Swinging At Sea Ep. 03

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This is a continuation of Swinging At Sea. Reading Swinging At Sea Episode One and Episode Two will give you much needed context for this story and the characters.

As always this story takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, std’s, or the need for birth control. Please forgive the creative liberties I took with the rules and regulations aboard cruise ships.


Blizzarde: First person narrator of this story. A wife seeking to rekindle romance and erotic fun with her husband.

Xander: My nearly forty-year-old husband who has taken me on a cruise.

Calliope and Zane: Former neighbors of ours who we ran into our first night aboard. They’ve been pushing our limits and joining us in our pursuit of orgasms.

Rachael: A college student who works on the cruise ship. She and I get to know each other during Episode Three.

As always I welcome your comments. I hope you enjoy reading!



I strolled down the corridor, drinking the ice cold water and wondering about finding Zane. He’d already fucked me twice since midnight last night, and I didn’t want to wear him out.

I decided that I could get something to drink and ocean gaze for a while. Sooner or later Xander would wake up and I’d have no trouble talking him into licking and sucking my clitoris.

Or Calliope would wake up and would probably be more than willing to make the men watch us while we played some more. A tongue tickled orgasm from her would surely make at least one of them hard enough to fuck me.

I went into the lounge we’d used for lunch and realized that they were just starting to serve dinner.

“Blizzarde, are you okay?” asked a soft voice near me.

I turned and saw our server from this morning.

“Yes.” I replied. “I’m fine Rachael. I just didn’t realize it was so late. I lost track of time this afternoon and didn’t expect it to be this crowded right now.”

“I was hoping you were looking for me.” She said. “I’m just about finished for the day.”

I suddenly felt hot as I remembered the details of my earlier conversation with this beautiful girl.

“Well you might just be a lot more interesting to spend time with than a cup of tea and an ocean view.” I said quietly. “In fact, Rachael, I’m willing to bet you might be one of the most interesting people on this entire ship.”

“If you’re willing to wait for me to shower and clean up you could come with me to my cabin.” She said with a glance around to make sure no one could hear her. “I’d be happy to help you discover just how interesting I really am. My cabin is small, but I don’t have any roommates and it’s completely private.”

“Well it certainly seems like a great evening to make some new discoveries.” I said. “I am burning with curiosity to see where it is that you lay your head at night.”

“I haven’t been off my feet for nearly twelve hours. Since you four were in earlier I’ve been especially eager to get off.” She whispered, her eyes widening as she said the last two words.

“Oh?” I asked her. “Exactly how long until you….get off?”

“I’m off now.” She answered.

I grinned. “Well if you’re off let’s find a way to get you off.”

“Come on,” she said, “follow me.”

She took my hand and pulled me behind the bar. We went through the kitchen, where both people washing dishes ignored us, and then we took a short flight of stairs to an inner corridor, and that led to a flight of stairs, and before long we were below decks and she was unlocking her cabin door.

The windowless room was small but cozy. It was a narrow room, with a bunkbed at the end, a tiny chair that faced a built in bookcase over a narrow desk, and a pole that ran the length of the cabin from which she’d hung her clothes. A narrow door opened into a tiny bathroom, with a toilet and a shower stall and a mirror over a sink.

She went to the far end by the bunk beds and plugged in a short string of purple Christmas lights, before returning to the door and turning off the overhead lights.

She made sure the door was locked and turned to face me. It was crowded with the two of us standing in the small space.

“If you don’t mind waiting just a few minutes, I should really take a shower.” She whispered.

I leaned in and kissed her. Softly at first, but then with an erotic intensity. Part of it was me wanting to arouse her and get her ready for some foreplay. Another part of it was my own bodies need for sexual release.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed back, pushing me against the door and thrusting her tongue into my mouth while our hands explored each other. She pushed one of her legs between my own and slid her knee up until it was pressed against my pussy through my shorts. I moaned into her mouth and pushed her away.

“I’m not wearing any panties,” I said, “too much of that and I’ll have to walk around with a wet spot.” I unsnapped my shorts and stepped out of them, setting them on her desk istanbul travesti and standing there wearing nothing but my blouse.

She looked at my pussy and then stepped forward again, and hungrily put her mouth against mine as she danced her fingers against my vulva. I closed my eyes and felt a sudden wetness on my thighs as my arousal leaked across my lips and her fingers.

I pushed away from the door and pulled her with me, sitting in her chair and having her straddle my lap. She leaned in and we kissed some more, our bodies feeding off of our closeness and off of our body heat in the cool room. I reached behind her and slid my hands inside her shirt, finding and undoing her bra clasp.

I brought one of my hands forward and used my fingertips to trace up along her stomach and found the swell of her breast. It was hot and sticky with sweat, and with a surge of primal lust I used both hands to savagely pull her polo shirt and bra off.

I put my mouth against her salty skin and began to lick and suck my way to her breast, using my tongue to savor the way her areola and nipples tasted just a bit sweeter than the rest of her skin.

Her nipples stiffened in my mouth, one after the other responding to my wet kisses, while she squirmed in my lap and ran her hands through my hair. I kept teasing her, putting my fingers into her arm pits and pressing against her tender flesh there while exciting her stiff nipples with my mouth.

“I need a shower,” she said again, as she tried to push her arms down to keep my fingers away from the stubble in her arm pits, “and a shave.”

“I don’t mind.” I whispered.

“It’s embarrassing.” She replied, rolling her hips in response to her growing need.

“Bullshit.” I told her. “It’s natural and delicious.”

My personal preferences as far as body hair on either gender are pretty nonexistent. The things that attract me have more to do with confidence and sense of humor, and whether someone is comfortable in their own skin.

So it wasn’t that I particularly needed or wanted Rachael to be unshowered or in need of a touch up with a razor, but I really wanted her to know that I wanted her, and I was very much willing to have her any way I could.

“Oh good.” She replied. “I was afraid you’d think I was too hairy down there.”

Suddenly intrigued I pulled my head back, and as she straightened up I used my hands to undo her belt, snap, and zipper, and thrust my hands into her khaki pants. I used one hand to pull her panties away from her and I slid the other down her stomach into her pubic hair.

I’ve seen hundreds of naked women in gym showers over the course of my life, so odds are she wasn’t going to have the hairiest thatch of pubic hair that I’d ever been exposed to, but it was much thicker than I was expecting. This wasn’t shaped, or trimmed. And it certainly wasn’t stubble. I was holding a full grown thickness of curly pubes and an unexpected thrill coursed through me.

As my fingers explored I pulled her body to me and I bit her nipple, sheer lust prompting me to do so. I discovered that her inner thighs were smooth, so I assumed she kept up with shaving her legs and armpits.

“I was going to try to trim in the shower.” She said. “I didn’t want to turn you off.”

“It’s way too late to try to turn me off,” I told her, “my pussy is leaking all over your chair and I want you even more now than I did when I followed you through your door.”

I reached up and pulled her face down to mine, passionately kissing her again for several minutes, while my hands caressed her beautiful body. Her hips were rhythmically grinding in my lap, and we were both panting as if we’d been working out.

I pushed her to her feet and got up with her, pushing her pants and panties down and removing my blouse.

“Which bunk?” I asked her. “Top or bottom?”

“Bottom is easier,” she said softly, “but I usually sleep in the top one. The bottom one is where I keep my clean laundry.”

I pushed her towards the bed and pointed to the top bunk. I didn’t want to wait for her to move any piles of folded clothes, and something about sharing orgasms where she slept made me just a little bit hornier than I already was.

“Let me, wait just a second.” She said, turning to the bathroom door and pushing it closed, leaving the only light in the room the purple glow of the lights strung floor to ceiling next to the bed.

I grabbed the tiny ladder and climbed up to the top bunk, turning and sitting with my legs hanging over the edge.

“Watch your head,” she whispered, “it’s small in here.”

She took one step back towards me, and instead of grabbing the ladder she placed her hands on my thighs and pushed her face against my needy pelvic cleft. Her tongue pushed along my inner thigh and I felt her use her fingers to spread my inner lips.

I moaned softly and leaned back, supporting my weight on my hands as I felt my orgasm begin to unwind deep in the recesses of my body. I fixed my eyes on the istanbul travestileri purple light reflected on her cabin door and allowed my body to pull me along as it rushed towards a pleasurable release.

My time with Xander, had brought me to the brink and kept me there. Sucking cock always turns me on. And my usual sexual hunger was even more amplified, with my earlier interactions with Zane and Calliope added to the past twenty-four hours.

And now being naked with a near total stranger pulled me even higher up that peak, so that when I lost control and fell over the edge into an orgasm the fall would be even more incredible. And the buildup was even more delicious.

Rachael’s tongue lightly touched my cunt lips, and I felt her lick up and down my slit while she gently fingered the sensitive opening of my hole.

“Oh sweet fuck.” I groaned.

“My god you smell so horny,” she said, and her words made my belly clench.

I felt her fingers pull at my clitoral hood, and her tongue begin to swirl around the sensitive bud as my pussy pulsed with anticipation. Her tongue lapped at my clit and just below that I felt her fingers probe along my tingling nerve endings.

“Oh Rachael, I’m so close to cumming.” I panted.

“Do it.” She said. “I need you to cum for me. I want to taste it.”

That did it. Knowing that she wanted my orgasm as much as I did caused a sexual jolt to shoot through me, and I felt my body begin to throb with approaching pleasure. I lay back on her bunk, stretching my hands out. My left hand touched the wall, and my right hand slid under one of her pillows and encountered something rubbery and soft.

I pulled it out and in the purple light I saw a vibrator, with a little tongue shaped clitoral wand built into the base. I pulled it to my face and I could smell the scent of her cunt on it, and knowing that she used it to orgasm right here where I was feeling her tongue against my throbbing clit was too much.

“Taste it Rachael! Taste my cum it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna go! Now! Now! FUCKNOW!” I grunted the words out, closing my eyes tight as I wrapped a hand around her vibrator and felt her fingers, lips, and tongue pull me over the edge.

My orgasm started deep inside of me, and then pulsed into my clit, and my nipples at the same time, causing me to tense my body up as waves of pleasure washed back and forth and up and down my vagina.

Each time I felt a surge of pleasure begin to recede she pushed her fingers against my g-spot and it began again with an added intensity. I bit my lips to keep from crying out, but gasped my pleasure as quietly as I could as the explosions kept rocking back and forth through my cunt over and over and over and over until I had to push her mouth away and I had to pull her fingers out of my hole.

She bounded up the ladder and crawled on top of me, kissing me with the taste of my aroused cunt all over her face. I wrapped my arms and legs around her and rolled her over, feeling my cunt continue to spasm while I tried to catch my breath.

I slid down her body, curling myself up against the wall at the foot of her mattress and smelling her delicious scent as I pushed her legs apart. I reached up and pinched one of her nipples and she made a noise so lustful that I almost came again just from the pure pleasure of being with her.

I licked at her hairy vee, tasting her arousal and feeling her slippery lips against my mouth. I kissed and sucked at her lips, using my fingers to probe inside for her wet arousal, and then spreading her slippery lubricated lust onto her clit, feeling it hard against my fingertips.

I put my mouth on her clit and sucked and used that moment to push her own vibrator up inside of her, giving her a sensation that she wasn’t anticipating.

“Oh sweet fuck!” she said in a high pitched voice.

I sucked even harder and twisted the base of the toy, feeling a heavy vibration against my mouth as the toy pulsed inside of her. Her body tensed and she grabbed my hair and pulled hard, bringing tears to my eyes as she pushed her clit up against my mouth.

I looked up at her in the soft purple light and saw her face clenched tight in the pure pleasure of an approaching orgasm, and with a quick suck on her clit I rose up and pushed the toy deeper with one hand while pulling myself to her breast.

I latched onto her nipple with my mouth and used my fingers to twist the toy until it shut down. I braced my thigh against it and held it pushed deep into her and put my hands on her breasts and moved up to kiss her.

She looked at me pleadingly, stuck in the sweet limbo between the surge of an inevitable orgasm, and the feeling of it actually happening.

I pressed against her, pinching her nipples and pushing the toy into her, and kissing her passionately while feeling her body shake and tremble beneath me with its sweet twists of pleasure.

“Oh please oh please oh please oh please!” she begged in a whisper.

I slid back down, kissing travesti istanbul each tender nipple and fluttering my fingers along her belly, dropping down to lick her belly button, her abdomen, and then to lightly feather a kiss onto each of her soft inner thighs.

I made my tongue flat and pushed it onto her clit, and felt a quick pulse as her tension wound even tighter. I turned the toy on again, finding its slowest setting and I began to lick her clit slowly while pulling the toy out, and then pushing it back in.

Her hips hunched up and down, and she was cupping her own breasts, while gasping for air.

“Oh fuck please make me cum. Please. Please. Fucking pleaseineeditplease!” she begged.

I kept up my slow licks, pulling the toy up and down through her sensitive hole, pushing her towards and then dragging her back from the edge of her orgasm, over and over again.

I licked her like that for long minute after long minute, feeling her legs wrap around me as she hooked her ankles behind my back. With her thighs around me her knees bumped the ceiling of her small cabin as she humped at my face.

Her hands clutched at my shoulders and hair as she urged me to increase the tempo and speed. I made her wait, working to keep her orgasm close, but putting effort into denying her the level of tongue pressure it would take to cause her to lose total control.

“Please, please I need to cum, oh please ohpleaseohfuckplease.” She begged, slapping at my shoulders.

I moved up to kiss her breasts again, softly and slowly licking each nipple. I licked my way up to her neck, and then pressed the toy into her with my thigh again while I softly kissed her mouth.

And then I slid down her body, giving her nipples aggressive twists with my fingers and biting at her belly, putting my mouth on her clit and turning the toy up to its highest setting.

“Ohnownownownowfucknowfuck!” she grunted.

She put her hands on the mattress and sat up, pushing her cunt into my face as her body leapt towards the edge.

“Cum for me Rachael!” I told her. “Do it. Cum on my face.”

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to mewl softly as she clenched and unclenched her cunt around that buzzing toy as my tongue flicked back and forth over her clit.

“Oh fuck!” she wept, falling back on the mattress and grabbing my hair as I sucked and licked her most sensitive spot.

Her orgasm went on and on, and as it subsided she was stroking my hair and continuing to whimper softly, her hips slowly grinding against the mattress. I reached up and turned the toy off, and gently and wetly licked each of her thighs.

Once, up and down.

Right thigh. Left thigh.

Again. Up and down.

Right thigh. Left thigh.


And again.

And then I bit her left inner thigh and turned the toy on high.

I made sure the tongue shaped clit stimulator was vibrating and I put it against her clit, and grabbed her hand to have her hold it in place. I slid up her body and began kissing her again, spreading my legs over her hips and letting the clit vibrator part of her toy find my own clit while it buzzed against hers.

I pushed down against her, the toy pulsing inside her and the outer part humming against two clits at the same time. Our nipples rubbed together and I bent in to kiss her, both of us moaning and sweaty in the narrow upper bunk.

We humped at each other and I started pinching her nipple just as I felt her fingers on mine.

“I’m gonna cum again.” She whispered, her eyes big in the purple haze.

I nodded at her, fighting to control my own orgasm that was desperately pushing against my clit. I wanted us to cum together.

“Me too Rachael.” I said, and then everything got blurry as I felt my control begin to fall away.

“Cum with me!” she said loudly, pinching my breast as her orgasm started.

“FUCK!” I screamed, and my clit throbbed as pleasure surged from the bottom of my feet to my scalp, knowing that her body was feeling the same flood of orgasmic joy.

I buried my face in her neck and we rode our physical rapture together until we were barely moving, drenched in sweat and gasping for air, feeling our heartbeats thud in harmony as our bodies pressed together.

After a long while she stirred under me and I rolled off of her, snuggling beside her and placing my hand gently on her breast as she turned the vibrator off.

“Thank you.” I said quietly. “That was beautiful.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard.” She said. “I’m the one who should be doing the thanking.”

“I enjoyed it as much as you did.” I giggled.

“You not letting me shower was really kinky. It made me feel so filthy and horny and needed all at the same time.” She told me.

“I’m at the point in my life where I’ve learned that giving pleasure only heightens my own enjoyment.” I replied. “The more intensely I can arouse the person I’m with, the more my own body responds.”

“I hope we can play again before you leave.” She told me, putting a hand against the side of my face. “But even if we don’t I think I’ll remember these orgasms for the rest of my life.”

“I think I’ll be back.” I told her. “I had too much fun with you to settle for shuffleboard now.”

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