The Explanation Ch. 01

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((Dear Reader, thanks for reading my first story, Nicholas and Hailey Ch. 1. I know that there were a lot of complaints that I did not use an editor. I enlisted the help of a fellow author, Chunks. He is an excellent author and I seriously suggest that you read his writing. Now I present: The explanation ch. 1.))

After I finished showering I walked into my bedroom and pickned out my work uniform and hung it up on the closet door. I smiled at my beautiful wife as we climbed into bed.

My wife Hailey is curved in all the right places and of moderate height. Okay, that’s a lie: she’s extremely non-tall. Many would consider her a “ginger” due to her freckle-covered face and red hair, though I would have to disagree. I saw a saying once that read, “Ugly redheads are gingers, but hot redheads are simply redheads.” And Hailey is definitely hot.

I am a light completed blonde Southerner from Louisiana. My father was a firefighter and I was determined to follow in his footsteps, thus I was in the fire academy. After getting hired I worked my way to lieutenant with a strenuous work schedule that would strain anyone’s marriage, though it only seems to make Hailey hornier when I come home. My workday lasts for 24 hours working and 24 hours off. That lasts for six days and then I am off for six days.

We got married after only a few months of dating, even though I was not very confident with girls at all. In fact my sister Jennifer, who looks nearly identical to Hailey, teases me by suggesting that the only way I was able to meet women was because she had friends. In response I wonder aloud why people like her enough to be friends with her – a dumb sibling rivalry that we have had since we were kids. Hailey was now 19 and I was 21, so we were a young couple. She was my first and only real lover. We took each other’s virginities on our honeymoon since we were both Catholics and were taught not to “do it” before we were married. We were both so inexperienced at sex that we must have looked laughable doing it, yet we were so full of passion and lust for each other that it worked for us. We now have plenty experience and after two years of marriage we still keep the passion for each other in our hearts.

I climbed into bed and pulled the covers over myself before wrapping an arm around Hailey. It was the start of six days off. Due to our respective schedules, we hadn’t had sex in six days. I was looking forward to it. I cupped a breast and gently kissed her back. But she rolled over and propped her head up on one arm and look at me.

“So you never completely told me why you are so close to Jennifer.”

I sighed. This stuff doesn’t just come out of nowhere, so she had been thinking about it. Her lovely red hair cascaded from her head down to the pillow.

“It’s kind of a long story.”

Hailey shrugged and looked at the digital clock behind me.

“I don’t see a problem, it’s early.”

“Okay then. If you must know.”

We both laid down on the pillows as I recounted the story of our great American family road trip out west.

My sister and I had just graduated from high school and our parents wanted us both to go to college. I didn’t, and instead pursued a job with a local fire department. Jen was a whole lot smarter, in my opinion, and she was able to get accepted into a university out in Washington state, and my parents wanted to check it out. So we packed our stuff and loaded it into my father’s SUV and began the long trek out west. We had decided to also go to some touristy areas and make it a real trip. Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Boeing, some nuclear warfare museums in Los Alamos, New Mexico. And I had gotten an invite for a special tour in Redmond, Oregon, to see some wildfire fighting stuff. We left after Mass on a Sunday and headed out for Los Alamos.

I sat right behind the driver’s seat and my sister sat behind the passenger seat with the family’s collective crap in the cargo area behind us. We had TVs in the headrests in front of us so I was able to bring my PS3 and some movies, and my sister had some chick-flicks of her own. We had shifts on the TVs since there was only one channel. When her movies were on I usually plugged my ear buds into my phone and played some music and went to sleep. She would usually text her friends while she watched and if I wasn’t awake by the time the movie ended, she would put another one of hers in.

The trip was uneventful for the first few days until late the night the night before we pulled in Los Alamos. She was watching one of her love movies while I was busy falling asleep. I didn’t even realize that I had not unplugged my ear buds from the TV so I was listening to the movie. I watched the pitch black desert pass us by and began to doze off.

I woke up with a shock as I the sound of an orgasming woman filled my ears. I jolted my head to the TV and began to watch it. My sister chuckled and texted me from the next seat. I shut my phone’s ringer off and read her text message.

[So illegal bahis I see that you like my movies now?]

I sent her a reply as I watched the teenage girl cum as the boy pounded her.

[Did you bring porn on this trip?!? What will mom and dad say?!?!]

I kept one eye on the screen and one on her as she read the text.

[Gee now I know why you didn’t make it into college dumbo. First of all, it’s not porn. It’s a romance about a girl getting pregnant and her bf leaving her. And secondly, no one is gonna know.]

[Well it looks like porn to me. Anyway, this is why they taught us not to have sex before marriage.]

I saw her shake her head as the guy came inside of the girl and the movie flashed forward three weeks and the girl is doing a pregnancy test.

I locked my phone and let my arms rest in my lap while I awaited a response. Thanks to the movie, my dick was so hard it could probably cut glass. My sister saw, smiled, and winked at me.

[Well idk. Anyway if you knocked a girl up, me for example, I know you wouldn’t leave me. You have more class than that. Ohh is that from the movie? Yum!]

Okay, this was really getting weird. My sister was showing me porn, describing a scenario where I knocked her up, and now talking about my cock and saying that it looked yum.

[Lord, Jenn, I’m your brother for Christ’s sake! Can we change this movie now?!?]

[Well if you weren’t my brother, guess who would be getting sucked right now? YOU!!! I bet you want that huh? Hehe! No, this movie is just getting good. The ex bf is about to fuck her best friend.]

[We need to have a serious talk about this later in private.]

“Here we are are guys! Let me go and check y’all in!” my father said. I looked up and saw that we were pulling into the hotel in Los Alamos. I quickly cleared my conversation with Jennifer — simply ‘Jenn’ for short. I unplugged the ear buds and put my phone in my pocket as my mother woke up and we waited for my father to come back outside. When he did I found out that we had two rooms, one with a king sized bed and one with two double beds. He and mom would be taking the king bed and we were to get the two doubles. We grabbed our luggage and headed to our rooms which were across the hall from each other in a corner of the hotel next to the stairs. When we got to the room we picked our beds and my sister went to the bathroom to take a shower.

I unpacked my clothes for the next day and turned the TV on. I turned to ESPN and started to catch the baseball scores. I tried to will my hard-on down, to no avail. I grabbed my soap when I heard the water go off. I waited for my sister to finish up as I leaned against the door. She came out wrapped in a towel that barely covered her pussy while letting the tops of her tits hang out. My eyes automatically went to her pussy to see if it was shaved. I jolted my head back up, castigating myself. ‘You idiot! She’s your sister!’

“So you wanted to talk?” She asked me.

“Yeah, let me put these down first though.”

I put my soap containers down in the bathroom and walked back out to see Jennifer first unwrap the towel that had been covering her hair, then drop the one that had covered her body. I shook my head and tried not to stare as I confronted her.

“Jennifer, what is this all about?!?”

“What is all what about?”

“Oh I don’t know. Watching porn in the car, telling me what would happen if you got pregnant from me, telling me that my coc… penis looked yum. You being naked right now.”

“Again, it wasn’t porn. And if you did get me knocked up, then we would have problems…”

“No shit, ya think?!”

“But yes your cock does look tasty. You gotta be what… Seven inches long… Two and a half around? I want to suck a dick that looks like that. I can only wonder what it would feel like in my pussy. God, a dick that big would fill me up so perfectly…”

“Okay, that’s enough. I don’t know what to do with you. Please put some clothes on.”

“Why? You can’t have sex with clothes on.”

“Yeah you can, but it doesn’t matter, we’re not doing anything.”

“Yeah, like you would know what you can and cannot do in sex,” she yelled after me as I got into the shower. I wanted to stroke my boner so badly, but I couldn’t because all I could think about was my sister’s red hair flowing around me as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. My sister! Why did God hate me so much?

I got out of the shower and grabbed the free hotel lotion. I covered it up so Jenn couldn’t see it. She appeared to be sleeping, though. In a see-through nightie.

I turned the lights off, got naked, grabbed my phone, and opened my porn pictures. I lay down on the bed and stared at my boner. I opened the lotion and put a small amount on the head of my penis and spread it around. I then wrapped my hand around my cock and began to jerk off. I flipped through my photos until I found a redhead with cum all over her and a dick illegal bahis siteleri in her hand. I stared at the picture and continued masturbating. As I neared the point of cumming, I felt Jenn climb into my bed. I froze.

“Nicholas. Relax. Let me finish you off. Please?”

I didn’t know what to say, so she continued. I felt her wrap a hand around me and quickly begin stroking. Sister or not, it felt wonderful. She spoke to encourage the inevitable. “C’mon Nicholas. Shoot your cum for me. Show me how much you liked my porno and like how well I can stroke you.”

“Jenn… Oh, God forgive me, here it comes.”

Her hand sped up as I felt my cock contract and shoot pulse after pulse of cum. In the darkness I saw her open her mouth and let my cum fly onto her tongue. I felt her move off of me and tuck me in as I fell asleep, my balls finally drained.

I woke up the next day naked on top of the covers. My sister was asleep in the other bed and her panties were laying on top of the covers. I let my head drop back down onto the pillow and tried to figure out whether we had actually had intercourse. I saw my lotion on the nightstand and figured that we hadn’t, but I wasn’t sure. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:30 AM. Our parents would be by in about an hour and a half, so I got up and walked over to my sister’s bed and woke her up. She smiled when she saw me.

“Hey bro. Wow, last night was fun for you, huh?” She smiled as she took my cock in her hand again.

“Uhh Jennifer, did we, uhhh…”

“Fuck? No but I wish we had. God, my pussy is so wet from this cock. It’s the most perfect cock I’ve seen and your cum is delicious.”

I shook my head and sat back as she continued to stroke me. “Jenn, I have a proposition to make. We keep this to jerking off. No sex, though.” I offered.

“I guess, but what about blow jobs?”

“I don’t know. Let’s hold off on that for now.”

“Deal for now. I need some of your cum. Hang on and enjoy the ride, bro.”

I felt Jenn wrap both hands around my cock as they flew up and down, extracting a long and loud moan from me. I leaned back as she masturbated me. She grabbed one of her tits and massaged it and then she stopped and pulled off her nightie, increasing the skin-on-skin contact. She started stroking me again and I was out of it and, as she had suggested, just laid back and enjoyed the ride.

She quickly made me yell out and cum hard. Even though I had cum for her the night before I was still able to shoot another large load on her perky tits. I watched as she rubbed it in, then watched her beautiful nude body as she stood up. We both looked at the clock: 4:45. So we grabbed quick showers and got dressed and went down to get breakfast.

We found eggs and bacon and other breakfast stuff. I let Jennifer pick her seat and then I sat opposite her in the booth. As I began to pick at my food, we began what seemed to me to be a rather strange conversation, though not at all as strange as the events that had occurred last night and this morning.

“So, Jenn, don’t women like to cuddle after sex or something like that?”

“Yeah, some do but some don’t. Besides, we didn’t have sex, dummy.”

“Yeah, okay. Anyway, do you have any more awkward movies planned for us today?” I finished off my eggs, not looking up at her.

“Well, hey, it got you interested, right stud?”

Before I could answer, I saw my groggy father walk in out of the corner of my eye. “We’ll continue this later. Dad’s here.”

I pushed over to make room for him as the conversation ended. After breakfast we all had a normal day visiting museums and such and then getting back on the road again at 2:30 PM or so.

I started today’s trek with control of the TV and played video games through my shift. When I was finishing up, I felt my phone buzz. I saw that I had received a text message from one of my sister’s friends, Emma.

[OMG Did Jenn actually blow you?]

I looked over at my sister and shook my head ever so slightly.

[No my sister did not suck me.]

[Aww well it doesn’t matter. Is she telling the truth about your eight inch cock?] I glanced over at Jennifer and saw her texting.

[Hey, if you say yes you’ll have another hottie after you ;-)]

As instructed I replied to Emma with a yes, if only to make my sister seem to have some credibility. My sister thanked me silently and continued texting. I tried to get some sleep – under a blanket because the car was cold from the air conditioner.

Though I tried to sleep, I kept having thoughts about the events the night before. I couldn’t help but feel very strange as I replayed visions of my naked sister stroking my cock.

God, it was weird to be in this predicament!

I woke up with only a few hours of daylight left. It was my turn to use the TV, so I took advantage of it and watched a favorite war movie. When Jennifer took the TV back, I decided to break out some of the porn pictures canlı bahis siteleri on my phone – some nice redhead pictures. I plugged in my ear buds and started to flip through the pictures.

I swear to God that Jennifer must have the best vision on the planet because she was somehow able to see what I was looking at and confronted me about it, again via text message.

[Ahh so I see you like redheads? I bet you’d like to have me suck you off. You wanna squirt all over my tits again I bet. Hey I have a friend who is a redhead, and she happens to be single. Y’all should hook up ;-)]

I shook my head and declined. Much later I found out that she had been talking about Hailey, who I would meet only two short months after our road trip.

I woke up to see my sister watching the same movie that got me fired up the night before. Only this time there was a little extra moaning. I looked over to see my sister with her short skirt pulled up, her panties pulled to the side of her pussy, and three fingers knuckle deep in her box. My dick instantly hardened as I watched my sister masturbate nearly silently. I saw her smile as she grabbed her phone with her free hand and texted me. I grabbed my own phone and read her message.

[Ahh, welcome back to the world Nicholas. I see your cock likes it when I finger fuck myself. You can get ready to play with your cock too, Dad is getting ready to stop for gas and a bathroom stop. Can you pop quickly?]

That was all I needed. I quietly unzipped under the blanket and pulled out my hard dick. When my parents got out of the car and headed for the minimart, I threw the blanket off of me and began to beat my meat. I chuckled as I saw Mom heading for the bathroom and Dad looking at the snacks because I knew I’d have enough time to cum. Suddenly I felt my sister pull my hand from my cock and place it on top of her pussy and clit. Fair enough, I thought. I began to stimulate her and she started to squirm around, and then I felt her move down my body and envelope my cock with her mouth. I was shocked by both her abrupt move and the skill with which she sucked me off. I saw her cheeks pulled inward to create pressure and felt her tongue massaging the head and underside of my dick. I pulled some of her red mane out of her face and behind her ear to keep it out of her way — and so I could watch. I came very close to blowing my load when I felt her deep throat me. I used my hands to help guide her through my first blow job. Then she took her mouth off of me and used her hands to stoke my cock as she licked my balls. The sensation convinced me that I’d have to start to include playing with my balls in future stroke sessions.

Then Jenn went back to work on my cock. As her head bobbed faster and she sucked harder I came quickly and with little warning, and a torrent of my cum pulsed into her mouth. I threw my head back into my seat and stifled a yell as she extracted all the hot jizz from my balls, then removed her mouth from my cock and continued stroking it gently with her left fist.

She pumped me a few extra times to get the last drops of my white cum. She licked it up and smiled. “Wow, you taste good. I am so lucky to be your sister. Anytime you need a blow job, a hand job, or a good old fashioned fuck, you can use me, bro.” I watched as she seductively smiled and continued to rub her pussy.

She was moaning louder now as she fingered herself. Since she had helped me so unselfishly, I decided it was my duty to reach over and rub her clit for her. She removed my hand moved it lower and pushed two fingers of my hand into her pussy. Sweat glistened on her face as she moaned in ecstasy. I quickly slid my fingers in and out of her continuously and she pushed her head back into the headrest and yelled, bunching her shirt into her mouth to block most of the sound. Her extremely tight pussy muscles clamped onto my fingers as she squirted her cum. Wow, my sister was a squirter! I felt an immense wave of pride as she came yelling my name.

Even though I had two empty balls, my cock had re-inflated and it was ready to go again. I looked over at the minimart window and saw my mother join Dad at the cashier. Damn, no time for more games. I got Jenn’s attention and we both got ourselves fully dressed before Mom and Dad got back to the car. Dad pumped gas and soon we were on the road again.

I stroked my dick off and on over the next few hours while my sister showed me DVDs. The first was one she filmed starring one of her girlfriends and her boyfriend. I watched as they screwed like jack rabbits. So my sister did really bring porn. This could get very interesting.

I shook my head and began to think. I knew that doing these things was not right and that we should stop but hell, it felt so good, how could I? I looked at Jennifer and thought that she might be thinking the same thing, then noticed that in fact she was rubbing her clit and on her way to cumming again. I sighed quietly and looked out the window and watched the desert roll by.

I tinkered with some of the apps on my phone and listened to my music while I guess Jenn fingered herself into oblivion. My dad let out a yawn and looked over at my sleeping mother. He then looked into the mirror at us.

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