The Older Man Named Noel Pt. 04

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I got back into what I had to get done before I could go home to microwave something for dinner, I had my back to the door so I did not see anyone come in the library. I was immersed in what I was trying to read and comprehend when two hands were on my shoulders. I jumped looked up and here he was my man, he had me sit and allow him to massage my shoulders.

I got up and pulled him in for a kiss, he and I made out in the middle of the university library, I closed up my books he and I headed out to grab dinner. Noel had his driver there ready to take us out for dinner, we decided on my favorite French bistro, even Noel was impressed by the food they had there.

He and I had a great dinner then off to his Hotel, I got a hello from the young Lady at the front desk, they all quickly got to know who I was and who I was with. Noel and I had a glass of wine then into the bedroom, he and I both horny for each other, we started with a sixty nine he and I shooting our loads into each other.

After a short break Noel put his cock into my hole, I felt so good having him in me, on me pounding my hole so good. I stroked my cock as he ravaged my hole, Noel and I both shooting within seconds of each other. We both laid there naked cum soaked, dripping in sweat and lube, but both of us smiling and kissing each other.

Noel and I ended up in the tub together, he and I covered in bubbles, I would have to get back to mine before it got to late, I so wanted to spend the night. Noel suggested he get his driver, his name Dave to drive me early morning, he really wanted me in his bed tonight. Who was I to argue, he called Dave told him he was done for the night but was needed at seven in the morning.

Noel and I stayed in that tub for an hour, we were both wrinkled up by the time we got out, Noel semi erect once again, ready for more. We got in bed and he mounted me once again, this time me on my front him deep in my hole, his cock felt huge in this position, pressing tightly against my prostate, I adjusted to a doggy position so I could stroke my own cock.

Again it took no time at all for us both to shoot massive loads in and on each other, I got up got a towel and cleaned us up, he and I both had early mornings ahead of us. I got in bed with him I laid half on him, kissed him and thanked him for coming to get me at the library. I really needed the break from studies and the need for sex was increasing with each day.

Noel rolled us over he now on top of me, he pressed his lips to mine, he too thanked me for coming over, he had missed me. We snuggled in with each other and were soon both asleep, the alarm woke us both with a start. Noel ordered breakfast for us he and I getting in the shower, they would set us up on the balcony while we showered.

I drained his cock of another load of cum, he pinned me to the shower wall like he had the last time and fucked my mouth good. He then took my cock into his mouth and drained me. polatlı escort We put on our robes and had breakfast, this really was a wonderful way to start the day. He and I got dressed and ready for work, myself university, driver Dave would bring me to my first class, Noel having to be at work before me.

He and I kissed before he got out of the car, Dave brought me right to the class I had to be at, I thanked him as he insisted on opening my door, I was not used to this kind of treatment. I had Noel on the brain all day, I had so much to catch up on after classes. Noel messaged asking if I could possibly meet him for dinner, I told him I may not have time for dinner tonight.

Less than an hour later who shows up at the library with food from the Hotel, they would not let us eat in the library so we had a picnic in an empty classroom, Noel had brought along a blanket for us to sit on to have our dinner. He and I kissed holding each other, I so wanted to be in this man’s bed tonight but I had too much to get through. Noel stayed for about forty five minutes he knew I had to get this assignment done, but I could also see the disappointment in his eyes.

We said our goodbyes and he was on his way, I felt so bad not being able to be with him, I knew I would get nothing done tonight anyways so I called a cab and headed to his Hotel. I got to the front desk asking if they could let me in the room without announcing him that I was here. They were not keen on the idea but finally decided that I was there enough they would let me in and kick me out if Noel did not want me there.

The Bellman Jimmy a nice young man of twenty two years escorted me up the elevator, when we got to the his suite Noel was there on the phone working. Jimmy asked if Noel needed anything? Noel said you don’t have what I need Son. Maybe I do Sir.

I came out of the elevator, Noel’s face lit up, he walked right up to me and pulled me in close to him.

“Thought you had to study Tom.”

“Found something else I needed more that studying, besides I could not concentrate.”

“Thanks Jimmy so much for doing this for me.”

I handed him a tip, he smiled and thanked me, got in the elevator and left. Noel and I kissed.

“So glad you came to be with me Tom.”

“Me too Babe, I’m going to run us a bath, you finish your work.”

“I forgot to tell you, you and I are going to the symphony this Saturday, dinner then the symphony, I hope that is okay Tom I should have asked you before I booked it.”

I walked up to him, I pulled him close, I leaned in and kissed him.

“You book us tickets anywhere and I will follow you, I’m falling for you Babe.”

“Falling for you as well Tom and it scares me.”

“Why scares you? Do I scare you Babe?”

“Scared to have my heart broke Tom, you’re young, attractive, could have any man, but you’re with me for some reason.”

“I am not looking for anyone but pursaklar escort you Noel, I more than like you that is obvious, there are no men anywhere in the world that I want more than you.”

Noel and I held each other.

“You Sir have work to do, I have a tub to fill with water and bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles.”

I went in turned the tub on, stripped naked and was looking in the mirror, Noel came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He looked at me in the mirror, smiling at me, dam I was falling in love with this man.

“Tom your clothes are ready at the tailors, I asked them to bring them here directly, he told me by tomorrow.”

“Clothes? It’s supposed to be a suit Noel, did you order other things as well?”

“I might have ordered a couple other things Tom.”

“Thought you had work to get done Babe?”

“I do but I have this naked man distracting me in my bathroom that I cannot seem to concentrate on work right now, besides I am the boss and owner that should give me some leeway. So glad you came over Tom, how did you get here?”

“Taxi, I can also use transit or subway.”

“You could just call Dave, he can pick you up anytime.”

“Dave is your driver not mine, I’m quite capable to get to you when I need too Babe.”

Noel and I got in the tub, I quite enjoyed undressing the man, reminded me of the first time I undressed him. He was so nervous and shy, that man no longer the man he is now, Noel and I enjoyed a long hot soak, then he and I played in bed for some time. He and I soon asleep in each others arms. Morning came quickly, we had one more day to get through then we were together for the weekend.

Noel and I had this morning routine worked out perfectly, he would order breakfast, I would get the shower ready, we were ready in no time flat. The day flew by, I would have to bring some reading to Noel’s to catch up on, he had work to get done anyway. Saturday night he and I at the symphony, I so looked forward to it, dinner of course before.

Noel insisted on sending Dave to pick me up, I told him I could taxi or bus it, he did not want his boyfriend in a cab. When we got to the Hotel they all greeted me like a guest of the Hotel, seems I have become a regular guest in this establishment. Noel had them give me a pass-card so I could come up to the penthouse without having someone usher me in.

I really did not suit this place a student in well worn jeans sneakers tee shirt and a backpack, I did not fit in this place at all. I felt like Pretty Woman, except not a hooker, and not a woman, younger, prettier, and a bigger dick of course. Noel was waiting for me to get there he had a dozen roses and a gift box for me in his hands. The man a huge smile on his face, I walked up, dropped my backpack of books and kissed him, he handed me the roses, they really were beautiful.

“Tom I want you to open the gift box please.”

Inside sincan escort the box was a ring a bracelet a matching chain and pendant, it was more than beautiful it screamed expensive. I was at a loss for words, anyone who knew me knows I am never at a loss for words.

“Noel Babe this is to much, it’s beautiful but it looks so expensive.”

“Tom please try it on, the ring is a promise ring, I promise to be your loyal boyfriend.”

I was in tears, he caught me off guard, I was always on guard, I felt guilty taking this, I could never afford such beautiful things like this. Noel put the chain on me, on the back of the pendant he had it engraved “Noel & Tom forever” with the date we met. The bracelet was so beautiful, the ring a perfect size, seems he had me try on rings at a boutique we had went too, so he would know my ring size.

I looked at him teary eyed, I pulled him in close to me, I kissed the man over and over.

“Babe I feel guilty accepting this from you, it’s so expensive.”

“What is the point of me having money if I can’t buy my boyfriend some jewelry, oh and some clothes to wear when we go out, its in your closet in our bedroom.”

“My closet? Do I have my own closet in this Hotel now?”

“Seems you do Tom, I may have bought quite a bit of clothes actually, I do love to shop, I hope you like it all.”

Noel walked me to the walk in closet in the master, the amount of clothes was incredible, from casual to dressy, to formal wear in every color and style, a section of just dress shirts, a section of just tee’s, another of suits. It was like a store that only catered to me, I again did not know what to say.

I pulled Noel in for a hug, a kiss, a thank you, another kiss, I held the man tight, his phone went off I still held him to me.

“Tom I need to get this, Hello, yes thank you for getting back to me so quickly, so it is all ready for pick up tomorrow then? I will have my driver Dave come by and pick it up for me. Thank you so much.”

I was at a loss for words looking at all the clothes the man had bought me, drawers filled with socks, a drawer of underwear, every style imaginable. Cuff links, watches, chains and bracelets, so many styles of shoes, from sandals to dress shoes, boots, jeans and so much more.

“Tom this is the suit I want you to wear tomorrow night, it will be a magical night for sure.”

The suit was so perfectly made for me, the jacket fit me and only me, I was intrigued by the way he said that our evening would be magical, what did this man have planned for us exactly, I knew he would not tell me and ruin the surprise.

Noel and I had a great night in, we ordered dinner to our room, we would have a dinner on the balcony, candles wine the entire romantic night planned by Noel. He was going to wine and dine me tonight, then sweep me off to the symphony tomorrow night.

We had a beautiful night he and I ate then got comfy on the sofa, he had music playing in the background, he and I a glass of wine. We toasted to us, and to a wonderful weekend just the two of us, he and I soon in bed naked, first a sixty nine that led to him giving it to me doggy style. We snuggled in together, a deep sensual kiss, soon we were both off in dreamland.

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