The Animal Trainer Ch. 02

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Monday morning proved uneventful as far as Jennings was concerned. All the tigers had behaved better than expected, and the training session had gone almost perfectly. In addition, two executives from the movie studio had ‘happened’ by and were suitably impressed with his work.

Jennings was thinking about taking the afternoon off and either lounging around the pool at his apartment complex, or giving Sheila, an actress he knew quite well, a call.

But before he could leave, the receptionist at the training center paged him to the front office. Wiping his face with a towel, Jennings wandered into the front office and was told there was a woman that just had to see him.

He walked into the visitor’s waiting room and saw an attractive woman around his own age that seemed strangely familiar. She had shoulder-length blond hair, obviously dyed, but well done; blue eyes, and generous breasts. She was curvy, but by no means fat.

“Mr. Jennings?” she said with a knowing smile.

“Yes, that would be me. And what can I do for you… Mrs.?”

Lee Aguire,” she said with a slight Spanish accent.

Jennings realized why there had been something familiar about her. She was Aggie’s mother. He prepared himself for an ugly scene and began thinking of how to get her out of the office before she could get started on him.

“I was just leaving for lunch. Would you care to join me?”

“I’ve eaten already, Mr. Jennings.

“Well, walk me to my car; we’ll talk on the way. I’ve got a tight schedule today. I hope you understand, but animals are temperamental and…”

“That would be fine, Mr. Jennings.

He held the door open for her and followed her outside.

“I’m parked over there. Are you sure you don’t mind walking with me?’

“Not at all. It’s good exercise.”

“What can I do for you, Mrs. Aguire?”

For the first time, the woman appeared uncertain about how to proceed. It occurred to Jennings that this wasn’t the way a woman about to read him the riot act was likely to be.

For that matter, Aggie was at least twenty, not jail-bait, so what could she threaten me with?

“I… I… I know about you and Aggie,” she began, as they reached his car.

“Her name’s DeMarco, not Aguire,” he said automatically, knowing the answer before Aggie’s mother provided it.

“I had her with my first husband,” she said quickly, but…”

“She’s at least twenty years old. She can do whatever and with whomever she wants. You must know that.”

“I… I saw the two of you. The things you made her do…”

“So, why didn’t you interrupt us?”

Mrs. Aguire hesitated, she hadn’t expected this. “I came in through the garage and heard you in her bedroom. I stood outside the door while you were…” she dropped her gaze and lowered her voice to a whisper, “… fucking her.”

“Why didn’t you barge in on us?”

“I was so surprised; I didn’t know how to react.”

“Look, Mrs. Aguire,” I said, hoping to get rid of her without her causing a scene, “if it makes you feel any better, you should know that I have no intention of ever sleeping with or even talking to your daughter again. She’s a very provocative young woman, and knows exactly what buttons to push to make me lose control.”

“It seemed to me that you were very much in control, Mr. Jennings, you… you treated her like one of your wild animals.”

“What can I say, Mrs. Aguire? I won’t be seeing her again. At least it’s highly unlikely.”

He was hoping she would leave it at that and leave him alone. But it wasn’t going to turn out that way.

“It turned me on,” she whispered.


“It turned me on,” she repeated, “I kept imagining myself in her place. And if you’re not seeing her anymore, I was wondering…”

“Not a chance.”

“While you were making her do those awful things I was masturbating and made myself cum harder than I ever have in my life. God, it turned me on, Mr. Jennings. Now I want to take Aggie’s place as your slut.”

Jennings couldn’t believe it. The more he tried to resist this type woman, the more they found him.

“Are you married, Mr. Jennings?”


“Of course… I knew you’d say that. You think you need to protect your marriage. I understand completely. So I guess you’d hate it if your wife found out about you and Aggie.”

He smiled at her. It was the coldest smile she had ever seen. A chill ran down her spine, but she pushed on. “I’d hate that too, Mr. Jennings. I really, truly would.”

“How would you feel if Aggie learned that you wanted to take her place in my bed?” Jennings shot back.

“She’s a shit anyway. I could care less.”

“I’m hungry, care to join me for lunch?” he said, changing tactics.

Mrs. Aguire was up to it and quickly accepted. “I have a motel room at the La Quinta. Care to eat near it?”

“Why not, and what shall I call you besides Mrs. Aguire?”

“Lee is my first name.”

“And slut is your middle name, I take it?”

She laughed, pleased at his response. “Whatever you say, Mr. Tiger man.”

They illegal bahis had a quick lunch and he caught her off balance when he declined to enter the motel with her.

“But why? It’s right here.”

“My place, or nothing,” he said authoritatively.

“All right,” she meekly replied.

Fifteen minutes later she parked alongside his car and followed him into his downtown LA loft.


Once inside he began to take off his belt.

“Lean over that table,” he said, indicating the oval oak table in what passed for his kitchen.

Knowing what was in store for her, Lee was quick to obey and moments later she felt the first lash of his belt across the back of her thighs.

“Yes, punish me! Make me your whore! Make me your slut whore!”

“I knew you’d say that,” Jennings said, smiling; and then hit her seven successive times with the belt. Lee’s back and buttocks were soon covered with a series of raised red ridges; yet she had not made a sound.

Tossing the belt aside, Jennings swatted her ass three times and drew blood from the previous welts.

“You seem to have a penchant for rough treatment, Mrs. Aguire.”

“Are you finished?” she asked; she would have given a fortune for a sip of water, but refused to ask for it.

He tossed a towel at her. “Dab the blood away. We may do it again in a while.”

He left her alone for several minutes then returned with a cold bottle of water.

“Drink this; I don’t want you getting dehydrated.”

Accepting the water,” Lee said “Thank you,” in a soft voice.

“So, you want to replace your daughter as my slut?”

“Well, I thought we might share in…”

“That respect,” he said finishing her sentence for her.


“You really want me to degrade you, Mrs. Aguire?”

“Um, you could put it that way,” she murmured.

“And you’ll do anything I want?” Jennings asked.

Lee nodded, her eyes locked on his with lustful determination.

“Alright then. Follow me,” Jennings spun on his heel and led her to the bathroom shower, pushed her in and with Mrs. Aguire fully dressed, he pissed all over her.

She half-sat, half-crouched in the shower stall as rivulets of his urine dripped down her arms and legs.

“I always leave my scent on my women, now clean yourself as best you can,” he told her and left the room, made himself a ham sandwich, which he ate, and washed it down with a cold beer.

Mrs. Aguire stripped the wet clothing from her body and showered, and then attempted to wash the clothing but was compelled to discard her top as it had been torn when Jennings had almost violently ushered her into the shower stall. Still as she left the bathroom an expression of pure lust appeared across her face and her eyes blazed with carnal desire.

“Oh, there you are,” he said on seeing her enter the room. “Get over here and lean over this chair.”

Mrs. Aguire quickly positioned herself over the back of the low chair. The white, fleshy half moons of her ass cheeks stared into Jenning’s face as he examined them for signs of serious damage from the previous whipping. The welts remained as he knew they would, but he saw room for additional punishment. He also saw her eyes glittering in expectation, and when her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips he knew she might just become an apt student; in fact he suspected that she had more than a little prior experience as a Submissive.

His discerning eye caught the quickening rise and fall of her well-shaped, but not overly large breasts as she fought to control her breathing. “Are you ready for your discipline to continue, Mrs. Aguire?”

“Yes,” she hissed in reply.


“Yes, Master… I… I’m so sorry!”

“You’re sorry all right,” he told her coldly as he raised the crop he held in his right hand.

“Now open your thighs so I can get in between them if I want,” he said.

Mrs. Aguire tried to relax as she parted her thighs. A trickle of her nectar slid from her cunt and ran down the inside of her thigh. Jennings paused to study the red sexual maw of her slightly opened vagina, and then reversed his grip on the crop and prodded the butt end into her cunt.

Mrs. Aguire flinched, instinctively tightening the cheeks of her ass in an attempt to prevent the crop from entering her love hole, gripping the butt, preventing it from entering her. Jennings, not perturbed at all, jerked the crop and feigned anger. “Relax, Mrs. Aguire, it’s going in one way or the other.”

“I… I know, master, I know.”

“Who was your previous Dom, Mrs. Aguire?”

“What? I… I don’t…”

The crack of the crop against her ass filled the room.

She moaned, for he had fully intended to inflict a higher degree of pain than was customary under these circumstances.

“I asked you a question,” he said, his voice ominous with a threat of what might follow if she didn’t reply.

“His name was Arnold Hamm. He’s… dead. He was killed in a car accident in El Paso four months ago.”

“Too bad,” Jennings said his tone considerably illegal bahis siteleri milder. “I met Arnold once, didn’t like him, but that means nothing.”

He placed the butt of the crop back at her vaginal opening and forced it in about three inches.

“How’s that, cunt?”

Lee took a moment to catch her breath, and then said, “It’s good, Master.”

He began moving it in and out, and she watched half-paralyzed with fear that he would drive it to deep and damage her cervix. Her eyes widened as she saw the wet tissue of her vaginal lips clutch at the crop, oozing out when he pulled it outward and tunneling in when he reinserted it.

“You’ve got a big, wet cunt, Mrs. Aguire,” Jennings said with a half-laugh. “Enjoy what I’m doing to you?”

“Yes, master,” she husked.

He withdrew the crop and raised his arm high before bringing the crop down hard on the back of her thighs.

The sound of the slap echoed around the room. It was immediately followed by Lee’s shriek of pain. Two red lines appeared on the taut thighs. He watched them turn white, then red again and Lee began to rock herself back and forth awaiting the next blow.

It came and with it came a gush of blood from the cuts laid out along her milky white thighs.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, her voice barely audible.

Another blow ensued, and Lee flinched at the pain and an involuntary stream of urine flowed from her vulva forming a small pool on the floor between her toes.

“Can’t hold your water, Mrs. Aguire?”

“I… I’m so sorry… Master… I…”

“Lick it up. Lick up every drop of that piss, and be quick about it.”

Dropping to her hands and knees Lee began licking the floor, trying to suck up her urine where possible and licking the floor until she felt he would realize she had gotten it all, leaving only her own saliva in its place.

Jennings looked on, nodding to himself as she continued lapping at the urine, and then tiring of her presence, said coldly, “Get out, Mrs. Aguire. I’m through with you.”

She got to her feet and slowly dressed, and then holding her left thigh, limped out, got into her car and drove home, crying all the way.


The reason Jennings had thrown Mrs. Aguire out was two-fold: first, she had almost, but not quite forced herself on him. And second, he had an appointment with Sheila Tourant, an actress he’d been banging every so often; very good in bed and talented in her sexual proclivities; very talented in that category, so that she was in demand for more than bit parts in the occasional movie.

Underneath her coat Sheila wore the dress Jennings had bought her, its worn silk straps and frayed hem. She had been careful with it as she dressed, but now she asked that he rip it off her. He took hold of the neck and tore it down, and the material melted apart, loose threads hung from his large hands until he shook them off.

Sheila’s skin erupted in goose bumps, and she watched as the material swirled down her stomach, across her pelvis, to her legs; her gaze settling at the puddle of torn silk at her feet.

“You up for anything I want?” His fingers were tickling at the base of her spine. Sheila nodded solemnly, her face still turned to the ground. He pushed his thumb rudely into her mouth. “On your knees, pay homage to my cock!”

Sheila dropped to her hands and knees and crawled obediently to his feet and casually reached up and began undoing his fly. He watched impassively as she extracted his erection and kissed it twice before absorbing the spongy head into her mouth.

“Let’s take it into the bedroom,” he said and when they were within reach of the bed, “Put your hands behind your back,” and as she complied, he let his pants fall to his ankles and kicked them aside.

With her hands interlocked behind her, Sheila stared up at him with an innocent, child-like expression. Jennings was never sure if her expressions were real or if she was acting. Over time he found he really didn’t care.

He took a step toward her and Sheila’s mouth opened and his engorged cock pressed down on her tongue.

“Now suck.”

With a hungry moan, she sealed her mouth around him then began a gentle sucking on the spongy head of his erection.

“Open your eyes, you fucking whore,” Jennings said rebuking her. “I want you looking at me while you suck my cock.”

Her eyes immediately popped back open and she moaned around his shaft then made a ‘glucking’ sound as she took him deep. He held her head in place and gave her a couple quick strokes before pulling his saliva coated cock from between her lips. With his hand still on Sheila’s head, Jennings took a handful of hair and pulled. “You’re a fucking cunt. You’re nothing but a fucking cunt!” he spat into her face.

“Yes, yes I am,” Sheila freely admitted.

He released her hair, and forced two fingers into her mouth.

“Suck on them!”

The tears ran down her cheeks as she obligingly sucked on them.

Jennings looked down at her body; saw a series of bruises and canlı bahis siteleri hazy shades of purple, blue, red and yellow. Did I do that? Or is she seeing someone else between visits? He wondered then rejected the thought. The marks are at least a week old. I must have done it on her last visit.

Pulling his finger from her mouth, he snarled into her face, “Tongue!”

Sheila immediately thrust her pierced tongue out for him. Jennings, holding his erection in his right hand, began a methodical slapping of her tongue then her face with his member.

Tiring of this game, he slapped her across the breasts (they had an understanding that he would never damage her face as she made her living as an actress). “Suck my dick!”

“Yes, master,” she gasped as his fleshy pole slipped into her mouth, and then resumed her fellating with renewed vigor; ensuring that her tongue stud made contact with the underside of his cockhead with each thrust.

Several minutes passed before she removed him from her mouth to ask, “Master… can I lick your ass?”

“Now why would I let a dirty little cunt like you lick my ass?”

“Please,” she insisted with increasing desperation. “Please let my stick my slutty little tongue in your asshole.”

Satisfied with her crudely worded answer, Jennings turned around and obliged her obscene request by pulling her face into his rectum. He heard her gasp the word ‘Yes’ just before her voice became muffled and her little pink tongue shot out to stab at the entrance to his ass. He couldn’t help but wiggle his hips, as she maneuvered her face between the cheeks, grinding his asshole into her hungry mouth.

“Mmmm,” he sighed pleasurably. “Good little whore.”

He allowed her to rim him and even to delve her talented tongue into his asshole for several minutes then, unable to take much more of her pleasurable mouth, he moved away and asked, “Where should I fuck you?”

“You can fuck me anywhere you want, master” she replied, relinquishing all control.

“Are you still engaged to that fucking fag actor?”

“Yes, master, but he’s not really a fag.”

“He’s a fag if I say he is.”

“Yes, Master… he is if you say it is so.”

A sadistic look crossed Jennings face. “We’ll use the bed,” and then he hissed in her ear, “And the next time you’re lying in bed with your fag lover you can think about all the dirty, slutty things you’ve done with and for me.”

Sheila’s eyes closed. A sexy smile formed on her face as she replied, “That’s so fucking hot, Master, I’m ready to cum right now.”

He swatted her on the ass and told her to get on the bed.

Joining her on the bed, Jennings took hold of Sheila’s hair with one hand and with the other twisted her arm behind her back and forced her to her knees.

“Stay right there,” he said as he let go of both her hair and arm to look under the bed for a pair of handcuffs. Pulling a box from under the bed, he flipped it open and smiled at the varied assortment of “toys” it contained. Rifling through the dildos and condoms, he located the metal handcuffs and pulled them out, pushing the box aside.

“Ever use these with your fag friend?” he asked, dangling the metal cuffs beside her face.

“No,” she answered, trying to withhold her eagerness at being bound as Jennings placed the first shackle around her wrist.

He knew she was telling the truth. Sheila’s fiancé was notoriously ‘vanilla’ when it came to sex. It was the main reason she looked forward to their encounters. To Jennings they appeared to be a very odd couple since she was by far the kinkiest girl he had met in a long time.

Sheila emitted a subtle moan then winced as he tightened the cold metal cuffs around her wrists, firmly securing her arms behind her back.

“Mmmm,” now you’re all mine,” he whispered and reached down between her legs to press his fingers against the silky material of her panties, feeling the dampness of her pussy through the thin fabric.

“Ohhh,” he exclaimed, nuzzling his wiggling fingers up into her dripping hole. “What made you so wet?”

“I’ve been wet all night,” she peeped, squirming from his touch. “I’ve been waiting for this since you agreed to see me.”

“Waiting for what?” Jennings asked, knowing what her answer would be even as he pulled her panties down over her round, naked ass.

Master, I’ve been waiting for you… to use me; to spank me; waiting for you to make me make me your slut.”

Jennings smiled. Sheila always knew what he wanted to hear.

He tore her panties down around her knees, waited for her predictable moan, and then grasped his cock and aimed it towards her glistening cunt.

“You want my dick inside you don’t you?” he asked, as its tip teased her delicate vaginal folds.


“Beg for it, cunt,” he growled and wiggled it against her wanton opening.

“Master, please stick your cock in my cunt,” she gasped.

Sheila was only one of the only girls he knew that liked to use the word “cunt”.

“First tell me how you came to like being spanked.”

“Master… can’t you just…”

“Tell me or I’ll kick your skuzzy ass out the door!”

“Yes sir!” Sheila responded fearfully. She was wild eyed at the prospect of being denied the orgasm she so desperately sought. “It was in high school.”

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