Shifting Gears Ch. 02-03

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Big Tits

Chapter 2 — Getting Started

I was surprised that Sheri knocked on my door at eight a.m. Saturday morning. Her friend Maryann was with her. The came into my apartment laughing.

They were both in shredded Daisy Duke shorts that proved through the gaps that they weren’t wearing any undies and that the lower portion of their butt cheeks were on display. They also both wore crop tops that showed what Sheri called ‘under boob’. A stiff wind and most of their breasts would show. They also wore flip-flops that got kicked aside just inside my front door.

I bonded further with the two of them over coffee that I made. The two of them also chatted about the date Maryann had three nights before with a guy named Jake.

In their conversation that I listened to intently, I learned that Jake was ‘hung like a horse’, had ‘eight inches of magnificent manhood’, could ‘fuck like a stallion, and had the ‘stamina of cheetah’. Jake and Maryann had fucked most of their evening date.

Apparently, they went to dinner and then to his well-appointed bachelor pad, where they started to fuck. Jake liked to ‘eat pussy and was good at it’, brought Maryann to a ‘dozen screaming orgasms’, and then ‘plowed into her body with his cock to deliver more, as well as gallons of man cum’ over the course of the evening.

I wasn’t sure that I even understood all of the terminology, but it sure sounded like she’d had fun and a happy evening, especially from Maryann’s enthusiasm in sharing the details with Sheri. I was sure some of what she’d said was hyperbole, but I didn’t know enough to guess which parts.

I’d never heard anybody describe the details of having intercourse. I got an education and learned a whole new vocabulary about cocks, cunts, cum, tits, sucking, licking, blowjobs, pussy eating, and more.

After their chatter about Maryann’s date, I learned that both women were smarter and a bit more intellectual than I gave them credit for. Maryann grilled me about my background, and again tried to talk me into picking someone more rounded in their life than Sheri, or her for that matter. I stuck to my choices.

As they’d talked the two of them were going through every item of clothing that I owned. They started with the dresser that held my underwear, socks, PJs, and a few other ‘clumpable’ bits of clothing.

The two took out every item of clothing in my closet. I had to stand there as they held up each item to my body and assessed the visual impact. Most items only spent about five or ten seconds held up against me. I could tell they were being rejected as too dowdy. Only a few things survived their scrutiny.

After everything had been reviewed, Sheri announced, “Brianna, your wardrobe sucks. You dress like a grandmother from your skin outwards. Come on, we’re going shopping. For starters, we are going to change how Brianna Ashley is wrapped. By the way, you look great without the glasses.

Six hours later, the three of us girls returned to my apartment. For one, Sheri and Maryann had declared that I was to be called ‘Brie’ from then on, because the name was more modern and had a sexier sound to it. I liked the change and adapted immediately.

I had spent close to two-thousand dollars based on the recommendations of Sheri and Maryann. I had new underwear, t-shirts, two sexy cocktail dresses, a dozen new work outfits, and many casual clothes including crop tops and Daisy Dukes that matched what my new friends were wearing. Most items had been deemed ‘sexy’ and passed that crucial test.

Sheri sat on my sofa and commanded, “Strip! It’s show time. We want to see your new outfits on you.”

I started to head to my bedroom with some of my bags to change into some of my new outfits.

Sheri loudly said, “STOP! Where are you going?”

“To my bedroom to change?” I was already guessing those words were the wrong answer to her question.

“Do it here. We want to see you nude between your changes of wardrobe. If you want to be more like me or Maryann, you need to be an exhibitionist. Come on, show off your body for us. Later, you’ll be showing it off for other people, so get used to it.”

I didn’t question their request, but I blushed as I got totally naked. I couldn’t remember being naked in front of anyone except my mother when she’d give me baths when I was much younger. I even felt some arousal from the act of nudity.

Over the next hour, with lots of ‘girl chatter’ I gave a show for each dress or outfit with total nudity in between changes. Sheri did eventually allow me to put on a new small thong, so I guess I wasn’t completely naked except my pubic hair flooded the thong and spilled out the sides. I was bushy.

After what seemed to be the last of our new purchases, Maryann pointed at my bushy crotch exploding from behind the thong and boldly announced as Sheri laughed, “Haircut!”

I didn’t understand, but Sheri had me remove the thong and sit on my kitchen counter while Maryann went into escort izmir my bathroom to gather ‘tools’. She returned with scissors and a razor and shaving cream that I used on my legs and armpits.

As Maryann extolled the virtue of getting ‘lasered’, Sheri applied warm water, and cut away just about all of my pubic hair, leaving only a slight stubble except for a bit more in a kinky trimmed strip over my mons. She lathered me up, and then carefully shaved me as she calmly talked to me about maintenance of my new pubes.

After washing up the trim and shaving job, I got dried with a hand towel, had some coconut cream with aloe applied, and then Sheri leaned into my crotch and started to lap at my slit. I was already aroused, so she found lots of interesting and aromatic fluids to ingest. Maryann soon joined in and they took turns. I had one leg over Sheri’s shoulder and the other, spread wide, was over Maryann’s shoulder.

I one sense, I was mortified with embarrassment. In another, I was wildly aroused and lusting for more. Fingers danced around my private area and then penetrated me as their tongues continued to tantalize me. I had fingers from both of them inside me, sometimes simultaneously. In short order, I had two orgasms. I think I got one from each of them. I was in some kind of delirium from the large amount of sexual pleasure they were providing. I’d never had anything like that happen before.

Gradually, the girls’ kisses moved to my breasts and then to my lips. I kissed them back with surprise eagerness.

Sheri said, “Reciprocate, please. In your bedroom.” She stood and was nude in seconds. Maryann, too.

I’d never tasted a girl’s pussy, not even my own out of curiosity; yet, ten minutes later I’d almost bathed in the sexual juices from my new friends. Both women seemed primed to have an orgasm, and I was surprised when that was the result from my awkward and stumbling oral sex on their genitals. They’d certainly made me orgasm, something that had rarely happened in my life. I was not a fan of masturbation until then. I was also still blushing over all the nudity.

“Brie, you’re a natural. You can do me any time you want.” Maryann liked me. I got some serious kisses on my lips. They were both romantic and passionate; I could tell. I realized that I was also tasting my own pussy on their lips and face. Wow. I was awed by what was happening.

Somehow, we all fell into post-orgasmic naps on my bed, our nude bodies in close contact with each other. The room and each of us smelled like raw sex, and for good reason. Each of us had sexual fluids all over us — our own and each other’s.

I woke up first, cuddled in Sheri’s arms. When she awoke, she went to her tote bag and came back with a box of hair dye. Over the next hour I became a blonde. I barely recognized myself in the mirror. This would take time to get used to.

We each used my shower. We wanted to shower together, but my shower stall is very small. Somehow, we resisted more sex with each other after our naps.

Maryann suggested the three of us have dinner and go to a club. She made is sound so simple and not too far outside my comfort zone, so I agreed. I was fine until Sheri announced that the dress code for the evening outing did not include underwear. I blushed and nothing had even happened yet. I was even still naked and appreciating my new hairdo in my pubic area every time I was myself in a mirror.

The two of them helped me dress in the sexiest of my new clothes. The hemline was only two inches below my labia. I worried that I’d be on display to entire population of the city, but my two friends assured me that I’d be fine and appropriately dressed. The two also used some of my new makeup and ‘did me’ the way they thought I should look. I was even impressed with myself when they were through. I looked different, and I certainly felt different.

Sheri explained that I had to have ‘attitude’ about anybody seeing my private parts. I had to not care, and to even want that to happen so that I didn’t care even further. I tried to assume that mindset.

We took an Uber to Sheri and Maryann’s apartment. They showed me around, and in short order were similarly dressed to me, including the lack of bras or underwear, along with hemlines at least the same as mine if not higher. Maryanne assured me that we all looked like hot sluts and that was the desired effect.

Sheri explained that if you wanted to fish for men, you had to be the bait. Our pussies were the bait. We had to let them breathe, too. “Our aromas will waft across the club and attract desirable males for us to fuck. That’s the whole goal — fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Since I was still a virgin, the ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ part of the evening scared the shit out of me. I prayed for strength and courage.

We had a mid-evening dinner at a place called Lolita’s, and then walked a few blocks to the club that Sheri was targeting. I had new shoes with four-inch heels, so the walk was a bit of a challenge as izmir escort bayan I learned to walk on shoes that high. I complained but no one was listening.

Sheri said, “What you miss is that the shoes carry a message to anybody looking at you. The say, ‘Come and fuck me; I’m available and horny’. Some people call them CFM shoes because of the tall spike heels. They make your legs look like a million dollars, too — very sexy and shapely. Wear them with a bikini, and you’ll probably be laid within seconds of showing up in a group. I love them. Your feet will get used to them. Wear them at home; that’ll help you get used to them, too.”

At the club, there was a three-man jazz group playing lounge music that was really sexy. No one was dancing. We got a small table, and then an order of drinks. I thought I’d get another Cosmo, but Sheri ordered three ‘appletinis’ for us.”

“Brie, we want to get you used to ordering fancy mixed drinks. Just try them as I order them, and remember the ones you like for further use when you’re out on a date. Some are more lethal than others, so watch out. Appletinis can be like that, so sip slowly and space things out. Remember, you’re not drinking because you’re thirsty. For that, get a bottle of water.”

The State Street Lounge was busy, but mostly women and couples. I didn’t see any single men, until ten o’clock, and then the flood gates opened. They came in twos and threes, and all were tall, dark, and handsome. I realized I’d been living in a different city; this one started up after I’d gone home and was in bed reading.

One of the threesomes of men hovered near us only at a stand-up table. They were obviously sizing us up. Sheri commented, “I like these men. I think I know one of them. Watch how Maryann and I turn up the heat on them.”

Both of my new friends started to make eye contact with one or another of the three men. They smiled a lot, and then would whisper together and giggle, as though they were commenting on the men.

Five minutes later, one of the guys asked whether they could join us. His smile lit up the night. He was very polite, introduced himself as Owen, and told the three of us how nice and attractive we looked and how we’d ‘caught their attention’. The bait had been taken.

Sheri gestured to the one open chair, but like magic as the three men joined us, two additional chairs appeared in their hands. They managed to get around us in a boy-girl-boy configuration. We were surrounded and integrated into their clutches. My heart rate had doubled; I was suddenly in a mixed-sex social situation… with men… and I wasn’t wearing underwear.

Over the music of the trio, we talked and introduced ourselves to the men. I was almost having a panic attack. I could feel my heart palpitating in my chest and my mouth was so dry it hurt. I’d never been in this kind of setting, and certainly not without undies and a brassiere, and other layers of clothing I was missing. I kept my legs crossed and a napkin in my lap. Owen introduced his friends Sean and Luke.

Owen and I listened to Sheri, Maryann, and Luke go through the ‘Who-do-you-know?’ game. They quickly established that Maryann’s date from the night before, Jake, was also in their circle of friends.

The guys were into wind surfing in the bay, and amused us with stories of how they could often go faster than the allowable speed in various portions of the bay.

Sean told how he’d been riding a great wind, until he realized that he had just passed the county sheriff’s police boat at close to fifty miles in hour in what was fundamentally a no-wake zone — less than six knots. He talked himself out of a ticket since he wasn’t motorized, but got a warning.

Luke commented that he also was into serious bike riding. I paid attention and asked a few questions, and I was suddenly into a discussion about narrow versus wide tires and drop versus straight handlebars. He’d just spent over two-thousand dollars on a new bike, and was looking to sell his old one.

On impulse, I blurted out, “I’ll buy it. I need a sport in my life, and bicycling would be perfect. There’s even a bike closet at my apartment building where I can store it and lock it up. Tell me about it.”

Even Sheri and Maryann looked shocked at my sudden offer.

Luke launched into a long rant about the bike using terminology I barely understood, but was sure that I’d learn more about. This was going to be fun.

He said, “I’d love to ride with you as you get started.” I didn’t see his remark as anything other than a friendly offer.

“I’m not sure I have the muscles or butt to ride further than the end of the parking lot, but I guess you build up to longer distances.”

“You do. There’s a great crowd of people around here that ride together to special events — picnics and such. We have overnights and campouts at various places, too. For some, it’s a spiritual experience and religion all in one.”

“I’m not sure I’m that devoted… yet.” I wrote down izmir escortlar my name and cellphone on a napkin and gave it to him and suggested that we swap money for the bike Sunday afternoon. We shook hands on the deal.

As I turned, I caught Sheri’s eye. She gave me the thumbs-up approval gesture and a wink. I’d made her happy. I then realized that I’d done something very social and outgoing.

I talked to Owen and found out that he worked as a techie for Retail Software Systems, an outfit based in one of the industrial parks that put in the point-of-sale terminals for small businesses. He was one of roving technicians that helped keep all of them working and with the most recent software upgrades. He also helped clients with their network security.

“I love my work. I get to meet all sorts of people and see all kinds of sales environments. Some of them are kind of crazy, too.”

I asked, “What’s the wildest one you’ve done?”

He laughed, “Wildest? You asked for it. It’s the Triple-XXX store over on Route 301. They have two terminals and sell everything you can imagine related to sex — porn videos and magazines, racy clothing, dildoes, vibrators, and all sorts of sex toys and games, even BDSM stuff. I never knew any of that stuff even existed until they got hit with a power surge in a lightning storm that blew their system apart. I had to fix it and get them back online.”

I laughed and teased, “So, did you buy anything?”

He looked horrified and then surprised. “I’ll never tell.” He laughed.

Maryann was hitting it off with Sean, too. Soon, some other couples started to dance. Maryann and Sean started us off, Sheri and Luke followed, and Owen and I were then up dancing.

I kept pulling my skirt down trying to make the two-inches up to my labia more like two feet. The best I probably managed was to add a quarter-inch.

I had never seriously danced with a guy except my high school proms. I assumed the standard dance position with my right hand in his, and my left on his right side. Owen gave me a funny look, and then wrapped his arms around me, directed my arms around his neck, and pulled my entire body to his completely closing the ‘appropriate gap’ I’d established. We started to sway and shuffle around the floor with our bodies close together.

I looked at Sheri. She was in a similar clutch with Luke and their lips were smashed together as they made out. To her other side, Maryann was similarly engaged with Sean. I panicked again. I realized I was supposed to make out with Owen.

Owen said, “You haven’t dated much, have you?”

I replied in an embarrassed tone, “I’ve led a very sheltered life, so no, I can almost count the dates I’ve had on one hand. I went to two high school proms, several parties in college, and that’s about it. They were tame. I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to expect or do. I’m very naïve. Sheri and Maryann are helping me develop a more up to date social life and attitude. They’re my role models, but we just started.”

Owen accepted that without comment and didn’t press the issue with me. Later, I was dancing with Sean and then Luke. We swapped around a lot. The other two men were polite and also didn’t try to make out too much. I did kiss each of them.

Sheri then pulled me into the ladies’ room. “Brie, how’re you doing?”

“I’m kind of nervous. I worry about what happens next. I’m having a good time, though.”

“Well, I think you should go home. Take an Uber. Just disappear on us; I’ll cover for you. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“But one of the guys will be left without a girl to… things won’t be balanced.” I wasn’t making sense, but I was concerned about what the men would think about me.

Sheri insisted. “Don’t worry. I’ll tell you tomorrow how it turned out. You did not arrive with the men, and you do not necessarily have to go home with one of them… or all of them. Maryann and I can handle that.”

I bid her goodnight, and since I had no purse, I gave her thirty-dollars from my hidden pocket to cover my drinks, and then just left without saying goodbye.

Chapter 3 — Awkward Challenges

Sunday morning, about ten a.m., I answered the knock on my door. Sheri was there with a smile. “Good morning, Sunshine. How’d you sleep?”

“Fine, thanks to you. I was so nervous last night with those men.”

“Honey, you did fine. You bought a bicycle from Luke, and chatted with Owen, and danced with all three men. You kissed them, too; and I know that was a big step. You didn’t have to fuck on the dance floor. That was a big step for you. You did well. The next time it won’t be near as stressful. I watched you, and you seemed quite calm.”

I laughed. “It was a façade. I was monkey brain inside my head. How did the evening end?”

Sheri said in a nonchalant way, “We went back to Luke’s apartment because it was nearby. Maryann and I fucked the three of them, and I mean that each of us fucked each man, so no one was left out and uncared for.

“We slept there on some futons that we spread out on the floor. I slept between Sean and Owen, and also fucked both of them in the middle of the night. I did Luke this morning as Maryann took on the other two.”

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