inside my mother in law, she was cumming so hard, she had a vice like grip on my fingers inside her pussy. I could feel her juices running down my hand, Once her pussy muscles had relaxed I slowly withdrew my fingers and slowly began to rub inside her lips again on her come down.

Once recovered Gemma sheepishly asked me if I could pick her up as her legs had turned to jelly and she was afraid of falling if she tried to move. Like a knight in shining armour I scooped her off the ladder and she cuddled into me as I carried her to the bedroom. I gently placed my mother in law on the bed and cuddled her whilst stroking her hair. In less than 5 minutes she was sound asleep, looking so peaceful I didn’t want to disturb her so I slowly slid of the bed and decided to take a shower whilst she rested.

I stripped off and got into the main bathroom shower. I still had a raging hard on but instead of furiously masturbating to relieve myself, I decided to hold back and see what the rest of the evening had in store. Now that I had a taste I decided that I wanted it all.

After finishing my shower and somehow managing to get rid of my erection. I grabbed some shorts from my car ( I always keep a spare pair of casuals in the car just in case I pop to the pub with the lads after work ), then made my way into the kitchen. I had not eaten since midday and I was starving as it was now 7:30pm. Whilst looking through the fridge my phone rang. It was Lisa calling me on her break. I answered with a ” what’s up love”, she said that she tried to call her mom as she knew I was busy with the furniture but there was no answer. I quickly replied that she is about somewhere and her phone might be on silent. Lisa bought the story, god knows she would cut my dick off if she knew I had finger fucked her mother not half an hour ago. We chatted about what I had left to do, I told Lisa there was a few more things to build even though I was already finished, and that I would have tea with her mom first. She was oblivious to what I really had planned. She had to go back to work so said “I love you and don’t have her working you to hard”, if only she knew.

Once I had hung up the phone I heard a stirring from upstairs. Gemma was moving around so I let her be to see what her next move would be. I heard the en-suite shower go on so I left her to freshen up. I grabbed another beer from the fridge and waited for Gemma, 20 minutes later I heard her coming down the stairs, my heart was pounding out of my chest, I had no idea what I was going to say. Gemma popped round the corner wearing black shorts and a low cut pink T-shirt showing of her perfect flat stomach muscles. She went from hot school teacher to sexy athletic mom.

Gemma looked at the ground and would not give me eye contact. I asked if she would like a drink to which she replied with “red wine please, a large one”. I poured the drink gave it to her and sat down, she said “thankyou” but still wouldn’t look up. I asked if she was hungry as she had not eaten since arriving home and I wondered if she would be up to sharing a Pizza, “I would like that” she said quietly. I jumped on the phone and order from the local Pizza shop, they advised it would be with us in the next 15 – 20 minutes.

I sat back down this time next to my mother in law, she was sat upright with her hands cupped together across her stomach, still looking down. I asked her how she was feeling and if she would like to talk about what had happened. Gemma remained silent, for a second she moved her mouth to say something but nothing came out. I didn’t want to force the situation so I kept silent, then I noticed a single tear fall down Gemma’s cheek. Not moving from her upright position I decided to kneel if front of her and taking her hands into mine. I told Gemma not to be upset, and that is she wanted to talk about it, I’m more than willing to listen but if she felt uncomfortable then I would respect that and leave her be.

Gemma slowly raised her head and looked directly at me with a scared look, she then removed her hands from mine and turned her arms over. To my horror there were marks down both sides of her arms, one so bad it had broken the skin.

I felt awful, it took my breath away, I blurted out “Jesus Gemma, I’m SO sorry if I had known it was hurting you I would have stopped instantly”. Looking directly into her sad eyes I could see they were filling up, she started sobbing uncontrollably. I pulled her into my arms and held her softly, rocking back and forth Gemma continued sobbing. She tried several times to talk but as soon as a word came out the sobbing took her breath away. I felt 2 inches tall, I couldn’t believe what I had done to my Mother in Law. I told her several times that I was so sorry, that this was the last thing I wanted to happen. gölbaşı çıtır escort I held onto Gemma for 10 minutes whilst her head was resting on my shoulder, she finally managed to regain her composure and with a deep sigh she whispered in my ear,

“I didn’t want it to stop”

My eyes opened wide, trying to process what was said. I searched for answers but my mind went blank, one minute I was terrified I had hurt my mother in law, the next she… I don’t know!.

We both jumped when there was a knock at the door, totally forgetting about the pizza I had ordered. I answered the door and paid the delivery guy, then walked back into the living room. Gemma had moved into the kitchen and was setting two places at the dining table. Gemma looked me straight in the eye and said “Let’s sit down to eat, I think I owe you an explanation.”

One slice of pizza down and Gemma began to tell me all.

“Andy I in no way ever wanted you to feel as if you had hurt me, I love you too much, I see you like a son and would do anything for you. I know I always tease you and we will come back to that but in that moment, I just… lost control. You see, when you touched me, a fire that has been building for a very long time took over my body.

I was hoping that you would touch me when I came back down the ladder but what I didn’t expect was how it would affect me. I was in heaven as you rubbed me, I zoned out focusing on your fingers as they brought me closer and closer to the edge.

What I didn’t bank on was you thrusting your fingers into my soaking pussy, I can’t really explain what happened as I’m not sure myself, but I couldn’t move, my body locked me in place and all that went through my head was the sense of pleasure about to explode. As I was seconds away from covering you in my cum, I felt my legs begin to shake, not wanting the feeling to stop I gripped onto the ladder as hard as I could. No matter how much it hurt, my climax was more important. As the pain shot through my arms and I reached my orgasm I felt something that I have never experienced before. That’s why I was scared to move afterwards, and that’s partly why I was crying down stairs. It’s not because you hurt me Andy it’s because you gave me the best experience I have every felt in my life. I’ve been trying to work out how, what and why it happened but all I can say is that I’m glad that it did.

It wasn’t until I woke up that I looked down at my arms and saw the marks, that I realised this took things to a whole new level, to hazardous a guess it must have been something to do with the pain and the pleasure both at the same time which caused me to act that way.”

My jaw was wide open trying to compute what Gemma had just said, it was a lot to take in. I have gone from thinking I had seriously hurt my mother in law to finding out I had given her the best orgasm of her whole life, trying to make light of the situation I blurted out “Well I aim to please” which was followed by a punch on my arm and we both laughed out loud.

With the mood lightened Gemma continued

“Andy what would you say If I told you my vagina has not been touched by another person in over 10 years.”

“Bullshit I said, Keith would be stupid or a fool if he didn’t take advantage of your smoking hot body.”

Wanting the room to swallow me up, my face turned the brightest shade of red after that comment. “Errr I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be so upfront” I said. Way to play it cool Andy you dipshit I thought to myself.

A smile climbed on Gemma’s face, “you don’t know how long I have wanted you to say something like that to me. It’s true, Keith being his stuck up self, lost interest in sex about 10 years ago, leaving me horny as hell all the time with no choice but to masturbate. I do enjoy masturbating but after a while it plays with your self-confidence and makes you question if you are really attractive or if your worthless. I would never cheat, my family is too important to me but then 3 years later you came into my life.”

By now we had finished eating our pizza, it was 9pm, we put the dishes into the dishwasher, topped up our drinks and headed into the living room. We sat next to each other on the couch with Gemma tucking her legs under her bum to face me.

Gemma looked at me as if she was trying to find the words. “Please don’t think less of me Andy when I tell you this next part, when my daughter came home one night 7 years ago and told me she had a boyfriend I was a little worried, having a boy in her life at that age would not be good for her education. I’ve been there, I know what happens, it’s just a parent thing and I’m sure you will find out in due course.

So I played along with Lisa, show me his photo then I asked, to make sure he meets my approval. Lisa pulled up one of your social pics of you on the beach in just your shorts, your six pack shining in the light. I felt my pussy getting wet from just one picture. So I told Lisa to invite you round to meet the family. Lisa was unsure but I managed to convince her. I’m sure you remember the first time you met me Andy, you were a perfect gentleman even impressing Keith. Except for one thing which I caught you doing, you remember the dress, I know you do, I did it on purpose to see your reaction and it’s at that point when I decided to try and seduce you.

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