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I had never done it before. Never thought of it until one night when I was giving my girlfriend a bedtime back rub.

She often had back aches and before she went to sleep she’d ask me to massage her. Wearing a blue or pink nightgown with nothing underneath except her panties, she lay on her stomach on the bed. I softly kissed her neck and started rubbing her shoulders, working my way down her back and moving back up while she sighed with contentment. Once she was totally relaxed I’d lift her gown so I could work on her bare skin, adding kisses as I made my way down again.

She was beautifully plus-sized, 5-4 and 120 pounds with long auburn hair, green eyes and sexy breasts with big pink nipples that curved to sassy points like a classic Playboy pin-up girl of the 60s. I loved her round, sexy hips and ass. Her plump thighs were so beautiful. She had a lush triangle of curly red pubic hair that I loved to nuzzle whenever I went down on her delicious tangy pussy.

She always looked and sounded so good as I gazed up from between her soft thighs while I licked her, watching the expressions on her face and listening to her beautiful moans when she came. Pleasuring her until she got off was always my greatest thrill.

I totally loved her ass, especially after I fully discovered its wonders. My massages started to include her sweet cheeks and the backs of her thighs. As a prelude to making love, if she wasn’t too tired, I’d slide her panties down and off as I worked. One night, as my hands lingered on her bare ass, squeezing and caressing her cheeks, I parted them and got my first good look at her asshole. It’s beautifully erotic, a slit with delicate wrinkles surrounded by a circle of dark skin. I wondered what it tasted like, so I slowly kissed my way down her back as my heart pounded with excitement and anticipation.

I’ll never forget the first time I licked her asshole and how intensely the intimacy and danger turned me on. I’d never felt such powerful desire. It was an incredible discovery.

The scent between her asscheeks was musky, very anal, intoxicating and I had to fight to not come as I ran my tongue into the crack of her luscious ass and across her gorgeous dark pucker. She tasted so good, slightly salty and bitter. Her ass was so deliciously different than her pussy. To my relief, she didn’t react with alarm or pull away. She just moaned and lay there enjoying this new dimension of our relationship.

Her asshole was delicious.

My cock felt like it would explode without even being touched, so I stood up and took my jeans off as she rolled onto her back and smiled. She liked me to straddle her so she could watch me stroke my cock until big clear drops of pre-cum formed in the head. Then she’d bring my pulsing erection to her mouth, lick the head and shaft and hungrily suck. Sometimes she’d gaze up and tell me to come in her mouth but this time I held off and slowly entered her pussy.

We fucked intensely while kissing and looking into each other’s eyes, watching each other’s expression. Every so often during our thrusting I lifted my shoulders and leaned back enough so we could both look down and get off on the sight of my hard glistening cock in her beautiful open pink flower.

She loved when I rubbed the head of my dick on her wet slit before entering her again. Taking me deep, she thrusted her hips to meet me. We usually came escorts in london together, but sometimes I’d lose it first because she always looked and sounded so incredibly hot when we were fucking. Watching, feeling and hearing her release was the best, and that night she came really long and hard. So did I. I’d never had such an intense orgasm.

The best part was discovering the scent and taste of her ass.

After experiencing the intense thrill of licking her sexy asshole I couldn’t wait to do it again and I looked forward to those nightly back rubs. Just the thought kept me intensely horny all day. Knowing how comfortable she was with what I was doing, I got bolder and started working my tongue into her anus as far as it could go. Like the first time you ever taste a pussy, deeply rimming a woman is an amazing discovery and treat. Your fear of tasting something bad or that she’ll tell you to stop gives way to ravenous lust and an erotic flavor that is hard to describe but amazingly powerful. She loved the sensation of my tongue on and in her asshole but it was the intense intimacy of it that got us both off time after time.

I loved exploring the tight smooth tunnel of her anus, and how the tip of my tongue reached a softness deep inside that felt like velvet. The sensation of her plump bare cheeks pressed against my face, the scent between them and the earthy bitter taste in her asshole made my cock ache.

It was amazing knowing her so intimately and she said it really turned her on to think I loved that forbidden part of her so much. Sometimes she asked if she smelled or tasted good back there. I assured she always did, especially when her ass wasn’t fresh. Our intimacy went off the charts. Rimming her became a regular part of our lovemaking and I loved that she’d share her asshole with me so freely and openly. Just the thought always gave me a raging erection.

Some times were unforgettable. Once when I was away she took a train to visit. It was a hot summer afternoon when I met her at the station and she was wearing tight jeans and a white blouse. Making love as soon as we got back to my place, she kneeled on the bed, still wearing her blouse and knee-high leather boots. I undid her belt and lowered her jeans. Descending to her bare ass (she liked going commando), I discovered an erotic scent more powerful than ever: a mix of her sweat, the denim and her anal musk. Her asshole was slick, salty and delicious as i caressed it with my tongue. I could have stayed there forever.

One night she did a striptease for me, ending up in only a garter belt and fishnet stockings before she knelt on the sofa with her back to me so I could go down on her ass.

Sometimes she’d offer her delicious sexy rear to me while we made love. It was an amazingly erotic move, so open and trusting. I’ll never forget the times she took my cock in her ass slow and easy and all the way into her tight anus after I’d licked her ready. We both came so hard.

There were no boundaries to our intimacy. I was fearless. One sweltering afternoon when we were camping in a secluded area of forest we got naked in our tent. With the flaps open to admit the breeze and sunlight (and maybe someone’s view) we got into a 69 with me lying on my back. We hadn’t showered in almost two days, and she lowered her pussy and ass to my face while she hungrily sucked my cock. My first impulse escorts in london was to lick her asshole. I caressed and parted her cheeks and saw dark brown in the slit and a little in the puckered wrinkles. I hesitated but for only a second or two. She smelled so good and I was so horny I licked it and nearly came from her most intimate erotic flavor, hungrily tonguing her salty bitterness until she sucked me off. It didn’t take long. Coming in her mouth with my face and tongue buried in her hot sweaty pungent dirty ass was heaven.

I never had a lover quite like her again. After we broke up, I fantasized about her for years even when I was in other relationships. No woman had ever shared herself with me so freely and openly and enjoyed what I did so much.

We kept in touch and finally met again almost 20 years later when I was on a business trip to a city she was visiting. She looked fabulous as she came off her flight wearing a black blouse, a long grey skirt and boots. She’d dyed her long her blonde. We had a warm, wonderful dinner, our anticipation building, and she took me back to her hotel room where we had another drink and got into our sleeping clothes. We lay on the bed together talking, and after some cuddling and kissing and nervous debate about how far we wanted to go (we were both married by then) she caressed the bulge in my sweatpants, rose and pulled them down.

“Take these off” she said, dropping them on the floor, tucking her hair behind her ear and taking my throbbing cock in her hand. She admired it as she softly stroked it.

She gave me the most soothing, erotic blowjob. I always loved watching her. She looked so sexy with my cock in her mouth. She loves giving head. I can’t imagine a woman who knows how to orally pleasure someone better than she does.

Like she used to do, she totally worshipped my hard penis, closing her eyes in ecstasy as she held the head against her cheek before kissing it and engulfing it in her mouth. I was amazed by how deep she was taking me, all the way into the back of her throat.

Just listening to her moans, whimpers and purrs of lustful pleasure while she licked and sucked made me come hard and long. It felt so good and I couldn’t believe how much cream I was spurting in her mouth. She let me see the thick white globs on her tongue before she eagerly swallowed it all. Then she slowly, sensuously licked the last drops from the slit in my cockhead and smiled up at me.

“Mmm,” she purred, lovingly stroking and kissing my spent penis. “You still taste nice.”

What a compliment.

Rising, she took her black sleeveless top off. “Remember my body?” she asked, holding her arms wide to let me gaze at her breasts. Then she slid her black panties down and off. How could I forget her body? She was in her late 40s now and had put on more weight in her tummy, thighs and ass but she still looked fantastically sexy nude.

We kissed passionately and as she lay on her back, I returned the favor, my lips working their way down from hers to her neck to her shoulders to her fantastic breasts. It made me so happy to hear her moan and writhe in ecstasy while I lingered, caressing, squeezing and gently sucking each nipple hard and gently fingered her wet pussy before slowly moving down to her stomach, her thighs.

Her sweet sexy cunt was just as I remembered it. Several months earlier she told escort service me she had shaved her pubic hair for the first time but didn’t like it. Her lush auburn triangle was still there. I felt some disappointment as I would have loved to have seen her beautiful pussy bald and experienced the sensations of licking it, but that desire passed quickly. Her scent and flavor were instantly familiar even after so many years.

My tongue, lips and hands made love to her pussy slowly and gently with every thought I could put into making her feel good and giving her an intense orgasm. I still knew her favorite spots. Looking up from between her thighs, I savored her expressions and sounds as she turned her head from side to side on her pillow, moaning while I licked and sucked her honey. Our eyes met and she came with a loud cry, her thighs quivering against my face. I could feel her pussy spasming against my tongue as her tangy juice flowed over my chin. It was so good.

When her wave of pleasure passed, I softly kissed her warm wet cunt while she lay there almost breathless, her nipples hard, her chest flushed, her face dreamy with her intense release. Then she lifted her left leg so it was bent at the knee.

I slowly kissed my way down the inside of her thigh, grabbed her leg and gently turned her over. She seemed surprised at first, hesitating, wondering what I was up to. It had been a long time and no one had gone down on her ass after me. But she comfortably settled onto her stomach and I did what I had long dreamed of doing again.

Simply kissing her warm bare ass cheeks made my heart pound. I took my time, savoring every moment. When I parted them, I gazed at her delicious, sexy dark asshole. Her subtle musk made my head spin and it was all I could do to keep control (I was suddenly hard again). I ran my tongue along her crack and lingered on her chocolate star. She began to moan softly.

My hands softly on her cheeks, spreading them, I gently pushed the tip of my tongue into her anus. It relaxed and welcomed me and we spent the next 10 minutes or so in bliss as I savored how good she tasted, so excited to experience this part of her again. Nothing in sex ever topped the scent and flavor of her asshole or feeling it relax and soften as it admitted my tongue into her most intimate place.

She was deliciously bitter, salty, funky. Totally erotic. Even better, she got really turned on and began rhythmically pushing her lush bare ass back into my face, helping me drive my extended tongue into her anus as far as it could go while her excitement and pleasure built toward an intense release.

My jaw ached and we both moaned as I my tongue slid in and out of the tight, smooth tunnel between her asscheeks. I couldn’t get enough of the feeling of her bare butt against my face and the taste of her ass.

She came, her pussy honey flowing again as she cried out and shook. Her asshole pulsed and clenched my extended tongue. It was an amazing moment, so intensely intimate. She’d never come before while I licked her asshole. It had always been foreplay. Now it was a fantastic conclusion.

I loved how intensely she got off, my tongue was deep in her. After softly kissing her anus and telling her how good she tasted, I rose to join her in a cuddle and we pulled the covers over us, settling in for the night naked. She looked at me and said she was amazed by what I had done, and wasn’t afraid to share a lingering goodnight kiss, the flavor and scent of her luscious ass on my lips and tongue.

She never forgot that night. Neither did I. It was the most erotic moment of our lives. I still dream of it. She does too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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