The Discovery

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The story that follows is how I discovered my son’s incestuous desires for his own mother. At the time of my discovery I was thirty-six and my son Kevin was eighteen and about to finish is senior year in high school. I was a stay at home house wife and mother to my son Kevin and our seventeen year-old daughter, Lisa. I married right out of high school just before I would start to show to the world that I was already pregnant. My husband was a senior in college and while I too had intended to attend university in the fall, the pregnancy would end my academic career. But I didn’t mind, I was young and in love and more interested in raising a family than studying.

After each of my babies were born I worked very hard to get my figure back, and with exercise and good diet I was able to return my five foot six inch body to one-hundred and twenty-five well rounded pounds. My husband was very proud of me and loved to take pictures of his big busted blonde wife. It was his picture taking that got me into trouble.

I was cleaning Kevin’s bedroom that fateful spring morning, and as I made his bed, my hand encountered something underneath his mattress. I pulled out a couple of girly magazines, and smiled to myself, for having discovered my son’s porno stash. I decided to flip through the magazines to see what Kevin enjoyed looking at while he masturbated. Yes I knew all young men masturbate and I was certain Kevin was no different than any other. But as I flipped through the first one, some Polaroid’s feel out onto his bed. I picked the three pictures up and nearly fainted! They were pictures of me, completely naked. Kevin must have found his father’s stash of nude pictures of me. I was light headed and a little queasy. What could Kevin want with nude pictures of his mother? I knew the answer even as I asked it of myself. He was looking at them and masturbating.

I was in somewhat of a dilemma, should I confront him with the evidence? Should I tell his father? I thought if I tell his father, Bill could become enraged and throw Kevin out of our house. If I confronted Kevin I might cause him to be so humiliated that he might not ever feel comfortable around me again. Since neither option was acceptable, I decided to do nothing, and put the pictures back inside the magazine and placed them beneath his mattress as before.

As the days went by I thought frequently about my young, and if I might add, handsome son, looking at my nude pictures as he stroked his cock. I started imagining him, naked, laying upon his bed, stroking his hard cock as he looked at my pictures. I found myself becoming quite aroused by the image of my son masturbating. I even began to masturbate imaging him stroking his cock and shooting his cum all over his belly and chest. My pussy would get so wet and hot, and I would cum quickly.

One morning while I had the house to myself, I went into Kevin’s room, and stripped completely naked. I lay down upon his bed, and imagined my young son again. I began illegal bahis to touch my breasts and pull my hard nipples. Then I would begin to touch and rub my wet pussy. I began to plunge fingers inside and rubbing my clit with my thumb. I came so hard I actually moaned out loud. It was so erotic imagining my son masturbating and then when I masturbated on his bed I had one of the best orgasms I have ever had. This became a daily ritual for me, and soon I found my fantasies changing.

I began to imaging my son coming home early from school and silently standing in the doorway to his bedroom, would catch his mother, naked and playing with her pussy. He would strip, and I would feel his weight upon the bed. I would continue to masturbate and moan, ‘Oh yes, Kevin, fuck me, fuck your mother.’ My orgasms became more intense, and I was masturbating more frequently, and always imagining my son’s cock fucking my hot pussy.

I was of course too frightened of the consequences to make fantasy reality. I did however, begin to openly flirt and tease my son. It was quite exhilarating to wear something sexy or revealing around him, and watch him squirming trying to conceal his erection. I would wear loose blouses with no bra and bend over around him, giving him a view of my ample cleavage. In the evenings I would wear a sexy negligee and walk past him, knowing the light from the TV behind me would illuminate me like I was naked.

I found Kevin spying on me. He would sneak up to my bedroom and try to catch me undressing for bed. It was a tremendous turn on to slowly undress knowing my son was watching. At first I would just remove my clothes and maybe parade around my bedroom nude for a while. Then when I had the time, and my husband was working late, I would model for Kevin. Trying on various sexy things and strut around the room. I loved turning Kevin on, and turning him on, turned me on also.

One night I was so aroused that I was having trouble keeping my hand away from my pussy. I wanted to masturbate very badly, but I also wanted to continue my little game of teasing Kevin. I don’t even remember thinking about what I was doing, but I was on my bed, naked and caressing my breasts. I was so hot I was having trouble breathing and my heart was pounding in my ears. My hand slowly strayed down and I spread my legs, and began to rub my pussy. I was so hot I came quickly! I was both aroused and embarrassed about what I had just done. I put on my robe and stood in the doorway to my bedroom and looked down the hall towards Kevin’s room. I Glanced down and saw fresh cum splattered on the wall by my door. Kevin had been masturbating too while he watched me masturbate! I let my robe fall open as I scooped up some of my son’s cum, then standing in the doorway, I rubbed his cum over my hard nipples. I masturbated twice more that night, imaging my son’s hard cock inside my pussy. Just before I tried to go to sleep that night I licked and sucked my son’s cum from my own nipples. It turned me on illegal bahis siteleri so much I masturbated again!

I masturbated several more times as spring gave way to summer, and leaving my door open just enough so Kevin would feel secure that he couldn’t be seen. I was now using my favorite vibrator as Kevin watched, and I began to moan out his name! I would buck my hips as I plunged the vibrator in and out of my pussy, and moan, “fuck me Kevin, fuck your sluttish mother, or words to that effect, but you get the drift of it. It was after one of these intense shows I put on my very transparent negligee and slowly walked towards Kevin’s room. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew I was still horny and I wanted my son’s cock inside me very badly!

I stood in front of Kevin’s bedroom door, and slowly eased it open just enough to peer inside. I gasped quietly as I saw my son on his bed, just as I had imagined him, naked and stroking his hard cock. As his cum flew from his cock and splattered across his abdomen and chest I heard him call out, ‘Mom, oh Mom!’ I stood there panting as quietly as possible, I knew we wanted each other, but I was still too frightened to actually try and fuck him.

In late summer, I drove Kevin to university for his orientation. Since the university was some distance away, we were to spend the night, before coming back the next afternoon. I packed carefully, planning to advance our little game another notch. I packed a black baby doll so thin it was absolutely transparent. Now I just needed a plan to allow Kevin to see me in it.

When we got to the city, I stopped at a Ramada Inn and went inside to register. I got only one room, with a king size bed. Getting back into the car, I looked somewhat pensive. I told Kevin, that they were nearly booked full, and I was able to only get a room with one bed.

‘I hope that it won’t bother you Kevin to have to share with your mother?’ Kevin assured me it would not be a problem and I think we were both smiling on the inside!

That evening as we got ready to retire, I let Kevin have the bathroom first, and then when he was ready for bed, I went in for my turn. When I came out I was wearing my baby doll, and my large breasts were clearly visible, I might as well have been naked. I thought Kevin’s eyes would pop out of his head! I apologized to Kevin, explaining that I had nothing else to wear as I thought we would have separate rooms. I spent several minutes parading around the room giving Kevin quit an eyeful. Then I turned out the lights and got into bed. I rolled onto my side, facing away from Kevin to go to sleep. I don’t think either of us had an easy time sleeping, but soon enough I drifted off.

I awakened early the next morning, just as the light of the new day started to brighten our room. I heard my son sleeping soundly and noticed he was on his side facing my back. I smiled and oh so slowly eased my backside into his pelvis. Ummm, it felt nice to have my thronged buttocks canlı bahis siteleri pressing against my son. I wanted to try and give him an erection without waking him. I wanted to feel his hard cock against my ass cheeks. And then I felt it. Kevin was wearing boxers and I felt his young cock as it swelled against my leg. From the feel of it, it had escaped from his boxers, so I was feeling his rapidly swelling cock as it crawled up between my thighs, flesh against flesh. I nearly gasped as I raised my top leg and let his cock spring up and slap me right on the pussy! It was incredible, and slowly I reached down and felt a good three inches sticking up from between my legs and a good deal more pressing against my pussy.

As my pussy got wetter my mouth got drier! I was pressing my son’s cock against my pussy, and slowly hunching the shaft. I listened carefully for any change in his breathing making sure he was still sleeping. I then had a very wicked idea. With my free hand I reached down and pulled the thong to the side, and felt my son’s cock against my bare pussy! I thought I would cum right then! I was slowing hunching the shaft, making it slick with my juices, and rubbing my clit with his bulbous head. I was so close to cumming!

I was pressing and hunching when I guess I got a little carried away, and stuffed my son’s cock into my pussy! I didn’t move for several moments. I had my own son’s cock in my pussy. I began to rub my clit, and move on his shaft very slowly! God it was so hot! So wicked, so erotic! My heart was pounding so loudly I didn’t notice the change in Kevin’s breathing. The first thing I knew that something was different was when I felt his hand grab my hip and he began to thrust into me very forcefully! Oh god, he was awake and he was fucking me! Kevin thrust into my pussy and I came almost violently! Kevin hadn’t cum yet and we hadn’t spoken. I lay there catching my breath trying to think of something to say. Then I felt Kevin roll to his back and he pulled me on top of him, his cock never leaving my pussy. I reached behind and put my palms on his chest and pushed myself up slightly. Kevin began to fuck me again, and I began to moan. He was fucking me very hard and fast, my big titties bouncing all over my chest! With one hand I pulled my top off completely, and sighed as I felt Kevin’s hands cup both of my breasts. Kevin didn’t last long; I suppose my shouting, ‘Fuck me, fuck your mother,’ didn’t help. But it was okay. After we showered we fucked again. We didn’t stop until check out, Kevin’s cock still fucking away at me as I phoned the front desk asking for a late check out. Kevin wasn’t much interested in going to college, and I must admit, once we were fucking I didn’t want him to leave either, but Kevin came home every weekend and whenever we could arrange it to be alone we fucked like newly weds.

Before summer ended my husband and I caught our daughter Lisa, fucking the pool boy. Hubby and I were both very turned on watching them fuck out on our deck. I teased Hubby about being turned on watching our daughter fuck. He denied incestuous thoughts, but I knew better. Now if I could only get him to fuck Lisa that would allow Kevin and me to fuck openly! Hummm, I would have to work on that!

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