Switched On

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Rather than be happy about her promotion as she’d expected, Andres seemed frustrated and offered only a casual grin and weak hug at the announcement. She didn’t look into it at first, she was still overwhelmed with the news herself but by the end of the evening she could see why so many women that made it to partner had been single. Men don’t take well to the competition. Threatens their fragile male ego, she supposed.

And so it went when they were in bed together. He reached for her, his cock thick and full, out to prove his manhood once again. It tempted her. How wonderful it would be to just lay back and be fucked, she thought. He was a good lover, and pleased her often though his technique was now more forceful pounding than the gentleness she truly enjoyed. It had been that way for a while, ever since that evening she took him out and seduced him. She bedded him like a man that night, laying him down and penetrating his back passage with a long, pink dildo. She expected him to fight or at least whine but he was surprisingly compliant. The ejaculation that followed the coupling testified to his enjoyment and said what his mouth could not.

The fact that their sex life had flourished since that night let Greta know she’d made the right decision. She guessed he was doing it to make up for some question on his masculinity. Though in truth, there was no way he could make up for that night. The sight of him happily babbling as she slid into his ass and his vigor as his seed excitedly launched from his prick changed their relationship forever. Oh sure, sometimes she’d play the submissive, playfully struggling as he drove into her, his ramrod stiff length spearing her wetness but now she knew, when push came to shove, it was her call from now on.

Now his cock urgently pressed into her inner thigh. His lips roamed along her neck, sending pulses of wetness between her sex and for a moment she considered giving in. Some nights all she wanted was him on top of her, his rushed need forcing the breath from her until her orgasms left her warm and weak.

She broke from his grasp before she’d be unable to resist his charms. In the darkness of the bedroom she pictured him sitting upright, his cock pointed upwards, trembling unaided. She could hear him breathe, a quick heavy sound as she stepped to the side of the bed.


She didn’t answer him, waiting until his eyes adjusted to the light. “Turn over.”

A low sigh. “Please, I really don’t want to…not tonight.”

She managed the last of the buckles, admiring the snug fit around her hips. “Don’t fight me Andres.”

“Let’s just forget about it. I’m sorry.” He lay back down.

Her hand, light and soft, reached out for his prick to find him wanting. “Don’t ever be sorry.” She found the swollen knob of his shaft and felt a thick wetness there. With a practiced touch she smoothed it around the tight heated skin. “Don’t apologize for what you want. It’s natural.”

He was unable to speak. Eyes shut, he could only feel her touch upon him.

“Turn. Over.”

Without a complaint, without a sound, he did as told. Greta switched on the bedside lamp as she knelt behind him. In the dim light she admired her lover. The strong muscles of his ass were the result of his increased exercise regimen. On her suggestion he had spent more of his time taking care of his body, which paid off in their romps. She had grown more and more infatuated with him; his lips, his legs, his tight stomach, his cock.

What still remained her favorite was his ass. Fucking him that way had always been a hidden fantasy erotik film izle of hers and now that she had the opportunity to fulfill it it became an obsession.

He was crouched on his knees, his ass bent and opened to her. Hands on the full cheeks of his ass, she gently spread them even further, appraising the tiny winking asshole before her. Her heart swooned at the sight of it and she felt a sudden damp rush between her legs. She reached with her index finger to tenderly circle and stroke it. He made no sound except a soft, satisfied hum. “There now sweetie,” she whispered to him. “I’m going to enter you.” He sighed warmly. A skilled hand smoothed lube over the pink shaft and playfully masturbated the dildo. She gloried in the thought that for the night it was a part of her. Each time she put it on it made her feel different- more aggressive, more virile and rougher.

Andres trembled beneath her as her phallus circled his hole. With her fist wrapped around the base, she leaned forward and left soft kisses on his shoulders. “Lay still,” she whispered in his ear. “Enjoy it, baby.” She sat up and sucked on her index finger thoroughly. Then, holding his cheeks spread wide, she slowly inserted it into his warm back passage. She watched aroused as his body swallowed up her finger bit by bit. Gently pushing herself in and out of him, she smiled to herself at the thought that she was fingering him.

Below she could see his balls hanging down helplessly. His cock inflated as she reached below and juggled his balls. She cupped and squeezed him as he casually spread his knees. “Oooh,” she teased. “You really want it, don’t you boy?” All he could do was moan in response.

With a slow, careful push, she pressed the shaft into him. His body tensed and his shoulders dropped down, forcing his rear up against her. The sight of him, his tight ass spread and her shaft sliding slowly into him excited her and she felt her nipples tingle and erect.

It was almost comical, really, how easily he changed from the bragging, arrogant man into the soft, willing little bitch. It’s as if he secretly enjoyed the two polar sides of his personality. Greta chuckled to herself. It made her feel powerful and womanly. Breathing deeply, she increased her pace. The sound of her body slapping against his ass resounded throughout the room.

The sight of his ass bent over complemented her own soft, fair skin and she began earnestly smacking into his ass. The shaft pistoned slickly into his hole. He was under her spell now and clasped a pillow beneath him, his eyes closed and moaning against the bed.

“Good little bitch. You know your place now.”

He nodded unhesitatingly and she landed several loud slaps against the hefty flank of his ass. “Stay down, sweetie. You’re mine.” He only groaned in a deep, satisfying sound that touched her deeply.

His body shook and trembled. Tiny beads of sweat collected on the heft of his ass. She gripped his flesh handily, her fingers leaving thin scarlet marks. At once his body stiffened and she uncoiled against him. Wrapping around his waist, she found his genitals. One hand tightly clenched the base of his cock, the other possessively gripped his scrotum.

His skin was warm against the soft flesh of her breasts and she rested that way for a moment, her ear against his neck. Tiny trembles ran through his body and she could hear the quick beating of his heart.

“Please…,” his voice was a whisper. “…Don’t stop”

She was genuinely surprised. “What is it sweetheart?” Gently she pet him on the back of the head. “Does film izle it hurt?”

“No,” he pleaded. “A little, I guess. But don’t stop. Not now.”

She had reached his g-spot. She’d heard of such a thing but was skeptical and doubted men could feel it. Supposedly it was a rare thing that changes men forever after feeling it. Greta wondered if it would change Andres. There were some areas she would like to see improvement in.

The bare cheeks of his ass shuddered against her thighs. Slowly she eased out of his anus, feeling him sigh. The dildo shined with the slick grease of lube, leaving a ring of moisture around his pucker.

Just as carefully, she eased back into him. His body accepted it more easily and he pushed back slightly. Deep sounds of approval slipped from his lips and, when she was almost full into his butt she heard him gasp. It was a high, lilting tone that warmed her pussy.

She’d heard him orgasm before, most times she was the cause of it, but this was something different. He seemed softer, more vulnerable and weaker. Beneath her his knees buckled and he collapsed onto the mattress. Her thrusts continued while his cries grew higher and more urgent.

The motion excited her. The smooth entrance of the dildo sliding into his muscled ass and the ease that he took it excited her. Her juices flowed and she felt the first stirrings of orgasm.

Firmly she handled his cock. Her fist clenched and unclenched his shaft, sending waves of sensation through his body. Words came out in incoherent babbles. He always got that way when facing a particularly straining orgasm. In moments he lost control and surrendered to the feeling, letting go and allowing it to fully pass through his body. This time he would give himself to her completely, giving her the control when he couldn’t handle it anymore.

After the way he acted, she had planned to rape him if he resisted but his willingness to submit allowed her to take him without a fight. He was getting more comfortable with being the bitch. It was a role she planned to see more of.

Letting go of his shaft, she grabbed his tiny waist and hung on. Inhaling deeply, she began quickly thrusting into him. She knew it hurt but it was important for him to feel it. He wailed loudly. It was a loud cry that turned from sudden pain to a low moan of frustration and finally satisfaction. She knew the thick head of the dildo was pressing into his tiny g-spot, causing him to lose himself.

He sputtered, fingers reaching to clench the sheets as knuckles turned to white. His legs failed him and he lay face down beneath him. Unable to think, he pressed his face into a pillow, yelling, then sobbing into it. The sound touched her deeply and, with a rough motion, she grabbed his hair and turned him to look at her.

His eyes shone with tears. They dripped down his cheeks and left a visible spot on the pillow. His lower lip trembled as his orgasm riled his body. The moment their eyes met he felt himself loose on the sheets and cried out in a strange satisfaction that was foreign to him.

Greta leaned forward and kissed him warmly on the cheek. “Come for me, lover. Feel yourself release. Just like a bitch.”

The words only drove him deeper and intensified what he already felt. She let go of him, pushing him away none too gently, and he buried his face in one hand.

His body barely moved. Instead, she pushed his ass up and down on the bed. His penis squirted helplessly beneath him, adding to the warm, sticky pool drenching his crotch. Feeling the tremors pass through his body she passed seks filmi izle her peak. Her vagina pressed into the firm end of the dildo. A short, thick phallus teased her canal and tingled the inner roots of her mons. It was her turn to moan openly and that, along with the feeling of his bare ass against her hips caused her to break.

Fingernails clenched the meat of his ass, leaving streaks of pain on his flesh. He moaned, both from the aftershocks of his climax and the pain of her touch. Still his anus held her dildo tightly and she noticed it angle towards her, allowing her room to fuck him fully.

At the height of her climax she grunted openly. Between her legs there was a wet rush that soaked the end of the phallus and dripped down her legs. It was one of her more intense orgasms and caused her eyes to flutter beneath their lids.

Andres was flat on the bed as she finished. In the most intimate action of the evening, she lay on top of him. Hands clutched his, their legs intertwined and the heated softness of her breasts pressed against his back.

With her cock still buried in his hole she took on a softer role, tenderly kissing the back of his neck and gently running her hands through his hair. He was still heated, his body shone with sex and expanded with each breath. She could feel the shiver travel the length of his body. They began in his legs, where she felt them in her toes on his calves, and moved up his trunk. Each one was a slight wave she could feel in her nipples. They hardened to a point and she rested comfortably against his prone body.

Fatigue settled in and she lay with her eyes closed, nipples still tingling with excitement. For a moment they both rested silently. Her, the tinier, softer woman lay in the superior top position above the strong, athletic, taller man. Nimbly she unlocked the dildo and dropped it to the floor beside them.

She was concentrating on his backside and how the firm, muscled cheeks of his ass felt against her thighs when she noticed it. Her fingers lovingly stroked the bare flank of his rump when as he began crying. She didn’t recognize the sound at first. It was almost nonexistent, a faint whine that tugged at her heart.

“Honey,” she whispered, moving to look at him. He only turned his head away, ashamed of feelings he couldn’t identify. He couldn’t hide the shine of tears on his face. “Baby,” she soothed. “It’s ok. I love you….”

“I know,” his voice was broken and choked with tiny gulps. “I don’t know why this is happening.” He brushed at the corner of his eyes with the backs of his hands. Greta couldn’t help but think it made him look childish.

“It’s a lot to take.” Her hand petted him softly. “You just felt what a woman should feel. Men are too afraid to open up and feel what they can really feel. You’ve just had your first real orgasm. You found your g-spot.” Her arms went around his neck to hug him tightly. “I’m so proud of you!”

This unleashed of flood of tears and she urged them on with kisses on his shoulders and soft, warm sounds of encouragement. Eventually, after a long period of recovery, she rolled off to lie beside him. Her shaft slipped out of his buttocks with a wet pop that brought a happy gasp from him. She had wanted to make love but knew to try anything further would be to lessen the moment they had together. As a couple they had experienced something deep, something people are lucky to feel. It was a deeply personal moment for both of them and she wanted nothing more than to lay beside the man she called hers.

Andres hummed, a sound that Greta recognized as one of contentment. She held his penis lovingly. It was warm and slick and made her feel more feminine. The tenderness of his balls comforted her and she held him as they both dozed languidly, the bodies clenched to one another.

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