My Television

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My television had bitten the dust so I decided to go to my local big box store. I wandered around perusing the merchandise and finally decided on a set. I waited until the salesman I wanted to wait on me was free and asked for his help. As he wrote up my purchase I checked him out. He was a ginger, I love me a ginger, 5’8″, about 170 lbs. thin, toned body and a small tight ass. As I checked Karson out he asked if there was anything else.

I asked him if he knew anyone that did installations as I needed it attached to my television stand. He said he could handle that, he could come after he got off work and he worked cheap. I agreed, giving him my cell number and address. As we sealed the deal he smiled at me, almost blinding me with his pearly whites. I got home and started picking up and making room for Karson, he texted me shortly asking if I had a powered screwdriver and I told him yes.

He said he’d be there in a few minutes. I asked what kind of pizza he liked and he said he’d eat anything. I replied telling him I was going to order a delivery. The bell rang shortly and I was met by Karson with that dazzling smile. He asked me to help him get the tv out of his truck. We had it in the house and unboxed it pretty quick. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long at all and Karson had it all set up.

About the time he finished the pizza showed up. I set it down and asked Karson what he wanted to drink, he said he would love a beer if I had any. I got it and set the table for us. I stepped around the corner and was awed by the sight, Karson knelt over plugging everything in, those skinny jeans hugging that beautiful ass of his. I stopped and just looked as he stood back up. I told him everything was ready, come eat.

He came in and sat down, we chatted and we ate, he was 24, single, just graduated college, and just trying to decide what he wanted to do. We continued to talk and finished with the pizza. He got up and got our plates and headed for the kitchen with them. He stopped at the sink and I reached around him and accidentally on purpose brushed his sweet ass. He groaned, turned to look at me smiling, and said, “There’s an extra charge for that.”

I bent over and kissed his neck saying, “As long I get service with a smile I’ll be happy.”

Karson turned to face me saying, “You know I saw you as soon as you walked into the department and I tried my best to get to you before anybody else did. I saw you checking me out so I figured you liked what you saw.”

I said, “I waited till you were free before I came for help and I’m glad I did.”

I took Karson’s hand and led him to the couch and turned on the tv. I looked at Karson saying, “I am glad I went with the 85″.”

Karson said, “I know what you mean, BIGGER is better!”

I just laughed saying, “You can say that again.”

Karson sat up and asked where the bathroom was, I pointed him in the right direction as he took off. When he returned he straddled my legs facing me with the knee on each side. Karson knelt down to my lips, sticking out his tongue licking around mine. Then Karson leaned forward and kissed me. I let him control the situation for a bit. He was getting started and I pushed him back saying, “I think we both know where this is going, and if it goes much further that’ll be the point of no turning back.”

Karson said, “I am past that point already! I was past that point when I entered your home.”

I stood up wrapping my hands around him, getting a cheek in each hand. I kissed him saying, “Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

I sat him on the edge of the bed, grabbing the bottom of his t-shirt, and pulled it up and over his head. when I tossed it to the side I leaned down and chewed on his nipples, going from one to the other as I opened his jeans and slid them off. I spit in my hand and grabbed his 7 inches jacking him and getting him hard.

He reached for me, pulling me up to his mouth. He rolled us over, him on top, as he slid down and pulled me to a sitting position. As he pulled my shirt up he licked and nibbled. He placed his hands on my jeans button, slowly lowering my zipper he kissed the newly exposed skin. As he pulled my jeans down my cock broke free, standing up and slapping him on the cheek.

Karson gasped saying, “Oh shit, your cock is awesome. It’ll be the biggest I ever had and my first black cock too.”

I smiled and replied, “You sure know how to make me feel special. Kiss my big black cock now!”

Karson lowered his mouth to my cockhead and started kissing my cockhead. almanbahis He moaned as he did, alternating between licking and sucking the head and tip of my cock. Karson was moaning and telling me how good my cock tasted. He looked up at me and moved up to my navel, sucking and licking it. he moved back down taking my cockhead in his mouth. Karson started bobbing up and down as I told him how good he was doing.

He groaned as he took more of my cock into his mouth, he pulled off telling me he loved my cock and was going to take it all. He went back down as I told him how good he was doing. When he came up for a breath I pulled him up to me, kissing him deeply. I rolled him over and stayed on my side as he lay on his back. I run my hand down his abs down to his ass over his cock and balls.

I gasped again as I started working my fingertips on his puckered hole. Karson spread his legs further as I pressed my fingertip against his hole and pressed again and again until finally breaching his puckered hole. Karson reached up, taking my head in his hands, and pulled my mouth to his. I got the lube from the bedside table and lubed my fingers. As he kissed me I pushed one fat finger in his ass working it around, I pulled it out and added another, pushing it in. He was getting into it as I added a third, pushing it in as he yelled out.

Karson was kissing me and telling me how good my fingers felt, I said, “If you like the fingers you’ll love the real thing.”

I looked at Karson and told him, “Get on top of me, lube my cock and I want to watch your face when you take my whole fat black cock in your ass.”

Karson lubed my cock and straddled me, holding my cock as he lowered his puckered hole to my cockhead. He lowered until my head started to open his hole. As Karson lowered his sweet hole opened for my long fat cock. Karson groaned telling me how good my fat cock felt. I held Karson’s head telling him how good he was doing and told him to keep going. As he took more and more he got louder and louder.

Finally, he took my whole cock and he shot his cum with my cock buried in his ass. He started fucking his ass with my cock, raising and lowering his ass up and down as he worked his tight ass. He lay down on me kissing my neck as he said, “I want you to fuck my ass deep and hard!”

I replied, “Don’t forget you asked for it!”

I held him tight and rolled us over, I pulled his legs up and placed them on my shoulders. I pulled out slowly until just my cockhead was in his ass. I slowly started rocking my hips back and forth working my hard cock in and of his ass, slowly plunging in deeper and deeper. He gasped and moaned louder and louder.

Karson yelled as I plunged in all the way, “Damn, you are hitting places that have never been touched. Keep going, hard and deep!”

I fucked Karson, filling his ass with my cock, again and again, hitting the backside. Karson was on cloud nine now, loving what my long fat cock was doing to his ass. I told him I felt my cum building, I was going to fill his ass. He told me to do it, fill his ass to overflowing. I plunged in deep as I started to cum, filling his ass to overflowing. I fell forward on him pinning him to the bed with him still thrashing about.

I raised my mouth to his telling him how awesome he was. He responded, “You were my first black cock and one I’ll remember forever.”

Karson took my head in one hand, an ass cheek in the other kissing me and telling me how great my big black cock was as he fondled my ass. We rolled on our sides facing each other talking and petting as we nodded off. When I woke up Karson raised up and kissed me. As he kissed me he reached down and fondled my cock and balls.

Karson started licking and sucking down my chest, over my abdomen, over my cock to my balls. I told him to get in a 69 position, I wanted to play with his sweet ass. as Karson moved into the position he started licking and sucking my balls. He took one at a time in his mouth rolling and sucking them I fondled and squeezed the cheeks of his ass. I told him I could see my cum still leaking from his ass as working two fingers in his ass.

Karson started trying to take both my huge balls in his mouth. He finally got them both in his mouth moaning as my cock got harder and harder. He let my nuts slide from his mouth as he pulled up and started licking up the bottom of my cock from the root to the head and opened his mouth wide taking my cockhead in his mouth.

Karson pulled off telling me, “I could get addicted to this big fat black almanbahis giriş cock so easy, I don’t know why I didn’t take the plunge earlier.”

I slapped his ass saying, “Show me how addicted you are Karson. Show me how much you love my big black cock!”

Karson was already on my cock sucking further and further down. He got about 7.5 inches in his mouth and was struggling with the last 2 inches. I told him, “You have done good with the first 7, I am in your throat, you must not have a gag reflex so the last 2 shouldn’t be a problem. Do you want me to help you?”

Karson looked at me, pulled my cock from his mouth said he did. He took my cock back in his mouth and waited on me. I told Karson, “Pull up enough and get a deep breath and go back down.”

Karson did as told, when he got back to the 7″ mark I placed both hands on his head and pushed him all the way down forcing my whole fat 9.5-inch cock down his throat. Karson groaned when he had my whole cock in his mouth. I grabbed Karson’s hair and pulled his head up. Karson took a deep breath and started back down taking my whole cock all by himself. I reached down and stroked his cheek as he worked my cock.

I popped Karson’s ass and said to Karson, “I want you to jack yourself off on my cock, take yours in your mouth and suck my cock at the same time. Get a spoon from the kitchen, it’ll be easier!”

Karson replied, “I have never tasted my cum but I will for you.”

Karson ran and got the spoon and knelt facing me with his cock at mine. He started jacking his nice cock as I reached up and started playing with his nipples. It didn’t take long, he yelled and he shot a huge load on my belly and cock. He took the spoon and scraped it up taking it all in his mouth. Karson finally got it all as he showed me. I told Karson to swallow then take my cock in his mouth.

I saw Karson swallow then he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth all the way down. I took his hair in my and started fucking his throat with my cock. I held Karson’s head down and told him I was fixing to fill his belly with my cum. Karson just groaned as I moved his head up and down forcing my cock down his throat. My cock started to swell as my cum built and flooded into his throat and in his belly. Karson swallowed as I filled his belly with my cum and his.

As my cock softened Karson pulled off it and crawled up beside me and nuzzled my neck saying, “This will be a fuck to remember. The first time I have been with a black man, and the longest cock I have ever had also. This has been one time I’ll never forget.”

“I do aim to make my lovers happy,” I said.

I looked at Karson and told him we needed to get a shower. I’d get the shower ready and he could get us a bottle of water. I got the shower going as Karson walked into the bathroom and grabbed the cheek of my ass. I straightened up and turned to face Karson, we both killed our bottles of water and I took his hand and led him into the extralarge shower.

I took the body wash and rag, starting at his head and working my way down. I wash his face and shoulders, next came his armpits across to his nipples and down his abdomen. I got to his cock, telling him how nice it was as I washed it and his balls. I knelt down at Karson’s feet and turned him around. I continued down his legs to his feet and toes. I licked his ass cheeks and nibbled on them.

I worked the rag over his legs, getting his ass, up over his back, and to his shoulders as I stood behind him. I reached around him taking his hard cock in my hand and jacked him till he shot another huge load. Now it was his turn to bathe me, he knelt on one knee as he started washing my legs, getting up to my balls and cock.

He washed my balls thoroughly, then took my cock in his hand with the rag wrapped around it, he moved the rag up and down not missing a bit, then started moving up. He stood and washed my abs and chest, then moved up to my arms, shoulders, and face. He squirted more wash on the rag as he stepped around behind me. He started on my head and worked his way down covering my back and down to the cheeks of my ass.

He got the sprayer and rinsed me good and clean, then I used it on him. Karson stepped out grabbing a towel and started drying me off, then I used it on him. As we were drying off Karson said he had worked up an appetite. I told him there was leftover pizza or we could fix something. We agreed on the leftover pizza. We ate as we talked, Karson told me more about him.

When we finished with the pizza Karson came almanbahis yeni giriş to me sitting on my lap facing me. He moved his mouth to mine, licking and sucking on my mouth and lips. Karson stood up, took my hand, pulled me up, and led me back to my bedroom. He turned facing me and said, “Lay on your back and let me deepthroat that awesome big black cock all by myself.”

I replied, “Get your phone so I can video that!”

He handed it to me as he went to work, starting under my balls, licking and sucking them. He eventually got both in his mouth looking up at me for the video. Karson went to my cock, licking it up and down completely, getting it good and wet. Karson took the head in his mouth licking my piss hole, he moaned saying how good the precum tasted. He opened his mouth wide and started bobbing up and down taking more and more.

Karson stopped about halfway down and just nursed my cock, he pulled back and took a deep breath. He went back down about 7 inches and stopped. I brushed his cheek telling him to get his head in the right position as he groaned. He adjusted and pushed his head down further until he was at the root of my big black cock.

I rubbed my hand on his head praising him while videoing the whole thing. He looked at me and moaned loudly. I moved his phone to the side so the video could see my cock coming from his throat and back in. Karson was getting into it now, going up and down, working his throat on my cock when he deepthroated it, pulling off and sucking it back down. He was going faster and faster when I told him I was getting ready to cum.

Karson pulled off again taking a deep breath and forced himself down as I yelled I was cumming and shot my whole load down his mouth, never coming up until I completed cumming. I continued videoing until Karson pulled off and kissed the big head of my cock, smiling and looking at me the entire time.

Karson gave my big black cockhead one more big lick like he was licking an ice cream. I stopped the video, lay his phone on the bedside table, and pulled him up to me. I pulled Karson’s mouth to my neck as he licked and sucked. As Karson worked on my neck I said, “Man, I have enjoyed fucking your sweet tight ass!”

I dropped my hand to his ass massaging his cheeks dragging my fingertips over his sweet puckered hole. Karson wiggled as I teased his hole. He reached down taking my cock in his hand stroking as I started to harden. Karson straddled my body reaching for the lube. He lubed my cock and his ass. Karson held my cock in his hand as he guided it to his puckered hole. My fat black cockhead opened his ass and he moaned as he lowered his ass taking more.

I placed on each of his ass cheeks and held them tight. Karson took a breath and started down again. I said, “Keep going, take it all, I know you want it!”

As Karson took the whole thing he let out this guttural moan saying, “I love your big black cock, I love it!”

I looked down at his cock, it was hard as a rock. I said, “Karson, jack your cock. I want to see you cum with my cock in your ass.”

I was controlling Karson’s ass on my cock as he jerked his cock. Karson finally shot his cum as I fucked his sweet hole and I started cumming too. As I felt my cock soften I took Karson’s chin in my hand and told him to slid up and let my cum from his ass mix with his on my belly.

Karson did as told and expelled as much of my cum as he could. I told him to show me how much he loved our mixed cum. He slid down and leaned over and started licking my belly, getting his and my cum. Swallowing and moaning every time he swallowed until it was all gone. He lay down on me and we nodded off.

Karson was getting up and woke to say, “I need some water, I’ll bring you one too.”

When Karson returned he sat on the side of the bed and saw his phone flashing, his dad had texted him. He called him and told him he had a little job after work that took longer than he planned but he’d be home shortly. Karson explained to me, “I’m all dad has, he and mom got divorced a year ago. I need to take a quick shower. Come join me.”

Karson stood, and put his hand out to help me up off the bed. I followed him watching his sweet ass. Karson started the water and I entered the shower with him. I took the rag and wash from him. I give his head a big squirt and started washing him, all the way down from his head to his feet not missing a spot. He did the same to me, from head to toe, every nook, and cranny.

After we dried each other off I took his phone and transferred the video as Karson dressed. As we reached the door Karson turned to me and said as he went to kiss me, “I wish I could stay overnight but this won’t be the last time. You have opened my eyes to the joys of a big black cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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