She Wanted to See Me Squirt

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I’m Claire. I just turned 37 and I’m divorced with no kids. I am 5’3, I have implants that sit at 34DD, a small waist, and an ass that is prominent and round. I have long wavy blonde hair to my waist, and am often confused for my mid 20s. I consider myself straight, and have currently enjoyed fucking men from their mid twenties, to early fifties at my age. I have always been bicurious though.

We are at a business conference about 3 hours from home. Jamie and I have become closer friends over the past several months. She is 34, never married. She’s about 5’7, with legs for days. She’s lean, and maybe a 36C. Jamie has straight auburn hair down to her breasts, light skin, and a dusting of freckles. She’s adorable.

We are out to dinner after the first day of the 3 day conference. We have both had a few drinks. Jamie strictly wine, me two shots of whisky, but now I have settled in on wine. Jamie tells me that it has been awhile since she’s gotten laid. I tell her it’s the same for me.

Jamie says rather loudly, “Welp. When we get back to the hotel, I am sitting in that bar until I find a cock to ride.”

I laugh and shush her telling her that she’s loud. She says, “I don’t care! Any takers here?!” We both laugh.

We Uber back to the hotel. We both were feeling somewhat good at this point.

Once back at the hotel, Jamie follows me into the elevator, as I mentioned in the Uber that had a bottle of wine stuffed in my mini fridge.

After the first glass, and out of no where, Jamie says, “I don’t think I’ve ever really cum hard.”

I laughed and said, “Oh come on! What does cum hard even mean?”

Jamie replied, “I’ve had small vibrators, and my fingers have gotten me off ok, but I’ve never had an earth shattering one. Also no man has EVER made me cum.”

My mouth gaped……”No “man” has ever made you cum? Have you ever been with a woman?”

“No! And I have barely made myself cum! I think I’m broken!” Jamie whined.

I just looked at her. Confused.

Jamie broke the momentary silence and asked, “What about you? Do you have amazing orgasms? Do men and women make you cum?!?!?!”

I giggled….the wine had finally gotten me.

“Men, yes. Women, I’ve never tried. My toys are amazing. I am now able to relax so much, that I have actually recently started squirting.”

Jamie’s mouth fell open. “Whattt? You squirt. Like in porn?”

I giggled again, “I do. It feels amazing.”

Jamie immediately got this devilish smile across her face.

I immediately stopped smiling and giggling…. “What?”

Jamie, still with that look, london escort agency “I wanna see.”

I stared back blankly, “You want to see what?”

Jamie licked her lips and said, “I want to sit here beside you, and watch you cum so hard, you squirt.”

I was stunned. But I also noticed my pussy was clenching and flooding. Also I realized that I wanted nothing more than to make myself cum infront of this gorgeous woman.

Stunned only lasted for a minute…..Two could play this game. I wanted to see if she was serious.

“Jamie, let me get this straight… want me to take my leggings off, and you want to watch me manipulate my wet, quivering pussy, until I show you just how much I can cum?”

Jamie licked her lips again and replied, “Take off, your pants, leave your heels on. I like them. If you’re gonna be my personal porn, I have preferences.”

Well shit.

Jamie folder her arms across her chest, “Better yet honey, remove everything but the heels.”

I slowly removed my black leggings, I wasn’t wearing underwear to which she replied “you slut” and laughed. When I removed my black tunic top and black lace bra she told me I had “extraordinary tits”. I told her they were bought. She laughed and said hers were also.

I told her my only rule during this was she couldn’t touch herself.

I laid down on the bed. (I got a room with two queens. One bed for my water sports and one to sleep in). Jamie kneeled to the right of my hips. I reached down and touched my just waxed pussy. It was smooth, and already so wet my nectar had soaked my outer lips. Knowing this gorgeous creature wanted to watch me cum had gotten me hotter than I had been in a long time. I knew I wasn’t going to need any of the lube I’d brought for my toys.

I flicked my clit and felt a small orgasm already. I told Jamie get the small black bag containing my toys off the dresser. When she did, I grabbed my clit sucker and gspot vibe. I knew it wouldn’t be long once I started.

Jamie grabbed my hand before I could get started. “Finger yourself for me. I want to see a blonde bombshell fucking her tight hole in person.”

I sunk two manicured fingers into my pussy, which greeted them with a firm grip. I was so turned on, I came after three strokes. Jamie laughed almost an evil laugh and slapped my clit, “You naughty girl. You came and I didn’t see anything special.”

I cried out breathlessly and said, “You bitch. I just soaked two fingers in my pussy and came like a slut for you…nothing special, my ass.”

Jamie replied, “Oh, that ass is escort london special. But I am still expecting waterworks, hun.”

I rolled my eyes, reached over and turned on my gspot vibrator. It is long, thick, and black. I always moan loudly as it enters me the first time. There is a slight moment of stretch, pain, and then ecstasy. When I eased it in my opening, I heard Jamie’s breath catch. I started to slowly fuck myself with it. I could feel my pussy getting wetter. I decided to keep a slow tempo and give Jamie something to watch. I added the sucking toy. When it sucked onto my clit, I felt my pussy clench the vibrator harder, just begging to be fucked.

While the vibrators were assaulting my pussy, I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe this sexy bitch was watching me fuck myself. He eyes were glazed over, her fists were clenched as she leaned over top of me. Her mouth slightly open, like she needed something to fill it.

Within minutes, I started to moan uncontrollably. I felt this rush come over me like I could no longer control my pussy. I couldn’t hold back any longer…. I needed to cum. I moaned and yelled, “Fuuuccckk.”.

I removed the toys from my hot, clenching, soaked pussy. When I did, i moaned again, and a stream of hot, clear liquid escaped my hole… spraying all over the bed. I immediately collapsed.

There was silence.

Finally I looked at Jamie.

“The was the hottest fucking thing I have ever witnessed.”

I covered my face, suddenly embarassed. “You’d better get down to the bar and find that cock you’re gonna ride before it’s too late.”

“Why would I wanna find a cock that will cum once, when I can see how many times we can make this pussy drench this bed?”

Before I could uncover my face, I felt my gspot vibrator invade me and turn on again.

I looked at Jamie and asked “What are you doing?!”

Jamie had that smile again and said, “I want to see if I can get your pussy to gush all over the bed for me.”

With that, she started fucking me with the vibrator, and moving her fingers over my clit. My pussy had never been so wet. She also had expert fingers, so I don’t know why she had only “small orgasms”.

I laid back and met the rhythm of her fucking me. I couldn’t believe it. This hot woman was fucking me with my vibrator, with her manicured fingers on my clit….fully intent on making me squirt.

I already I felt that sensation building up. I wanted to build it a little longer to make sure it was a wet one for her. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I came….gushing all over the vibrator, london escorts her hands, and the bed.

Jamie licked her fingers and purred, “God that is so sexy. I’m going to get you cleaned up now babe.”

She fucked me a few more strokes with the vibrator and removed it. Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed. But not for long. She didn’t get up, but replaced her the vibrator with her fingers and her mouth.

I sat up and actually told her, “No”. At first she looked hurt.

“There is no way I am having my pussy eaten out by a woman that looks like you for the first time, while she is still wearing her fucking clothes.”

Jamie laughed, removed her sweater and skirt. Jamie was also not wearing panties. Also waxed, but with a (natural red) landing strip. I couldn’t wait to taste her.

I told Jamie I had never squirted in someone’s mouth. Only on toys and cocks. She smiled and said she just wanted to taste me cum.

Jamie placed a pillow under my hips, hunkered down, and got to it. I felt two fingers entered me and start stroking my gspot. She licked my entire pussy and settled on my clit. Slowly. Just how I liked it. This girl was not going to rush. This girl was deliberately trying to make sure she’d drown.

It was relaxing at first. I played with her hair, told her how good it felt, how she knew what she was doing, how fucking sexy she looked tonguing my clit, how she was a bad girl because she should be sucking a cock right now, and not eating pussy. This all changed.

Soon, I couldn’t get my thoughts straight, I felt that fire building up. I could feel my pussy clenching, begging her fingers to stay, but go deeper. I wanted her to suck on my clit harder. I grabbed onto that long red hair. I pulled her mouth harder onto me, grinding my clit onto her tongue. Her fingers were perfectly playing my gspot. Finally, I could feel that sensation I get when I need to saturate something in my pussy juices…..

I told Jamie to move, she didn’t. I told her I was going to squirt. She still didn’t move. She kept pummeling my pussy with her mouth and fingers……I EXPLODED. I Screamed. I Shook. I collapsed.

When I looked at Jamie…her chin, neck, tits, and stomach were glistening in my pussy juices. She looked fucking hot. She also looked extremely proud of herself.

My thighs and stomach were also covered.

I laughed and said “That wasn’t cleaning me up. I’m way messier now than I’ve ever been.”

Jamie laughed and said “That is so much better than a cock exploding in your face. You taste so sweet and so yummy. I’d drink your pussy everyday.”

I gave her a devilish grin and said, “It’s your turn now.”

Jamie looked concerned for a second. “What do you mean my turn?”

I laughed, “I’m going to make you have that leg shaking, can’t walk, orgasm. You deserve it after that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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